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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"What you did was wrong, Kay! My God, Kay, the misery that you have caused is just…" She moves towards him, but he will not let her touch him. "I can…" Fox comes to Kay and will love her no matter what.

Rebecca is peeking in on Chad at the motel. "You are smart," she thinks. "Whitney wouldn't ever come here. I wonder who he is waiting for… I wish I knew." Theresa asks, "What the hell are you doing here?" Gwen tells Theresa and Whitney that she and her mother got there, and got to JT. "It is over! It is over!"

Fancy has James at the mansion, and they are going to play pretend. "You be daddy and I will be the man!" Fancy smiles. "What do we do now?" James runs at Fancy pretending to hit her, and he shouts too." Sheridan tells Luis, "There is no way that Chris could have killed Phyllis! You are wrong! You are dead wrong!" Luis stands strong in spite of the way that Sheridan stands up for her husband.

"I don't think that you killed Phyllis, Chris…I KNOW you killed her! I wonder what the wifey-poo would think if she knew that you committed this murder…" Chris just stares back at Spike, with no emotion on his face at all. "What are you doing James? Is this what the man and your daddy did?" James orders Fancy to now fall down and grab her leg. Fancy realizes in horror that James must have seen his hurt. She wonders what else James has seen.

"I showed up, and I had to kill Phyllis to clean up your mess. She found a piece of stationery with the Omega symbol on it. You are a bad man, and I got a file on you. Haven't you learned that that guys who wear the black hat, never get the girl?"

"So he has his fingerprints on his pen! There are a dozen people who could have done this." Luis tells Sheridan that the paper that Phyllis had in her hand is from Alistair's Omega society. That gets Sheridan's attention. "Someone who is associated with Alistair and the society has been in here. I think that Chris had Omega documents and Phyllis found them. The man that you married is just another one of Alistair's pawns."

"You know that my mother can work her magic when she wants you. She got the information from him, and now we know everything!" Rebecca enters the motel room and asks Gwen without thinking if she has gotten the information from JT yet. "Aha!" Theresa says. "You don't know what JT is keeping a secret, Gwen! You lied! Come on, Whitney! Let's go and find JT before they do!" Rebecca tries to block the door so that Theresa and Whitney can't get out, but Theresa digs into her purse and starts throwing money in the air. That is all that it takes to get Rebecca off her back, and out of her way. Rebecca follows the cash and starts picking it up and plucking it out of the air, while Theresa and Whitney make their hasty retreat. Gwen is furious with her mother and orders her to focus. They go running after Theresa and Whitney now. Outside, Theresa and Whitney pause, wondering what they should do next. Rebecca and Gwen are behind them. They have to find JT. Rebecca has an idea. She whistles the tune, CAMPTOWN RACES… JT magically appears. He is drunk and carrying a pizza that he got microwaved in the management's kitchen. He looks at the ladies, but all he can see are four blurry figures before him.

"Did you make her cry?" Kay tells Fox that she didn't even get a chance to talk to Miguel yet. "I knew that I was setting up my parents. Ivy was doing everything that she could to get my parents apart. I could have stopped her. I know what I did was wrong, and I have to deal with that for the rest of my life. I wouldn’t do anything like that ever again." Fox understands. She was a lot younger back then. "It seemed important for me to do that at the time." Fox can understand why Kay felt that she had to do this. "I can't!" Miguel is still angered. "Maybe the Cranes can understand but not the rest of us. There are lines that you just don't ever cross." Kay knows that there wasn't any excuse for what she did. "I destroyed my family. What I need to know is if anyone will be able to forgive me for this. What about my dad and my brothers and my sister, and you Miguel? Are you going to be able to forgive me for this?"

"Here we go again with this. You think that Chris is one of Alistair's pawns. You come into my home with this vicious accusation! No wonder you got bounced back to patrolman, Luis! This is my father's property, so why shouldn't there be his things on it. This conversation is over. If you want to arrest my husband with this flimsy evidence, then you go ahead, but my lawyers will make sure that you never work as a cop again." Luis feels that if Chris weren't the murderer and was worried for his wife's safety, he would be with his wife protecting her right now.

JT has taken off… Theresa and Whitney are trying to find him. They hear Rebecca and Gwen calling out for him. They decide to split up and try to find him separately. Chad is in his room undressed and still waiting for his 'Special Friend' to arrive. "JT!" He hears a voice in the distance. "I could swear that I heard Whitney's voice just now," the man says. Chad moves to the door of his room. Outside, JT hides, holding his pizza tightly. When the way is clear, he comes out of hiding and sits. He gets a slice and eats it savoring every bit. A hand lands on his shoulder. He turns to look up into the face of none other than…Gwen! "If you don't tell me what Theresa's secret is, I will rip you to shreds! You got that?" Rebecca ends up back near Chad's room. She sees Whitney in front of Chad's room. Rebecca takes a nip of her booze. "Thank you, God, for sending me something to amuse myself!"

She uses the fakest voice that she has. "Gwen! Gwen! Whitney is right outside JT's door and she is about to go in!" Whitney hears that and shouts for Theresa to come as she has found JT. "Open this door, JT, or I will come in there." "Oh my God," Chad says. "That is Whitney's voice!" He scurries to hide. Whitney bursts in the room… Theresa finds Gwen with JT and she orders JT to be quiet or he will not get all this lovely money that she has in her purse. He pushes Gwen out of his way, sending her roughly to the ground, and he runs off with Theresa…

Fancy questions James some more and learns that this man that James has seen has been around more than once. She figures from what the boy says that the man is the killer and not Chris. "You stay away from my wife and son." Spike reminds Chris that James isn't his son. Spike brags that he and Phyllis go way back. He has known her for years. "I should have called the cops when I first heard." BAM! Spike punches Chris hard in the face. "You better keep your mouth shut or the next person that gets killed will be you."

"Chris is the one who is causing all the trouble here." She sees what is going on here. "You don't think that anyone can love me but you. Maybe you think that no one can love me unless my father pays them. Maybe my father did pay you to love me. You and my father are exactly alike. It is all too clear to me now!" Luis listens quietly.

"You don't need Miguel's forgiveness. All you need is your family's forgiveness." Miguel reminds Fox that his family is Maria's family and that this affects him too. "I can't talk to you right now, Kay. Not right now." Kay cries. "You don't need him. I love you. I love you. Now quit crying and let's go home." Miguel looks back and sees Kay looking back at him.

Gwen is running and screaming for JT. Rebecca appears. "Where have you been mother? Theresa is with JT." Rebecca has a secret weapon. She undoes her fur coat and reveals a sexy see-through nightgown. "Oh JT, come and get it!" Theresa hustles JT to get him out of the area of the Safari Motel. "Come to Mommy! I got buns just out of the oven! Come and get it! We'll go see the donkeys, if you know what I mean…" JT fights to get away from Theresa now. "You may have the money Theresa, but Becky's got the honey! I gotta go!" He pushes Theresa off and starts running. "Coming, Mommy! I need a spanking. I have been a bad, bad boy." Gwen looks worried, but Rebecca knows that she has this under control. Whitney looks at the bed in the room. Valerie is there under the sheets, and someone is under the sheets on the other side of the bed but she can't see who it is. "I know how this looks," Valerie says. "But it isn't what you think!" Whitney demands to know who is in the bed with Valerie, hiding completely. Valerie doesn't answer. "I know who it is," Whitney says. She goes running to the bed and starts pounding the figure beneath with her fists. "Who are you? I know who you are!"

"You have to stop lashing out or you are going to get us both killed. Now get out of here." Chris walks off. "You don't know it yet, Chris, but your luck has already run out…"

"You are just like my father. You never listen to a word that I say. For months, I tried to convince you that Marty was in Beth's clutches, and you let Beth kidnap our son. Marty burned to death because you wouldn't listen to me. You had to be right." Luis would like to pretend that she didn't say anything that she just said. "You continue pretending, Luis. You are worse than Alistair because he never pretended to love me, but you? You swore to love me." He says that he does, but that isn't her idea of love. "You don't say that you love someone and then not believe anything that they say. That makes you just as bad as my father. Actually, that makes you worse." Luis says again that he isn't anything like her father. Not anything like your father.

"Damn you!" Whitney says punching the hidden body. "Whitney!" She turns to find Chad walking in the motel room. "Oh!" A man sits up and pulls the sheets from his head. "Can you stop hitting me now?" Whitney sees her mistake. "I got a report from Crane Security that you were in the area." Whitney is sorry that she assumed the worst, and she hugs Chad, hoping he will forgive her. "JT!" Theresa goes running to JT and grabs him. He shoves her into a door and runs off. "Wait!" Theresa shouts. She opens her bag. "You can have all these millions if you come with me!" JT keeps running but he is getting confused now. "JT! I have millions that you can help me spend…" Rebecca and Gwen walk slowly but surely towards the voices they hear. Theresa keeps running. "Money? Sex? Money? Sex? Pizza?" JT hasn't any idea what he should choose or which he wants more. Theresa finds the man sitting on some wooden stairs. She slams the bag at JT's chest. "Take the money, JT! Take it, and keep your mouth shut." JT nods his head. "You are right. I will take the money, Theresa, and I will do whatever you say!"

"Please, honey, I love you." Kay feels evil. "I love you, Kay, and I will never desert you." Kay only cares right now that Miguel hates her. Miguel knows that in his heart, even after what she has done, he still loves her. "Come on Kay, there isn't anything left for you here…" Fox and Kay leave.

Fancy and James sit and eat... "So James, do you know the name of the man that what with your father?" James says nothing. Spike stops for a smoke. "There he is!" James says pointing. Fancy looks up at the window and sees Spike having a smoke with his back to the window. "Oh my God!" Fancy says.

Luis has had just enough of Sheridan's attack on his person… "At least I am not the one who married a murderer!" THWACK! She has slapped him hard in the face. Chris has entered the house. "What the hell is going on in here?"

Whitney apologizes again to the couple in bed and hopes they will not be too upset over her interrupting them the way that she has. She and Chad leave the room. Chad and Whitney are outside the Safari Motel and she apologizes for thinking that he was cheating. She knows that she shouldn't be so jealous but she couldn't help it. They hug now. Rebecca comes by watching the pair hugging. "Well, he sure pulled a fast one to wriggle out of that corner. Maybe I can use his little secret to get a few things that I need…" Theresa has JT cornered, and he is willing to take the money. That isn't enough though, Theresa wants him out of there and far, far away. She starts dragging him now to lead him away. "Oh, no you don't!" It is Gwen and she runs up behind JT and Theresa and starts pulling on him from the other end. JT is in the middle of a tug of war and is about to be split in two by these two girls.

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