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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Luis and Fancy work on the murder case. Luis is sure that he will find Chris's fingerprints on the pen, but that might not be such an abnormal thing as he does live in the cottage. Luis is sure that Alistair is behind this, even from the grave. "Someone must have been afraid that Phyllis would tell something." Fancy can't understand how anyone would want to kill Phyllis. Chris has finished destroying the last piece of evidence that links him to Alistair. Sheridan and James enter the house. They see Chris at the fireplace. "Have you been burning something?"

Pilar comes to her son outside the Bennett house. Miguel is stunned by what Kay did and can't accept it. "Her silence destroyed her own family and tore them apart." Fox says, "I don't care what happened. I still want to marry you and be a family Kay." Kay thanks Fox for saying that. He offers to make her some hot tea. He leaves. Sam returns to the house, and Kay says that she is sorry. "I don't want to hear anything. I just came back to get my keys and get the hell away from you and Ivy." Noah comes in. "What is going on?" Sam shouts for Kay to tell him. Kay tells how she found out that Ivy set Grace up to run off with David, and he wasn't even her husband. Spike and Jessica arrive, and Spike loves it that Kay is the sister who is really the black sheep of the family. Gwen comes in with Ethan, and hears the family shouting at each other like never before. Fox soothes his mother knowing that she hurts. She is just angry with Kay for blabbing about Grace and David. Gwen is stunned at what Ivy has done.

Theresa and Whitney talk about the secret and how they can guarantee that JT says nothing. They have to get the money to him in case he talks before that. JT is sore now that Rebecca has put the squeeze on his goodies, and he can barely move. She gives him ice now and orders him again to tell her what Theresa's secret is.

Miguel is stunned by what Kay has done, but Pilar actually understands it when she really thinks about it. Spike says, "I just brought Jessica over to get more of her stuff and it seems that we have come at the right time." Kay tells her sister how Ivy did this whole thing to their family. "Oh my God, Kay. What Ivy did was horrible, but what you did was even worse." Kay begs Jessica to forgive her. Noah will not even talk to her. "I can't believe that you did this to us." Ethan can't understand any of what he is hearing about his family right now. He is horrified. Gwen can only think of her mother with JT Cornell, and how she must be working on wearing him down. "I did it! Yes! I would be getting married tomorrow if it were for Kay." Ethan finds that Kay isn't the main issue here. Fox stands up for his mother and says that he understands what his mother had to do to be with the man that she loves. Ethan can't believe that he is related to these people. "This is wrong. For me and Gwen, it is wrong. Anyone who would lie to keep someone in their life is wrong!"

Whitney tries to call Chad on his cellphone, but he doesn't answer again. Whitney is trying to think the best. Chad is actually on the other side of town, putting on his pants, and zipping them up as he waits. "Chad isn't available," Whitney tells Theresa. They talk now about Ethan again. Ethan is living a lie whether Theresa tells him the truth or not. He lives a lie with Gwen. Whitney knows that her friend is just rationalizing now. "I can't tell him, Whitney. I have to find JT and pay him off. I need him to just call me and tell me where he is."

"I will tell you Theresa's secret, but only after we make whoopee one more time." Rebecca agrees to that, but suggests that they call room service for some goodies first. On second thought, she decides to go and get the bubbly and room service for them. "I won't go anywhere," he promises. "Life is good and about to get even better…" JT calls Theresa when he is alone. "There is a change of plans. Rebecca is here, and she wants to know everything." Theresa begs the man to keep his mouth closed. "Maybe I will, and maybe I won't. It is all up to you."

"If Phyllis was murdered because she found a piece of paper connected to my grandfather, then Sheridan and her family are in danger over there at the cottage." Luis feels that Chris has to be the one connected. Fancy disagrees. "Chris can't be your perp. He was shot himself." Luis knows that Chris could have shot himself.  "The pros do that.  Remember, Chris was Spike's alibi the night that my mother got shot. They could be working together. This is a perfect situation. Chris has access to the mansion and everything. Come on. We have to get Sheridan away from Chris. She is sleeping with the enemy."

"I was just starting a fire so that you could sit by it and read, Sheridan." She tells Chris that he is so good to her. James wants to go and play with Little Ethan now. It is late, but James loves hanging out with his cousin. "I will take James to the mansion and you stay here and relax." Once outside, Chris sends James ahead of him. He then gets out his cellphone and dials. Spike's phone starts ringing He leaves the family to go into the other room and take the call in private. "Hello! Who is it?" "It is me…Chris.  We have to talk. Meet me outside Sheridan's place as soon as possible..." Chris sees that Sheridan is resting on the couch in the cottage. "If she only knew what a threat I represent…"

"What you did, Mother, was a play right out of Grandfather's playbook." Fox disagrees with Ethan. Gwen's phone rings. "Excuse me." She goes into the kitchen. "Mother!" Rebecca tells that she has been just making out with JT and not much else. "I will get JT to get me the secret." Gwen tells Rebecca that Ivy's secret is out.  Rebecca already knew about that secret and is shocked to learn that Kay knew as well.

Chad comes outside his motel room to get some ice while he waits for his 'friend.' "Still no word from Chad," Whitney realizes. Theresa is on the phone with JT. "I will tell Rebecca if you don’t hurry up and 'up the ante'," JT tells her. "JT, please!" He ignores her pleas. "Going once, going twice…" Theresa says, "I will double what I agreed to pay you." JT takes the deal. "After I pay you, you need to get out of town and never come back." Theresa tells Whitney that they need to get the money and then head to the Safari Motel. "Who would go to a dump like that? Probably only people with something to hide."

Chad is returning to his motel room with the ice. He closes his door just as Rebecca returns while talking on the phone. "Honey, don't worry, I know what I am doing with JT." She hangs up. "Oh, damn! I forgot the condoms." Rebecca puts the bag down by the door.

Ethan tells Gwen that he can't get over what his mother did just to get Sam, just to get him back. Ivy says, "You realize that you can't trust Kay now, Fox." He can't help himself. "I love Kay, and I always will, Mother." Miguel listens to reason. "Kay is sorry for what she has done, Miguel. What is the problem? You need to be by Kay's side when she needs you the most. Marry her, Miguel…"

"I am really, really sorry." Spike returns. "I gotta go." He kisses Jessica on the cheek and leaves. "I don't know what you want me to do!" Sam tells her in clear terms what she did. "Grace was my wife, their mother, and you let Ivy take her away from us!" Ivy asks Fox, "How can you want to be with Kay after what she has done?" Fox finds that rich coming from his mother whose secret was what got Kay in this trouble in the first place. Kay can't face her family anymore, and she runs out of the room. Ivy reenters the living room. "Oh my God! What are you still doing here? I told you to get out! Get out!" Pilar knows that no matter what he says, Miguel still loves Kay.

Chris waits outside for Spike. He peeks in and sees that Sheridan is resting on the couch. Spike arrives. They hear someone coming, so they run and hide. Luis and Fancy come to the front of the house. Chris and Sheridan peek at the new arrivals. Luis and Fancy see that Sheridan is in the house resting. Fancy wishes that Luis would look at her like that sometimes… "Chris isn't around, so lets get moving." "What are they doing?" Chris wonders when he sees that Luis and Fancy have a plan in mind. He moves his foot ever so slightly, but in the still of the night, it can easily be heard. Luis and Fancy stop and turn towards where Chris and Spike are hiding behind some plants. "Who is there?" Chris and Spike see they have made a horrible mistake and they try to fix it by keeping as quiet as they can. "Meow…" It is the cook's cat, Emerald. Chris and Spike relax. "Good kitty." Luis schools Fancy in how to proceed from this point. "You are really good, Luis, and I can see why Sam would put you in charge of the new recruits." Chris and Spike take this time to steal away into the darkness. Luis and Fancy enter the cottage. Fancy stays with Sheridan as she sleeps, and Luis checks out the rest of the house. He returns and Fancy sits beside Sheridan. "Luis…" Sheridan says waking up slowly and smiling. She tells that James is up at the mansion. "Go and check on James. And watch out for Spike or Chris while you are out there." Luis wanted to talk to Sheridan privately.

Gwen comes to the Safari Motel, but has to figure out which room is her mother's. Theresa and Whitney arrive at the Safari Motel as well, but they need the room number. Theresa dials JT's number but no one answers. They walk off to figure something else out. Chad comes out of the motel room and looks around. "I thought that I heard Whitney's voice just now, but she wouldn't be in this part of town…" He heads back into the room and closes the door. Theresa and Whitney find a room, and they hear the shower going. They check the luggage and see that JT's name is on it. They have the right room. Theresa goes to the door and shouts for JT to come out.

Kay is outside, sad that she has hurt her family. Miguel appears, and he and Kay just stare. The arguing at the Bennett house continues until Ivy is told to let it go for now. She goes into the kitchen. "Lies…All lies," Sam says. Rebecca walks back to the motel and accidentally sees Chad in his window. He is just standing, pacing back and forth. "Oh. Chad is having an affair."

Theresa and Whitney wait. Finally the door opens, and Gwen comes out. "Well, Theresa! My mother and I got to JT first. He told us everything."

"I am here to arrest the murderer." Sheridan asks who the killer is. "Where is Chris?" Sheridan can't understand him asking for her husband at a time like this. "Do you think that Chris is the murderer?" Chris and Spike are alone on the grounds now. Spike smiles. "I know what you did Chris." Chris denies that he has done anything. "I know, amigo. You killed her. You killed Phyllis!"

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