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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Sam says, "Sorry that I had to arrest you, son!" Noah understands. Paloma feels they should go after Spike now. "We can't do that. They are gone!" Sam tells her. "They packed up and left." Spike is out ahead of Jessica. "Come on, baby!" Jessica turns the corner in her hooker get-up. "I don't want to do this!" Jessica says. "Do you want me to tell your dad about you killing those johns?"

Miguel doesn't want to talk about Charity right now. "We have to, Miguel. If she were here, would you want to be with me?" Tabitha and Endora watch all going on with Kay through the big blue pot. "We witches wouldn't ever subject ourselves to anything as demeaning as love. Kay, Miguel and Fox are in trouble because of love. Endora, are you still going to make Kay stay in your head with Miguel? You have to think about this. Fox will figure out that Kay and Miguel are together if much more time goes by. You don't want to hurt your brother like that, Endora, do you?" Fox looks out the window and sees that his father is right. Miguel's and Kay's cars are in the driveway, so they couldn’t have gone to the store like Tabitha says.

Ethan catches Rebecca writhing in the laundry in the hall. Jared and Theresa arrive, and Ethan tells them that he has caught Rebecca. He thinks that JT is under the laundry. They can all see him wriggling around in there. Gwen sees that her marriage is about to be over now. Theresa thinks to herself that once this all gets out, she will lose everything. Ethan continues to hold Rebecca down and the wriggling figure beneath the sheets…

"Just because her car is still there, that doesn't mean that she is with Miguel. She could have walked to the store!" Julian tells Fox to check Miguel's room and see if he is there. "I know that you don't want to think the worst, but Miguel is Kay's first love." Fox doesn't believe that Kay would do this. Julian wants his son to play things smart. "You have to be ruthless to keep the woman that you love. I was Mr. Nice Guy, and now Eve is with her husband." Fox leaves to check on Miguel now. Julian hears when Fox goes to knock on Miguel's door. "He isn't there." Julian tells the boy that he has to find Miguel. "He is probably with Kay, and that means that you have to get rid of him for good." Miguel says, "Of course I would choose you over Charity. You are my soul mate." Kay believes this, and they kiss. Tabitha and Endora are upset over Kay falling for Miguel's story. "Get them back, Endora. Things could go too far, and you don't want your brother's heart to be broken do you?" ZAP! Nothing happens. "Oh Endora! Your powers have failed, and Miguel and Kay could be locked in your head forever!"

Rebecca shouts to be let free, but Ethan will not take his hands off her or JT. "Theresa, you look terrified!" Theresa says that she is fine. Gwen sees Theresa's face and can tell that Theresa looks scared as ever! Rebecca gets to her feet and runs to her Gwennie. Ethan works on unveiling JT to prove what he has been saying all along. "Mom! Look at Theresa's face! She is scared as hell! She should be happy that JT is getting caught like she wanted in Rome." Rebecca has to admit that this is very strange. Ethan struggles with the figure under the sheet. He gets the man to his feet and pulls at the sheet. Someone in a uniform stands before them all. It is a bellhop in uniform. "I have no idea how this happened, sir, but I am sorry…" Gwen and Rebecca turn and look at Theresa. A small smile plays at her lips. Rebecca and Gwen find this very strange indeed.

"That bastard took Jessica so that we couldn’t even try to save her." Sam knows that Spike has to have something on Jessica. "He has something, and he threatens her to tell us." Paloma remembers when she first found out the secret. She saw the knife and the blood… "I want you to think about this, honey. Your whole family will be embarrassed to be seen with a jailbird. You won't get the gas chamber for turning tricks, though." Two men come by… Spike sees them and sends Jessica over there to make a little dough. "Get over there, you little slut!"

"I thought that you were someone else." Ethan tries to straighten things out. "I hope that JT is far away from here," Theresa says. "What did you say, Theresa?" Jared asks. "I was just trying to deliver the linens, sir." Ethan insists that he saw JT Cornell on the ledge. "Rebecca said that she was talking to someone from Rome." Rebecca says that Alberto here is from Rome. Ethan thinks about seeing JT and Rebecca on the ledge. "Okay, I have to admit that I never did see the man's face when he was out on the ledge with Rebecca…" Gwen feels that now that this issue is settled, she and her mother can concentrate on finding out what it is that Theresa is hiding that makes her want to keep JT hidden now.

"Kay and Miguel are kissing again." Tabitha hasn't any idea what they should do. "I know! I will try and let Kay know that we are going to bring her back." She says," Kay! We are going to try and bring you back! Please don't forget about Fox!" Kay hears that. Miguel doesn't hear anything. "I shouldn't be here. I am getting married. I am in love with Fox, and I don't know that I believe you that you are over Charity. To Fox, I am his Charity and he won't make me worry about him leaving me." Miguel tells her again that she loves him and that he is the man that she really loves. "Endora! Please try again and make the kids return…" ZAP! Tabitha tries her own magic to see if that works. Fox enters… Julian is not far behind him. Fox asks where Kay and Miguel are. "I see their cars are right outside."

Alberto wouldn't mind a little nookie with Rebecca now that all the confusion is over. Rebecca would love to hit the linen closet with the man, but Ethan is too suspicious as it is. Ethan can't believe how he mistook that man for JT just now. Rebecca and Gwen have to find JT to find out what is going on with Theresa. They hear Ethan asking to talk to Theresa alone. Gwen wonders what that is all about. Jared agrees to let Theresa talk to Ethan alone if she wants that. Gwen says, "Honey, I am really tired, and I think that we should go back to our room now." Ethan tells Gwen that he will be along in a while but right now he really needs to talk to Theresa. Jared kisses Theresa and leaves her with Ethan… Rebecca and Gwen head into an adjoining room to give the two privacy… Rebecca and Gwen know that Theresa saw JT's face clearly, and they worry that she is going to tell Ethan that it was really JT that she saw, or will she?

The men make the deal. Spike goes over and gets the money. "Jessica!" Spike and Jessica turn to find Sam, Paloma and Noah behind them.

"Is she with Miguel?" Tabitha says that Kay said that she was going to the market to get milk. Fox decides to check into that story. He walks off. "He is very determined." Julian goes to Endora, but Tabitha doesn't like that and orders the man out of the kitchen. "We have a daughter to talk about, and I haven't had a relationship with her. I intend to become a part of her life." Tabitha will not allow that. He leaves. "You will never become a part of Endora's life…Julian Crane…" She tells Endora to try her magic again. ZAP! Bubbles start flying out of the big blue pot. "Endora! You did it! It is working!" Kay is telling Miguel why she can't be with him and why she has to be with Fox. Bubbles start falling from the ceiling. Tabitha and Endora can see this, and it isn't good. "Endora! Your spell is going to leave Kay in limbo and make Miguel disappear!"

Rebecca and Gwen listen from their room to Jared and Theresa's conversation. "Theresa, you wanted me to meet the man and now everything has changed. You said before that there was something very important to tell me, and now you don't care about that at all, or about me talking with JT." She can't say what he needs to hear. "I want to know what is going on here, Theresa." Why hasn't Theresa told him that it was JT on the ledge? Ethan asks Theresa again. "Why don't you care if I catch JT or not? Nothing here is making sense to me." Theresa says that she would like him to hear what JT has to say, but… "I am tired, Ethan.." Rebecca and Gwen eavesdrop again. "…it wasn't even JT like you thought. It was the bellman." Rebecca and Gwen are really confused now. "What is she up to?" they wonder. "Why would JT even return to the United States?" Theresa asks. Rebecca and Gwen can't understand this. Ethan thought that Theresa really wanted him to talk to JT. "I did, but I realize now that we are never going to be together. I am never going to have you. You are married to Gwen, and you are going to stay married to her." Gwen can tell that Ethan still loves Theresa. "Let's just go back to our rooms and forget this conversation." Ethan agrees they should do that. "I have a lot of apologizing to do, anyway. Still Theresa, are you sure there isn't anything that you want to tell me right now?" She says she hasn't anything more to say to him. He leaves. "I would tell you if I could Ethan, but I can't. The price is too high… "What does she mean by that?" Gwen wonders. "It has to do with JT."

Julian pushes Fox into thinking that Kay is cheating. They split up to look for Kay. Miguel is slowly vanishing, and the bubbles continue to fall. "Endora! You have to hurry!" ZAP! Endora sends a larger mass of bubbles out of the pot. Miguel and Kay are slowly disappearing. They hold each other now… ZAP! Miguel and Kay disappear out of Endora's head. At Tabby's house, the bubbles all start rapidly going back into the pot from whence they came. "Endora! You did it! Now where are they?" ZAP! Miguel and Kay appear upstairs together in the bathtub full of bubbles. "Ah!" Kay squeals. "What was that?" Fox wonders as he walks the hall. He goes over to the bathroom. "Kay?" Miguel and Kay hear Fox at the door. "It is Fox!" Miguel says whispering...

"Good job!" Spike says loudly. He looks at the wad of money that he just got for her. "We are going to have fun with this. Sam, Noah and Paloma are all disgusted by what Spike does to Jessica.

"At least they are out of your head, Endora!" Julian comes in. He walks over to the big blue pot. "Why is that pot bubbling like that, and why are you staring into it and babbling?" Tabitha tells Julian that she got the pot from the internet, and it is a new scientific pot. Upstairs, Fox is trying to get into the bathroom. Inside, Miguel and Kay are trying to be very quiet.

Jared worries about Theresa, seeing that she looks very sad and upset. Rebecca and Gwen come over, asking if Ethan has been around. He suddenly appears. He apologizes to Rebecca for the way that he has been acting. She accepts his apology. He and Rebecca walk off. Gwen starts walking off, but then stops to turn and consider Theresa for a minute…Jared goes back to his room with Theresa following, but Theresa stops and turns to look at Gwen for a minute. "What are you up to?" Gwen wonders…"As much as I hate you, I can't destroy my son's future…" Theresa thinks.

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