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Passions Update Friday 9/29/06--Canada; Monday 10/2/06

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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay softens up when she realizes that Miguel was only messing with Siren to keep her safe from getting found out by Fox and Poison Ivy. What he says seems to make sense to her. Tabitha is listening in and sees how Kay is getting mixed up feelings for the boy again. Kay had it all sorted out before, and now with just a few words, she is all confused again. Miguel says that he couldn't avoid Siren, as she is always all over him anyway. Tabitha goes to Endora wondering where Siren has gone to. "We just have to keep out of Kay's love life and not meddle any more. Endora wants to do something but her mummy warns her to do nothing. Fox arrives at the front door with a huge bouquet of flowers for Kay.

Jessica says that she hurt herself falling down. Paloma and Simone know that the bruises that she has aren't from falling down.

A shadow comes to the cottage window. It is Spike and he enters the cottage, taking things that he finds in the living room. He finds a gorgeous diamond necklace. "Ah! Jackpot!" he says, putting the bauble in his bag. He continues thieving. An arm comes around Spike's neck. It is Chris, and he holds the man in a chokehold while he brandishes a knife with the other. "Give me one good reason why I shouldn’t!"

Theresa debates again with her mother why she can't tell her secret now. Whitney enters the office, and Theresa explains how she is handling the fact of Ethan being her son's father. She has put a note with her will and it will be in the safe until she dies. Only then will her secret be told.

Ethan finds an envelope from a lawyer that he knows. Gwen comes in to see her husband. "What is that?" She figures that the envelope is just more stuff about the Stuart Allen case. Ethan opens the envelope… "What the?" he says. "What is it?" asks Gwen. Ethan gives Gwen the letter that he reads. "It is all there in black and white." Gwen reads.

"I have to keep Little Ethan's paternity a secret!" Someone knocks. Valerie walks in with Little Ethan who was bored at daycare. He missed his mother… They hug.

"I would do anything to make you happy, Kay. It is true. If I wanted to be a selfish jerk, all I would have done is nothing, and Fox would have found us naked on the beach. I don't want to force the issue. I want you to choose to be with me. It has to be your decision." Kay is sorry for being angry. They hug. "Thank God that Fox can't see us now," Kay thinks. Endora uses her magic to make playing pink lights in the room. "Endora, I know that you want to help Kay, but we can't use magic all the time to get what we want." Endora disagrees. She thinks about how she could fix things. Fox would sit at the table and Endora would sit across from him. He wants to make things better, but he doesn't want to screw things up… ZAP! She sends a beam of magic to the bathtub and plucks Siren out of there, tossing her into the fish tank… Fox enters the house now and he asks where Kay is. He starts leaving to search for her. ZAP! Tabitha sends a beam of light to Fox's butt and it makes him quickly walk out of the house, straight over to the Bennetts'. Smoke rises off his body for the zap that Endora gave him. Tabitha leans forward smiling. That was funny. "Where am I? How did I get here?" Fox asks. Noah turns to find Fox in his family's kitchen. "You are in my kitchen. Is there a fire somewhere? You don't look too good. Sit down and I will make you a coffee…"

Chris holds Spike, tempted to kill the man. "They got a lot of gardeners out there…You don't want to risk this, Chris." Chris lets the man go. Spike goes for his bag, but Chris won't let him take it. "You come in here again, Spike, and you may not leave." Spike is broke and has no income. "Why don't you go get money from your whores? Go take care of your wife, and I will take care of mine."

"Some of the bruises are fresh, and some are almost gone Jessica! He is a criminal" Jessica says that Spike loves her and that her two friends are jealous since they don't have men. Paloma gets angry, but Simone knows that Jessica is just attacking to get attention off herself. "Leave me alone!" Simone grabs the girl's hand. "Why are you cutting yourself again? Jessica! Happy girls don't do that!"

"Why did you put the whammy on Fox?" Endora didn't want Fox to get hurt by seeing Kay with Miguel. Tabitha knows that Fox learning the truth is for the best in the long run. "If Kay and Miguel are together, then we will be safe from Charity's goodness forever!" Fox tells Noah, "I don't know what happened! I was going to look for Kay, and I felt like I was hit by lightening." Noah walks over to Fox. "Your head is smoking. It's Kay isn't it? I grew up with her. She's driving you crazy, isn't she?" Fox is crazy in love with her if that is what he means. Miguel tells Kay, "I was just lucky that Siren was at the right place at the right time. The whole time that I was kissing her, I was thinking of you." Miguel and Kay hug.

"That little bitch!" Gwen screams. We have to go to her office and deal with this right now. Little Ethan visits with his mother, grandmother and Whitney… The door flies open and Ethan and Gwen enter the office. "You can't just barge in here anytime that you like!" Ethan and Theresa ask Whitney to take Little Ethan out for a few minutes so they all can talk. She does as she is asked. "What is this?" Theresa asks. Gwen waves the envelope in front of Theresa's face. "This!" Theresa sees the envelope recognizing it instantly. "You read that?" Gwen and Ethan are as serious as heart attacks. "Your little secret's out!" Gwen spits. "Did you lie awake all night coming up with this little plan?" Theresa is speechless. "Answer my question, Theresa!" Theresa explains that the copy of her Will was to go to the vault. Valerie enters and apologizes for the mistake. Gwen starts on her about screwing up. Theresa starts talking to her mother quietly. "What are you talking about over there Theresa?"

"You are about to leave, Spike. Sheridan is going to adopt James today." Spike wonders when Chris is going to adopt the kid himself. "If I was you Chris, I would hurry up and get me some money. I don't want to get drunk and blurt out your secrets!" Chris pushes the man out of there.

"Honey, you have to stop this!" Jessica is almost crying now. She feels like her friends are ganging up on her. Simone knows that Jessica has to be very unhappy to be doing this. "You need to get out of this marriage that you are in Jessica. We are trying to save you before Spike kills you." Jessica believes the man loves her. "You have to leave Spike!" Simone shouts. Spike appears and twists Simone's arm for what she is telling his wife. She winces in pain. "Ow!" He twists her arm further. "You again! You have a hell of a thick skull! I told you that if you did this again, you would answer to me!" Jessica and Paloma watch horrified!

"Do we still have a chance together?" She hasn't any idea what to say to him. "Say that you love me. I want you and Maria…" Tabitha sees a picture of Miguel and Kay…ZAP! The picture becomes a monitor for her to watch Miguel and Kay…Miguel keeps begging Kay to pick him over Fox. Tabitha isn't happy that this is happening. Noah tells Fox about how he and Fancy are truly over. Fox is unhappy that Miguel seems to be interested in Kay. "You better hold on to her," Noah tells. "Fancy came to the club and got him to agree to be friends." Fox knows that must've hurt. He gets up to go now. "You know Fox, it gives me hope to see you guys in love." Fox smiles. Soon she will be Mrs. Nicholas Foxworth Crane…"

"I read the entire Will," Ethan says. "We know what you want, Theresa. You want Ethan to be the trustee for Little Ethan should you die. Don't you think that you should have asked us first instead of just dropping a copy of your Will on my desk?" Theresa sees where this is going. she plays up to it and even asks Ethan politely if he will do this for her, as if she was planning this all along. Ethan agrees to go the job for her…Valerie apologizes again and leaves. Ethan and Gwen are about to go now but Theresa asks them to wait…She turns to her mother now and whispers that the note about Little Ethan's paternity has to be sitting on Ethan's desk and that he will find it if he returns there now. "We are leaving now." Ethan and Gwen turn to the door to exit. "Wait!" Theresa says. "You can't go!" Gwen turns to the girl, rolling her eyes. "And why not?" Down in Ethan's office, the note about Little Ethan's true paternity lays innocently on the man's desk, among other envelopes…The door to Ethan's office opens and someone enters. That person goes to the desk and picks up the envelope that Theresa so desperately wants kept a secret. This person opens the envelope and reads… 'If you are reading this, then I am dead…"

"I am marrying Fox!" Kay wants him to stop this. "I can't! I love you!" Tabitha hears the declarations of love and ZAP! She sees in the picture frame that Fox is returning. "Here comes Fox!" Tabitha shouts from the other room. Miguel and Kay rush to a hiding place in the kitchen. Fox enters with his giant bouquet. "Where's Kay?" Tabitha enters and says that Kay is upstairs. Fox rushes off to find her. In the closet, Miguel takes this opportunity to steal kisses. "Stop, Miguel! I can't keep doing this!"

Spike holds Simone in a twisted way as if he is going to break her arm. "Let her go, or I will arrest you!" Spike ignores Paloma. She kicks him and Simone manages to get free. Simone gets him on his knees and has his arm twisted and hurting now. "Let him go!" Jessica shouts. Eventually, Paloma lets the crazy bastard free. Spike tells the two that if they come near his wife again, Jessica will get the death penalty. "You see, I know all about Jessica and all those johns getting killed. If you bother us again, I will send up for those killings."

Theresa tells Ethan and Gwen that they need to wait as Little Ethan is there and would like to see them. She goes into the hall and tells her mother that she needs to get to Ethan's office and get that letter before someone sees it. Pilar rushes off. In Ethan's office, the intruder reads Theresa's private letter…every word...Someone is coming. The intruder climbs under the desk and waits…Pilar enters the office. She goes to the desk and finds the letter that Theresa needs and she leaves… The intruder comes out of hiding now that there is no one around. Little Ethan spends some time with Ethan and Gwen in Theresa's office. Pilar arrives and so does Whitney. Theresa tells Ethan and Gwen that they can play with him at the daycare. Ethan and Gwen are up for that, and they walk out with the child. Theresa grabs the letter from her mother's hand and breathes a sigh of relief. "I would have been dead if anyone had read this letter…"

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