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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Sheridan is ready for bed. She goes to the window and looks out into the darkness. She can't stop thinking about Luis and Fancy on the television having sex. She stands, thinking about it now. Luis will be staying at Fancy's place that night. He wants to be on hand in case an intruder returns. She hugs him. "You make me feel so safe." He tells that everything is fine now and they will concentrate on getting through the night without more break-ins. He goes to bed. Fancy knows that there is a good chance that he will see her before morning.

"It is time that Endora got to know me as her father. Don't push me, Tabitha. You try to cut off my parental rights, I will sue you." Tabitha will never give up her parental rights, and she doesn't appreciate his threats. Endora hates seeing her mummy and daddy fight. "Oh don't worry, Endora. Mummy is just laying down the law." Fox knocks on the bathroom door. Miguel and Kay are in the bathtub and Kay panics knowing that there is no way that Fox can get out of the tub and out of the bathroom without Fox seeing him. "I know that I heard your voice, Kay. Let me in! Are you hurt in there?" Kay knows that she can't be found in this tub with Miguel, or things will be over with Fox for good.

"Mother, why doesn't Theresa want Ethan to find out about JT?" Gwen is stumped. Theresa roams the halls. Whitney has come to meet her friend. "My worst nightmare is about to come true. JT Cornell is in this hotel right now! If Ethan finds him, I am finished!"

Sheridan ventures outside in her nightgown into the yard. She looks like a ghost. She thinks of Luis with Fancy on the television screen. They seemed intimate… Luis is in bed in the room beside Fancy's, and he is fast asleep now. She turns up the music… She thinks of the lap dances she did for the man to music much like this. Luis wakes and has a glass of water. "I need some air," he says leaving the room.

"You don't have a leg to stand on, Tabitha. Everyone knows that you are unbalanced, and no one has any idea how you survived in this place all those years." Tabitha talks about Timmy and how Julian just pretended to have learned something from him all those years ago. "You are a mean man, and I can't see how you could have been friends with Timmy all along. "Kay! Are you in there?" "I am having a bath! I will be out in a few minutes!" Kay says, hoping that will keep him away. I will get the key from Tabitha's room so I can get in, and then we can talk in there!" he walks off dutifully to get the keys. "No!" Fox returns with the key and is ready to enter the bathroom.

Gwen has to figure this out before too much more time goes by. "Why doesn't Theresa want Ethan to find JT?" "I don't think that there is anything that would make Ethan leave Gwen for me! I can't risk Ethan finding out that Little Ethan is my son. He would take him away from me. Whitney, we have to find JT and get him out of this hotel! Ethan can't find out that JT is there. Let's split up and try to find him." >Theresa goes one way, while Whitney goes elsewhere. "Oh!" Theresa has bumped into Gwen. "Oh! Gwen, what are you doing here?" Gwen knows that they are doing the same thing. "We are both looking for JT Cornell…"

Tabitha knows how Julian has been putting doubt in Fox's head over Kay and her love for him. "I know that you are being as negative with Fox as you are with me. What do you think that Timmy would think about you and the way that you are acting if he could see you now?" Julian thinks about the boy now. …Walking the yellow-brick road together…in the chicken coop…Timmy picking flowers…Julian as the Lion, and Timmy as Dorothy… Those memories bring a smile to Julian's face but only for a moment. "Shame on you, Julian… We are talking about you who reverted to your Crane ways, threatening to snatch my precious Endora from my bosom. It would kill Timmy to know that you were taking a child from its mother…" The door opens, and Fox enters. Kay is in the tub, but she looks terrified. "I was going to go to the store, but then decided to have a bath." Fox asks if Kay knows where Miguel is. Miguel is under the water in the tub, holding his breath…

"Why didn’t you want Ethan to know that JT Cornell was on the ledge earlier? You are looking for JT, but now it is to hide the man from Ethan. Why are you giving up this chance to destroy my marriage?" Theresa is at a loss for words.

Sheridan comes to the Crane mansion. "Luis is in there somewhere with Fancy. What am I doing here? I should be thinking of wonderful times with Chris and James." She turns suddenly. "Luis?" He walks to her. "I couldn't sleep." He takes her in his arms and they kiss.

"What do you think that Timmy is thinking right now? Do you think that he is smiling at you right now Julian? Do you think that you are honoring his memory with this harassing and brow-beating?" Julian remembers discovering that Timmy was Tabby's doll and that he could move. Timmy was drinking martinis and he offered Julian one…Tabitha looks in the big blue pot. "What is going on now?" She sees Miguel in the bathtub holding his breath to save Kay from Fox's anger. "Something's got to be done!" ZAP! Endora has done the whammy. "Something is off, Kay…" Miguel is having a terrible time holding his breath… "What's wrong?" Fox asks. He hears a splashing noise.

"What's that?" Miguel tries to stay still, but it is getting very difficult to do.

"Oh. You must have some secret that you want kept hidden, Theresa. That has to be the reason that you don't want JT out in the open. You learned something that you want to keep quiet! I will find out what it is, Theresa…" Theresa looks at Gwen, horrified at the things that she saying and what she plans to do.

Miguel tries to hold his breath longer but he is going to blow. "What is circling the water over there?" Fox points. "I don't know," Kay says. ZAP! Miguel is gone. Kay feels it when he disappears, and her eyes grow large. ZAP! Miguel appears in his bed dry as ever. Kay is out of the tub now and wrapped in a towel. "I owe you an apology, Kay… I thought that you were with Miguel." "Well, Kay has dodged another bullet," Tabitha tells. Julian is mystified at the way that Tabitha speaks to her child as if she were an adult. "She is very, very bright." Julian admits that Timmy wouldn't like him threatening her, but he would like to know that Julian has been seeing his child. "Like it or not, she is part Crane!" "Is everything okay in here?" Fox has returned. "Kay has been in the tub." Julian was up there earlier, and Kay wasn't there. "You believe that she wasn't with Miguel?" Fox does. "I am tired of this suspicion." Julian trusted a woman that he thought loved him, and he discovered that he was wrong to do so. "Do not let that happen to you, Fox. Don't be caught off guard." Fox says, "You are not still mad about the chocolate thing are you, Endora?" "No!" she tells him sweetly. Fox leaves the room. "That is what I am talking about, Julian. You are poisoning Fox's mind." Miguel is confused about how he has been moving around without using his feet. Kay comes out of the bathroom and finds Miguel there. He expresses confusion over his appearing in his room. "Maybe we are still in the dream." Miguel figures that if they are then… He moves up on her and they kiss. Fox is in the hall and he thinks that he hears something in a room. "Miguel?"

"Even if I were able to prove that you ruined Ethan's life, I don't think that Ethan would leave you to be with me." Gwen knows that Theresa wants Ethan more than anything, so she has to be worrying about something more important than her love for Ethan to be giving him up. "Now what could that be?" Theresa says that her mother always said, 'Be careful what you wish for.' Yeah, but Gwen's mother always said, 'Payback's a bitch!' "I'm going on my instincts on this one, Theresa, and I think that you know that JT knows something that you want hidden. For once, my mother's sex life may be an asset…" Gwen walks off smiling. Theresa panics. Whitney arrives. "Gwen's out to get me and if she finds JT, she will."

Sheridan pushes Luis from her lips. "Luis…" He knows what she is going to say. He knows… They turn, and Fancy is coming out of the house. Sheridan has been dreaming all along. "It is only a dream…only a dream…" Luis is outside. Sheridan sees him thinking all alone. Fancy comes out of the house now and watches Luis as he stands alone…

Fox comes into Miguel's room, and he says that he has been working out but will be taking a shower soon. "You might want to wait a bit as Kay has just had a hot shower." Fox leaves.

Kay comes out of hiding. "I am going to marry Fox and you will have to accept it." She walks out. "Sorry, Kay," Miguel says. "I can't let you marry Fox." Kay enters her room and finds Fox that. "I love you so much. Make love to me," she begs kissing him. Julian tells how he came to be a new person and Eve could find her way to love him. Still, in the end, that man was a fool. "Eve never really loved me, and I will never be a sap like that again. Endora is going to have every advantage that she is entitled to. She will leave this ramshackle hut and live with me in the mansion!" Tabitha waves her hands, "No! No one is going to take her from me; no one is going to move her to the mansion! You hear me? No one!" Julian is silent. The house shakes like a roller coaster ride, and the lights grow dark with a reddish-blood-colored hue. Julian doesn't know what to make of it all! "You will never get my daughter from me!" Julian thinks that she is mad. "Don't scare daddy!" Endora telepathically says. "Oh, alright! Let's calm down." The house stops moving. "Okay Julian! Get out of my house! You back me into a corner, and you will be sorry!" Julian isn't finished with her, but he leaves anyway. "Don't worry, my child. No one will ever take you away from me." Kay begs Fox to make love to her. He wants to have some wine first but she can't wait to be with him. Miguel hears her in the bedroom, and he can tell that Kay really doesn't really know what she wants.

Fancy watches Luis. He stares down at Sheridan, who stares back up at him. Fancy thinks to herself that she is Luis's future and that is why she will fight for him.

Gwen gives her mother the news that Theresa has a dirty little secret and that they have to find out what that is. If they can do that, Gwen knows that her marriage will be safe forever. Whitney sees the problem that Theresa has to deal with once she gets the whole story. "What are you going to do?" She will do the only thing that she can do. "I have to shut JT up, anyway possible!"

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