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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Luis is in the car looking for Fancy. He gets a call and learns that no one has seen Fancy yet. He sends someone to check on Sheridan. "Fancy, where are you?"

Chris is home putting two and two together. He knows that Spike has to have the girl…

Spike is on Fancy kissing her. He gets off her and she can hear him taking his pants off, and she knows that she is about to be raped. "No! She kicks and hits Spike right between the legs. Spike falls and hits his head. He is knocked out. She starts moving around on her butt and trying to feel her way out, but her attempts are futile. She has her hands and her feet tied, and she has been blindfolded. Spike stands over her suddenly and she doesn't even know it. "Where do you think you are going, you little slut?" he thinks to himself, remembering that she might recognize him if he speaks. He uses his foot to kick her back to the ground. "You are going to pay for that…" he thinks quietly.

Kay knows that everyone but Fox hates her…She can't stop thinking about Miguel, even now. "I will love you always, Kay, no matter what." She suddenly remembers that her dad is going to tell her mother the truth about what she did. "She is going to hate me!" Fox knows that Grace is caring and forgiving. "She will be upset, but you are her daughter, and she will forgive you." Kay isn't sure about that.

"Grace, I understand that you are upset!" Grace vows to kill the woman. "I know that what I did was horrible, Grace, but I did it out of love. There isn't any excuse for what I did, but I am just trying to explain." Grace is going to tear her limb from limb.

Gwen orders her mother back out to the bar so that no one gets suspicious about the both of them missing from the room. "It must be huge, whatever it is, for Theresa to walk away from Ethan." JT will tell all just as soon as he gets the money that he needs from them.

"If you get this cleared up, you could finally be with Ethan." Theresa isn't sure that this is how things will end up. "Ethan will not stay with Gwen after you tell him the news. I think that you are being paranoid here." Theresa wonders what happens if Ethan just takes the boy out of spite for keeping this secret all the time. Whitney knows that in spite of the fact that Little Ethan would lose his inheritance, he would gain a father. Theresa knows that, but she can't risk losing the boy; she just can't. "Being sorry isn't going to buy you one more minute of life, Ivy! When I see you, you are dead! Dead! You expect me to bake you a Tomato Soup Cake and call it a day? Get off the phone. I want to speak to my husband." Ivy hands the phone to Sam. "I want you to get your things and get out of my house, Ivy, you hear me?" Sam takes the phone and says, "Grace… It's Sam again." Ivy sits behind the love of her life and frets over how things have turned out.

"She was so hard on me and I wanted to punish her, Fox. My mother is going to be worse on me now than she ever was before." Fox knows that eventually Grace will forgive her. Kay knows that Miguel won't forgive her though even though the man she is to marry will.

Rebecca hates that JT only cares about money. He doesn't, and he proves it by kissing Rebecca's body… "Gwennie, why don't you go out there and give me a few minutes? I will work on keeping JT happy!" Gwen leaves, but warns the two to be quiet. "I thought that she would never leave!" The horny friends hit the floor cackling…

"I just found out that Ivy deliberately destroyed Sam and Grace's marriage. The whole thing was a setup, and my mother helped Ivy set the whole thing up. I am telling you this, Theresa so that you will see that you can't pass up the chance to spend the rest of your life with the man that you love. I like Jared, but he isn't the man that you love. Just go for it. Don't let Gwen take anymore time from you. Stop being scared, Theresa, and just go for it. Tell him that you want to start living your life together. What are you waiting for?"

"Where the hell are you, Fancy? I know that Chris has something to do with this." Luis will return to see Chris if he doesn't find Fancy. Luis sees her in his mind…"Don’t worry, Fancy, I am going to find you." The phone rings. "Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald… someone matching Fancy's description was seen where?"

Chris calls Spike, and the man admits to having Fancy. "I am going to take care of her, but I am going to do it my way." Chris begs that he not kill the girl. "I just want to have some fun with her for a while." A bat flies into the area and Spike freaks out. "I gotta go!" Spike hangs up. "Spike! Spike!" Too late. "I gotta find him before he does something stupid."

"I will be home on the first flight that I can get. I am so sorry, Sam." He doesn't hold her responsible for any of this. "I can't wait to be in your arms again. I can't wait to see Noah, Jessica and Kay." She senses that there is something that he wants to tell her. "You already know about Jessica." She feels so responsible for that. "It isn't your fault, but I have to tell you something else…It is about Kay. I think that you’d better sit down…" Ivy hears Sam talking and knows that Grace is going to be pissed at the fact that Kay helped end the marriage.

Gwen sees that no one misses her or her mother. She hopes that Theresa isn't anywhere around.

"Look! You found JT Cornell once, and I know that you can find the man again." Theresa has to do things just right. She put up with Alistair for all of this. Whitney warns her not to rewrite history. She married Alistair to keep Little Ethan from Gwen's clutches. Whitney knows that now that she has her family back, and she knows that Theresa could have that too, but she sees that Theresa is letting money come between her and her dream. Gwen sees Theresa and Whitney and worries about how she will be able to get JT out of there…

Luis follows his lead and gets his gun out. He kicks in a door and a pair of people are inside in their underwear. The woman screams, and Luis ignores her, slamming the man up against the wall… Spike dances around shirtless while Fancy stands with her face in the wall weeping. He goes to her now. "I won't fight you, I promise…" He gets sad and thinks, "Not even a little bit?" He tries to feed her some of his liquor, but she doesn't want it. He mashes his body up against hers and she cries quietly. He turns her around and touches her body in all those forbidden places…She is totally helpless standing there in her bra and jeans that are already undone… "You're not Fancy!" The girl says that in this neighborhood no one is. Luis lets the man go… "Hey! What about my money!" Luis shakes his head. "Fancy is still out there…" Spike terrorizes Fancy as she whimpers… A hand touches Spike's shoulder and drags him out of there… It is Chris. "What are you doing? What if she recognizes you?" Spike says that he will make sure that she doesn't. "Hello! Who is there?" Chris goes to where Fancy is and sees that she still has her blindfold on… He walks off.

"Oh Becky! You are such a tigress…" He and JT lay on the ground drinking now that they have had their fun. "Ew! I don't even want to know what is going on here…" Gwen has returned. "I am going to pawn the jewelry and I will be back with JT's money…"

"You know what, Whitney? You are right. I have been letting the Crane money fog my brain! I am going to tell him, Whitney. I'm going to blow Rebecca and Gwen away…" Theresa is on fire, and Whitney is glad to see it! Kay sleeps……She dreams of her mother finding out what she did and not forgiving her. Kay would tell her mother how sorry she is, but her mother wouldn't buy it. She would call Kay selfish and wicked for wanting to see her family destroyed. Kay would tell her mother that she is a mother and has changed. Grace would regret the time that she lost and she would tell Kay that Miguel is going to never forget this. She would say that Miguel should be with someone who cares for him. She would decide to go and find Charity and bring her back… "No!" Kay says jumping out of her sleep.

"Our own daughter did this terrible thing deliberately? I will be home soon." Sam can't wait for Grace to get home. "I love you." She loves him too. "I will be back on the next flight home, and we can put our lives back together." Sam says that he has never stopped loving his wife. Ivy sits within earshot of Sam and hears everything…

Spike tells why Fancy can't be freed. He knows that Luis will put two and two together and figure out the truth…Fancy works on her ropes and gets the ropes holding her hands free. She gets her feet free too and only has the blindfold on now. "Oh God," she prays. Don't let them see me…"

Fox's phone vibrates. "Who is calling me at this hour?" "Hello?" Grace is calling. "You know damn well who this is. I had to hear it from you. You did help Ivy destroy my marriage, didn't you? You are a monster. It is too late to be sorry. You are no longer my daughter. You are a hateful monster, and I hate you. I wish that I had never given birth to you!"

"What are you doing here, Ivy? Grace is coming home and I don’t want any evidence of you having lived with me in that house!" Sam storms off.

Theresa dials…"It is just ringing… Where is JT?" Theresa and Whitney sees that there is a loud cellphone behind a wall that is ringing. "JT is in the club?" Rebecca and Gwen decide now is the time to get JT out of there before Theresa sees him. "I already have." All turn to see Theresa and Whitney behind them. Theresa takes JT's hand and tells him that she is going to use JT to blow Gwen and her mother out of the water.

Luis calls in and finds that Fancy is still missing. The hooker offers him a good time, but Luis isn't interested and tells the happy hooker to beat it, or he will run her in. He leaves the seedy motel and frets alone about where Fancy could be. Fancy is in the dark tunnel… She tries to find her way out of the darkness…Chris and Spike still debate the issue of what to do with Fancy. Spike wants to take care of her once and for all. He can't be sure that she didn't see his face and isn't going straight to the cops when she gets out of there. Chris feels that they are safe and need to just leave her alone. They return to where Fancy is and find that she is gone. They start running to find her…Fancy walks along slowly now. She hears something. She starts running, but the wooden floor on which she runs suddenly breaks and she goes falling many, many feet under the floor in darkness… Spike and Chris come to the hole when they hear the screaming and they quickly understand what must have happened. "See Chris? Taken care of… Now we don't have to worry about her anymore…" Under the ground, Fancy lays unmoving…with her eyes closed.

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