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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

"James, do you know the name of the man that you saw with your father?" The boy says nothing. "Some cop I turned out to be," she says to herself. "I can't even get information from a kid. Spike is outside and he stands by the window to the room where Fancy is with James. "There he is!" Fancy turns and sees Spike outside the window and is startled. "Oh my God!" “Someday all this is going to be mine!" Spike says looking at the grounds.

"At least I didn't marry a murderer!" Luis says to Sheridan. Sheridan slaps Luis hard in the face. Chris enters and hears the confrontation. "What is going on here?" Sheridan tells him that Luis thinks that he murdered Phyllis.

Chad and Whitney are out in a restaurant and she is apologetic now about thinking that Chad had been cheating. He remembers how he was cheating and almost got caught. The couple now heads deeper into the restaurant for an evening out.

Ivy is in the restaurant alone, drinking. Eve enters and sees Ivy. She walks over to her now. "Is it true?" Ivy confirms that Sam and everyone else know that she schemed to break up Sam's marriage. "Soon everyone will know that you helped me break up Grace's marriage,” she tells Eve. "You hypocrite. Is there no end to your lies?" Julian has arrived and has heard about Eve's antics. "Your mother is here." Ethan couldn't care less. He tells Noah how his mother lied as she lied by trying to pass him off as a Crane. "I don't take this kind of deception from anyone."

Gwen and Theresa fight over JT and whether he will keep or tell the secret. They both pull on him like a rag doll. "I will pay you, JT! I will pay you!" Theresa worries that JT might listen to her and take her money instead. "Ha ha ha ha!" JT laughs as he clutches Theresa's bag of money and stares at the two girls who fight over him to make things they way that they each want. "It is not funny!" He thinks it is. "What is Theresa's big secret?" demands Gwen. JT can see that Gwen is a smart lady. "You knew that something big was in the air." Theresa reminds the man that they have already struck a deal. "All right Gwen!" JT says. "You win! I'll tell you everything." Theresa pushes and JT and the bag of money fall right down a chute in the wall behind him.

"You would do anything to tear Chris down in my eyes." Luis says that he is just doing his job here. "Would you mind coming down to the station and answering a few questions?" Sheridan tells Luis that Chris helped the FBI when he first came to Harmony, and there is no way that he could be involved with her father. Luis never said, that but Sheridan knows that deep down Luis really thinks that Chris was hired by her father to marry her. "If I believed any of that, I wouldn't have married the man."

Fancy can't believe her luck. "James, honey, are you sure that was the man you saw with your daddy?" He is sure. Spike sees Fancy suddenly in the window and decides to get the hell out of there. Fancy looks at the window again and Spike is gone. "I have to get him! I can't lose him." Paloma arrives, and Fancy tells her that she has to go and get Spike. "Can you watch James?" Paloma doesn't think that she should do this. "You could get hurt!" Fancy can't worry about that. She goes running out the door…

"I always thought that there was something oily about that David fellow. He magically appeared. I should have known that you were involved, Eve. And you… lucky Ethan! What about his image now? An upstanding young lawyer having a liar for a mother. You, Eve! I am shocked. You parade around here like the Mother Theresa. The hypocrisy. I guess that I should be grateful for that, as the one thing that I am not is being a hypocrite. I turned myself inside out to prove that I was a better man. Thank you for helping me take the blinders off, Ivy. Eve is probably worse than you are. For your sake, I wanted to be better for you. Don't you ever, EVER point your finger at me! Don't you ever!"

Ethan tells Noah, "I’ve got some thinking to do. I am sorry, Noah that my mother set up your parents the way that she did." Noah is saddened that Kay knew about this all along. "Their marriage was perfect, and their love was unbreakable." Noah disagrees, as his mother would still be there making her famous Tomato Soup Cake! "Kind of reminds me of Fancy and I. I thought that our love was strong, but I was wrong. Look at you. You stay with Gwen when your heart is with Theresa!" Ethan does believe in true love. "Look at Whitney and Chad. They have been through hell, and now they are just in love. They have no secrets that can rip them apart."

Whitney tells Chad had it was really gross finding Valerie with that guy Tony in at the Safari Motel. Chad thinks about how he is the kind of person who would go to the Safari Motel. "We don't know anyone who would go there," he tells his wife now.

JT lands in a laundry bin in the bottom of a chute. "Why did you do that, Theresa? You could have killed him!" Both ladies take off now to head to the bottom of the chute to get their hands on JT so they can control him. JT hides in the laundry bin. "Here I am, JT!" He remains quiet. Gwen and Theresa get the door open, and they run in. They search for the man but can't find him. They hear a car starting and then driving off. Theresa smiles. "And there he goes." Gwen doesn't care. She is going to get the information that she is looking for, and she is going to take Theresa down. She runs out. Theresa knows that she can't relax now. She can't trust JT to shut his mouth and keep it shut.

Chris says, "Admit it, Luis. You can't stand that I am her husband." Paloma arrives with James. "Fancy is out there chasing the man who killed Phyllis. She said that she had to get him. You have to help her." Spike runs… "I have to get away from her." He hides. Fancy comes to a clearing, looking around. "I can't lose him." Spike watches Fancy from the bushes. "Ain't no little rich bitch gonna take me down!" Spike grabs a rock and tosses it. Fancy hears the noise and turns towards it. She has her back to where Spike is actually hiding. He comes out of hiding now, creeping up slowly behind her…ready to pounce.

"You had the gall to play holier than thou, and at the, time you were playing a part in a vile base plot. I am the one who chooses now to have nothing to do with the likes of you. Ivy, I think that there is a lesson here for both of us. I think that we are both not destined to be with our first loves. At least I am not." Julian ran off. "In all the years that I have known Julian, he hasn't ever pierced my heart like that," Ivy says.

Theresa comes running to Chad and Whitney's table. Chad leaves to get Theresa a drink. Theresa tells Whitney what just happened. "I would love to tell Ethan the truth, but it is impossible. He is with Gwen and all that. I can't. Let's say that I tell JT to tell Gwen the truth? I don't know that Ethan would leave Gwen, and I can't gamble with my son's future. This has to be kept a secret!" Whitney thinks that Theresa should just concentrate on Jared. She will do that. "I found further proof that Chad isn't cheating, so let's celebrate."

Gwen enters the restaurant and goes to her husband's table. Theresa turns to look at her. "I don't feel like celebrating right now, Whitney."

James leaves the room. "Tell me the truth!" Luis demands. He thinks to his last conversation with Spike…"I know that you know something about this, Chris, now tell me what it is." Spike is about to pounce…Someone's coming. Spike jumps back into the bushes and listens. There are two teenagers dressed as trick or treaters with masks on coming up to her. She jumps when she sees them. "Can you help me? I am looking for a man." The guys haven't seen anyone lately. They run off now to continue enjoying their Halloween evening. "I have to find where he went!" Fancy tells herself. Spike loses his balance while stooping in the bushes. Fancy sees the bushes shaking, and she walks closer to them. Spike suddenly falls to the side, and it is clear that he is about to be discovered. Fancy runs after him, determined not to lose the man.

Theresa and Whitney stare at the Winthrops…"Here you go!" Chad has returned with a drink for Theresa. Whitney makes a toast to her marriage and to Theresa's good fortune. "I feel sorry for Valerie having to stoop so low as to nave to go to the Safari Motel…

Ethan says, "I’ll tell you one thing that I am grateful for, Gwen. You wouldn't ever deceive me the way that my mother has." Gwen feels that Ivy had her reasons for doing what she did. "Don't you dare defend her Gwen. You haven't lied to me, but my mother and Theresa have many times."

JT calls Becky to tell her goodbye… "Okay, where can we meet for a last drink? Okay! The Blue Note it is! Make sure that you have some condoms, and maybe we can find a dark empty room somewhere to have a last goodbye. See ya there!" JT hangs up now, giving all his attention to his driving. "Theresa will never know that I made one little pit stop before heading out of town…TO GET ME AN OIL CHANGE! Hoo! Hoo! Ha! Ha!"

Eve and Ivy share a drink. Eve looks over at her daughter's table. "I can see that Whitney hasn't heard the news yet. That is just going to ruin our relationship all over again." Ivy looks over at Ethan. " I wonder if Ethan will ever talk to me again." Eve wants to know if what she did was worth it. "Yes, it was. I got to spend some time with Sam, and I would do it again in a heartbeat, but I wouldn't be trusting of others. I would only rely on myself, and the truth wouldn't ever come out." Eve sees the woman hasn't learned anything at all. "I can't even feel sorry for you, and I don't want to be around you." Eve leaves. "And another one bites the dust…"

Gwen has Ethan dancing. "I will never forget this Halloween. We have a monster in town, and it is my mom." Gwen tells Ethan not to worry about all that right now. "As long as I can trust you, that is all that I care about, Gwen."

Theresa leaves the table. "She is really down right now but she is putting up a huge front." Chad thinks that Theresa should tell Ethan the truth. "Shh! She has no idea that you even know the secret so don't say anything." Chad agrees to keep his mouth shut. Theresa is at the bar getting a drink. Someone comes up behind her. She turns around. "Oh my God. It is you."

"You are wasting your time berating my husband. Fancy is out there chasing the real killer! Chris is innocent! Luis gets on his phone to try to find Fancy…Fancy is out alone. She comes to a tunnel like structure. She hugs herself tightly. "I think that I saw him come in here." There is a tunnel-like structure ahead of her, and she hopes that the man that she is chasing isn't in there, but then enters it anyway. She waves the cobwebs from her head as she walks along. Her cell phone starts ringing and she pulls it out. Her face lights up when she sees that Luis is calling. THWACK! Spike has come up behind her and has hit her with a 2 by 4 that was laying around. Fancy falls to the ground unconscious, with her cell phone only inches from her hand…

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