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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Luis and Sheridan are in the cottage, and they are hugging. "This is where you belong…" The door opens and Chris enters with Fancy. Chris is immediately angry, but Fancy feels that Sheridan was probably just scared. "Yes, that is it," Sheridan says. "Yes…no…You should know, Chris, that I still have very deep feelings for Luis."

Tabby tells Endora that her plan has backfired it seems. Endora was teaching Fox a lesson for taking her chocolate… "Have you thought what this might do to your Auntie Kay?" Kay is in a dream with Miguel, and they are dressed like characters in a fairytale. "Marry me, Kay, and we will live happily ever after."

Spike and Noah fight over Jessica… Sam enters and pulls his son off of the thug of a brother-in-law. Sam offers Jessica the number for the doctor that she wants him to see. Spike says that his wife isn't going anywhere and that he demands to have Noah arrested right now for assault.

Gwen rolls her eyes as she faces the window and sees Theresa approaching it. Theresa looks out the window and also hears grunting noises. "Oh God. Is that JT and Rebecca? Are they having sex? Ew…" JT and Rebecca turn and see Theresa staring at them as they stand on the ledge facing each other, crammed into a corner. "Theresa, do you see anything?" Ethan calls out from behind her. Theresa turns to look back in the room, smiling at Gwen.

Endora refuses to bring Miguel and Kay back to reality! Kay pushes Miguel off her. "I can't betray Fox this way…" The Danube Waltz starts and Miguel and Kay instinctively move together and dance. They shouldn't be able to do this dance. They haven't done it before… Miguel reminds her of all the times they were thrown together… Confetti starts falling from the ceiling. It is beautiful but Kay has had enough and she runs off. "Kay! Kay, come back!"

"Your son Noah attacked me without provocation, and I want him arrested. Listen to me, Dad. I am a citizen and I know my rights. I want that punk arrested." Sam turns to Jessica. Did your husband do anything to provoke Noah?" Simone feels that just Spike breathing would make someone want to kill him. "No, Dad! Spike didn't do it." Paloma runs over and begs Jessica not to send her brother to jail." Cadet! Stand back!" Sam says. "Noah, I have to arrest you!"

JT doesn't care that they are on the roof; he wants to have sex with her. Gwen holds her head down and waits for Theresa to spill everything. What's going on outside the window, Theresa?" Ethan asks. "Wait!" Theresa says. She walks slowly to the window and closes it. She thinks to herself that she can't tell Ethan that JT is out there, as he will tell her secret, and Ethan finding that out is the last thing that she wants. Gwen wonders what is taking Theresa so long. She would rather that she just gets the news out and not drag things along. "Come on, Theresa. Did you see anyone out there on that ledge?" Jared and Ethan wait for an answer.

Miguel runs after Kay. The lights suddenly goes out. "Kay, where are you?" Miguel asks. "I have got to get out of here," Kay tells herself. A beam of light goes on and Kay looks down at her feet. She picks up an oversized teddy bear and finds many, many pins sticking into its head. "Ah!" Tabitha soon realizes that Endora has put Miguel and Kay in her head. "You can't put a mortal in a dark-sider's head Endora! Reverse the spell! Reverse the spell!" Inside Endora's head, Kay can hear Tabitha ordering Endora to reverse the spell. "Of course! This is one of Endora's spells." Miguel finds Kay and runs to her. "Marry me Kay!"

"I need to talk to Chris alone." Luis and Fancy go into the other room to let the married couple talk. Chris says, "You sounded so natural when you called me your husband. Sheridan I have your pride and I hope that you can still find happiness with me. You say that you love me and you love James but are you even sure that you want to stay with me instead of Luis?"

"Kay, Kay are you in there?" Tabitha is shouting into Endora's head. "Get me out of here!" Kay shouts. Miguel hears nothing. "Kay, I am the man that you love." Kay tells him again that she is going to marry Fox "No! You are not!" he vows.

Paloma walks Noah off to the door, to take him to the station. "It ain't over Spike." "Jessica, we are all here to help you," Simone promises. "Don't you have a Lezzies' Anonymous meeting to go to, Simone?" says Spike. Simone only gives Spike a dirty look. Sam says, "When I figure out how you keep my daughter under control the way you do, I am going to make you pay Spike." Spike announces that he and Jessica are moving out. "No!" Jessica shouts. "Yes, we are moving out of this house forever!"

"You should have seen her face over the tape on television." Fancy rubs Luis's shoulders. "Any other man would be bitter that his woman chose another man, but not you. I don't know what they are talking about inside the other room Luis, but I think that you have already lost her." Chris asks Sheridan again if she will be able to give up Luis and embrace the marriage.

Rebecca and JT are in the rain waiting for the big blow out now that Theresa has seen them. Ethan and Jared still wait for Theresa to respond to their question. Theresa is deep in her thoughts and doesn't hear when Jared asks her if she is alright. Gwen can't understand this. Theresa has the mother of all nuclear bombs and she isn't dropping it. "Oh no! There isn't anyone out of the ledge!" she says. Gwen stands very quiet looking squarely at Theresa's face, trying to understand.

Kay is kissing Miguel and then she remembers she shouldn't be. "Look into my eyes Kay. Can't you see that we belong together?" Suddenly they are dancing in a giant ballroom…all alone. Confetti falls from the ceiling again… Tabitha has to hand it to Endora. She sure is a romantic. Kay keeps dancing with Miguel as he promises her forever and ever…

Noah is put in his cell. "I haven't been arrested by a prettier cop," he remarks to Paloma. She tells him about her training when asked. "I think that you are going to be a terrific cop. You have a fire in your eyes." She blushes. "That shirt is soaking wet in the rain. Why don't you give it to me and I will dry it. I am sure that I can find you a dry one." He removes his shirt and hands it to her. "You know, you remind me of Luis when you protect your family the way that you do." Noah can't understand why Jessica keeps protecting that guy. Sam says, "Jessica, don't go. I want you here." Spike won't allow it. "We are out of here." Jessica turns to her father. "Don’t go Jessica. I can't stop you, but you can choose the right path. It is your life and you can do whatever you want." Spike tells that she is going with him. "Toodles!" The kids are gone from the room. "Damn!" Ivy comes to her husband now. "How did this happen, Ivy? How did I lose my little girl?"

"I should apologize to you for putting you in this position." Chris just wants to get to the punch line. He can't tell if she is letting him down easy, or keeping him. "I need your honesty. I need to know if you want me or Luis. I can't bear to have this conversation again." she understands. She leaves the room and goes to where Luis and Fancy are. She sees them talking happily on the couch… Chris comes to Sheridan. "Is something wrong?" She turns and heads back to the last room they were in. "I have made my choice. I will stay with you and with James." They go to see Luis and Fancy…

"Is everything okay?" Sheridan says that things are just fine. "I will do a better job of hiding my emotions next time." Fancy and Sheridan hug. Luis and Sheridan share a look over Fancy's shoulder.

Rebecca knows that at any moment they could be caught out there. "Well, we better make the most of this moment then!" JT says. They start messing around again. "Are you sure that no one is on the ledge?" Theresa says that she didn't see anyone. "I am tired," she says. "I am just really tired. The phone rings….Ethan answers the call. "What? Okay thanks…" "Apparently, there are people out on the ledge making love and the management is on their way to get the people down. That is funny, Theresa. You just looked out the window, and you said that there wasn't anyone out there. So, why didn't you tell me that you saw someone out on the ledge?" Gwen is confused about this. "That is what I want to know," she thinks to herself.

Paloma returns with dry clothes. Simone is with her, and she tells how things ended up at the house. Noah puts his shirt on and Simone can see the goofy look on Paloma's face. "What is up with you?" "What are you girls whispering about?" Paloma and Simone put on blank faces. When Noah's back is turned, Paloma admits that she likes Noah even though he is a little older than she. "Jessica, you can stay here and not leave with this bum. You are not well and you need help." Before Jessica answers but not before Spike makes a cutting motion across his throat so that she can see it. "I have to go daddy." They rush to the door. "Where are we going to go?" Spike whispers that she knows the answer to that. "Those guys on the street can't keep their hands off you, remember?" Sam and Ivy come running up, and Spike prepares for them to leave. Spike and Jessica have a blanket to protect them from the rain, but once they are outside, Spike takes it all for himself and Jessica is left soaking wet as she walks. "Go get her, Sam!" Ivy shouts. He knows that he can't stop her if she wants to go.

Miguel and Kay are still dancing in Endora's head and she lets herself go and allows him to keep kissing her the next time he does it.

Luis and Sheridan say goodbye for the last time as Luis goes out the front door.

JT and Rebecca are having the time of their lives, making it out on the ledge. They start getting loud as they raucously laugh like cowboys as they make out! Inside the room, Ethan is still drilling Theresa about her not telling the truth about seeing people on the ledge. "Bwaaa, ha, ha, ha! Hee, Haw! Woo, hoo!" All in the hotel room freeze at the sounds coming from outside the window. Suddenly Ethan speaks addressing Theresa. "What is that? A pigeon in heat?"

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