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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Whitney puts Miles to sleep. She looks at Chad's picture. "You promised me that you were going to make things perfect, but you didn't." Chad arrives with flowers. She isn't surprised. "I don't like you being God knows where, doing God knows what. Tell me where you were and who you were with."

Kay is upset that Fox and Miguel are living great lives without her. Fox and Miguel stand by with their dates… Tabitha tries to explain to Kay that she shouldn't feel bad about Fox and Miguel having great lives without her.

"Are you hiding something from me, Chris?" Sheridan asks. Chris and Sheridan sit in the tub together…< He thinks about how Alistair has been ruining his life for a long time. Sheridan is upset that when she asked Chris about his childhood, he tensed up.

Lester has Fancy under his control. He has a gun on her and he holds her close. Lester is going to use her to get his freedom.

Rebecca and Gwen are in the hotel and they are trying to figure out where JT is. Ethan is in the same hotel, and he gets confirmation that the person who has been calling Rebecca is there…He keeps searching.

Jared and Theresa were in their room at the hotel and they heard a crashing noise. They are in the hall not investigating… JT has left his room, in the same hotel to go and get more champagne to drink and in his quest, he has fallen over a food tray left in the hall. He lays there now, rolling around and groaning. Jared and Theresa still find nothing strange in the hall yet. JT is there, though. Gwen, Rebecca, Theresa, Jared and Ethan all roam the halls of the hotel not realizing that they are all searching for the same thing.

Chad says that Whitney is being leery for no reason. She knows that he was in bed with someone. "Whitney, I love you." She begs him to tell her the truth. "Where were you? Please tell me who you were with."

Fox tells Tabitha that they were going to finish off her gate before heading on their dates. They leave now. The two girls are giddy over their boyfriends. Tabitha offers to have Endora reverse the spell and bring Kay back. Kay feels that she should just go away forever. "I wonder whose is bigger?"

Tabitha and Kay turn to the girls not believing her ears. "I think that Fox is 8…" "Mine is nine…" "Actually, if you take everything into account, Miguel's probably worth 12 million…" The girls plan to marry the boys and then take them for all their money. Kay can't believe her ears. She sees that Fox and Miguel are being taken advantage of. She goes over to the women and tries to shove them, but she doesn't exist…

Chris says that he has been in the witness protection program and those sorts of questions strike a chord in him. Sheridan keeps forgetting.

"I want a helicopter!" Lester demands. Sam whispers to Luis that they don't have a helicopter to give this clown. "And I want $50,000!" Fancy makes a sudden move and escapes the criminal's grasp. Luis rushes Lester, and they struggle over the gun. BANG!

JT is still laying on his side by the food cart. He sees a donut on the floor and eats it. By the time that Jared and Theresa finds the food cart, JT is gone. Jared and Theresa go back to their room, thinking that it was the food cart turning over that they heard. Ethan walks by Jared and Theresa just as they are closing the door……He walks by and heads down the hall. He sees the food cart but no one is by it. "Well, it isn't the first time that JT has left carnage behind…"He keeps walking… Rebecca and Gwen see Ethan in the distance and are sure to stay hidden… "Rebecca!" Rebecca and Gwen turn to find JT behind them. He is laughing and glad to see his Becky! He hugs her in greeting. Next he goes to Gwen for a hug, but when he hugs her…WHOMP! He crumples to the floor…She has kneed him in the crotch. He stares up at her in pain. "What are you doing here?" Gwen asks.

"You were gone for hours and your phone was off…What is it?" Chad thinks about being in bed at the motel. "You need to relax, Whitney. I was in Boston on business. I got busy and calling you slipped my mind." Whitney will not let up. "Just tell me. Tell me what is really going on here." He decides that he will tell her.

Kay listens as the two girls talk about the riches they are going to get once they marry Fox and Miguel. "At least I love Fox and Miguel…" Kay is about to return to the land of the living when she gets an idea. "Let's teach these two girls a lesson first." They run over to Endora and whisper in her ears.

JT passes out. Rebecca and Gwen have to get JT Cornell out of the hall before Ethan comes. "Gwen? Gwen? Where are you?" "Oh no, it is Ethan! He can't find us here, or JT. We have to move him mother…" "Gwen?" Ethan paces the hall, looking for his wife… Rebecca and Gwen gave a leg each and start hauling JT's deadweight down the carpet… He wakes, moaning and looking around groggily.

The girls plan to take the Crane jet and all the furniture and artwork. "Excuse me, you hustling heartless whores…" The girls tell the old hag to buzz off. "Fire one!" Kay shouts…ZAP! The girls hair frizz up and become unruly and unsightly. "Fire two!" ZAP! Endora causes the girls' dresses to rip and tear, causing the fabric to fall to the floor. Fox and Miguel enter and see that their dates are disheveled. The girls run out. Tabitha and Kay laugh and laugh and laugh…

"Okay Whitney… I was with another woman," Chad admits…

No one has been shot. Lester is cuffed and taken out. An officer makes cracks about Luis and Fancy and their porn tape. Sam comes over and shuts the man down, telling him that Luis and Fancy did excellent police work today. When the three are alone… Sam turns on Luis and Fancy. "Now what the hell is going on here? If you two are dating, then I am kicking the both of you off the force!"

Ethan keeps searching for his wife. JT wakes, accusing Gwen of kicking him in his happy place. They need his help in finding his room. Rebecca and Gwen prop the man up and support him down the hall to his room. Ethan thinks that he hears Gwen's voice, but he just can't find her.

Rebecca and Gwen turn the corner and JT points. "There it is! That is my room." Rebecca and Gwen get JT to the room and he tries his best to get in. Something is stuck but he keeps trying. Inside the room, Jared and Theresa are in bed. They hear the scratching at the door, the turning of the knob. Jared is annoyed. He gets out of bed to see who is trying to get in there. "Wait!" Theresa calls to him. She searches for something to clobber the culprit with…just in case. Outside, Rebecca and Gwen stand by, waiting for JT to get the damn door open so they can get safely inside…

"You went to see another woman in Boston? What is her name?" Chad doesn't know her name. "I am not having sex with another woman. I went to see a woman to get you this…" He leaves the room and returns with a doll that he had made for Whitney. It looks just like her. "I am sorry, Chad. I am sorry that I thought that you were cheating on me. It is just that you are a handsome guy, and that is bound to open up a few bedroom doors." Chad asks why she accused him. "Things haven't felt right, Chad. I have been feeling that bad things were going to happen. I love you so much. Can you forgive me for doubting you? I know that toy wouldn't cheat on me…"

Fox and Miguel run out to try and catch up on the girls. "Are you ready to come back, Kay?" She is ready. "Endora!" ZAP! Everyone who lives in the house is back to where they were before the magic took Kay away…

"Will you hurry up, JT?" Ethan walks the halls searching frantically… Rebecca and Gwen quickly figure out that JT has to have the wrong room and they drag him off quickly…"Ready?" Theresa asks Jared. They yank the door open, but no one is there. "Maybe we should just go back to the bed where it is safe." Jared and Theresa reenter the room. Rebecca and Gwen drag JT down the hall once again. "Gwen! Gwen! Where are you?" Rebecca and Gwen push forward, dragging JT. Ethan is getting closer! "Damn! I keep hearing voices," Ethan says. "Gwen!" He has stopped walking now. He has no idea, but right around the corner, behind him, JT, Rebecca and Gwen are hiding…just inches away from the man…

"Welcome to our little family," Whitney tells her doll. "I want to apologize to you, Chad, for thinking that you were cheating." He knows that things will be better between them. She believes that. She puts the doll down and goes to her man to give him a kiss.

'Ah! I am so glad to be here…" Kay is giddy knowing that things are as they should be. Endora telepathically senses tension. Tabitha feels it too. "Ah! I was wrong!" Kay tells Tabitha. "Everyone wasn't better without me…"

"Fancy and I are not dating, Sam. I know that is against the rules." Sam can bend the rules sometimes, but not when recruits are not listening to what he says. "If you do that again, I will suspend you, or kick you out of the program altogether." Luis sticks up for Fancy, telling Sam that she actually helped. Sam wonders what happens if that porn tape gets out…

Jared and Theresa enjoy the peace and quiet of their room. "Hey! This is my room! You found it!" Ethan definitely heard that! He walks off with purpose now, in the direction of the voice. Gwen uses JT's key to try and get the door open. "It's not working!" Rebecca can't take this. She wants to get in there so she can have a drink. Ethan walks faster now.

Chad lays with his bride now… He thinks about how she isn't enough for him. It kills him to think that she isn't enough but she isn't…not even close…

Tabitha can't imagine not having Kay in her life… Kay can't imagine not being in Tabitha's life. "what I have learned Kay is that life is all about love…finding it…winning it…and keeping it. If you want it, all you have to do is marry the man that you truly love…

"I know the fallout that the movie getting out would cause Sam, but we didn't have a choice." Sam only hopes that no one sees this tape. An officer comes in, telling them that there is something that they all have to see. He turns on the TV. There are Luis and Fancy writhing under burgundy sheets making love while Fancy calls out in ecstasy.

Chris and Sheridan are in bed. They get a call…

"What? Why?" Sheridan hangs up. Sheridan gets up and grabs the remote. "Oh my God…Luis?" Chris sits up now, paying full attention. They watch as Luis and Fancy have sex on television…

Jared and Theresa stare into each other's eyes. He is really sure that she is the woman who he could spend the rest of his life with…Just a few doors away, Gwen has gotten the door open and she, JT and Rebecca enter the room, slamming the door behind them. Ethan runs up to the door. He knocks. Gwen grabs her head, as if keeping it from exploding. "I know that you are in there! If this has to do with the tabloid information that got out about me, I am going to find out!"

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