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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Miguel and Fox fight! Ivy enters the room and can't believe her eyes when she sees the boys are fighting. Miguel hits Fox particularly hard, and Fox falls on his mother. Pilar and Kay stare, horrified.

Whitney wakes and sees that she and Chad have slept in way past the time to get up. He knows that they did. He did it on purpose so that they could make love…

Ethan and Theresa walk back to work through the park where the children are playing and laughing. Theresa plans to meet Little Ethan there later. Ethan has more questions. "Julian is trying to get partial custody, and you canceled a meeting to talk about that to meet someone in the alley." She had something extremely important to handle.

Gwen tells Rebecca, "Theresa canceled the custody hearing because something more important came up all of a sudden. Mother, I think that this has something to do with Ethan for some reason. We have to figure out why Ethan is being put in charge of Little Ethan until he comes of age." They have to get to work, so Gwen opens her bag as she is prepared for such an emergency. She shows her daughter the Martini glasses as a hint of what she has in mind for them to do their power-thinking.

Ethan pushes Theresa to tell him the truth about what she is hiding from him and why she acts so strangely. She thinks about the reasons why she can't tell him the truth, but starts talking anyway. "Mommy! Mommy!" Theresa turns to find her son running into her arms. Ethan watches them happily.

Ivy and Fox get up off the floor, and the anger flies all across the room. Sam wants to know what happened, and Fox tells him how Pilar doesn't want him to marry Kay, and Pilar says that she is no different from Ivy who doesn't want the wedding to happen either. Sam asks if that is the truth. Ivy is silent. Pilar wants to leave now. "You don't have to leave, Mama!" She will go, as she knows that she isn't welcomed there. "Don't give up on Kay," Pilar whispers to her son. She leaves. Miguel stands his ground in the house. Ivy leaves to fix her dress. In the kitchen, Ivy sets about getting the stains off her dress. Eve enters the kitchen, and Ivy tells her all about what has happened. "I have to fix my dress, as Sam and I are getting married earlier than planned." Eve can't believe that Ivy is going through with the wedding after the way that she schemed to get the man. "Frankly, I think that it is fate that is telling you that you shouldn't be getting married, by staining your wedding dress."

"What if Theresa confided in her mother or maybe Whitney?" Rebecca will work on Pilar and that will leave Gwen for Whitney. Something tells Gwen that this isn't going to be easy!

Little Ethan tells his mother of all the fun that he had that day at school. "Uncle Ethan would you take me for something to eat?" His mother says that Ethan is too busy, but actually the man is more than willing and he scampers off with the child. Theresa thinks about how she is going to deal with this situation.

Pilar is home alone. She hears knocking at the door. "What do you want?" Rebecca comes in and tells that God spoke to her. "That is amazing, Rebecca." She says that she had to go and amend her ways. "I thought of you, Pilar. Will you help me? To find the path to righteousness. This is a matter of life and death..."

Chad is in bed with Whitney, but his mind is elsewhere. He thinks of being in bed in the hotel room. "Chad!" He snaps out of it. "Everything is fine, Whitney. I want to make love to you again and again." Someone knocks. Whitney grabs her robe and heads out of the room. "You have nothing to worry about," Chad tells himself quietly. Whitney opens the door and finds Gwen there. "I need your help, Whitney! I know the secret that Theresa has been keeping from Rome, and I don't know what to do about it!"

"The stain on my dress was from Miguel and Fox fighting over Kay and not my fate." Eve wonders if everything that happens is because it is supposed to. Ivy doesn't want to hear this metaphysical nonsense. Eve says that is probably nonsense as Ivy has been making things happen to her liking for years and fate had nothing to do with that. "I have a conscience, Ivy, but I can see that not having one is really bliss for you." Ivy tells Eve that she was a fool to give up on Julian. "I couldn't just turn my back on TC." Ivy hopes for the best for Eve. " I don't wish you anything bad." Eve appreciates that, but she still can't forget that this is the woman who manipulated her best friend's marriage and took Sam away from her. "I could stop all this, Ivy, by just going in the other room and telling Sam the truth." She starts walking out, but Ivy grabs her telling that she would do anything to keep Sam. "I would kill you to keep Sam!" Ivy drives her point home by holding the knife in her hand near to Eve's face. Sam tells the boys that there will be no fighting in the house anymore. He leaves the room. Fox tells Kay that it is time to leave. "Don't make the same mistake that your mother made, Kay!" Fox and Kay stop and turn to Miguel again. Fox says that Kay's mother isn't with the man that she really wants. She isn't happy, Kay!" Miguel says that Grace isn't happy at all and has ended up with the wrong man. "Just shut up!" Fox warns. "No! Kay don't marry the wrong man." She only wants to know one thing from Miguel right now. "How do you know that my mother is not with the right man?"

"I wouldn't even know how to atone for my sins!" Pilar tells Rebecca to go and confess her sins. She wouldn't bother Father Lonnigan with this, and she couldn't talk to a stranger about her sins. "You need a priest, Rebecca." Rebecca says that her confessions may take a while. "It would be confidential, right? And my sins would be forgiven?" Pilar tells Rebecca that she would then have to do penance. "What are you really doing here, Rebecca?" She says that she needs help. "I have a secret and it is heavy on my soul. I am not sure that it would be safe with a priest. Have you ever had a secret like that, Pilar?" She thinks about the secret she shares with Theresa over Little Ethan's parentage. "Yes, I have had a secret like that in my life." Rebecca says that Pilar would be helping her by telling her the secret…

Chad is in the bedroom alone. He remembers how he decided that he and his 'friend' should meet at a different hotel from now on. He gets out of bed now…

"You know the secret, Gwen?" She says that she does. "Does Ethan know?" Gwen says that he doesn't know and that she just wants to protect him. "Theresa really should be the one to tell Ethan the news, so why don't I call her right now to come over?" Gwen grabs Whitney by the sleeve when she starts walking to the phone. "No, No! That's okay…" Ethan plays football with Little Ethan. Theresa watches them, thanking God for allowing her to keep her secret. "No one ever has to know that Little Ethan is a Crane. His future in Crane Industries will be safe, and he will be protected forever." Little Ethan and Ethan continue to play…

"I know that your heart must still be breaking over what that Katherine did. I am trying to say that I sympathize with you, Pilar, and if you want to unburden yourself by telling me your secret, you go ahead. I am a good listener and think how good you will feel when you tell the secret. You can tell me, Pilar, and I won't tell anyone. We can be each other's rocks. Tell me what it is." Pilar looks at the picture of Ethan and Little Ethan on the desk. "Alright! Alright Rebecca. I will tell you."

"Why can't I call Theresa?" Gwen wants herself and Whitney to handle this themselves. "This isn't my secret to tell!" Gwen says that if everyone else hears this secret first he will be devastated. "What can we do to soften the blow and help Ethan get over this?"

Chad gets a call. "I have to be at work in a little bit but I think that I can take a few minutes. I can't wait to see you." Chad searches his pockets for his key to the hotel but he doesn't have it. He remembers now that he hid it under the bed so that Whitney wouldn't find it.

"Ivy? You are married to the Chief of Police, remember?" Ivy puts the knife down. "Please, Eve. We are going to be married, Eve, and we are going to be happy." Eve doubts that.

"I know what is going on with your mother because she has spoken to members of my family. She is scared to come back home because she doesn't know what is going to happen. Kay I don't want you to end up like her because you married the wrong man." Kay gets visibly upset. "What is the matter, Kay? What did you do? I can see the guilt all over your face." Fox orders Miguel to back up and leave her alone. "It wasn't me! It was Ivy. She set my mom up and made her think that she was married to David before my father. But it was all a lie!" Sam has entered the room now. "Fox, I am sorry. Ivy invented this charade and she convinced my mom and my dad that my mom's first marriage was with David and she left us." "What did you say?" Sam asks his daughter…Ivy comes prancing into the room now. "Guess what guys! I got the stain out!" Everyone just glares at Ivy, and soon the smile leaves her face when she sees that something is terribly wrong here.

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