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Passions Update Tuesday 10/3/06--Canada; Wednesday 10/4/06--USA
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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"Holy smokes! It looks like a party in here!" James, Chris and Sheridan arrive home. Ethan and Gwen arrive with a present for the party! They congratulate the family on the success of the adoption. Ethan and Chris take James to the other room where they will open the present…Gwen touches base with her friend about her new family. Sheridan mistakenly calls James 'Marty', but Gwen understands.

Tabitha eats with Fox and Kay. They have a selection of cakes to try for the wedding. Kay thinks about her wedding, but in her dream she sees Miguel's face as the groom. She makes an ugly face at the vision she has seen in her head, and Fox thinks that she hates that cake. He removes it from the table. Tabitha whispers to Kay that she had better hurry and make up her mind about who she is going to marry.

Valerie meets with Chad and tells all that she has seen lately about Ethan's name being in Theresa's Will.

Theresa and Whitney talk about the letter that was almost found. "It is bad enough that Ethan's name is in this letter, but if anyone ever found out why Ethan's…" The girls hear a sound behind them as the door opens, and they turn to look to the door to the office. Jared stands there looking at the girls suspiciously… "Why would Theresa give Ethan all the Crane power in the event of her death? I am a Crane, and Ethan isn't." Valerie understands why he is upset. "Maybe Theresa feels bad about Ethan being disinherited," Valerie says. Chad knows that it has to be more than that. "I am not too crazy about this. Every time that I come into the room, you two clam up. Why do the both of you look so guilty?" Whitney and Theresa start laughing. Whitney makes up a story about the two of them eating a pie they probably shouldn't have. Jared is still waiting on an important call, but he isn't worried about it. "We are Crane Industries and that company will not let this opportunity pass them by." Jared leaves. "He almost found out, Whitney!" says Theresa. "He almost heard us!"

"Marty was so beautiful, Gwen, and I never got the chance to be his mother." Gwen misses her Sarah as well. Ethan, Chris and James play with the remote-control car and it crashes into the furniture. "Maybe you should take that outside!" The males leave. "What is bothering you, Sheridan?" Gwen asks. "You are thinking about Luis as well as Marty, aren't you? You are thinking about Luis…"

"I know what Ethan would do if he knew the truth." Whitney sees things differently. "You are supposed to back me up, Whitney!" Theresa is just grateful that Ethan didn't see the letter. Whitney knows that she can handle it, but to Theresa this is different. "There is a chance that I could lose Little Ethan…" Whitney worries that Ethan and Gwen may start thinking about the Will and why Theresa would leave everything to Ethan. They could figure it out themselves.

Miguel enters the kitchen and can't believe that Kay is trying Marzipan. Fox doesn't see what the big deal is. "Kay hates Marzipan. She has, ever since she was a little kid." Tabitha listens quietly. "I don't think that this is going to be as much fun as I thought," she tells herself. Fox is upset that Kay picked a cake that she doesn't like for the wedding. "I just wanted you to be happy, and you liked the cake." He tells her that she should pick another cake. "Not the one with the strawberries. "She loves strawberries," Fox says. Miguel knows that, but she doesn't like strawberries in cake. Fox and Kay head to the fridge to get more samples.

Valerie is upset about screwing up the delivery of the letters, and Chad offers to talk to Theresa for her. She tells him 'no'. Their elevator reaches its floor and the door opens. Jared sees the couple hugging in the elevator.

"Jared is a great guy, and I am lucky to have him in my life, but I…look…nothing and no one comes between me and my son." Whitney knows that the best intentions can have things go wrong. Theresa says that Ethan can find out the truth after she is dead. "Promise me that you will not tell Ethan until I am dead. I am doing what I think is best for my son." Whitney won't say anything now. "Still you are not going to die for years and years…" Theresa looks down at the carpet. "I have this feeling…I don't know. I just want to make sure that I have everything in order."

Chris and Ethan play with James. James runs off with the car now… Ethan wonders how it is for James losing his mother. Ethan is glad that Sheridan has Chris and James to look after. Ethan asks about the man's job. "Oh Theresa's great! I am sorry, Ethan. I didn't want to bring up a sore subject." Ethan is fine working in the building but at times it is weird. "Like today, Theresa's Last Will and Estate came across my desk and in it, there is a clause that leaves everything to me. Makes no sense."

"Everywhere that I go and look, there is Luis. Even when I went to finalize the adoption, there he was. I was with my husband and son and we were picture-perfect, still there he was. It reminded me of everything that could have been, but it is over, and I am married to Chris. I love him and James. I love them, and Luis can be with Fancy. She called me on all the mixed signals that I was sending Luis." Gwen finds it hard to believe that Sheridan can turn all that off now. "There isn't a chance that we will ever get back together. I am committed, Gwen. I want to be the best mother and wife that I can be." Gwen knows that is going to be particularly tough when she cares about someone else. "Why would Theresa leave me in complete control of the Crane empire?" Chris wonders if this is just about keeping Julian at bay and away from the child. Ethan has always been close to the child, but there are so many other people that could have taken this responsibility. "I know that you have never loved anyone else the way that you love Luis." Sheridan doesn't care about that. She can't abandon James. "Let's talk about Theresa and this new boyfriend." Gwen tells how she saw Theresa's Will and she has left the running of the entire empire to Ethan and the care of Little Ethan until he can care for himself. "The Will was delivered by mistake, and Valerie almost got fired over it. She didn't want Ethan to see the Will until she is dead. There was this envelope that was in the package where the Will was, and that envelope is missing now. I thing that the envelope holds some answers to all this."

Everybody tries cake and Miguel says that his favorite it the lemon cake. Miguel heads next door now. Fox hates things that taste like lemon. Tabitha knows that Kay adores the flavor of lemon. Fox leaves to get more samples sent over. "Seems to me if you are certain about Fox you wouldn't be running to see Miguel all the time." Kay is sure that she has made up her mind. She is going with her gut feeling. "I think that one should go with your heart when you are picking your groom." Fox and Miguel are both in her heart. "You better be sure when you choose, that you have the right one that you can live with for the rest of your life…"

"At first glance, you would think that Theresa has got a good reason to ask Ethan to be trustee, but wouldn't she give the business to her own family?" Sheridan doesn't see any of the Lopez-Fitzgeralds being interested in the Crane business. "Besides, Ethan would be running the business now, if it weren't exposed that Ethan were not a Crane." Gwen can't help feeling that there is more…

Whitney isn't sure that she is getting married anymore. "Chad is on the phone all hours of the night. He will put Miles to bed and then run out to go to work? I almost caught him with Valerie before." Theresa decides then that she needs to fire Valerie, as she has been screwing up lately. Whitney doesn't want the responsibility of knowing that Valerie is out of a job when she has no proof.

Valerie says goodbye to Chad and walks off. "What are you doing, man?" Chad tells Jared that he knows that things didn't look that good just now. "Be careful," Jared says. "Don't worry," Chad promises. I will."

Miguel throws a few hoops. He thinks about those steamy kisses he stole from Kay not long ago. Fox comes out, and the men play a little one on one. "I was the high school basketball team," Fox warns. He isn't kidding. His lay-ups are phenomenal! "I just want you to think before making a mistake, Kay…" They go to the big blue pot. "Magic Bowl! Don't be droll! Tell us what you know! I can see the aisle and lots of guests…It looks like everyone in Harmony is there…" All Kay wants to know is who she is at the altar with. Kay comes over and doesn't see anything. "What is it? Who do I marry?" Tabitha gets sad. A look of realization comes over her face. "Everyone is at the church Kay, but they are not there for your wedding…" Kay doesn't understand. "Then why are they there?"

Sheridan and Gwen go outside. They all discuss Theresa's unusual request. "It doesn't make sense as a ploy to interfere in the marriage as the Will wasn't going to be shown until she died. I don't think that Theresa is going to die," Sheridan says. They hear the car…Sheridan goes to get James and his car to come in. Ethan and Chris enter the house. Gwen knows that something is up with Theresa, and she is going to find out what that is.

"I think that Theresa has feelings still for Ethan, but that doesn't bother me. I still care about Theresa and can get her to love me," Jared tells Chad.

"Of course he loves you Whitney. You just feel off-balance. If you want me to, I will fire Valerie. She deserves it. She gave Ethan my Will. He could have read my letter." Whitney hates that Theresa is consumed with doom and gloom all the time now. "What are you not telling me?" Theresa just has a feeling. "It might have something to to with the steam room. I keep having these dark flashes. It is like someone is walking over my grave. Like something bad is about to happen. I might not have as much time as I think."

Fox and Miguel continue to play in the yard.

"It is a funeral," says Tabitha. "Everyone is there for a funeral." Kay can't believe this. "Someone close to you is going to die…"

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