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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"I can't believe that Phyllis is dead!" Luis makes a call to see about the evidence for Phyllis's murder and get the lab on the job. "All we have, Fancy, is a pen lying by her body and paper that was pried from her hands."

Chris and Sheridan have tea and talk about how they could have been in danger if they had been at the house when Phyllis was murdered. Sheridan finds that a lot of strange things have been going on around the house. Chris wants to take care of Sheridan, and he guarantees that he will be there for her forever.

Ethan and Little Ethan play. Theresa comes over to Ethan when there is a break in the play and Little Ethan has run off alone for a bit. "He really loves you like a father." Ethan reminds Theresa that Little Ethan has a father and that man has rights. "I know that your children are important. Why would you blow off the custody meeting?" Theresa thinks about her mother and how she was pushing for Ethan to learn the truth about Little Ethan. Theresa ignores Ethan's question now and calls for Little Ethan to return to them immediately. "I can see that you are avoiding my question, Theresa, but that is alright. The truth always has a way of coming out…"

"I just want to tell you, Pilar, that I sympathize with you about what has happened to you and Martin. You said that you have a secret Pilar and we can be each other's rocks. Just tell me what it is that you are holding…" Pilar looks at a picture of Little Ethan and Ethan on a table nearby as Rebecca talks to her…wooing her. "Alright, Rebecca…I will tell you."

Whitney and Gwen are together and Whitney leaves Gwen in the hall to see if Chad is on his way to work yet, so she can talk to Gwen some more in private. She reenters the apartment now. Gwen smiles at how easy this is going to be. She knows that Theresa's dirty little secret is about to come out.

"It was a lie!" Kay tells Fox and the others at her father's house. "It was, Ivy. I am sorry. She invented this whole charade, and she convinced my mom and my dad that David was her first husband." Sam says, "What did you just say?" He has just entered the room. "I think that I got the stain out," Ivy says reentering the room with her wedding dress that was almost ruined "It can't be true." Ivy has no idea what Sam is talking about. "Kay says that you set Grace up to go off with David." Ivy says that Kay is lying and that she is making all this up to stop their wedding. "Make her apologize, Sam!" Sam asks, "Kay, is this true?" Ivy says that she is lying. "Fox, take a good look at this. This is who you want to marry." Kay explains, "Dad, she created fake papers to make a trail knowing that you would check it out. She lied to Julian about you for 20 years." Ivy says that she would have to be some kind of a monster to have done the things that Kay accuses her of. "You have to believe me, Sam! You have to believe me!"

Gwen waits outside until Chad is gone to work. Whitney comes to get Gwen and bring her in. "I was shocked when Theresa told me that she spoke to JT Cornell." Gwen can see that she is on the right track. "Who told you the secret, Gwen? It can't be JT Cornell…You said that you never met him…remember? We should call Theresa and get her to tell Ethan the truth before someone else tells him and things get worse." Gwen says that calling her at this point will not make a difference, as she knows that Theresa won't be honest now if she wasn’t honest before. "What did Jared think?" Gwen isn't sure how to answer. "You are such a lying bitch! Jared doesn't know anything! You are lying! You know nothing! Get out!" Whitney says, "I have to get to Theresa and warn her…" She moves into action.

"I worry about my children." Rebecca knows how much Pilar loves her children and she even offers to help with Pilar with her problem… "I was even a psychology major… Now tell me your problem!" Pilar looks down sadly and then straight up at Rebecca. "You think that you could trick me into talking to you privately? You get out!" Pilar takes the woman by the elbow and pushes her to the door, and then out the door! "Oh mio! I have to warn Theresa!"

Luis can't take his eyes off the piece of paper that he got from Phyllis's murder scene. She was holding on to it even after she died. "Chris is shot outside the cottage, and then my mother is shot at the mansion, and now Phyllis is murdered on the cottage floor?" He will oversee this himself. Fancy sure wishes that Luis would care for her as she clearly does for Sheridan's safety.

Chris tells Sheridan that as long as he has their marriage certificate, she belongs to him. James comes…Chris thanks the sitter for walking him back to the cottage. Sheridan leaves the room for a moment…Chris goes to get the child some coloring books for fun activity time. James is alone in the living room and he finds a piece of paper under the couch. He pulls it out and grabs his crayons to do some coloring on the paper with the interesting round design at the top!

"Would you play catch with me again?" Ethan says that he and Little Ethan should go to the proper part of the park to play. They leave. Whitney comes up to Theresa now. "Gwen came to me pretending that she knew the secret and at the last second, I realized that she was setting me up! You need to be careful. Gwen will not stop until she knows what your secret is."

"Pilar isn't the stupid peasant that I thought she was." Rebecca and Gwen have gotten back together and they discuss what they have learned. "I found out that JT is involved in this. Whitney blabbed that before she clammed up." Rebecca calls JT now, and he answers. "I didn't want to tie up my phone as I am expecting a call." Rebecca guesses that the call he is waiting for will be coming from Theresa. "Tell me where you are and I will be right over." Rebecca gets his location and then checks her bag. "Hand cuffs, feather and a golf ball. I have everything that I need to make JT talk."

"I didn't do this, Sam!" Kay is there to tell her father the truth. Ivy says, "Sam, the DNA test that you insisted on proved that Grace was that boy's mother." Kay tells how Ivy faked that too. Ivy threatens to rip Kay's face off, and Sam has to jump in between the girls to keep Kay safe. "How do you know all this?" Ivy wants Kay to answer that question. Kay is quiet now. "Kay! Ivy asked you a question, and I need you to answer it. How did you know that Ivy did this horrible crime that you are accusing her of?" Sam waits for an answer. "What you are accusing Ivy of is so disgusting, and we all need to know how you know." Kay says that she overheard Ivy talking about this. "She was talking to David. It was before David and Mom went to Europe." Sam understands now. "You new they were working together, and you kept quiet all this time? Kay nods her head. "Yes Kay," Ivy pushes. "Do tell us why you didn't tell your secret sooner," She cries. "I was so angry then, and I was having my baby. I was hurt and moving out to Tabby's. Mom hurt me, and I wanted to hurt her. I kept quiet and wanted to get her out of my life." Miguel is stunned. "It is all a lie." Sam tells Ivy to be quiet. "So, Sam, you are telling me that not only did Ivy do this, but that you let it happen? You broke up your mother's marriage? Kay! What you did to your sister and brother…Did you hate us that much?" She only thought that her father would be okay with Ivy. "You should be ashamed of telling this kind of lie to your father." Sam thinks only seconds and then. "I believe her. I believe Kay." Ivy is stunned. "You used David to break up my marriage, so that I could marry you?" She tells him that she loves him, but he can't stand to look at her and leaves the room to go to the kitchen. Ivy follows him.

Luis has news, he thinks…The lab tech comes in and says that she has traced that paper to Alistair's secret stock of paper in the mansion. "I will be you that the sheet that the paper was ripped from has the Omega symbol on it." Luis can't understand then how the paper ended up in Sheridan's cottage.

Back at the cottage. Chris returns to his son over by the couch and he sees the child is coloring. Sheridan comes into the room and has goodies for her boys. James holds up his picture for her to see. "Aw, isn't that sweet? He has drawn a picture of us with a horse!" Chris can barely hide the horror that comes to his face when he sees what paper has been used to make the picture.

"I know that this looks bad, but if you could only put yourself in my position, you would see that the only thing that was in our way was Grace!" Sam sees that she used time and money to make this happen. "They are happy, Sam! I love you!" He has no idea who she is anymore. "I am the woman who is the mother of your child, and I would do anything to make you happy for the rest of your life." He has no intention of marrying her now. "Get a clue! There is no more us. Not anymore." She shakes her head. "Don't say that."

"Rebecca came to my house, trying to get me to tell your secret about Little Ethan." Whitney and Theresa see that Gwen is stepping up her game. Theresa will do nothing about this. "We just have to make sure that we don't slip up and that Rebecca and Gwen don't find JT." JT is in his room, on his bed, pouring a drink. Someone knocks, but JT knows who that is. "Coming!" He lets Rebecca in. "I have toys!" she brags. She shows him her handcuffs. "Come and get it!" he shouts, quickly undoing his pants and letting them drop around his feet. "You be good to me, and I'll be good to you," she promises. She blushes at the sight of him before her. "What secret are you keeping for Theresa? If you tell me, you will get…this!" She tosses the fur coat around her to the wall and stands butt-naked before JT…loving it. JT's eyes bulge away from his face at Becky in her glory. "Oh my lord. I can't wait to take a trip down mammary lane…" It takes him several baby shuffling steps to get to her, due to his pants being down around his ankles, but he gets to her, and they start the fireworks…

Sam says, "You are the problem! Not Kay! What you did to Grace and my family! It is unforgivable!" Ivy tries to touch him, but he roughly pushes her away. "I want you out of this house when I get home!" She has nowhere to go! He topples the kitchen table in anger and warns her that for her own good; she needs to be gone before he returns to the house. "I am sorry," Kay says. "For what?" Fox asks. "For keeping the secret, or getting caught?" She admits that she is sorry for both. Miguel is upset and can't understand Kay doing this. He has known her for years. He is angry, and he leaves… Fox will stand by her side. "You can't be a Crane and not understand what you did." They hug.

Luis realizes something. "Sheridan could be in real danger." Sheridan wants to take a better look at the picture that James has drawn. "I don't know what that symbol on the back is, though…" Sheridan is about to turn the picture over to look at the back when Chris suddenly snatches it out of reach. "Oh, that isn't anything. I tell you what, why don't you two go to the garage and get some pumpkins for carving…" Sheridan and James head out. Chris takes the paper and goes to the fireplace with it to destroy it.

"All I have to do is pay JT off and my secret will be safe…" Pilar and Whitney listen as Theresa lays out her plan…

"Oh yeah, baby…" JT is having the time of his life now. Rebecca and he are in bed, and she has been something else. "Did you like that?" she asks. He did. "Well, how about this!" Rebecca uses her vast knowledge of the male form to cause JT excruciating pain and turn his voice soprano-sounding. "Why did you do that?" he screeches. "I want to know Theresa's secret! And if you don't tell me, JT, you will never feel pleasure again!"

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