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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Tabitha goes looking around the house for Kay. She hasn't any idea what Endora has done this time. It was POOF and Kay was gone in a puff of smoke. "What has Endora done with you?" Miguel and Fox arrive and ask Tabitha about the smoke in the house. She tells them that the stove hasn't been working well and has been letting off smoke lately. "Have you seen Kay?" she asks. Fox and Miguel have no idea who Kay is. They have dates tonight, and they walk out to hurry fixing the fence before leaving the house. Tabitha can't believe they have dates. She remembers Endora zapping Kay and making things so it is as if she never had been born. "You know what? I am going to miss her."

Sheridan comes looking for Chris… She enters the bathroom and finds the bathtub filled with bubbles and the room filled with lit candles. "It is a big day," Chris says, coming up behind her. "You are so wonderful," she tells her husband.

"How are we going to get out of this, Luis? We can't have sex, not here…" She is in a towel and they are about to make a porno. Luis says they are only going to make Lester think that they are having sex. "Game's over, you two. I know what you are up to," Lester says smirking. Luis and Fancy wait not sure where this is going. "Now that I see you in that cop's outfit, I know exactly what you are up to.

Theresa arrives at the place where Jared told her to meet him that night for their romantic date. She opens the door and enters. Music is playing, and he has food and drink for them. "We don't dance enough," he tells her.

Ethan fiddles with Rebecca's phone trying to figure out who has been sending her messages all night. Gwen hopes that her mother got all the pictures of JT off the phone in time before Ethan got his hands on it.JT Cornell is on the bed. He is frustrated that he hasn't got Becca with him. "I missed you." He types that into the phone. BEEP "Oh, look, Rebecca!" Ethan says, typing with his thumb. "Looks like your friend has sent you another message." Gwen turns her back to him. "It is over, Mom. This time it is really over…" She waits, knowing that her marriage could be over any minute. Rebecca stands with her rolling her eyes at Ethan's stubbornness. Gwen peeks back at Ethan, horrified.

"Tell me what you have done with Kay." Endora won't help her mummy. She heard what Kay said and she just helped her get her wish. "You can't take these humans literally all the time. Please Endora." Endora decides to do as she is told. ZAP! Kay appears in the kitchen. Tabitha runs up and hugs her. "You got your wish, Kay. You wished that you had never been born." Fox and Miguel reenter the house now. "Can we get something to drink? We are pretty thirsty…" Fox and Miguel head to the cupboard and the fridge… They walk right through Kay, freaking her out. Kay is stunned. "Oh no," Tabitha says. "This is worst than I thought."

Lester figures out that Luis paid the kid off to get his place in the movie. Luis had to pay the kid, or Fancy would be in terrible danger… Lester tells Fancy and Luis how the movie is going to go. "You call the cops cause you had a burglar…ACTION!" Fancy and Luis take their places. Luis starts disrobing.

Jared and Theresa dance as Jared tells Theresa that he loves her…

Ethan gets the message out. 'I missed you. We haven't talked since Rome.' Ethan remembers that Rome was where JT Cornell was. Rebecca says that a million people live in Rome. Ethan is through playing with her. "Is JT calling you, or what?"

Fox and Miguel have their juice and want to get ready for their dates now. "Dates?" Kay asks "What dates?" The boys ignore her and just stand there. Tabitha turns to Kay to explain exactly what the situation is. Fox and Miguel see Tabitha talking to the air behind her and they think that she is just getting weirder and weirder. They snicker at her. Tabitha tells Kay that she appears invisible to the boys and finds that this is a great opportunity for Kay.

Luis and Fancy are under the sheets kissing with him on top. "Come on! Enough of the damn foreplay! Get to the action!" Luis and Fancy snap into shape and start pervertedly moaning and groaning… Fancy takes her mind to a fantasy of she and Luis alone in a beautiful bedroom, in a beautiful bed. He makes sweet gentle love to her there and tells her that he can't live without her. She uses that dream now to get through these porno scenes.

Theresa is with Jared, and he tells her as they dance how he loves her and thinks that he couldn't live the rest of his life without her. She thinks about how it would be if this were Ethan and he said those same words to her. Theresa has to get that man out of her mind. She turns to Jared now. He is glad to be there and in love with her and wonders if she feels the same. She says that she does.

Ethan holds his mother-in-law's phone as he queries Rebecca on the messages that she says she has been receiving. "Who are the friends that you have in Rome?" Rebecca finds that a ridiculous question. "You want me to just start naming them all?" That is what he wants. She rolls her eyes. Gwen is watching the whole thing go down and praying deep inside that her mother will just come up with an answer, any answer!

Tabitha is talking to Kay… To Fox and Miguel, it looks like she is talking to her imaginary friend.Kay thinks that this might be a good thing after all. "Ask Fox and Miguel questions about how they like their lives…" Tabitha turns to Fox and Miguel. "You have dates tonight, do you?" Actually, the boys are in serious relationships. Fox thinks that he has found the girl that he will marry, and Miguel says that he has done the same. Kay is heartbroken. "They are both happier without me…Tabitha throws her friend a sad glance.

Sheridan is in the tub, and she invites Chris to join her. He jumps in with his clothes on and they kiss.

Luis and Fancy are faking it for the camera. Luis keeps looking at the door, thinking that the cops should be there any minute. "Hey! What are you doing? Stop looking at the door! You expecting company? Get to it!" "Yeah! Yeah! Yeah!" Fancy moans. She is on top now.

Jared and Theresa sit, and she takes in the scenes of all the exotic food. "I want to make you smile for the rest of your life. I am going to give you endless romance, as you make me endlessly happy Theresa."

"..Guiseppe…Luigi…Carlo…Dominic…" Ethan wants last names. "I never knew their last names. You have embarrassed me in front of my daughter now!" Ethan sees that if these messages were coming from a friend, she would know the last name. "I have a way of finding out where these messages are coming from, Rebecca." Ethan goes to his cellphone and dials. "My firm has a company that works for them tracking GPS codes. I am going to track these numbers…And Rebecca, if you are talking to JT…God help you!"

"Why are they acting like they are joined at the hip?" Kay asks. Tabitha goes to the boys and asks how they became such good friends. "We have been best buddies for years. His mother works at the mansion." They say they even played baseball together. Fox has fond memories of meeting Miguel at baseball the first year. Kay remembers that… but she was there, too.

Luis and Fancy are working overtime. The lenses are steamy… Lester is loving it! BAM! The door flies open and officers come flying through to get Lester and his thugs under control. Sam sees Luis and Fancy naked under the sheets and just stares, not understanding what is going on.

Theresa has a surprise for Jared. She goes to the bedroom and talks to him through the door. "Are you ready?" He is. She comes out in a red, shortie nightie, with black lace on the bodice. "I bought it on the way over here. I picked it up just for you."

"I need to track a cell phone, please. The number is 555-1717. I don't have an area code." Gwen knows that they are done for now. "Why the hell would he come here?" she asks. "Thank you," Ethan says hanging up."Well, they were able to track the caller of the last call, and I know exactly where that call was coming from."

"I should have listened to myself. They are cops aren't they?" Sam orders Lester to shut up."Tell me what happened." Fancy starts apologizing. "Get Lester out of here!" Lester is escorted out. "Lester uses the back room for internet porn and there is a chance that he might have been using the patrons credit cards illegally. I think that he is also distributing drugs." Sam pats Luis on the back. "Good work." Fancy is confused. "How did you know about all those other things?" Luis tells her that he has experience. Sam reminds Fancy that she hasn't got the experience to be there right now. "I ought to throw you out of training right now."

JT drinks all his champagne and finally runs out. He decides to go get some champagne himself instead of getting someone to bring it to him. He gets his pants and gets one foot in the pantleg while hopping into the hall. He falls off balance, onto his face.

Theresa is in bed with Jared… "I love you," he tells her. She looks at his face and it is Ethan's… "I love you, Theresa…" he says. She tells herself to stop it! Stop thinking about Ethan. She turns on Jared now with all the passion that she can muster.

"The call came from a tower right here in Harmony," says Ethan. Rebecca smiles. "There you go! I have a lot of friends in Harmony. That isn't so strange is it?" Ethan still isn't sitting well. "Come on Rebecca! Tell me! Have you been talking to JT?"

Tabitha asks the boys more questions so that Kay can see how their lives would be without her around. They even learn that Miguel never even met Charity. Tabitha's eyes light up over that. Miguel was the first person in his family to graduate, and he has a great job at Crane now. Tabitha gives Kay a strange look.

The boys have a penthouse and don't live in the house. DING DONG! Two hot chicks arrive. They are Fox's and Miguel's dates. The boys greet the gorgeous model-type girls with hugs, kisses and smiles. They plan to take the girls to the penthouse to wait while they get dressed.

Chris and Sheridan talk about childhood. Sheridan tells that there are things in her childhood that she has had to learn to overcome, but when she asks Chris about his childhood, he clamps up. "What's wrong, Chris? Are you hiding something from me?"

Sam lets Fancy have it for not following the rules, and she knows that she deserves it. She walks off into the room. >Lester enters the room and runs to Fancy, holding her in a chokehold. "Nobody move, or this girlie gets it!" He holds a gun to Fancy's head.

Ethan decides to head out to where the cellphone was used to see who Rebecca has been talking to. He leaves. Rebecca and Gwen panic. Ethan will not let this go.

"Wow! That was wonderful!" Jared has to agree. The lovemaking with Theresa was unbelievable. CRASH! "What was that?" Jared and Theresa run to the door. Outside the door, JT Cornell has fallen over a cart of food that was in the hall. He is covered with food and has one foot in his pants while the other foot's out!

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