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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Trick or Treat, my fanny!" Tabitha and Endora return with their goodies. They only go trick or treating to fool the neighbors. The doorbell rings. "Trick or treat!" Tabby finds a girl dressed like a witch at the door. "Witches are not ugly!" The little girl says they are…ZAP! Endora transforms the green-faced, warted girl into a child pageant beauty queen… The kid goes screaming from the house when Tabby gives her a mirror. "I can't wait till you are older, and I can take you to the cemetery and show you how Halloween is supposed to be…" ZAP! Endora conjures up some spooky ghosts and goblins that dance about the ceiling. Tabitha is thrilled to celebrate the evening as it should be celebrated.

"I am not thrilled over what you did, but I love you in spite of it." Kay likes that Fox can understand what she did, but still isn't comfortable.

Sam calls Grace leaving a voicemail for her to return his call as soon as she gets his message. "Sam…" Ivy is behind Sam and wants to talk to him, but he will not talk to her. He walks off.

Chad and Whitney are at the restaurant hoping that Theresa's secret will be safe. They watch now as their friends and family all enjoy the evening at the Blue Note. Theresa turns and finds someone behind her that she didn't expect to see. She turns now to face the person directly. "My mother has gone too far this time, Gwen, and I can't forgive her. What is it with people and their secrets lately?" Gwen sees something over Ethan' shoulder as they dance. "What is it?" Gwen just says that she saw an old friend, that's all. She tries to get the smile back on her face. Theresa still stares in shock at who has come up behind her. It is a couple of seconds before she speaks aloud.

Luis tries to reach Fancy, but can't. Chris denies that he has anything to do with the murders that have happened recently in town. Luis is relentless and still accuses Chris. Luis tries her number again. Spike hears Fancy's phone ringing. He picks it up from where it has fallen by Fancy's motionless form. "I'm sorry," Spike mimics in a Fancy, girlie voice. "I can't come to the phone right now, cause I'm dead…"

Gwen sees someone with Theresa and worries that she is with JT. She leaves Ethan to go and see who the man is…"We had plans tonight." Theresa tells Jared that she has forgotten about their date. "Gotcha!" Jared and Theresa turn to find Gwen behind them. She is embarrassed to see that JT isn't the man who Theresa is talking to. JT and Rebecca enter the restaurant…

Rebecca sees that Ethan is in the club at the bar. JT tells her, "I will go get us some drinks at the bar." Rebecca tells JT to forget about that idea right now. She wants to sit elsewhere.

Luis gets as much information as he can about Fancy while he tries to reach Fancy. They don't have enough to go on, though. "I am ready for bed!" James has returned in his jam-jams… Fancy is out cold but not dead. Spike remembers how she was determined to go after him and arrest him. "I can't have you waking up and identifying me Fancy… That wouldn't be good for your health. You are going for a little ride." Spike grabs the recruit's legs and starts dragging her off.

Tabitha and Endora dance around with the ghouls in the living room…Tabby sees that Fox and Kay are coming and orders that the creatures be removed. ZAP! The haunters are gone! Fox and Kay enter the house, and Fox sees that the girls are up too late and need to be taken to be, so off he goes with them. "My life is a tragedy!" Kay tells how she let it out to everyone about what she did to her family. "You should have seen their faces. Everyone hates me." Tabitha doesn't, and neither does Fox. "Fox has been great to me… Miguel thinks that I am a monster, and he couldn't even look at me." Miguel is in the yard thinking about how selfish Kay has been. "Why do I still love her?"

"Ivy is turning back to her old self again." Sam talks to Noah about how David was an imposter hired by Grace's worst enemy. Noah warns that Ivy is coming their way. "Please leave me alone, Ivy!" She just wants a few minutes, and she sits.

"Sorry, Jared. I thought that you were a friend of ours." Jared finds it hard to believe that Gwen and Theresa have the same friend. Ethan comes to get Gwen to finish their dance. "She is just trying to torture me." Jared wants an explanation, but Theresa stays closed-mouthed. "You forget about our date, and now you wont tell me why you are acting so shaken up. What exactly is going on with you, Tess?"

"We all deal with heartache and suffering on occasion. Some of us do it on purpose." Kay was mad with her mother when she did what she did, but now she is different. "I have Maria, and I have changed. You should have seen the way that Miguel looked at me. He had to walk away." Tabby finds that this makes things easier for Kay. Miguel is out of the mix. "I didn't want to have things turn out like this. I just…hope that we can at least be friends. Now he is away from me, but I want to make him see that I am still the same Kay deep down." Miguel enters the house. "Opportunity comes to call," Tabitha says.

"She could be anywhere by now." Sheridan warns Luis not to shoot her husband any dirty looks over this. Luis warns Chris that if anything happens to Fancy, he will pay. Luis calls for backup. Spike has Fancy blindfolded and sitting up against a wall. She becomes conscious but can't see because of the blindfold. She grunts. "Who are you?" Spike is careful not to talk, knowing that as long as Fancy doesn't know who he is, he will be safe.

JT and Rebecca are in the storage room, making love. She has him naked as a jaybird in there. She leaves him without a stitch to go and get Gwen and let her know who is in the storage room. Jared tries his best to get Theresa to open up but when she won't, he just leaves. "What was that just now?" Theresa tells Whitney that Jared has just left her. Ethan and Gwen continue dancing. They see Rebecca waving her arms from across the room at them. "Why is your mother flapping her arms like that?" Gwen laughs at her. She has no idea. Rebecca keeps waving Gwen over. "Come on, Gwen," she whispers. "We have a chance to get rid of Theresa tonight!"

"A life with you is all that I have ever wanted." Sam sees that the woman is sick for tearing up his home. "What human being would do what you did?" She was with Julian, and she lied about Ethan while she was with him. "So things didn't work out, stuff happens. It is called life, and you had no right to play God! You did this to Grace! The woman that I loved. The mother of my children. Don't try to justify your actions." Ivy wanted to tell him the truth about Ethan all these years, but Sam only knows that she managed to keep the secret anyway. "Part of me is still happy that you have found your son, even though it seems to have ruined his life. The only thing that got me through all of those years was the thought of being with you. I was weak, and I couldn't stand my life without you. I want you to remember how it was when we were young and Ethan was conceived. I just did it for us. Sam can't you understand that?" He softens as he thinks.

"This is how you repay Jared? Why don't you just confide in the man?" Theresa is just scared of the secret and what it will do when it comes out. "I only know that secrets cause a lot of problems." Theresa can't put her son's life on the line. "I also really could screw up things with a guy that really loves me." Jared returns. "For you…" He gives Theresa a huge bouquet of flowers. "If you need to tell me something later, you can do it on your own time."

Ethan sees that Gwen is preoccupied with her mother waving at her and leaves her to go and see the woman. "This is really important, Gwen." Gwen tells Rebecca to go away. "Everything okay?" Ethan has returned. "Yes, Ethan. Mother was just leaving." Rebecca looks over to the wall at the other end of the club and sees that JT is standing there, getting his clothes straightened up. Rebecca panics. She left him naked in the storage room and didn't expect to see him there. What should she do now?

"The tension's so thick you could cut it with a knife!" Fox comes down and tells Kay that they should go to bed. She walks off with Fox. "I heard what happened." Miguel is still trying to take it all in. "Even after everything that she did, I still want her, and I will not give up on her."

“Luis is trying to take advantage of the situation. I want you to know that Luis's tactics are not going to work, and I know that you are completely innocent, Chris." Luis hasn't gotten any word on where Fancy is. "She knows to always check in and that is how I know that she is in trouble." Fancy struggles…Spike watches her from afar. He suddenly goes to Fancy. "What do you want from me?" No response. "WHAT DO YOU WANT FROM ME?" Spike is careful not to answer. He just plays with her hair and face which is torture to her as she can't see who is doing this to her. "Patience," Spike thinks. "You will find out what I want in time."

"You mean to tell me that you still love Kay in spite of her duplicity?" Miguel means just that. "I still want to be with her, and I will not give her up to Fox." He heads up to give Maria a goodnight kiss. "A reprieve for Kay which might mean a temporary lift of the spirits. At least until Grace comes home. I wonder what Grace will say when she hears what Kay did with Ivy?" Fox says, "You just made a mistake, that's all." Kay finds what she did to be more than a mistake. "I wonder if my parents will even come to the wedding?” Fox is sure they will, and if they don't to hell with them. Kay sees that maybe no one will show up for her wedding. "I will be there," Fox promises.

"None of the cops have been able to find out anything!" Luis can't wait around anymore. "Fancy is in trouble, and this is all my fault. I should have insisted that she stay out of it." He glares at Chris. Fancy struggles as Spike watches from a corner. "Poor princess, there is no prince to come and rescue you…Maybe the prince of darkness."

"You did this to yourself, Ivy." Sam gets a call. "Grace! Thank goodness. You aren't going to believe this."

Jared and Theresa talk with Whitney. Chad comes and takes Whitney off to dance. "You are angry with me." Jared still loves her. "If you want to tell me what is going on with you, that is fine." She finds him amazing. They hug. Rebecca can't take her eyes off JT across the room. Gwen suddenly sees the man and freaks. The look on her face is one of terror. "What is the matter, Gwen?" asks Ethan. She says that she has to help her mother with something. JT flirts with a woman dressed as a cat as he downs a Martini. When Ethan hears that the thing between Gwen and her mother is about sex, he rushes off. Rebecca runs to do damage control where JT is concerned. Gwen loves this. "I am finally going to find out Theresa's secret!" She goes with her mother now, and they both struggle to get JT under control and out of there.

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