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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"I won't lose to you, Crane!" Miguel and Fox play ball, and things are getting tense. Jared and Chad arrive and see that Miguel and Fox are playing too rough and that something is obviously wrong. Miguel goes in for a lay-up and Fox pushes him hard. Miguel falls to the ground. Kay sees with Tabitha that there is going to be a funeral in Harmony. "Stop it!" Kay shouts.

Paloma tells Fancy that there is a big bust coming up and that Luis will be heading it up and going undercover. Fancy finds this to be a great opportunity to get in good with the police force. "Hey!" Luis shouts walking up. "This isn't for recruits. You can forget whatever it is that you were thinking about just now." Luis is dressed in plain clothes…

Sheridan and Ethan talk about how things are going lately between the both of them. Sheridan thinks about seeing Luis at the courthouse after adopting James. She pushes that from her mind now. Sheridan talks about Theresa and her Will. Gwen told her all about it. "She thinks that if someone does something unexpected, then something unexpected probably happened to them. That is incongruous behavior. We need to probably go back to Rome and see what made Theresa change her mind about you…"

"I thought that I was going to die when I thought that Ethan had read the letter with the Will." Whitney is sure that her friend's plan will be fine and that no one will find out about Ethan being Little Ethan's father. "JT Cornell is not around, so who would he tell, Theresa? He is the only other one who knows about Little Ethan."

Rebecca drinks as she baby-sits. Someone text messages her…"Miss you…Love and kisses…Love JT!" Rebecca's eyes grow large, almost out of their sockets. "What is going on?" Rebecca sees that Gwen has returned. "Why do you look like you just got the shock of your life?"

"Fancy and I are interested in the operation." Sam gives the okay to Luis to tell the girls about the case. "A big player from the south mob married into one of Boston's crime families. The guy is into everything and the Feds want this nipped in the bed. I am going to take them down." Fancy worries about his safety. Luis takes Fancy to the side. "You can't let your personal feelings get in the way of the job. Rules are rules, and we have to keep our distance." She thought that they were going to be seeing each other. "Have you changed your mind about us again?"

Ethan tells Sheridan how Theresa thought that she saw JT and Rebecca in bed together. "she says that there is a message that she heard on an answering machine that had Rebecca's voice on it. Then Theresa tracks the guy down and when that didn't work… BOOM! It was over." Sheridan has to wonder how that relates to Crane Industries and who runs it though. Ethan has no idea.

"It was just a wrong number." Gwen relaxes. "I wonder what was up with JT?" Rebecca thinks to herself. "…besides the obvious…" Gwen tells Rebecca that it seems that Theresa has let Ethan go, but she did something that really got to Ethan. "You know her Will? She left the running of Crane Industries to Ethan and the care of Little Ethan if she dies. I don't know why she would do that? What was she thinking?" Rebecca thinks they should get an Investigative Detective to look into this. "Don't you mean a Private Investigator? You had better not think of bring JT to town…"

Theresa checks the computer…She sees that there is a message about JT on the computer. She tells Whitney that she has hired someone to watch JT Cornell and let her know what he is doing. Whitney isn't pleased. "Are you still planning to use JT to get Ethan back?"

"There is still a chance that we are going to be together, but not here, and not with Sam watching us. Just be patient, Fancy, and let me do my job." She tells him to be careful. "Keep my guard up, Fancy…" Sam and Paloma come over. "Everything okay?" Sam says that everything is fine. Fancy is clearly worried about this. Luis and Sam leave. "Relax, Fancy. Luis knows what he is doing," Paloma says. Luis looks at Fancy just one more time before heading out.

Miguel and Fox almost come to blows. Chad and Jared have to get in between the men to stop them fighting. Fox and Miguel get back to the game and calm down. Chad and Jared watch the game from the sidelines. Chad explains what the rivalry is about.

"I want to know who is going to die! Who is in the coffin?" Tabitha tells Kay that the coffin was closed. "We can't let this happen!" Tabitha lives for death and he is way below her quota. Kay hates that the person who dies, does so because of who she marries. She has to know more about this. "I can't stop death, Kay. I don't have that sort of power. Endora is asleep and can't be asked to help." ZAP! Endora appears. "Go to bed Endora." Kay asks the child, in spite of her mother to help using her magic… ZAP! Flying unicorns appear around the room. "All I know is that I am not going to be the one to clean up after these damn unicorns, I can tell you that!" Tabitha snorts. The fantasy animals neigh…

Luis arrives at the strip club. He looks around. "I am Lester…" Luis meets his contact. The man takes him to a seat to have a drink. When left alone, Luis eyes the stripper. "I can see this guy is doing big business at the club. All I have to do is prove it!" At the station, Sam gets a call and is upset. Fancy and Paloma asks what is the matter. He tells them that Luis's cover has been blown and that he is in big trouble. Lester points out Luis to the two men he has summoned. "Take care of him!" Luis watches the stripper and sips his drink as he waits for his contact to return.

Theresa checks the email that her Private Investigator has sent to her and she sees that information is coming and she just has to wait for it.

Gwen and Rebecca discuss the situation with JT and the tabloid information. "I wonder if JT knows why Theresa gave up on getting the information on the tabloid." Sheridan feels that all doesn’t matter right now. Ethan can't understand why Theresa is doing this. "she could have gotten JT found if she wanted to after she got all her power, but she didn't." Sheridan sees that Ethan has doubt in his heart about his wife and her mother having been the one to ruin Ethan's life. "Oh my God!"

Endora has the flying unicorns going to reverse the death spell. Tabitha worries as an anti-death spell could blow up in their faces. The house starts shaking. "Oh no! The spell! It is blowing up in our faces!" Out in the yard, Chad, Jared, Miguel and Fox hear rumbling… "what is that?" they wonder. The house shakes suddenly, and then stops. The place is a mess. ZAP! Endora's cleaned the house with the point of a finger. Outside, Miguel and Fox still play. Things are too rough. Fox takes a bad fall and ends up unconscious, or worse…

Sam tells the girls that they can't do anything to help Luis. He doesn't even have his cellphone…

When alone, Fancy decides to help Luis in spite of what Sam had said. Paloma will help her… "How's it going?" Luis addresses the two men sent to take care of him. Luis feels the situation has turned and that he is in big trouble. "My cover is blown," he tells himself. "I am a dead man walking." Luis tries to stay calm now and continues drinking his beverage. "I can't see how you can go undercover!" When the station is empty, Fancy comes out of hiding. "No one is going to be thinking about Fancy Crane when they see me!" "Oh my God!" Paloma says when she sees Fancy. Fancy is out the door in her disguise to save her man.

Luis sits with the two thugs… Lester returns and tells Luis that the two men with him are going to be his bodyguards. Luis will enjoy the attention as long as the men don't scare the ladies away… Luis is safe for now, but wonders how he is going to give Sam the signal to bust the place when the bodyguards are always underfoot.

"The thing is, Sheridan, that JT is the only one who can prove why Theresa has been acting the way that she has." Sheridan is starting to understand.

"I don't see what the harm is with hiring JT!" Gwen tells her mother that this is a very bad idea. "You can't even talk to JT mother! Do you understand that?" Rebecca gets a message. She moves from the bed to read it. "Do you miss me, Beck? Love, JT" Gwen asks, "What is it mother?"

Whitney feels that they are only delaying the inevitable by not telling about Little Ethan. She wishes that Chad had told her about Valerie….It is the same thing.

"Death could strike at any second!" Tabitha tells Kay. "Fox hit his head and is in trouble…" Jared has come in to tell what has happened. Kay runs to her man in the yard. Tabitha knows that this can't be good.

At the club, the next featured dancer is about to come out. In addition, the first things that the crowd see are two long legs in high heels hitting the stage. Everyone pays attention to the sexy blonde in the beaded bikini, adorned with sequence, glitter and a boa! They thugs and Luis smile approvingly. The fancy dancer gyrates and bumps and grinds to the beat. She has big curly hair that sits perfectly on her form, almost making you to forget to look at her face. Luis smiles as he watches, but then he frowns. "Oh my God," he tells himself. "It is Fancy!"

The men try to revive Fox, but he doesn't get up. Kay comes running over and is beside herself. "Oh no," Tabitha says watching. "Death is coming to Harmony. Oh! If Fox dies, Kay can marry Miguel!" Fox remains still.

Ethan tells Sheridan that JT could clear all this up. "I wonder where he is…"

Rebecca lies to her daughter about who called. Soon Gwen leaves. Rebecca texts JT asking where the man is. "I am in Harmony!" JT Cornell types. Rebecca is surprised. "Come, Rebecca, and see me in the flesh.' Rebecca smiles.

Theresa talks still with Whitney. Ding! Theresa runs to the computer. "Oh my God, Whitney! I don't believe this!"

Fancy keeps working it. Luis tries to keep his freak-out from showing on his face. Fancy wiggles it to the side to get Luis's money and run her boa around his neck. "I am your back up," she whispers… She walks away now. Lester comes from the back room. "What's going on? Do you know her?" Fancy hits the pole, trying to look disinterested… but staying nearby!

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