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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Ethan has Julian at the office, and he tries to prep him for the custody meeting later. "I heard about Theresa's Will and how she has given Little Ethan to you and not me." Gwen comes to see her mother, and the plan is to find out Theresa's secret so they can use it against her.

Theresa is on the phone. "I can't let Ethan know that Little Ethan is his child!" she says. A voice replies, "What did you say?" Jared has come into the room and demands an answer over what he just heard Theresa say.

Fox thinks about how he is soon to be married to Kay and how happy they will be.

Sheridan is alone…She thinks about seeing Luis the night before over by the mansion and how he looked into her eyes. Chris kisses Sheridan and pulls her out of her dreams and quickly back into reality. Sheridan jumps, surprised.

Fancy is in bed and having a bad dream. Luis comes over to see her from his room next door. He sits by on the bed beside her. She wakes and sees he is with her. "Oh Luis!" She falls into his arms and pulls him into a kiss. Phyllis the maid comes to the doorway and sees the two sharing a kiss on the bed. She isn't smiling. She gets upset and walks away. Luis pushes Fancy off of him gently. He remarks that she must have been having some dream just now. "I was dreaming about Lester the mobster and how he frightened me. She likes being this close to Luis. "Maybe I should have nightmares more often," she muses. Luis's cellphone rings. He answers. "Where are you? I hope that you are not with Fancy. Find her, and get your butts down here to the station right now." Sam slams the phone in Luis's ear. Luis tells Fancy they have to go to work pronto. "It doesn't sound good."

"You were named sole trustee of everything, Crane!" Ethan says that is what Theresa wants. "Don't you find that odd?" Ethan does. "My ancestors founded this great enterprise and whatever you think of my father, he is a genius and I should be the one to take this empire over." Ethan remembers that Alistair disinherited Julian. "I have to reconsider now whether you should be acting as my attorney. You have a conflict of interest here. How can I trust you to do what is in my best interest? Theresa could pay you off to throw the custody case away."

Rebecca leaves another message for JT to call her right away. He hasn't answered any of her messages. Gwen and Rebecca want to know Theresa's secret. "We have to take her down, Mother," Gwen says happily. "Whatever her secret is, it has to be good, and it will blow Theresa out of the water."

"I will call you back later when I have more time to talk." Theresa hangs up. "What did you hear just now when I was on the phone?" Jared only heard Ethan's name, and he wants to talk to her about that before they go to the custody meeting. "I want Julian not to have access to my son. I want 100% custody of my son." Jared says that the only way that Theresa could get 100% custody of her son is if Julian weren't really the father. "What? What would make you say a thing like that?" she asks nervously.

Pilar says, "You can't let Kay marry Fox; you have to try harder, son. I understand why Kay is drawn to Fox. He is stable and he offers love and security. That is important to a single mom. You haven't got the finances. Fox is a Crane and has millions to back him up. You work, son, as a day laborer on a fishing boat, and that is honest, but you have to think about this from Kay's point of view. You need to find a career that will help you be a good family man." Miguel thinks on what his mother is saying to him.

Fox says, "Everything is going to be perfect, Kay. Soon we will be man and wife. I might have good news after work today. If it all goes through then you, me and Maria will be set up for life." Fox and Kay hug.

"The department doesn't need bad press, Luis." Luis has no idea who leaked the tape to the press. Sam shows Luis and Fancy every paper in town. Luis and Fancy are on the front pages of all of them. "There might be an investigation whether you faked that or not. I should fire the both of you right now!"

Chris's phone rings. "What the hell do you want? No! It is over, do you hear me? Over!" Phyllis is inside the cottage cleaning the windows. "Hi, Phyllis!" Sheridan has come into the main room. "What's new? What is the new gossip?" Phyllis tells her that the gossip is about Sheridan herself. "Oh?" Phyllis tells her that Mr. Lopez-Fitzgerald stayed the night at the mansion. "That is old news. There was a break-in and Luis stayed to make Fancy feel better." Phyllis gets increasingly uncomfortable. She remembers seeing Luis and Fancy in bed kissing not long ago. "What is going on, Phyllis?"

"I know that I am pushing but I don’t want another one of my children to miss out on love." Miguel sees Kay in the window behind his mother. "Don't worry, Mama. I will take care of it."

"Sorry Jared. I have been very tense today. Every time that I talk about my son, I just get so upset." Jared will do anything in his power to help Theresa. Fox enters and asks Theresa how she likes his latest idea. "I love it, Fox! Go get 'em, tiger." Fox heads out to get back to work. "You don't even really trust me do you Theresa?" She does. "Okay, you are right Jared. There is something that I need to tell you, and it is very important."

"I don’t know what to say to convince you that I am on your side. Theresa's will has nothing to do with my working for you. I am qualified to run Crane, and you know that." Still, Julian knows that there has to be another reason for Theresa to be doing this. Rebecca and Gwen are listening through the door using a glass, and they know that Julian is right.

"Please don't fire us," Luis begs.

"I saw Luis and Fancy in bed kissing this morning," Phyllis says. Sheridan is stunned. "It is okay. I am married to a wonderful man and what Luis and Fancy do is their own business. Do you think that Luis and Fancy spent the whole night together?" Phyllis isn't sure. "I wouldn't have said anything, but everyone tells me all the time how you and Luis loved each other. A real love never goes away. It stays in your heart forever." Sheridan knows that. "Don't call me again. No one can link me to Alistair ever again. There is no trace from me to him." Phyllis is vacuuming the cottage living room and the last piece of paper that links Chris to Alistair peeks out ever so innocently from the bottom of the couch. Chris hopes that idiot Spike will keep his mouth shut. That is the only way that Chris will be found out as a liar. Phyllis continues to vacuum, unaware of how close she is to destroying Chris's life forever.

"You are my client and if you want me to proceed for you, then I will." Rebecca enters with Gwen. "I was bringing papers up and thought that I would pop in to say hello." Ethan hasn't got time for that, as Julian is having his custody meeting. Rebecca buries Pookie's head in her breast to show how bad she feels to hear he has to have that custody meeting. Ethan and Gwen tear out of there fast when Julian says that he wouldn't mind an hour alone with Rebecca…Rebecca tells Julian that she brought a few costumes that she has in her bag, and she is thrilled to have the old Julian back.

Theresa gets ready to tell Jared the truth… Her phone rings. "What? Okay… Jared, you have to cancel the meeting today. I have to go!" She runs out. "Something's up with Theresa," Jared says. "I have to help her."

Sam makes the decision. "Okay, I will give you another chance." Fancy makes a move to hug the man but he jumps away from her and tells her that is the kind of behavior that got her into trouble in the first place. "I am sorry, Luis," Fancy tells Luis when they are alone again. "It is okay, just from now on, we will leave things strictly business…" Luis goes to his desk and looks the front page of one of the newspapers that show he and Fancy in a passionate embrace.

Sheridan says, "I am going to the mansion to drop off James's art supplies. He forgot them when he went up there to get his art lesson with Little Ethan…" Phyllis will stay at the cottage and work while Sheridan is away. Chris comes in and tells that he will be working in the garden while Sheridan is away. Chris and Sheridan leave the cottage now. Phyllis starts up her vacuum again. PFTTTT! She has sucked something up in the vacuum. She pulls the metal hose closer to her face to pull the piece of paper off the hose. "What is this?" She starts reading the paper with the funny horseshoe symbol at the top.

"I know that you want to use Miguel for you modeling assignment, but I don’t' think that he is available." Fox talks to Alfredo over the phone. "I would love to help you find another model…" Miguel enters the office. Fox gets off the phone quickly. Miguel knows that he should be working on the fishing boats, but he has come to talk to Fox about modeling. "Siren and I got a great response, and I would like to go back to work for Alfredo." Fox says that that job is finished, and Alfredo only uses fresh faces, and because of that, he will not be able to use you again."

Kay tells Pilar about the wedding plans. "We want our wedding to be perfect." Pilar tells Kay that she should be worried about what happens after the wedding. "Marriage is a sound commitment and you have to be sure that you are making the right decision."

"How could this be?" Phyllis keeps reading. "Well, someone definitely needs to be told about this." Someone has come into the cottage behind Phyllis… The person quickly closes the gap between Phyllis the him or herself… Phyllis senses that someone is behind her and she quickly turns… "Ah." She knows right away that her life is in danger…

Julian and Rebecca get dressed up as Tom and Katie and have drinks. Then Julian does his version of "We're gonna rip up the house', in his briefs and shirt. Rebecca comes into the room with drinks for the them. "We should have done Tom and Katie a long time ago. Admit it. You missed me, Pookie, didn't you?" He admits it. "Wait until we get back to the mansion. I have a surprise for you in the stable. I went to a livestock stable in town." He warns her that they are just having fun and are not getting back together. "Well, then lets have some fun then." Rebecca grabs her whip. "You have been a naughty boy getting divorced from me. I think that you should be punished." THWACK! She whips the whip!

Ethan tells Jared that he is to reschedule the meeting with Theresa as soon as possible. "Something isn't right here," Ethan says. Gwen agrees. Theresa has gone to the meeting place… "JT?"

Fox tells Miguel that he knows of no modeling jobs that are available right now. Miguel just wants something that will give him more time with Maria. "That is too bad, Miguel. I have to go now and get to work. Let yourself out." Fox leaves. "I am a washed up model," Miguel realizes.

"Fox isn't right for you, Kay. He is a Crane. If you marry him, you will regret it for the rest of your life." Kay listens to what Pilar has to say.

Sheridan has returned to the cottage. She calls Luis at the station. "Luis! You have to get over here right away! It is Phyllis. She is lying on the floor of my cottage. Someone has killed her!" Phyllis lays on the floor at Sheridan's feet....

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