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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Julian and Eve are kissing at the office. Now that they are over his cheating with Valerie, and she has forgiven him, they are back together. They start taking each other's clothes off and they fall to the ground.

Whitney talks about how Chad is keeping something from her and Theresa wants to know what that is. "You are going to lose everything, Chad!" Jared overheard him talking to someone intimately over the phone.

Fancy tells Paloma that she has things with Luis and Sheridan under control now. She isn't worried about it anymore. "I told Sheridan that she had to let Luis go, and things are now fine. I made my point, and she understands." Paloma knows that the speech that Fancy gave to Sheridan may just make Sheridan see that she has to be with Luis.

Luis is hugging Sheridan. He thinks that she is returning to him. "We are going to put all the pain and suffering behind us and get the happiness that we deserve." Sheridan tries to get a word in edgewise, but Luis just keeps going on about them getting back together and won't let her say anything. He pulls her into another hug now.

"I can't ask Chad what is going on." Theresa feels that her friend should. "He is usually honest and open, but not now." Theresa finds that relationships are ruined by secrets. Whitney finds that funny coming from her. "I don’t know what to think. Forget that I mentioned anything. She knows that Theresa has enough to worry about with Jared and Ethan. Theresa will always have time for her best friend. Jared tries to put himself in Chad's shoes. "I can't tell you what to do, Chad." Chad only knows that he can't lose Whitney and his baby. "I should have told Whitney the truth from day one." Jared knows that Chad has a choice to either tell Whitney, or keep his mouth shut.

Paloma only tells Fancy the truth about the way that things are. "I don't know about you. Actually, I do. We are both stubborn. When someone tells us not to do something, we go out and do it. That is why you went and told Sheridan off. Now if she proves to be as stubborn as we are, she may go right into Luis's arms. Paloma wouldn’t be surprised if that happened. She says, "When I met Luis and Sheridan in Mexico, I thought that their relationship was remarkable. They could be in a room full of people and not see anyone else." Fancy tells Paloma that no matter what she says, Sheridan will stay with Chris. "She will let Luis go…I know it. She has to."

"This is fantastic, Sheridan. We are going to have a chance. We have to plan the wedding and find a house." Sheridan keeps trying to talk but Luis won't let her in. "We can get a farm…You know the one that we liked? It got snapped up but we can get a new place. It doesn't have to be new-new…We can fix it up and raise our 9 kids there…" She would prefer 3. He will only go as low as 6. "A new house and a new life…" Sheridan thinks about how it could be with Luis as her husband. Their children would be playing in the other room and laughing while their parents steal kisses in the living room. The kids would be happy, as they would have been raised with love. "Did I ever tell you that you make me that happiest man on earth?" he would say to her while gazing into her eyes, and then they would kiss… "Yes, Luis. I can see it…You and me and a big family." Luis feels they should do it right now. "We will get a big house and we will fill it with love…" Luis looks for the paper to show Sheridan a house that he has been eyeing. "It even has walking distance to the beach!" Sheridan smiles at him, and says it sounds lovely. She smiles when Luis tells how they are going to be Mr. and Mrs. Finally. It isn't going to be easy for you to get the divorce, but I will be there for you, so don't worry." Luis searches the house now for the newspaper. He just had it in this room not long ago. In her mind, Sheridan knows that there isn't anyway that she can marry Luis. His dreams of their lives together can never be.

Julian and Eve have finished making love and lay in the office, in the dark. He holds her in his arms. "It will be the rest of our lives together. We still could sail off for the Mediterranean cruise if you want…" Eve can't leave until she is sure that TC will be fine. "I don't understand you, Eve. Why do you put TC first before me?" She tells the man that she loves him. "Well, if you do love me Eve, it has to be me and only me."

Theresa tells Whitney how Jared is a really great guy to her, and he makes her feel so special all the time. She really has to get Ethan out of her system and Jared is the guy to move on with. "And you love Chad who is a keeper Whitney! We both have really great guys! It is great that the two of you have found each other." The truth is that Whitney is scared and terrified. "I can't get past this suspicion that Chad is cheating on me." Whitney turns to find her friend has fallen asleep. She goes to Theresa and feels her head. "She is hot! I think that she has a fever. I don't think that she went to sleep, I think that she has passed out!"

"Don't give me ultimatums, Julian." Julian and Eve get dressed as they talk. They have hit another sour note in the relationship, and so soon. Julian blames her for the destruction of their relationship. "You broke off our engagement on a whim. We both know that you are hovering over TC in hopes of recreating your family life with him. He left you for no good reason! I, on the other hand, wanted you no matter what the circumstances were. You have used me to pull you out of your dull, middle-class life." She is horrified at what he is suggesting about her. "It is true Eve! You got to be the lady of the manor and you enjoyed it. TC's accident and stroke was a very smart move on his part. You are using TC's health to push me away."

"I told you what I said to my grandmother and Sheridan at the cottage… So what did you and your mother say to Luis?" Paloma says that she and her mother tried to make Luis see that things in the present are not like they were in the past. Fancy doesn't care what people think. "I will do whatever it takes to get Luis." Paloma tells Fancy that she will be having a houseload of kids if she wants to be with Luis. Fancy thinks about the future with Luis and their kids and a smile comes to her face. They would be looking out into the yard from the house. He would beam as he spoke of them. "Look at them run, Fancy. We are so lucky to have children as beautiful as their mother… The day that I dropped Sheridan and married you was the best day of my life. I had no idea what love was until I got you, Fancy…" She would turn to him truly happy. Fancy wonders if Pilar would be happy with maybe…twelve children… Paloma is surprised to hear her say that.

"Luis, we have to talk." Sheridan can't seem to get out what she came there to say. Luis knows that he is jumping ahead, but he is thinking about space for the kids, so it is only fitting that they think about a house right away. "I am sorry, Luis. You are making so many plans, and I have a husband at home to think about. You know what I have to do, don't you?" Luis does know. She is glad that he is being so understanding about it all. "It is going to be rough but not as hard for me. I didn't really get involved with Fancy, but you are married."

Chad is on the phone again confirming his appointment. Jared is there when Chad gets off. He knows that the guy is going to have a few rough spots coming up. "I wish that I were at that motel now…" Whitney comes out into the hall to get the men. They return and find Theresa unconscious in the bed, as if she is simply sleeping. They start calling her mother. That is when Theresa stirs and her eyelids flutter open. "I am fine you guys, don't call anyone. Don't call Eve." Jared can see that she is dozing off already and worries about that. Jared leaves the room. Whitney approaches Chad. "In the hall just now, I heard you and Jared talking about a motel. What was that all about?" "What motel?" Whitney is sure that she heard right. "Oh that! We were talking about how we had to stay in a motel, and we vowed that we wouldn’t do that again." Whitney will accept that explanation if that is what it is. Jared comes in asking Whitney to get the ice cubes for Theresa's head. She leaves. Jared and Chad say goodbye. Jared knows that Chad had better figure this out or there is going to be hell to pay.

Paloma tells the story of the love of her life. "He is capable of loving a woman with all of his life. He is special and he is so pure. It is all so unnecessary." She says that her brother has the fault of pigheadedness. We could have avoided all this drama if he would only accept the truth of the situation. "He went on about his Sheridan and how he loves her so. He won't listen Fancy but I did put in a couple of good words for you. I just hope that he realizes that you are the one for him." Fancy hears that Paloma is pushing Luis at her and really doesn't want to be with her at all.

"We have to tell Chris…The sooner the better." Sheridan tells Luis that he doesn't understand. "I am staying with Chris. I am not ending my marriage. I came here tonight to tell you this. What we had was lovely, but it is over. There is no hope for us."

"I am such a gentleman, and I offered to leave you to him, but you chose me. Then I offered to pay for his care, and you wouldn't take it!" Eve finds him lacking compassion. "Eve, ever since I saw you singing at the Blue Note, you have been in my dreams. You have no idea what it was like all those years, living with Ivy and drinking the best scotch that money could buy. All my life, I have been tortured because you were perfection. Now, however, I know what you really are. I think that we should just stop here, as I am wasting my time." She wants him to finish what he is saying. "You are not going to like the answer to that question, Eve."

"You were begging him to have a relationship with me?" Paloma says that it wasn't as bad as she thinks. "Men used to beg me for the light of day. I am Fancy Crane! Men would fall to my feet if I wanted them to, and I am supposed to make a two-bit cop reject me? Well if he doesn't want me, then I don't want him either."

Sheridan says, "You got so excited with your dreams and I couldn't stop you. Luis, I have to do the right thing, as I have a husband and a child who has already lost his mother once. You have to move on. We had a chance, but now it is gone!" Luis turns away in frustration.

"Do you really want to know what I think, Eve?" says Julian. "I used to think that you were perfection." Eve wants him to spit it out. "You, Eve, are not perfection. You are far from it. You accuse me, but what about the old Eve? I used to think that it was the drugs that made you promiscuous. When you were high, I used to think that was what allowed me to take those pornographic pictures of you, but now I wonder. You really are a whore at heart. You are a whore, Eve!"

Whitney stands by as Jared tends to Theresa… "Where are you, Chad?" Whitney thinks. "And who are you with?" Chad arrives at the motel and pours himself a drink. "Ah, better…" He sits on the bed now. "What am I doing here? I must be some kind of bastard."

Luis begs Sheridan not to do this. She doesn't want to do it, but it kills her too. "I am sorry Luis. Our love is beautiful but it was too fragile to last. You have to accept that, whether you want to or not." He knows that she loves him. She does, buts he looks down, as she shouts over and over that she doesn't want him. "I don't want you! I don't want you! I don't want you! I don't want you!" She hangs her head now and cries.

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