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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Fancy and Luis whisper about why she is there. He isn't happy to hear that she has done this against Sam's instructions. He thinks that she has screwed them both. The thugs watch… Lester arrives and is immediately suspicious. "If either of you are not who you say, you are both dead!"

"We were just shooting hoops and he fell. I was blocking his lay-up and he came down too hard." The ambulance is on the way. Fox is still out. Tabitha comes out now to see what Fox's condition is. Kay is sure that Fox was the one that Tabitha saw at the funeral, while peering into the murky big blue pot… Tabitha still can't be sure.

Theresa has word back from her Private Investigator. "It's JT!"

JT Cornell texts Rebecca to tell her where he is so that she can come over for a lusty night of sex. Rebecca is freaking. She wants to see the man, but she has to be sure that this won't get Gwen in trouble. 'Why are you here?' she texts him. 'Nevermind that! Just come over!' JT is in a festive mood. 'I need a favor, JT. I need you to find out why Theresa has left everything to Ethan and given him all her power.' JT replies, 'I never want to hear that name again.' JT has a flashback to Theresa chasing him all over Rome and finally he told her that Ethan was really Little Ethan's father. 'Forget about all that, and get over there! Gwen doesn't have to know.' Rebecca reads the message. "He is right! Gwen doesn't have to know.' "Gwen doesn't have to know what?" Rebecca turns and Ethan and Gwen are in the doorway. "I think that some things are better left unsaid!" JT Cornell sends another message. Beep! "Aren't you going to answer your text message?" Ethan asks. "Can't a girl have anything private? Men are sending me dirty little messages." JT Cornell waits for Rebecca's response. Meanwhile, Ethan gets impatient and demands to know what it is that Rebecca is hiding and what it is that she doesn't wants Gwen to know.

"I think that you are being paranoid, Theresa. Ethan wouldn't take Little Ethan from you." Theresa remembers that Ethan took Jane…Valerie arrives and says that a Private Detective is there to see her. "Valerie have you seen Chad?" Valerie looks nervous and says that she has no idea where Chad is. She leaves. "Did you see that, Theresa? Did you see how nervous she got?"

Kay waits and hopes for the best. "What happened?" Fox is awake. Tabitha runs to get something for his wound. "Oh, honey, I am so sorry you are hurt. You have a really bad cut." Fox is sure that he will be fine. "Send the ambulance to someone who needs it." Miguel heads into the house to cancel the ambulance. Miguel knows that Kay loves Fox, but he still wants her for himself. Kay watches Fox closely now. Tabitha sees that Kay had better make a decision soon.

Luis gets his back up when he is accused of being a sneaky character. Lester backs off. Fancy comes over and with her tackiest twang accent, she complains that Luis tried to get her to lap dance for $5.00. "Hey, Tramp!" Lester shouts. "Broads like you are a dime a dozen. Now if the man wants a lap dance! Give him a lap dance!" Luis sits in his chair and Fancy comes over to him in a seductive dirty way. "Let's see what ya got!" Lester roars. "Now see the trouble that you have gotten us in," Luis whispers. Fancy is shaking her moneymaker in Luis's face. "Hey! You call that lap dancing?" Lester shouts. Fancy has to make this authentic, and so she kneels before Luis and rubs his thighs in a very suggestive way. Fancy works it for Luis…Lester watches every detail of the dance. "He is watching us," Fancy says. Lester has something to take care of and has to go. "That's good girly!" Lester compliments…"Get out now, Fancy," Luis says. "This is your chance…"

A thug watches them now. "Hey, girlie! You heard Lester! Sex it up!"

Chad and Jared talk about the trouble that Fox, Miguel and Kay are going through. Triangles are nothing but trouble. That is why Chad has to make sure that Whitney never learns the truth about his secret.

Whitney talks again about Chad taking off in the middle of the night to work. Theresa points out that the people in Japan are up when they are sleeping. Whitney gets that. "I think that you should trust him, Whitney." She knows that her friend is right. She will try to think about something positive. "At least things are going good for you, Theresa." She admits it. "As long as JT is in hiding, I am safe."

"What is it that you don't want Gwen to know?" Rebecca says that she had a surprise for the married couple. "I was going to send you both on a cruise. I thought that after everything that Theresa put you through, and Rome…I thought that a cruise would do you good. Think of it! The mystery of Stockholm, and all those beautiful forests in Germany… Now that you know though, I might have to cancel it." Ethan doesn't believe Rebecca and has a few questions. Gwen says that she would like to be alone with her sexy husband. "No! I want to ask you a few questions. I am trying to understand why Theresa would name me as trustee to her estate, and I have a feeling that you know something about it. You and JT Cornell…"

Miguel has canceled the ambulance. Jared and Chad head out. Kay dotes on Miguel at the kitchen table. Chad tells Jared that he has to do something and that it has to do with his secret.

Mr. Jordan is ushered into the office, and he and Theresa meet finally face to face. Valerie's cell phone rings. She looks at the display. "I have to take this." She runs from the room, and Theresa watches her carefully. In the hall, Valerie answers her phone. "What? The usual place? Okay…"

Fancy uses this opportunity to flirt madly with Luis. "Just get out of here, okay?" She will not. She titillates him and to make it look good, he gives her a few bills. "What do you think that you are doing?" Lester's back. "I'm dancing!" says Fancy. "Yeah!" Lester says. " My grandma can dance better than that! Now turn up the heat!" Fancy pulls out all the stops with her bump and grind. "A few things are going on in the back!" Lester tells his henchmen. Fancy comes to the end of her song, and she ends it on an up note with a kiss for her client. They don't realize that the whole room is watching them until everyone starts clapping. "I don't know," Lester says. "There is something weird about those two." A man comes over to Fancy with money. He wants some of that action. "She is my dancer, you get out of here!" Luis says. Lester snaps his fingers and the man is dragged out of there and away from Luis's dancer. "My hero," Fancy says, throwing her arms around Luis's neck. "You don’t get it, Fancy. You get out of here. Lester isn't looking now. You go now!" Fancy walks off. "Great!" says Luis. "Now that she is gone, I can find out what's going on in that back room of the club."

JT Cornell is waiting for Rebecca to call or come over. He gets an idea. He has a picture phone and starts taking his clothes off. "Try to resist this, honey!"

"Theresa said that the both of you were the ones who gave me up to the tabloids. I don't believe you would do that to me Gwen, but your mother is a different story. I think that she knew JT Cornell…maybe intimately…" Beep! Rebecca checks her phone and sees the video of a very naked JT… "Who is texting you now?" Ethan asks.

Theresa has her meeting with the Private Investigator… Whitney leaves the office. Valerie is gone. "Where did she go? I really need to know!"

"Frank, you are here for a different matter. I would like you to follow an employee of mine. His name is Chad Harris." Chad has arrived at the motel, and he gets his clothes off. His 'special friend is in the shower already and that make Chad smile. He heads into the bathroom smiling. "I couldn't wait to be with you."

Luis drinks alone. Lester and his thugs talk about Luis and wonder if he is okay or not. "I got a plan to find out how well Luis and the stripper know each other." Lester asks Luis where the stripper is. Luis says that the girl said that she was going to have a break. "Come with me," Lester says. "If you are going to be my new numbers guy, you need to come with me."Luis thinks to himself how he will be taking this guy down soon.

Tabitha says her stove isn't working. Fox says that he will fix it, but Miguel offers to do that. "I will do it!" "No I will!" Kay shouts for the men to stop this. "You have to make a decision soon or things are going to get worse," Tabitha advises Kay. Fox and Miguel act like they are going to kill each other.

Lester takes Luis to the back room. "You are making movies back here?" Lester tells Luis that is exactly what the room is for. "It's the world's oldest profession. I make the movies and then run the DVD's. I just got myself a brand new star, and she is going to make me mega-bucks. Clyde! Brings her out!" A man brings Fancy from the back room and holds her by the arm tightly. She is wearing nothing but a towel. "She is going to make her debut right now!" The man holding Fancy pushes her roughly to the bed…

Tabitha returns to the room. "Which one is it going to be, Kay?" she asks. Kay says that she is going to pick Fox. "Kay, can I have more water, please?" she brings it to him. While walking over to Fox, Kay trips over Miguel's foot. "You clumsy…let's take it outside!" Kay has to stop them fighting again.

"JT is the key to why Theresa left Crane to me." Rebecca tells that she doesn't know the man. Beep! Rebecca looks at the phone and sees JT in provocative poses… "What's wrong, Rebecca? Who is texting you?"

"I want to know who Chad is spending time with," says Theresa. She pays the man, and he takes it, raising his eyebrows at the amount on the cheque.

Chad leans in to his "friend". "I have been thinking about you all day," he says.

"First I hear there is a mole in my club and now I have a feeling that I want straightened out. Now you tell me…Is there any reason why you don't want to put this girl in my porno?" Fancy sits on the bed waiting to see how Luis handles this.

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