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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Grace says, "Calm down? I am just getting started. Who are you? My first-born daughter was raised with love, was raised in the church. She knew the difference between right and wrong. But you -- you sided with Ivy, my greatest enemy. You tore your own parents' marriage apart. You broke up your home. You cost your brother and sister their mother. You're sick!" Kay is heartbroken hearing her mother's words… "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. I know what I did was horrible. There's no excuse." Grace agrees. She says, "Absolutely none. I mean, what kind of malicious little bitch stabs her own family in the back? What could make you so mean, so vindictive, so cruel?" Kay answers saying that her mother made her do it!

Pilar comes to her son for a talk. He really needs to talk to her about his problem.

Ethan comes across Chad, who is having car trouble. He knows a bit about cars… "All right, I'll look at it. I don't know, Chad. It looks good. You sure it's not the battery?" Chad can't help but mention that things looked pretty tense earlier with Theresa. "Yeah. There's no getting through to her at all. She's got some big secret, and I was trying to get her to tell me what it was, only no luck. It's really weird. I mean, she's dying to tell me whatever it is, but she just won't. I don't like secrets, Chad, you know?"

"Well, who knew the Blue Note was infested with rats? I'm here to exterminate you. Watch out! JT is not going anywhere until he comes with me to talk to Ethan. After all these years, it is time for the final showdown."

"The woman I thought was Fancy was a -- oh, never mind, it's a long story. What about you? You haven't heard from her?" Sheridan has heard nothing and hopes that Luis isn't blaming himself for this. "Who else should I blame? If I hadn't let Fancy tag along with me wherever I went, she'd have never even been involved." Sheridan thinks positively. "She went after that killer She'll be fine." Luis's mind races going over the possibilities.

"What if this sick bastard has captured her, or even worse? If anything has happened to Fancy, I'll never forgive myself." Spike says, "Hey, man, that problem's out of my hair. There ain't no way that blonde survived that fall, uh-uh." Chris gets angry. "You bastard. You're a cold-blooded killer. You killed Phyllis, and now you've killed Fancy." Spike thinks this is a win-win. "Hey, man, Don't lose sleep over this. Hey, look at this, look at it this way -- this is one lucky accident. Now we'll be free." Chris ignores him and turns his attention to the hole. He calls out repeatedly for Fancy, hoping for a response.

Luis gets ready to go out and search for Fancy again. He can't just sit around even though Sheridan knows that he is exhausted. She orders him to relax. She sees that he isn't in any shape to go anywhere. "See, Luis, she's right. You look like you're about ready to collapse." Luis just has to find Fancy and make sure that she is safe. "Why are you always so pig-headed? The whole police force is looking for Fancy. You need to rest. They will find her." Sheridan wants to make him some coffee, but he has no time for that. Luis suddenly realizes that Chris isn't around. It turns out that he left a note saying he is off looking for Fancy. Luis gets nervous about that. "Okay, okay, we're not going to start this again, okay, Luis? Just sit down, sit down, sit down. He's just trying to help."

"Fancy! Fancy, can you hear me? If you're hurt, and you can't speak, make some noise!" Spike smirks. "Hey, man, looks to me like gravity already did the trick. There ain't no way she could have survived that fall. No way. Okay, let's just say that she does survive, and somebody rescues her, ok? She can identify us, and let me tell you something, man. If I go down, I'm taking you down with me."

"Theresa's been telling me for years that Gwen was the one that outed me to that tabloid, Chad. How can I believe my own wife plotted to ruin my life? Theresa wants me to leave Gwen and just start back up with her where we left off. But how can I do that? I mean, Theresa swears she's telling the truth, right? But I can't just take her word for it and break my marriage apart. I mean, it would also -- it would destroy my family."

Theresa has locked Rebecca out of the storage room, and Rebecca shouts to be let back in. "It is over, Gwen. I just talked to Ethan, and he told me if I can prove to him what you did, he will leave you and come back to me. JT's got the proof, so I hope you have a good attorney. Gwen, you are such a liar.” Gwen doesn't believe for a minute that Ethan is going to leave her for Theresa… Theresa is willing to put that belief to the test.

Sheridan starts making the coffee, but Luis can’t just sit there and gets up to go. "I'll be able to rest when Fancy's not in danger." Sheridan begs the man to just sit and wait for the coffee. "All right, fine, I'll stay for one cup of coffee. But make it quick, okay?" Paloma knows that Fancy will be okay. Sheridan works on making the coffee as the siblings talk. She is putting sweetener, she says, in the coffee, even though Luis insists on drinking it black. Sheridan hands Luis the coffee, and Paloma hands him something to eat. Sheridan insists that Luis just drink the coffee and eat later.

Chris is still shouting for Fancy, and both he and Spike peer into the dark, bottomless hole. Neither can see anything in the hole. "Hey, man, let me tell you something. I've seen my quota of horror films, and the pretty blonde never makes it out of situations like this. I'm telling you, man, she's worm food. David Copperfield couldn't make it out of this one. There's no way she survived that fall, man, I'm telling you. Hey, man, God ain't got nothing to do with this. So you can save all the praying there, fool."

Miguel says, "How could she, Mama? I mean, she just stood by and said nothing while Ivy tore apart her parents' marriage. I mean, all she had to do was say one word, and all this misery could have been avoided." Pilar agrees. "Yeah, Kay has a lot to answer for. Poor Jessica. If Grace hadn't left town, she would have kept Jessica on the straight and narrow." Miguel knows this to be true, and yet… "This is what's driving me nuts, Mama, is that Kay is guilty of the worst thing I've ever heard of. And yet I still love her. I mean, I was so sure about how I felt, and I came back to Tabitha's to tell her how I feel. And now I just feel guilty for loving her at all." Pilar understands. "Miguel, you have to remember what the church teaches us, okay? To forgive is an act of contrition. Miguel, no. I mean, if Judas would have asked for forgiveness, God would have had mercy on him. Now, mijo, there is nothing in life that's not forgivable. Yes, what Kay did was horrible, and she's been through a lot of trials and tribulation, but as a person, she's a great mother to my granddaughter Maria. And I just know that deep down inside she is truly sorry." Miguel believes this. "She is, Mama. I know she is. I've never seen her this upset, but it's killing me. Okay? It's killing me. It feels wrong to love her. Why do I feel so ashamed? What am I supposed to do now?"

Grace says to Kay, "How dare you. You have not changed one bit. You have the gall to blame me for this disaster?" Kay tries to explain. She remembers when her family was happy for the last time. "You remember how you treated me when Charity came to live with us, don't you?" Grace knows where this is going. "Charity's mother died in a horrible fire. Charity was devastated. We were all devastated. She didn't have any other family. She had nowhere to go. I brought her into our home. I wanted to make her feel like family!" Kay knows that, and that was when Kay started feeling pushed out and ignored. "You took her side, Mom, against me. You knew how much I loved Miguel. Yet once Charity met him, you just kept saying how much they would make this perfect couple. And you know what, even if you were right, how do you think that that made me feel? Don't you remember what it was like to be in love, Mom? I was so afraid that I was going to lose Miguel, that I was desperate. I would do anything to keep him, and I did. I did some really stupid, horrible things. But there you were, always blocking my way, and I was just so angry with you. I was so angry that I turned on you. I turned on my whole family." Grace questions now if she really is responsible for all this as Kay says… Ethan says, "You know, I know what Theresa thinks. God, I know. I mean, she's drummed it into my head for -- for years now. I just can't believe that Gwen would have deceived me for all these years. I mean, I've known her since boarding school, Chad. She couldn't have lied about this." Chad thinks the answer is Ethan making a decision as to which of the two women is the blatant liar.

Whitney realizes that her friend is missing. She sees Rebecca across the room and knows that something has to be up here. Rebecca spies Whitney making her way over and rolls her eyes, knowing that this could be trouble. Rebecca says that she hasn't any idea where Theresa is…when Whitney asks.

"Oh, man, you two should get into mud wrestling. I would pay good money to see that. Aah!" Gwen and Theresa fight as JT watches with a big grin. JT gets the occasional stray hit as the girls tussle amongst themselves. Gwen shouts at Theresa when it appears that she is getting the upper hand in the struggle.

Chris can't understand why Spike persists in living his life the way that he does when Alistair is dead and there isn't a need to anymore. Chris is scared that more people are going to be killed. "You see, you should be scared of your wife. If she ever finds out that you're working for her dear old dead daddy, she'd throw you out so fast your head would spin. You really should be grateful to me because I made sure that wouldn't happen. Yet. I offed that nosey maid. Fancy offed herself. I just wish I could've seen her hit the ground down there." Chris orders the man to shut up, or he, too, will be down the hole.

Luis can't believe how good Sheridan's coffee is. She never used to make it like this when he was with her. "Hmm, trade secret. Yeah, nowadays I just add in a little bit of this, little bit of that." Luis starts getting drowsy, and that proves to Paloma that he needs to rest. "No, what I need to do is to find Fancy. I just -- just got up a little fast, that's all. Maybe I'll just have a seat for a second. A little catnap never hurt anyone, huh? Just don't let me sleep too long, okay?" The girls promise to wake Luis in five minutes, and he quickly drops off. Paloma seems to think that there is something funny about the way that Luis fell asleep. Sheridan says that is because she put a sleeping pill in his coffee. "He wouldn't take no for an answer. He's so tired. He's in no shape to go look for Fancy. Now he'll have to rest whether he likes it or not." Paloma knows that her brother is going to be furious when he gets up and finds out what she has done.

Whitney asks Rebecca about where Theresa could be, but she isn't sure why she even does that, as Rebecca can't be trusted to tell the truth on any level. "Who knows what goes on in that pea brain of yours? You probably lie about everything. You know what, you probably knew all about Ivy's plot to break up the Bennetts." Rebecca finds this rich. "Do you know what is interesting about that? What is interesting is that is exactly what I would say to -- yo mama. You know, it's hilarious. I mean, dear Dr. Eve -- oh, she was willing to let her very best friend, Grace Bennett, go through hell just to protect her own dirty secrets. You know, the hypocrisy -- oh, my, my, my. I mean, Eve was always looking down her nose at the rest of us, and it turns out that she is just as malicious as me." Whitney will not have this trollop bashing her mother.

"I want you alive so I can see your face when Ethan says he wants a divorce." Gwen and Theresa still fight and struggle over JT and who gets control over him. "Now you listen to me, JT. For all the money that I paid you, I want one thing and one thing only. You use the proof that Gwen and Rebecca were the ones who wrecked Ethan's life." Gwen orders JT to keep his mouth shut. "You would have killed to have JT tell Ethan the truth when we were all in Rome. Then, at the motel, you were willing to pay a fortune to keep things a secret. What is her secret, JT?" All that JT will say is that Theresa's secret is a doozy! "JT, you just hush, okay? I will reveal it in my own time to Gwen. You've got other things to worry about. Once JT proves to Ethan that you outed him, he will throw you out. He's going to be with me, and then, perhaps, I'll let everyone know about the other little matter. When he finds out his marriage to you is based on a lie, of course he's going to leave you. I was such a fool, I thought that he would stick with you through thick and thin, but I was wrong. This will only strengthen my bond him with him. I am mad with joy because I'm finally going to be with the man that I love. We are going to be together, the family that we were supposed to be, and there's nothing that you can do to stop that.”

Chad is jealous of Ethan, but Ethan can't understand why. "Mm-hmm. Look at you and Whitney. Yeah, you've had your rough spots, but you've got it all now. You got true love, you got absolute, complete honesty. You have no idea, Chad, how secrets can eat away at the heart of a relationship." Chad solemnly tells Ethan that secrets in a relationship must be rough to handle.

Rebecca jabs at Whitney now about Chad sneaking around. "Okay, believe that if you want. But why don't you ask him what he was doing at the Safari Motel?" Whitney isn't concerned. "I know exactly what he was doing there. He was there because he was worried about me." Rebecca knows better. "No, honey, he was worried about getting caught. You see, I saw him with my own two eyes. He was in one of the rooms, stark naked."

Kay says, "I'm not blaming you, Mom. Yeah, I did then, but I realize how stupid I was. Look, I take full responsibility for my actions, okay? But, Mom, every time I tried to talk to you and let you know how I felt, you were just so dismissive. It was like every day you loved Charity more than me, and I was your daughter." Grace tones it down a notch now. "I never meant for you to feel that way. I mean, of course I loved Charity. She was my niece, and I felt responsible for her after all the tragedy she endured. But, Kay, I lied when I said I wished you'd never been born. You're my daughter. My love for you knows no bounds. Kay, the day that you were born was one of the happiest days of my life. I finally had a little girl that I could share my life with. That's a bond that can never be broken." Kay did break their bond. "God, Mom, I hated you so much. I know that I was wrong, but I was just so hurt. I just felt like you cost me Miguel, this man that I've been in love with my entire life. You were just constantly pushing him to be with Charity." Kay talks about how Miguel managed to end up back at home in Harmony. "Yeah, I -- I heard about all that. Which, Kay, it brings me to a question. I mean, if Miguel is back, why on Earth are you marrying Fox Crane? I mean, you just said that you loved Miguel your whole life." Kay's voice gets sad now. "I did love him, but I thought that I lost him. And Fox came into my life when Miguel was gone. I was nothing, Mom. I was a single mom working at the stupid cannery, gutting fish. And Fox fell in love with me, and he stuck by me when Miguel didn't." Grace has some advice. "Kay, you're not at the altar yet. Please, just reconsider before you marry a Crane. They're poison." Kay says that Fox isn't like the rest of the Cranes. "He's not like his Mom. He's not like any of the Cranes. He's very sweet and kind and generous." Grace doesn't care how Fox seems now. "He's Julian's son. He's Ivy's son, Alistair's grandson. I mean, he might seem like everything is just going fine now, but, believe me, when he's crossed, watch out." Kay can't believe that. "No, mom. Trust me, you're wrong. He is a very good person and I love him very much." Grace can't really get her head around this new way of thinking… "Can you tell me that you honestly no longer love Miguel? I'm waiting, Kay. I mean, I was there, remember? You loved Miguel for years. Can you honestly tell me that he is no longer in your heart?" Kay admits that Miguel is still in her heart, but their chance at happiness now is not an option seeing, that he is so angry with her. "Kay, you tell Miguel that I told him that he's had enough time to think. You go to him and you tell him how you feel. And if he loves you like you say he does, he'll take you back."

Spike tells Chris, "Been a long night. I got to get going. And if I was you, Chris, I'd cover up that shaft. And I'd get home to wife-poo real quick before she starts asking some real sticky questions. Toodle-oo." Chris looks at the hole and thinks quietly. "I'm sorry, Fancy, but he's right. I never meant for you to get hurt, but I've got too much to lose." Chris says his last 'goodbye' to Fancy and heads home.

"He's going to be so mad at you when he wakes up. He's going to explode when he finds out he has lost so much search time." Paloma has a sneaky suspicion that Sheridan really doesn't want Fancy found. "Oh, don't be ridiculous. I was just trying to help him. I mean, he never takes care of himself, you know that." Inside herself though, Sheridan is secretly horrified at what she has done.

Fancy wakes in the hole and shouts for Luis to come and save her. Luis hears Fancy's voice in his sleep. Luis calls out for Fancy in his sleep as Sheridan and Paloma watch and hear. Paloma wonders what he is talking about. In his mind, Luis hears Fancy clearly…He calls to Fancy asking her to tell him where she is but she doesn't seem to be able to hear him. Fancy calls out, saying she is hurt… Luis wants to find her but he can't see her in his mind.

"You are a lowlife slut and probably want everyone to be as miserable as you are.” Rebecca's eyebrows raise. "Ok, first let me get something straight okay? First, I am not miserable. I love being who I am. Now, second, I would be careful who you call a slut. Because I saw your sweetie buck-naked in that hotel room, and if you weren't there with him -- if I were you, I'd find out who was."

Ethan manages to fix Chad's car. "So, uh, what now? You think Theresa's going to find JT and force him to tell the truth?" Ethan shrugs. "Chad, I don't know. If she does, and JT tells me that Gwen's been a liar all these years -- I don't know, I'd probably have to leave her. On the other hand, if JT doesn't confirm anything Theresa's been saying, then that'll be it for Theresa. I mean, that -- that'll be the last straw. I guess it all comes down to if she can find JT."

"Oh, Gwen, you're going to find out soon enough what I am keeping a secret. Now, JT, come on. You're going to come with me."

Luis and Fancy have made a connection. They are apart but able to communicate in spite of that. She tries to guide him to her using his mind's eye. All she is able to tell Luis is that she is in a dark place. He tells her aloud to hold on and he will get to her. Paloma and Sheridan watch stunned. They realize that Luis is talking to Fancy supernaturally… Chris enters the house and is immediately confused. Luis keeps talking in his sleep, assuring Fancy that he will get to her. Paloma wonders if this could be nothing more than a simple nightmare that Luis is experiencing. Fancy knows that if Luis doesn't get to her soon, she will die, and he will not let that happen.

"Kay, if you only remember one thing that I've ever told you, remember this. I want you and Maria to be happy, and you'll be happy with Miguel. You've known him your whole life. He's Maria's father. Go to him, and find out how he feels before you marry Fox. Kay, when you find Miguel, you tell him that I forgive you. And that he should, too." Kay's heart is grateful, that her mother is going to give her another chance. "Thank you. Thank you so much, Mom. Thank you so much. Oh, my God, I am going to make this up to you somehow. I am going to be the best daughter. I'm going to make you so proud. And you're right, you're right, I should find him right now. I'm going to go find him, okay." The line is suddenly quiet and Grace calls out to Kay to see if she is still there.

Miguel feels that it is too late to do anything about his situation with Kay. "You don't know that, mijo, and you won't know that if you stay here talking with your mother. Now go, find Kay, and tell her how you feel." Miguel can see that his mother is right. He will go see Kay right away. Pilar wishes her son good luck. Miguel turns. Kay is there behind him. He asks what it is that she wants.

"Look, honey, I have been the other woman more times than I can count. And I know where a man takes his wife, and I know where a man takes his mistress, and that place is definitely mistress material. Fine, keep your head in the sand if you want. But the fact is Chad is up no good, just like the rest of them." Whitney can't listen to this drivel one second longer. That's fine with Rebecca. She says that she was only trying to help. Whitney finds Chad and Ethan by the car that is now fixed thanks to Ethan. She looks upset and just runs off. Chad shouts after her to stop but she just keeps running.

Gwen and Theresa still pull at JT from opposite ends. Theresa starts shouting. She'll bring the mountain to Mohammed since she can't get Mohammed to the mountain. "Ethan, Ethan! Over here, over here! JT -- He's in the storage room, and he can tell you everything that you need to know about your lying wife right now!" She keeps shouting and shouting, hoping that Ethan will hear her from the other room.

Luis still tries to find Fancy in his dreams.

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