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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Jessica reads a magazine. Paloma and Simone watch her through the window, hoping that she will get rid of Spike. Jessica goes to get a knife, and Paloma and Simone run in and shout for Jessica not to get the knife. She ignores them and reaches for some fruit in a bowl. She cuts some fruit that she is going to eat. That's all. "We want you to leave Spike." She thought the girls were her friends. She wants them to leave her alone if they can't accept her husband. "We need an intervention," Paloma says after Jessica leaves. "Hey!" Kay comes in. Paloma and Simone tell her that they have a matter of life and death to deal with and that she is just in time.

Sheridan sits with James and Chris before bed. He wants to hear a story. Sheridan reads about a boy named Jimmy who lived in a nice house with his mother and father.

Luis and Fancy ride home together in the car. She knows that he is angry with her. He thinks about her stripping…He thinks about her moaning under him while they were faking having sex for porn… "Luis, look out!" warns Fancy. Luis comes to his senses and swerves the car to avoid an accident…Headlights go by…

On the phone, Whitney tells Theresa that she found out that Chad isn't cheating at all. "He was seeing a woman in Boston, but she was making a doll for me." Whitney hasn't seen it but there is a key on the floor, not far from where Whitney sits. Theresa has been feeling horrible. She just can't bring herself to tell Jared about Ethan.

Ethan is in JT's room, and he knows that Rebecca is hiding in there somewhere. He starts going to the closet to check in there, but Gwen can't let that happen. JT and Rebecca are in the closet, hoping not to get caught. They make the best of the situation by making love. "No!" Gwen shouts. Ethan opens the closet door and finds JT and Rebecca inside. JT holds Rebecca's leg obscenely by the knee. Ethan turns to Gwen. "Liar!"

Her eyes roll to the back of her head, and she drops to the bed. Ethan walks over to her, looking down at her unconscious state. "Gwen!" She doesn't move. Rebecca throws a glass of water on her daughter and she promptly sits at attention. Ethan turns to JT now. "Was my wife the one who ruined my life, or was it Gwen?"

"I want you to be careful, Theresa. I don't want you to lose Jared." Whitney feels that Jared is perfect for Theresa. He gets her mind off Ethan. "You will regret it if you let Jared get away," says Whitney. Theresa knows that she is right. "I should just be grateful that Jared is in my life." Jared comes in." I am just talking to Whitney," she tells him. "I have to run, Whitney." They hang up. Whitney walks past the key on the carpet to go to the other room.

"You have been lying to me, Gwen! You were the one who leaked my real name to the tabloid. Theresa has loved me too and all this time she has been telling me that he is innocent and I told her that she was lying and now I find out that she was right. JT is the proof." Rebecca thinks that there is a bright side to this as Sam is a pretty good father. "What kind of person are you?" Gwen didn’t want to go to the tabloids but her stupid mother convinced her that she had to do it to hold on to Ethan. "I want a divorce!" He starts walking out, but Gwen throws herself at his leg and clutches it as tightly as she can to keep him from running out on her. "Don't leave me, Ethan! Don't leave me." Ethan tries to pull his leg out of her grasp, but she holds on tight. "Don't do this Gwen! Have some dignity!" She doesn’t care about that. "Don't leave me! Please, Ethan! Don't go!" Gwen is actually in bed dreaming, or having a nightmare. She calls out in her sleep. "Don't leave me, Ethan! Don't go!" Ethan leans over her stroking her cheek and promising her that he isn't going anywhere. She wakes and he gives her water to calm her. She looks over at the closet door now.

Luis has managed to avoid an accident. "I have to pay more attention. My mind wasn't on the driving." She asks where it was. "I don't know," is how he answers. "I am tired." They hear a call come in about the Crane estate. Luis flips on the siren and lights. "Hurry, Luis!" says Fancy. Under his breath, Luis says that he hopes that Sheridan's safe. Chris thinks that he hears something outside, and he goes to see what is up. "Anyone here?" he calls out when outside. "Hey!" Spike calls out, as he comes out of hiding.

Paloma and Simone tell Kay about Jessica and how she has been cutting herself again. Sam and Noah arrive as requested and Paloma and Simone tell them how Jessica is worse than ever. Sam lives with her and had no idea. "I am going to kill Spike." Paloma and Simone tell the men that beating up Spike will not work. It will only drive Jessica to Spike more. Noah and Sam know that is the truth. They shouldn't go to Spike either as they would make Jessica resent them. Paloma and Simone tell of the intervention. "We will practice tough love if she doesn't do the right thing. We will have to hurt her by taking something away." Sam agrees to this. "She needs an ultimatum. We will tell her what we are going to do, and if she doesn't come around, we have to do what we threaten to." Jessica walks in the room and sees her family and friends all sitting around. "What's going on?" She is told that if she doesn't give up Spike, she is going to die.

Chad and Whitney are in bed. The key is still on the floor by the bed. "I can't believe that I was about to throw all this away, but now all our troubles are over." Chad sees the key suddenly, and his face changes. Whitney notices. "Hey! What is wrong?" "Nothing," Chad says.

Jared and Theresa are in bed eating and drinking. He wants to dance and so he takes her into his arms and they come together. 'I want to dance," he says. "But without our clothes." They remove their robes and end up kissing and dancing.

"What happened to you, Gwen? I was just about to check out the noises in the closet when you got upset in your sleep." Gwen says that she is hungry and needs something to eat. He heads to the door to get her something to eat downstairs. In the closet, JT is playing with Rebecca's hair and it makes her giggle. "What was that?" Ethan says, stopping at the door. "I need to check out the closet!" "No!" Gwen says. "Look, I will CHECK OUT THE CLOSET!" Gwen says extra loud. JT and Rebecca start to panic, as someone will be opening the door to their hideaway soon, and they will be caught. Gwen goes to the door and pulls it open. She squints her eyes and looks away as she opens the door.

Sheridan strokes James's head as he sleeps on her shoulder. "I wish that you could have known Marty. This isn't the way that I imagined it, but God has been good to me. I have so much to be grateful for and nothing to complain about."

"Leave me alone. I will not have all of you ganging up on me. I know what an intervention is, and I am not up to it." Jessica tries to leave, but Noah keeps her in the room. "Like I am going to take relationship advice from you, Kay…" Kay knows that her relationships have nothing to do with this. "I just trip and fall sometimes, Daddy." Noah pulls at Jessica's clothes and shows everyone the bruises and hand marks on the girl's body. "We love you, Jessica. We are just trying to help you." Sam only wanted Jessica to be safe and happy. "At least I can hold on to Spike and you couldn't do that with Mom." Sam admits that, but he wouldn't ever hit a woman. "He protects me! All I see are a lot of nosy people getting into my business." Sam remembers that Spike promised to get a job. A real job. "He doesn't care about you, Jessica. He is a creep and a bum!" Jessica shouts at everyone to stop this. Noah knows this is important. "This is about your life!" Sam will arrest her if she will only tell the truth. "You are wasting your life everyday that you stay with him. Do what you know in your heart is right. Do it before he kills you." Sam presses her to tell the truth. She cries now. "Yes he hurts me. He hurts me all the time and I am so scared…" She runs into her father's arms.

"You can't keep sneaking onto the Crane estate…" Chris and Spike both hear the police siren in the distance. "I think that it is time that I tell Sheridan just what you are all about. Sheridan wouldn't love you if she knew all about you, would she, Chrissy-Boy?" Chris can't rush this. "I have to do things slowly, or I will get caught." Spike doesn't care… They hear Luis and Fancy in the distance talking and getting closer. Chris and Spike run to hide around the house. "The intruder could be in there." Luis and Fancy see the open door and they sneak into the house. "You wait here at the door," Luis orders. "Be careful, Luis!" says Fancy. Luis turns to her. "You too." He moves off into the house with his gun drawn…

"You look a little freaked out, Chad." He thinks about arriving at the motel to meet that special someone… "We should think about turning in." Chad makes a casual move to the pants near the key on the ground and puts on his pants. Still the key remains on the floor.

Jared and Theresa make love in their hotel room. "I told you there wasn't any mice in the closet!" Ethan wonders then where the noise came from. "I really want to have some dinner. Actually, dinner can wait." He looks at her nightgown and asks where she got it. "I have never seen it before." Gwen remembers her mother telling her to get in bed and get something sexy on. Gwen didn't have anything. Rebecca just happened to have a peignoir in her purse and she gave it to her daughter…Ethan feels that the nightgown looks like something her mother might wear, but he likes it anyway. Jared and Theresa are making love and Theresa is getting really excited. "Oh! Oh! Oh!" she moans. "What is that?" Ethan wonders. "Oh, it is the people next door…" Ethan heads out to tell the people in there to keep it down. ` 1 After he is gone, Gwen goes to the closet and pulls the door open. Her mother and JT fall out onto the carpet. "Will you two get out of her before my whole life gets destroyed?"

Fancy has a flashlight and she goes outside and use it to look for clues. Suddenly she cries out and drops to the ground. Luis checks out Sheridan's house and enters the bedroom… He finds Sheridan watching the fake porn of him and Fancy. It is playing over and over on the television. Sheridan turns to look at the door. "Luis!"

Jessica tells her family and friends that she just wants it all to end with Spike. They will help her. Sam tells his daughter that Spike will never touch her or hurt her again. Spike enters the living room… "What are you doing to my wife?"

Whitney kisses Chad. "I don't tell you enough how much I love you." Chad speaks of how Miles is so happy to have his mother back. They hug. "Ow! You are squeezing me too hard." Chad lets go. "You are so delicate. I am so sorry."

Ethan goes to the door of the room next to his, and he bangs on the door. The sounds of the bed rocking can be heard in the hall. "Hey! Can you keep it down in there? I will complain to the manager if you don't stop it." Gwen can't get her mother and JT under control and out of her room. She leaves to be with Ethan, or he might get suspicious and return to the room. "Make sure that you two are gone when I get back." Ethan is in the hall… Gwen comes out running to him… Jared wonders what that person in the hall is going on about. He pokes his head out and sees Ethan. "You!" Theresa says, "What is it Jared?" She is next to come out. Down the hall, JT and Rebecca come out and see the four staring at each other. Jared turns his head and looks down the hall. "Oh my God," Rebecca says to JT. "I think that he has seen us."

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