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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Fox and Miguel argue over Kay. Kay begs them to stop. The men don't even hear her and continue arguing about Kay. One wants the other to get out of the house. Tabitha finds the boys like a couple of scrappy boys. "No wonder I didn't see your wedding in the big blue pot. I suppose the question is, 'which one would you rather see in a coffin?'"

Lester is suspicious of Luis and the girl that he keeps talking to. "Looks like you two were old friends." Lester asks Fancy if she knows Luis or not. She denies that. Lester believes them. "So you don't have a beef then with this girl starring in my movie?"

Theresa hopes that Chad really isn't cheating on Whitney, but only the Private Investigator can confirm that. Whitney returns, telling Theresa that she is lucky that she can afford to have her own Private Investigator to look into things when needed. "I am sure that you don't have anything to worry about with Chad…" Whitney feels that with Jared and Ethan, Theresa doesn't have to worry about men cheating on her. Theresa looks down at Frank Jordan's business card in her lap. She remembers asking the man to look into Chad's every move. Theresa knows that they will have an answer about Chad soon enough.

Frank looks at the Safari Motel matchbook that Chad left lying around. Meanwhile, Chad is in the bed at the motel doing something that he shouldn't.

JT poses for the cellphone and snaps… "It's me, JT! Come on, Becky!" Rebecca presses the buttons on her phone, trying to get rid of the pictures that JT keeps sending her. Ethan could see them if he were to get a hold of her cellphone and she can't let that happen. "Why don't you answer me once and for all, Rebecca? I think that JT is the answer to a lot of questions that I have and I think that Gwen, your mother knows where he is and won't tell us." Rebecca keeps pressing the buttons as Ethan freaks out. JT just keeps sending and sending… "Where are you Becky-Poo!"JT texts Rebecca to tell her that she should tell her daughter to get a life. Gwen wants Ethan to ease up on her mother. "Why are you protecting her?" Gwen feels that this is enough. "Can we stop this?" Beep! Beep! Rebecca manipulates her phone to get the pictures off of it, but her fingers can't move fast enough. She has her back to Ethan and Gwen now. Gwen is not happy with her husband, but Ethan will not drop this until he has answers. "I think that this is about Theresa and not my mother. You have had a hell of a time getting over Theresa, and I think that you hope that my mother has done something wrong so that you will have an excuse to walk out. You need to drop this, and if you don't drop this, I will assume that you are doing this to be with Theresa…"

"We should think about all that Chad has done to be with you and not dwell on the negative. Whitney knows that she is freaking out. "I don't want to be suspicious of Chad." Theresa tells her then that she needs to stop. Whitney will try to have more faith in Chad. "How did it go with the Private Investigator?" Theresa says that JT is still missing. Theresa notices that Whitney changed the subject… She did as there wasn't anything to talk about. "So how's Miguel?" Whitney asks now.

"Just leave okay?" Miguel says that he has a right to be there as Maria lives there. Tabitha can't take it anymore and tells the boys that she will throw them into the street if they don't stop. "I have had plenty of time to see just what immature fools men can be." Fox and Miguel apologize. "Why don't you two grow up?" Kay is sorry too. Fox and Miguel leave the room. "What did I tell you, Kay, about sending men mixed signals? Those two nearly killed each other playing basketball. Someone is going to get hurt if you carry on like this." Kay says that all she does is bring pain to those that she loves.

Luis says that he doesn't care about the stripper one way or the other. "Is she any good?" Lester leaves with the others to set up for the movie. Luis goes over to Fancy. "See the trouble that you have gotten us into?" Luis hasn't got any plan in place to save them now. Acting now could get them killed. "I have to get you out of here before they start shooting that movie!" Lester and his men return. "You stick to the script. All you have to say is 'ooo baby ooo…" Lester has Fancy's co-star out back! "Hey, Gary!" A man with nothing but a towel and a six-pack enters the room and flirts with Fancy. "Hey baby!"

Whitney can't stop worrying about Chad… She calls him. She gets his voicemail and hangs up. She can't reach him yet again. Jared enters, telling of how he and Chad were at Tabitha's and all hell broke loose. Whitney is relieved to hear that Chad was with Jared and gets up to go to see him at his office. "No!" Jared says. "Chad went off somewhere. He has something he has to do."

Gwen sends Ethan to check on Jane. "Mother! Is he right? Have you be talking with JT? Where is that man right now?"

"I want to be a good person. Look what I did to my mom!" Tabitha feels that maybe they have time to stop whatever it is that is going to happen. Miguel and Fox are back and heading to the stove. They argue about who is going to do it. Kay and Tabitha see that the everything is just as bad as ever. The men leave the room. "I know that I am messing things up. I have a daughter and want to set an example for her. The truth is that everything that I touch goes bad. I wish that I had never been born." ZAP! Kay disappears in a cloud of smoke. "Endora! Endora! What have you done?"

Rebecca comes clean with Gwen about JT. Gwen looks at the phone and sees the dirty pictures. "Please just get rid of those pictures now…Please!" JT is taking pictures of his butt now and sending them to Rebecca. Gwen warns her mother that she had better get rid of that stuff now.

Gary loves his co-host. Luis doesn't like the way that he sniffs around Fancy. Lester calls Gary over to read some notes for the movie. Luis goes over to Fancy and stands with her. "We are going to get the hell out of here…now…"Lester looks up from his notes when he sees Luis and Fancy moving away from the bed. "Hey, where are you going?" he asks. Luis says, "I just thought that I would take Fancy out there for another dance." Lester tells Luis to get another girl if he wants another lap dance. He goes back to Gary. Gary heads in the back to get into his costume. Luis leaves after him.Luis catches up to Gary. "I got a proposition for you." They walk into the back.

"Maybe he went to see Miles." Whitney has called the sitter and was told that Chad hasn't had contact with her. Jared returns and has something for Theresa. He puts the envelope in her hand. "Another surprise?"

Frank watches as Chad returns to his motel room. Chad enters… Frank sits up straight now. "Theresa and her friend are not going to believe this."

'JT, I am not coming. Leave Harmony now.' Rebecca texts. Beep! Beep! JT's answers his phone and texts back, 'When are you coming up?' Rebecca writes back. 'JT! I am not coming.' "I have Jane down for the night," says Ethan. Rebecca struggles to hide her phone. "Alright! What is going on here? Rebecca who are you texting?"

Nothing is left of Kay but a cloud of smoke… "What was that noise?" Fox and Miguel have returned. Tabitha says that Kay was banging on the stove. Miguel goes to fix it. "Aren't you going to ask me where Kay is?" Fox isn't. He was going to ask 'who' Kay is.

"Are you ready for the movie?" Fancy smiles at Lester but is terrified. "Luis, hurry up," she says to herself quietly.

"Who is sending the messages, Rebecca?" JT keeps taking pictures and sending, sending, sending…"Rebecca! Who is texting you messages?" Gwen is appalled at her husband's behavior. "Ethan!" she shouts. "No Gwen! This is between me and your mother. Now gimme that phone." Ethan is on her in a flash and is grabbing for the phone to take it from his mother-in-law.

"Who is this Kay that you just mentioned? Who is she? Is she hot?" Miguel pipes in that if Kay is cute, he wants to meet her too. "Who is this Kay that you keep mentioning. I totally want to meet her." Tabitha describes Kay accurately for the boys. "Her personality could use a bit of a lift." Fox and Miguel want to see this girl. "You said that she was here." Tabitha understands. Kay got her wish. She said that she wished that she had never been born.

Fancy's time is running out. Lester goes over how the scenes are going to play out. The porn guy comes in dressed like a cop. "If I didn't know better, I would think that you were a cop in real life," Lester says. Luis says that Gary got a call and had to go.

The Private Investigator sees Valerie walking by his car, away from the motel. "Amazing what people will do to ruin their lives." In the motel room, Chad lays resting peacefully.

Jared tells Theresa to open the envelope to see what is inside. He leaves. Whitney is still worrying about Chad. "Ever since we got back from Rome, things haven't been right between us." Theresa hopes that JT stays missing. Whitney knows that he is probably on the other side of the world.

"Why aren't you answering me, Becky? Come on!" Ethan fights Rebecca, and she jumps out of his way. Gwen thinks that this is ridiculous.

Ethan pounces again, and this time, he gets the phone. "Did you delete the messages in time," Gwen whispers. "I don't know," Rebecca answers. "Here we go," Ethan says tapping the buttons. "List of recent messages. If any of these messages are from JT…God help you Rebecca."

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