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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"Crane Industries will purchase one million tons of sand from you as we discussed… Yes... I will talk to my son about this, and then we will seal the deal." Julian takes a moment to think about a time when he was happier with Eve. He doted on her and gave her presents. She made him want to be a better man in every way. Julian gets back to his phone call now, shaking off the memories. "I will get back to you." He hangs up. "I am just wasting my time thinking about Eve." Julian goes into the next room and freezes. Eve is there. She turns, and they are face to face.

"You are being very childish, Endora. You have always wanted Fox and Kay to be together and now that he has done something that you don't like, you have zapped Miguel and Kay into your wicked little noggin!" A voice asks, "What has Endora done that I don't know about?" Fox has entered the room. "Uh-oh!"

JT and Rebecca are out on the ledge making out. Ethan starts heading to the ledge. Jared turns on the lights. "Don't startle the couple out there, Ethan. They may fall," Theresa says. Gwen doesn't get what Theresa is up to. Theresa thinks about all the things that could go wrong if JT is found on that ledge. Jared hasn't got any idea what exactly is going on here. Ethan leans out the window and he sees. "Well, look who it is! Rebecca and JT Cornell. What a surprise." JT and Rebecca are busted, but that isn't enough to interrupt their intimate circus act…They continue to cling to each other. "Can't a divorced woman enjoy the attentions of another man in private?" Ethan orders the two in there. Gwen is puzzled by this, and she waits patiently. JT and Rebecca whisper, and he scoots to the other side of her, away from the window where Ethan is. "What is JT doing?" Rebecca shouts that the man with her isn't JT. "Get in here now!" JT and Rebecca will not do as they are told. Ethan starts climbing out the window. Gwen runs up to him, pulling him back on the room. "Don't you think that Theresa would be out the window trying to get to JT if it were really him?" Ethan isn't sure what to believe now. He leaves to head off JT and Rebecca who are trying to get to the window of another room. Gwen follows him. Jared needs to be caught up on just what is going on. "All you need to know Jared is that everything will be over when Ethan gets a hold of JT."

"I just came to get some more of my things." Julian thought that Eve had everything that she needed to move back into her little love nest with TC. "I am not living with TC. Whoever packed my things forgot something."

"My devious little daughter has found another stack of chocolate." Fox hates that, as chocolate is very bad for Endora's teeth. Fox is looking for Kay and Tabitha says that she is out but will be back soon. "I have work to do and so I will wait up for Kay." "May I please have a piece of chocolate?" Endora gives her big brother some of her goodies… Fox heads to work. "Hurry up and get Kay back here." Endora will not be rushed. "They will not come back until they are engaged," Endora says telepathically… "I should have always been there with you, Kay. Now we can always be the family that we always wanted." Miguel and Kay are still in the dream, and Miguel keeps working at it, trying to get Kay to agree to marry him and forget about Fox. "Fox…" The mention of his name affects Kay and she remembers that she loves him too. "No, Miguel. I have agreed to marry Fox, and that is what I will do. I do love you but I love Fox, too. He has been so good to me and to Maria." Miguel knows that, but that was then, and this is now. "It is complicated, Miguel." She can't marry him. "When you were off with Charity, me and Maria were here all alone." He kept in touch, but he wanted to be with Charity. He knows that he made a mistake now. "I am glad that you are back but things are different now. He knew that I was a single mother and he knew that things were difficult. He tried really hard to get my trust and he loves us. I cannot turn my back on that kind of love. I can't, and I won't. So, I am going to marry Fox."

"I just want it to be over, Jared." Jared doesn't understand. Ethan and Gwen return. Ethan needs a key to get into a room. "Jared I could really use your help." Jared and Ethan leave together. "I have no idea what kind of game you are playing, Theresa, but I am going to deny everything!" Gwen walks out after the men. Pilar calls to tell Theresa something cute that Little Ethan was doing at the house. Theresa is sad and her mother can pick up on that. Theresa tells Pilar what is going on and how Ethan is about to find out about his son. "I couldn't tell before as Little Ethan would lose his inheritance." Pilar is sure that Ethan would leave Gwen in a minute if he knew about his son. Theresa isn't sure about that. Out on the ledge, JT and Rebecca scoot over, step by step with their backs to the wall, trying to get to the next window, so they can climb into that room…Inside the room, the door flies open. Ethan, Jared and Gwen rush in, and Ethan runs to the window. "Ethan! Don't go running to the window! My mother is on the ledge and you could frighten her, making her fall!" Ethan doesn't care about that. He pulls the curtains open! JT and Rebecca are at the window about to open it and walk in, but the curtains flying open startle Rebecca and those stiletto heels don't quite stay on the ledge where they belong. Rebecca starts leaning back, her heel has missed the edge. "Ahhhhhh!" Rebecca's arms start flailing, as she slowly starts falling backwards. Gwen screams from the inside of the room…

Eve came back for her fake carnival broach that Julian won for her at a carnival. "I just want to forget that I ever met you!" She crushes the broach under her foot and walks out. "Make sure that you use the back way! Whores like you are not allowed to use the front!" Eve hears him, but she keeps going… Julian bends and picks up the pieces to the broach.

Fox explains to Endora why he didn't want her eating all that chocolate. Tabitha whispers to her daughter why she has to make things right right away. Kay tells Miguel, "He has loved me unconditionally, and now here you are and I have to wonder if you do love me unconditionally. You ever said once that you were going to raise Maria with Charity and not me. I am engaged to marry Fox and that is what I am going to do."

"This isn't about the money, Mama. I am trying to give my son what Ethan lost. However, if fate wants to find JT, then there is nothingthat I can do about that!" In a hotel room, Ethan sees that Rebecca is in danger, and he flings the windows open, pulling them inward. JT hides to the side, so he can't be directly seen. It is Rebecca who is right up front at the window. Ethan has the window open now and all that he has to do is reach out and grab his mother-in-law. He puts out a hand and Rebecca reaches for it but she falls backwards instead. JT watches horrified from the side of the window.

"From the first time that I tickled your chin, Endora, I have liked you!" Endora knows that is because they are siblings. Tabitha sees Endora has worked her magic on her brother… Fox picks up the child and swings her around and around. Tabitha asks Endora if she is still mad at Fox. "Not as much," she says telepathically… Tabitha worries as Miguel and Kay are been gone now for quite a while. "Kay, you have to marry me and forget about Fox." Miguel still tries to get Kay for himself…

Ethan makes one last grab, and he gets the woman. JT watches stunned… It takes Jared and Gwen to hold on to Ethan and pull to get Rebecca safely back in the room. They all fall to the floor. "Oh! I need mouth to mouth," Rebecca tells when she sees that she has fallen between the two men. JT peeks in the room and sees everyone tangled on the floor. JT scoots, step-by-step-by-step the other way, to get away from Ethan who is determined to get him, he knows. Ethan runs to the window. "Hey! Stop!" he shouts. JT ignores him and keeps on side-stepping…Ethan turns and runs to the door. "Wait!" Ethan stops. "My mother almost died and you are just going to run off?" Ethan looks Rebecca over. "She'll be alright." Ethan runs out. Theresa is still on the phone with her mother. The window flies open and JT enters. "JT!" says Theresa. "JT is there?" Pilar asks over the phone.= KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!

"Theresa! It is Ethan! Open the door! JT is coming back there!" Theresa freezes with the phone to her ear. JT waits quietly.

Eve goes to TC at the house and she talks quietly with him. He is watching a movie that he and Eve have loved to watch over the years…

Miguel pours his heart out to Kay just one more time. She admits that she believes what the man says.

Julian comes to the witch's house. "What are you doing here?" The man enters and says hello to his daughter and son…Fox and Julian leave to talk business…Endora understands now that Fox was taking the chocolate for her own good and thinks that she has gone too far.

Ethan keeps banging on the door. Pilar asks her daughter over the phone what is going on. JT makes a decision of his own and jumps back on the ledge. "Open up!" "See ya!" JT shouts. Theresa opens the door. "I was in the bathroom!" Ethan goes searching now for JT but he isn't in the room. Ethan looks out the window and can see the man scooting back the other way on the ledge…"Where is Rebecca?" Ethan asks. No one answers. Back in the other hotel room, Rebecca opens the window and lets JT into the room, to safety. He is ever so grateful. "Quick, we have to get out of here!" They peek into the hall before tearing their way up the carpeted corridor. Ethan and Gwen come from around the corner. "There is your mother, and she is with that man who looks a lot like JT Cornell!" Back in Jared and Theresa's room, Jared leans in close to her. "Was JT Cornell in the room just now?"

"I remember when we saw this movie together. Our car broke down after you picked me up. We have flat sodas and limp hotdogs. I was so tired and you were so grumpy. We almost called it a night and I am glad that we didn't as this turned out to be one of the best love stories ever." TC is sorry for the way that he acted when he found out about she and Julian. She wants all that left in the past. "Thanks for taking good care of me Eve. Since you have been here, it has been heaven." He is the father of her children and she will always be there. "Always?" he asks. She pecks him on the cheek.

In the big blue pot, Miguel and Kay are at it again. They are kissing like they are going to be together forever. Endora is feeling badly for what she has been up to. "Just remember that Fox thinks that she has gone out for milk. If she comes back with Miguel. It will be on your head." Julian tells his son that he remembered what ended his relationship. "Marry Kay as soon as you can…" Fox isn't worried. "Kay moved up the wedding date remember?" Julian asks where the girl is. "She went to get milk." Julian finds that funny as both Miguel and Kay's cars are in the driveway…Miguel and Kay kiss for a while longer and then Miguel assures Kay that they are going to be happy for the rest of their lives. "What would you do Miguel if Charity came back?" He knows that she will never come back. "But what if she did Miguel?"

The chase is on. JT runs, followed by Rebecca, followed by Ethan, who is finally followed by Gwen. "I can't run anymore, Ethan! I can't keep up with you!" He takes off anyway. JT finds a chair in the hall and sits. Rebecca drags him to his feet and gets him running again. Back near Theresa's room, Theresa is calm and doesn't react to all that is going on around her. She knows the end is near. Jared still doesn't understand. "Theresa!" Jared and Theresa hear Ethan's voice, and they run up the hall in that direction. JT and Rebecca can't run any further. They have come to a big pile of laundry. Ethan comes up seconds later. No one is around. Ethan digs around and finds Rebecca tangled up in the heaps of fabric strewn all around. "Ah ha! What have we got here?" Rebecca seems to be clutching to something, or someone who remains hidden for the moment. Ethan smiles. He knows he has them now. Jared and Theresa have arrived. She knows that it is all over now.

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