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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Eve says, "I took that from TC, I took that from Liz, and I even took it from the girls, but I can't take it from you too, Julian. After all that we have been through together?" Julian feels used and that Eve wanted his money all along. He helped her achieve things that a poor girl couldn't. "You never loved me?"

Theresa lays alone. Whitney enters, telling her that she went looking for Chad, but he has gone off without telling her he was leaving. "I called Crane, and he's not there, and I can't talk to Valerie either, as she is gone. He isn't with Miles. He is with the sitter. This is about what I was telling you about earlier. Chad has been keeping a secret from me. A deep dark secret…"

Chad is at the motel. The phone rings. He smiles when he sees the display. "How long do you think you are going to be? That is okay, I just got here, and you are worth waiting for."

Fancy punches the bag too hard and winches… Paloma tells her to relax. She doesn't need Paloma's help. "I will find a man who wants me, too. Even if Luis decides that he doesn't want Sheridan, I don't care!"

Sheridan says, "I am sorry, Luis. I hate hurting you but I meant every word that I said. I am married to Chris. He, James and I are a family. That is what I want. I am Chris's wife, and I want to be James's mother…so I can't be with you." Luis tries to talk, but Sheridan cuts him off. "I don't want to be with you. I have finally moved on, and there is no turning back."

Theresa and Whitney try to figure out what is going on with Chad. They sit, and Theresa will be all ears for her friend. "Okay, it is just a feeling. I have no proof, but I think that Chad is having an affair."

Chad pours himself a drink while he waits at the motel. "I really do love Whitney, I really do. That is why I feel so guilty about all of this…Just not so guilty that I will stop."

Valerie is in the office alone. She has her back to the door. "What am I doing getting involved with him when he works here?" She is getting ready to leave now… Jared has come in and hears her talking to herself about getting involved with someone. "What is this all about?" Valerie turns to find Jared at the door.

"You always did your best work on your hands and knees." Eve is truly hurt by Julian's words. He gets his checkbook to pay her for her services. She is horrified by his scathing comments. "I wanted to be with you." He can't believe that she chose TC over him. "He had a stroke!" Julian feels that when you love someone, you put them over everyone else. "I wasn't ever first for you. This is my truth. Stop lying to me and to yourself. Admit it. You really want to be back with TC…"

"I know how you feel about Luis, and I know that he likes you. Look at the big picture, Fancy. Actually, Luis not giving up on Sheridan easily is a good thing. He isn't a wishy-washy guy. You and my brother could end up having a wonderful life together."

"We can't pretend that Marty never existed, Luis. My son died a horrible death." Luis understands if Sheridan blames him for what happened. "It isn't that I blame you, but we have to face that things are truly different now, and we can't go back. Things are over for us, Luis…for good." He will not accept … He stops talking now. He looks at her face and sees that she isn't kidding. Things really are over. "It is really different this time. You don't want to be with me anymore." Sheridan nods. "I really mean it this time. It's over. I've moved on, and you need to move on too."

Valerie panics when she thinks that Jared knows what she was referring to when she speaks of her secret. He was only thinking that she was going to meet Julian, and she seems relieved. He thinks now that she must be doing two guys. "I was talking to my friend today and he has a secret. He has to be careful so that the secret doesn't come out."

"You don't trust me or my love for you." Julian doesn't. "You don't love me enough to put me first in your arms. "We would still be together. What made you think twice about us? Was it the interracial stares? You never loved me enough."

Paloma says, "My brother is definitely worth waiting for." Fancy has to admit that. She has decided to wait for Luis to make his decision. "We have had a few false starts, and now I will wait again to see how long it takes your brother to finally be over Sheridan."

"I never thought that it would end like this. I thought that one of us would die, or the world would come to an end. This seems so nice and neat." Sheridan laughs. Luis finds ending things like this is still better than yelling and screaming. Her phone rings. "It's Chris… I didn't tell him where I was going, so he must be worried." She moves away from Luis to take the call. "Where did you get to?" Sheridan tells Chris that she had to run an errand. He wants her to come now. "I am on my way." She tells Luis that she has to go. "Luis, I am sorry. I am so, so sorry…" Luis goes to her at the door and pulls her into a passionate kiss. She throws her arms around him.

"God knows that I love Whitney, but she isn't enough for me," Chad tells himself.

"The other day I was going to Ethan's office, and Chad was uneasy with me when I came in and caught them talking." Theresa thinks that this has to do with him being uneasy with Jared. Whitney knows that this is something else. Theresa asks who it could be that Chad is having an affair with if he is having an affair.

Jared tells Valerie that she made a terrible mistake with Crane Hong Kong that he noticed. She has to go somewhere, but she will fix the mistake first. "You need to be careful, Valerie. There are other people at stake." She knows that. She will be careful.

"You put him ahead of me countless times, Eve." She feels that he has never considered her feelings in all this. "I put you on a pedestal!" he shouts at her. She agrees, like he put Valerie on the desk that day. He said that he had to sleep with Valerie to fulfil a need that she wouldn't fill. She knew that he just wanted sex and needs an excuse. "Why do you always have to put something or someone ahead of us?" She admits that she did put things before him, but she has her work to deal with. "It is all or nothing then, isn't it Julian?" He leaves the decision to her. She feels then if that is the way that he has to have it, they can't be together.

Luis and Sheridan are kissing, and finally, she pulls herself away. "We are finished as a couple. We have to be. I have to go home to my husband and his son. I wish you the best, Luis. Always…" He smiles now. "Always…" He turns and walks away from her. Sheridan is at the front door about to leave when the door opens, and Paloma and Fancy enter with their books. She tells them that she came to do what needed to be done. "I let Luis go. He needs you now, Fancy. You will be there for him won't you?" Fancy nods. "Sheridan!" Luis comes running out of the kitchen now. "Sheridan!" His voice sounds desperate. He stops running when he sees Fancy standing with his sister in the living room…

"If that is what you want Julian, then it is over." He asks if she agrees with him. "That's okay, if that is what you need. Not that it makes any difference to you now, but I want you to know that I did love you. It was deep and heartfelt. You were the light of my life." He isn't sure that he believes that. "Yes, really. The way that you look at me now makes it hard for me to believe that you cared ever…"

Paloma tells Luis that she and Fancy are there to study. Fancy knows that Luis is hurt, and she blames herself for forcing Sheridan to put an end to things. "Why don't you go to have a rest Luis?" suggests Paloma. He tells his sister that he is fine. Paloma whispers to Fancy that she is going to go and leave the couple alone. "Luis, I am going to take the food tray in the kitchen. If you need anything let me know." Paloma leaves. "You don't have to stay here on my account. You should be studying with Paloma…" Fancy tells Luis that she saw Sheridan at the door and she knows that it is over. "Yes, it really is," Luis says. Sheridan is at home now. "It had to be done," Sheridan says to herself. "I just wish that it didn't hurt so much." Chris enters the room. "What is going on Chris?" Chris says that what happened this night has changed everything for them. "It is about our future, Sheridan…"

"It's Valerie! Chad is having an affair with Valerie… she slept with Chad before, a long time ago. Theresa, he is acting strange and I am not imaging this." Theresa believes in trusting your gut feelings as she does that when possible. Theresa decides to ask Jared to look around for Chad. Whitney asks that Theresa not tell Jared what she thinks. Theresa calls Jared…"Hi, Jared… I am feeling better. Listen, before you come back here, can you look around and see if you can find Chad? Whitney and I have a question for him." Jared will help if he can. Jared hangs up and goes over to Valerie. Valerie has finished her task and is heading out. "Valerie, that was Theresa on the phone. If you should happen to see him, then tell him to check in with Theresa or Whitney…"

"Surprise!" James comes running in the room with balloons. The surprise is that Chris has made the arrangements for Sheridan to officially adopt James as her son…

"Yeah, its over. It is finally over. I saw it in Sheridan's eyes. We don't have a future together." Fancy is sorry for both Sheridan and Luis…

"I loved you more than you can ever know. I was so upset that day and treated everyone else around me horribly…Then when I got you back, that was a dream come true, Eve, but I never really got you back, did I?" She tries to explain but he doesn't want to hear it. "I see you for the shameless opportunist you are…That life is over…You can go straight to hell!"

"Can I do something for you, Luis?" asks Fancy. Luis says that nothing can change that he and Sheridan are over…

"This couldn't have come at a better time!" Sheridan really wants to be James's mother. Chris has a thought about how he really isn't James's father. "From not on, you two are the most important guys in my life…"

"Chad wasn't honest with me about his past before, and I can tell that he isn't being honest with me now…" Chad is in the shower… The door to the motel opens, and Chad hears it. "I am glad that you could make it…" Chad shouts. The person gets a couple of ice cubes in a glass. "Hey! Could you make me a drink too?" The person hands Chad a drink. He sips, smiling as he dries off. By the time he is done… His 'special someone' is in the bed waiting… He drops his towel and slips under the sheets. "Come over here, and give me a kiss!" He leans over…

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