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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Fancy is in the hidden area. Spike watches her. "Let me go!" Spike is quiet and thinks how he isn't going to let her go until he knows her a lot better.

Ivy begs that Sam listen to her. Grace calls. "So glad you called. This is about us. You, me, David and Ivy."

"I was just thinking of much I love you and all my doubts are over…" Chad thinks about how he has been deceiving Whitney and having his secrets. He smiles at Whitney now.

"I need you to know why I am not telling you what is going on in my life. It involves my son, and there isn't anything that I wouldn't do for him. Even give up Ethan to protect my son." Ethan overhears Theresa talking to Jared and demands to know why Theresa is saying what she is to Jared about him and how she has had to sacrifice him for her son. Jared looks down to the ground. Rebecca and Gwen have one elbow each and they drag JT from the main room of the Blue Note to the stock room to keep him from being seen by Ethan. "Now tell us what it is that we want to know. What is Theresa's secret?" "Out with it!" JT starts unzipping. "Not that!" Gwen shouts. "Tell us the secret." He tells that Theresa is hiding a lot. "What is this about sacrificing me for Little Ethan?" Theresa says that he misunderstood what she was saying. "Excuse me." Jared walks off. Theresa calls to him, but he keeps walking away. She watches him. Ethan couldn't care less. "What is it, Theresa? You always said that you would do anything to be with me. Now what has happened? What has changed? Why are you willing to give me up now?"

"You were never married to David like you think. It was a plot set up by Ivy to split us up. Power and money allowed Ivy to do this." Grace can't believe this. "David loves me, and John loves me. But if this is true, that means that our lives were destroyed." Sam agrees. "There were documents that backed up everything. There was the priest.." That apparently was an actor. "What about John? He took a DNA test to prove it." Sam tells Grace that that was a fix as well. "David Hastings was Ivy's plant, and Ivy has even admitted it." Whitney comes over to Ivy and Sam's table for some reason, and Ivy leaves Sam…They move away from Sam as he talks on the phone. Whitney lets Ivy have it, but Ivy will not take if from Whitney. She remembers when Whitney led Fox on. "You are just like your mother. Who do you think knew that this was going on all along but never lifted a finger to help her best friend? Ask her. I may have hired David to break up Sam and Grace's marriage, but I couldn't have pulled it off without your mother!"

Luis and Paloma decide to head out and find Fancy, who is clearly in trouble. "I am not through with you," Luis tells Chris. Sheridan defends her husband. Luis and Paloma leave. "I can't believe that Luis would accuse you of murder. He doesn't know you the way that I do.” They hug. Chris thinks about how she doesn't know him at all, and yet she trusts him so much.

"Please help me," Fancy sobs. Spike, who has been drinking heavily, comes over to Fancy and removes the bandana from her mouth. He shakes the flask by her face, and she can hear it. "Yeah! Water! Please!" Spike removes the top of his flask and pours his liquor into her mouth. She chokes sputtering it out. SNAP! Spike takes out his knife, and she hears it. "Luis and Chief Bennett are going to find me!" Spike leans her forward and reaches behind her back. She thinks for a minute that he is going to untie her hands, but he has fooled her again. He only gets to her ropes to yank them down hard, so that she will be uncomfortable and so he can have better access to her. He breathes his monkey breath into her face as she tries to hold it together. "No!"

Sheridan tells Chris, "I just hate that Luis thinks that you are capable of murder. It is more than that, Chris. He hates that you are my husband." She isn't suspicious of him at all. "I know that you are a wonderful man and a loving husband, a wonderful father and you have learned that crime doesn't pay. I will go and check on James." She leaves the room. "Oh Sheridan, if you only knew the truth. I am not the man that you think I am." Luis and Paloma head out to see if anyone has seen Fancy. They see a man, and Luis pays the man for information. When Luis describes Fancy to the man, she hears love in his voice… Luis roughs up the man who doesn't seem to want to cooperate. "Please let me go!"

Spike has something else in mind. "Please! Let me go, and this will be like it never happened." Spike rips her blouse off her… He runs the blade of his knife down her bra and stomach to her waistband. RIP! He cuts the buttons off her pants…"Oh no!" Fancy cries. "He's going to rape me."

Whitney listens while Ivy goes on about how her mother deceived her best friend. Grace has to talk to David to see if this is true. She leaves the phone to talk to him. "She is checking things to see if all I have told her is true." Ivy sits with Sam again. "Is he dangerous, Ivy?" She confesses that she was blackmailing the man. "You are sick, Ivy! You know that!"

Gwen and Rebecca offer JT more money than Theresa paid him to get this juicy information. Gwen is willing to sell her grandmother's jewelry. Rebecca is surprised that she has that. She was the daughter and should have gotten it. Turns out that Rebecca's mother didn't trust Rebecca with the jewelry. Gwen offers it to JT now, if only he will tell her what they want to know. "I tell ya what! Gwen, you sell the jewelry for cash, and you, Rebecca find a way to double it for cash and I will tell you what you want to know." Ethan still urges Theresa to tell him her secret. She tells that she can't. "I have decided and now I can't." He can see that she is hurting and that she needs relief. "Theresa… tell me how it is that I can make your dreams come true."

"Mother, how could you help Ivy do that?" Whitney asks her mother questions over the phone. "Every time that I think that you are out of secrets, you surprise me. I am so glad that I have Chad in my life."

"I wish that I could stop, man, but I can't," Chad confides to Jared. "I can't stop going to the motel."

"I can't believe that I almost married you!" Ivy listens as Sam shouts at her. "You were right, Sam. I left you…my real husband for a lie… Can you ever forgive me?" He knows that she and he were set up. "The consequences. Our family, our marriage…Oh my God. I have been living in sin all this time. Where is Ivy? Could you put her on the phone? I would like to give her a piece of my mind." Sam hands Ivy the phone. "Grace would like to talk to you…"

"I need to lay low for a while…till I get my money." Gwen wonders how much this is going to affect Theresa. "A lot! But that is all that I am going to tell you without the money. Believe me. This is huge!"

"It doesn't make a difference, Ethan! I could give you all the evidence that Gwen is a bad person and you wouldn't care. To you, it wouldn't make a difference." Ethan disagrees. "Wrong! To me, it would make all the difference in the world."

Chris says to himself, "Luis is closer to the truth than he thinks but I didn't shoot Pilar, and I didn't shoot Phyllis." Sheridan comes out and is confused finding Chris talking to himself. "Chris?" He says that he is just frustrated. "I think that Luis is too close to this investigation to be objective." Sheridan knows that is true, but Luis is a good cop and will get to the bottom of this soon enough.

"If I find out that you are lying to me, you will be sorry." Luis has the man on the street by the throat and the man shouts 'Police Brutality'. Paloma gets Luis to let the man go, and he runs off. "She's not even a rookie cop yet, Paloma. She could be with the killer right now." Paloma smiles. "You love Fancy. I can see it when you talk about her. Whether you have realized it or not, you have fallen in love with Fancy!"

Fancy lays blindfolded, not knowing what to expect next. Spike rubs her stomach, and that frightens her. He rubs her stomach and then paws pervertedally at her body, slowly making his way to her face. He turns her face to his and then starts munching hungrily on her lips. "NO!” Fancy screams. The scream makes no difference to Spike whatsoever. He continues his assault of her mouth with his.

Theresa isn't sure that she is hearing what she thinks she is hearing. Ethan is telling her that his marriage could be affected by news of Gwen being someone who caused him pain… "So if I had proof that Gwen were the one who sold you out, you would end your marriage?" Ethan thinks about it and says that he would end his marriage if she could show him that Gwen was that kind of person.

"I am not about to debate my feelings for Fancy or anyone else with you, Paloma. One of my cadets is missing. I know that Chris knows who did this if he didn't do it himself." Sheridan and Chris decide to go and have a bath together. "I couldn't sleep." James has arrived. "Why don't I go out and get us a snack, Sheridan you have your bath and James can't go back to bed later." Sheridan leaves. "I saw Fancy with a man, and now she is with him. I told her that I saw the man and she went after him." Chris realizes that man must have been Spike.

Spike kisses Fancy as she begs him to stop. Suddenly he stops. "Thank God. He isn't going to rape me." Spike starts taking off his shirt and now his pants. She can hear his zipper. "Oh no. He is going to rape me!" Fancy starts getting angry. "I won't let this happen! I won't let this happen!" When she feels Spike over her, she kicks him right in the crotch, and he falls backward. He hits his head hard on a piece of wood behind him and gets knocked out. Fancy has no idea what had happened and she scoots around on her bottom trying to get loose or out of there.

"You know Ivy, I believe that there is good in everyone…" Ivy thanks Grace for saying that. "…but you. When I get back to Harmony, I am going to kill you."

Jared tells Chad that if he is going to continue with this affair of his, he had better be careful.

Theresa gets spooked when she is about to tell Ethan the truth about their son and she runs out of there. "Theresa!" He calls after her.

Rebecca and Gwen work on JT to break him down but they can't do it. He sees some bottles of wine by the wall and is happy to see his true love…Theresa runs to a back room in the Blue Note… Whitney follows her asking what happened. Theresa tells her that she almost told Ethan the truth just now and she suddenly thought about everything that she has and the power and her son's inheritance, and she realizes now that she can't risk all of that for Ethan.

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