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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Paloma and Simone talk about Jessica and how they understand now how Spike controls Jessica. He knows about the dead Johns. Paloma gets the files and try to see if there is more information on the killing of the Johns. Spike drags Jessica home and tells her that bad girls get hurt. She tells him that the girls saw her bruises by accident. "You behave then, Jessica, cause if this keeps up, you may get hurt…or worse…"

At the mansion, Katherine thinks… She remembers Fancy letting her have it at Sheridan's house the other day when she was basically calling the woman a home-wrecker.

"Katherine!" She turns to see Martin before her. "I was looking for Theresa…I was hoping that she hadn't gone to work yet. " He starts walking off, but she stops him.

Sheridan says, "I am adopting James today and I want to look great." Chris knows that nothing will go wrong for Sheridan today.

Luis is at the station working out with the punching bag all alone. He slams it hard every time with his massive fists. He stops now to think about his last talk with Sheridan. She was telling him in very clear terms that they were over and never will be together again. Luis pulls his fist up now and hits the bag will all his might, venting his frustration on the bag since he has nothing else. "Ow!" Luis hears a voice behind the bag. He looks past it and sees Fancy laying on the ground unconscious. "Oh…" Fancy sits up. Luis realizes what he has done and rushes to assist her. "I was just working out." She wonders if he was upset about Sheridan ending things. "Give it a rest okay? I don't feel like talking right now." She will not push…"I never do." He laughs at that. "Let's finish our workout now. You hit the bag now, Fancy, and I will hold the bag for you."

"I haven't ever seen you this excited. Sheridan, everything has been set up and you signing is nothing more than a formality. You are the perfect person for a child to have as a mother." Sheridan would like to stop by the church and light a candle for Maureen. "I only knew her for a few hours, and you two made a marvelous little boy." James comes running in. "Can we go and make you my mommy now?" Sheridan assures him that is just what they will do.

"How have you been?" asks Martin. Katherine tells him that she has been lonely. "I have missed you darling. I haven't seen you around since you called off your wedding vows." Martin tells her that he wasn't the one who called off the ceremony and that he got a job helping with groceries. "I am just trying to get through the days one step at a time." Katherine feels like a stranger in town. "I thought that my family would welcome me back with open arms, but they just look at me like I were a stranger." Martin liked talking to her, but he has to go now. "Martin, I want to ask you something. Do you think that I am a terrible person? Fancy…she doesn't know me at all, but she said some really terrible things to me. She said that I was cruel and heartless…Am I?" Martin doesn't think that. "Yes she is!" says a voice. Pilar has come in and throws her two cents in about what kind of person she thinks Katherine really is! She only cares about eavesdropping on those she cares about, but these two, she isn't ashamed of what she did by listening in.

Simone can't find anything that gives more clues about Spike's past. She and Paloma work hard at the police station to gather clues about Spike. Spike has been in trouble for everything, it seems, but nothing really serious like the murder of those Johns. "It amazes me that Jessica married that crook. I refuse to believe that Spike loves her." Paloma has a thought suddenly. "Are we doing the right thing helping Jessica? What if we end up hurting her?"

"Don't make threats, Spike," says Jessica. "Just leave Paloma and Simone alone. They just care about me and want me to be happy." Spike says that he cares about his wife as well. He gets mad when she doesn't say that she knows that he cares about her right away. She says it, and then he gives her a necklace that shines and glitters. He remembers stealing it from Sheridan… "Now don't lose this like you lost the other bracelet that I got you! I am the only one out there that loves you!"

"I disagree with something that you said, Katherine. Fancy is right about you and what kind of person you really are." Martin doesn't want this. Katherine doesn't want him to fight her battles. "I have despised everything that you have done with your life. You did everything that you could to take him from me again. you stand there feeling sorry for yourself. I can't just which one of you is worse. You or Martin." He says that he was only protecting her. "Don't say that to me ever again! I was the idiot wife, grateful that you had come back to town with your mistress. I was the only one all those years who kept the faith. I can't imagine why I ever wanted you back!"

Fancy punches the bag as hard as she can, and then it is time for a break. Luis hands her some water. "Let's hit the treadmill while your heart rate is up!" They set the machines and start jogging. "Is that all you got?" he asks her. "Hell no!" Fancy turns her machine up and runs faster. "It's all about incline if you want a workout!" She raises the front of her machine and keeps running. "That's good!" Fancy thinks to herself how Luis is just trying to show her up by turning his machine speed higher and higher, maybe thinking that she can't keep up. BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! Fancy turns the machine all the way up! "I'll show him!" she thinks. Her legs are a blur as she trots away at lightening speed. Suddenly, she is catapulted backwards off the machine, onto the floor. She is shot off the machine with the speed of ejected food from a Heimlich Maneuver. "Fancy!" Luis goes to her and picks her up from the floor.

Chris and Sheridan are at the courthouse with James having their interview for James's adoption. The judge talks to the adults and then to James. "I want her to be my mommy forever and ever!" The judge agrees with that declaration. "James Crane-Boothe! Sheridan Crane-Boothe is your legal, real mommy forever and ever…"

Paloma and Simone see that since Jessica has stopped working the streets, there hasn't been another murder of a John. They have to face facts. Jessica is a killer.

"You are disgusting!" Jessica says pushing Spike off her. He feels that since he paid for the cow, he can get the milk anytime that he wants. "You are disgusting!" she shouts, shoving the man off her. Spike didn't remember her saying that the night before! "Yes I did! I didn't want to have sex last night either, and you forced me to! It was rape!" Spike doesn't care that they are in the kitchen. He picks her up and places her on the counter like a little girl and then he is on top of her. She is scared and frantic. He has her pinned to the counter, and she knows what's going to happen next. She looks around and sees some butcher knifes on the counter behind her head. She grabs one and SPLURTCH! In the blade goes. Like cutting butter! She pulls it out. She has stabbed Spike in the back and that has stopped his assault. He backs away from her and drops to his knees. "Help me!" She stands holding the bloody knife glaring at the bastard. "I will help you go straight to hell!" She rushes over to him and holds the knife over her head, using all her force to drive it into his back. Spike lays motionless now.

Pilar unloads on Katherine and Martin… 'It is not just enough to cancel our wedding vows, Martin. I want to put this whole episode out of my life. I want to live again, before it is too late!"

Luis and Fancy are kissing. He suddenly realizes that they shouldn't be doing this. He leaves to take a shower.

Sheridan, James and Chris are a family now. The judge thinks that things are great! Sheridan expects nothing but clear sailing from now on. Chris has a court official take their picture now.

"Alright…I do know the rules!" Luis and Fancy are dressed now in the their uniforms. "About the kissing and the reason why the rule is in place. It is because of officers who take advantage of other officers." He likes her. "You are nice, gorgeous…You are a good, caring person… Seriously, who knows what life has in store for us. Nothing is solid Fancy, nothing stays the same." All she needs is hope. He always has that. That is how he gets through the day. She can't help it. She kisses him again. "I have to do a deposition at the courthouse, so why don't you come with me?"

"I'm hungry," James says. The family decide to get pizza and then maybe some ice cream. The family leaves the courthouse now. Luis and Fancy are walking in…They bump into James and his parents. "I just got adopted. I got a new mommy!" Luis is happy for the child. "You are lucky! You take good care of her, okay?" Chris and Fancy share a quiet glance.

"Even when you were with me in body, you were not with me in spirit! Martin! I want a divorce and an annulment, in case I want to get married again." Martin will not allow this. "I want to live my life to the fullest! I have moved on, and you should too." Pilar leaves. "Pilar! No!" Katherine calls to him. "We can finally have the life that I have dreamed of." Martin turns to Katherine. "I can't, Katherine! I am sorry."

Jessica sinks the knife again…It's all a dream… Jessica is on the counter, under Spike as he tears her apart. "No!" With one great shove he is off her. She grabs a knife and holds it in front of her, so that he can't come to her again. He doesn't. He goes upstairs now. "What can I do?" She asks herself. She accidentally cuts her palm and looks at the blood she draws. "Why can't he just die?" She plunges the knife into the counter and walks off.

Paloma is sure that Jessica is doing this, but Simone disagrees. She has known this girl all her life. Paloma plans top find out who the killer is.

Chris leaves to get the car. "Hey James!" Luis says. "You better be good, 'cause Sheridan can be really strict." Sheridan and James leave the building. Fancy finds that Luis handled that well. "You are a really good friend, you know that?" She will be there for him anytime. "Are you sad?" James asks. Sheridan is crying. "I have tears of joy because you are going to be mine forever…"

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