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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Jessica, Simone and Paloma arrive at the Crane mansion to go swimming in that gorgeous pool. Paloma is a friend with Fancy now, and so can come there all the time if she wants. Jessica doesn't feel like swimming and sits fully-clothed at the side of the pool. Simone and Paloma sit in their suits, and Simone tells how her mother and Julian have broken up.

Julian barks orders into the phone and hangs up, frustrated that things have been handled incorrectly at work. Fox comes to see his father, who is angry that Fox has made some bad business decisions. He knows that he did, but he can't concentrate right now as he has a problem with Kay. Julian knew it.

Tabitha and Kay are in the kitchen, and Kay seems preoccupied with her thoughts as she tries to put a meal together. Tabitha asks if Kay is still torn between two lovers. Kay says she is going to marry Fox and that is that. "But Kay! What about Miguel?" A voice says, "What about me?" The ladies turn to see that Miguel has entered the room and now waits for an answer to his question.

Chad comes to see Ethan about a job that he needs a lawyer to handle for a client, but Ethan has a lot on his mind. He looks like he is busy and he doesn't smile much. Chad notices. Ethan thinks about Theresa and their passionate kisses in the steam room before she became ill. Ethan has a lot on his mind. Chad thinks about the motel room and talking about Whitney and what he is doing to her. "I have a lot on my mind as well," Chad says.

Theresa signs a document. It is the most important document that she has ever signed. Pilar is outside the office talking to Jared. He tells her that Theresa is in with someone dealing with a personal matter, and then he leaves. The man who brought Theresa the documents says goodbye to her now and advises her to keep her copy in a safe place. "I will." The man leaves. Pilar comes to her daughter now, and they enter her office. Pilar looks down at the desk and sees a document. "Last Will and Testament? Are you sick?" Theresa thinks about that. "I am sick," she says. Theresa isn't sick like her mother thinks. She is just sick of her love life. She is making sure that things are in order for her children and that the company will be Little Ethan's one day. "What about Ethan? He gets custody of Little Ethan right? You don't want Julian raising your son, not with his track record."

Fox says, "I can't shake what went down at the bridal salon. Kay bailed on me, and then my mother was trying to convince me that Kay ran off with Miguel." Julian knows that Ivy must be right. "Your mother can smell infidelity after having been married to me all those years." Fox trusts Kay. "No, my boy. Trust and women don't go together. I trusted Ivy, and then I trusted Eve… If you want Kay, then you should marry her today!"

"What were you saying about me?" asks Miguel. Tabitha thinks as hard as she can. "Oh we were just wondering if you would be included in the wedding," she says. Tabitha saved the day…"If you come to my wedding," Kay says. "You can't cause any trouble. You have to stay in the background." Tabitha tells that Kay is going to have everything, and Fox will, in turn, give Kay and Maria everything and anything that their little hearts desire.

Paloma has been swimming much better now that she is taking the police training. "Look at the way that Jessica just sleeps over there. She seems all depressed all the time. And what is with all those clothes? She should be sweating?" They have to shout at Jessica to get her to wake up. "What? I am just tired. I had a long night, if you know what I mean." Paloma and Simone shiver at the thought of having Spike as a sex partner.

Chad and Ethan are still talking…The phone rings. Ethan has to head out to go see about Jane. Chad is alone in the office now…Valerie enters and says hello to Chad. She is surprised to find him there. "Thank you for last night!" He is fine with that. He aims to please. "Well, I will see you later, Chad. I am heading back upstairs." He will go with her as he was going there as well. She drops a piece of paper, and he being a gentleman, stoops to pick it up for her, but she is already stooping as well. While down on their haunches, their stare into each other's eyes. Whitney enters the office with Miles in her arms. She pauses when she sees the two. Chad and Valerie keep talking and don't get up to a standing position right away. Whitney just keeps watching.

"I think that you are just projecting your problems with Eve on me and Kay." Julian says that all he is suggesting is that Fox marry Kay now, and have the elaborate service later. "I have no reason to be paranoid about Kay and Miguel." Julian remembers that Charity was the reason that those two were not together earlier. "I think that you are underestimating this situation. If you want something, you have to go and get it. Don't let anyone rob you of your heart's desire, especially Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald…" Miguel says, "I will always provide for Maria!" Tabitha knows that. "Believe me, Kay, Miguel will make some young woman a perfect husband one day." Kay forces Tabitha out of the room. Before leaving, Tabitha whispers to Kay to give Miguel one more chance. "Don't trip on the way out!" Kay says. As Tabitha is leaving, Kay does trip, and she falls. She scurries out. "Look, Kay. Siren and I didn’t have sex! Fox lied to you." Kay is furious that she almost broke up with Fox for him. "You almost broke up with him for me?"

"Little Ethan will have you if I die and Julian gets him." Pilar laughs. "He would want to reclaim what Alistair took from him, and Little Ethan will never get his hands on the company anyway." Theresa can't let this news get out. Little Ethan will lose everything. "You son! My grandson! Can't lose something that he never had. You tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his." Theresa throws her hands up in despair! "Okay! You are right! You win! I will tell Ethan that Little Ethan is his son!"

Chad turns and finds Whitney and Miles at the door. Chad goes over to her, and she tells him that she was dropping Miles off at the daycare to run errands. "What are you doing here?" They tell that Ethan was just there and had to go." Valerie leaves. Valerie thanks Jared in the hall for coming in when he did. Ethan hopes that Valerie and Jared aren't in there to spy on him. They aren't. Ethan enters the office and greets his friends and their baby. "So, Chad, do you think that we could go out for lunch today?" Chad hasn't arrange for his lunch break yet with anyone else. He thinks about his secret…He hugs his favorite people in the world now. Whitney knows that she and Miles will not be his favorite people if she finds out that he is lying to her and cheating. Chad continues hugging his family now…At the door, a looming figure appears. The shadow can be seen on the door to Ethan's office.

At the Crane mansion, Paloma and Simone are enjoying the pool, while Jessica lays all bundled up in a lounge chair resting. Paloma and Simone get an idea and whisper about it. "Hey! Jessica! Can you pass us some goggles? Our eyes are burning us." She gets out of her chair and grabs a couple of goggles. She spreads her arms as she passes the goggles to her friends in the pool, on either sides of her. They grab her wrists and drag her into the pool laughing and cheering…

Julian pulls out all the examples of couples gone bad for Fox to hear what he is saying. Fox still thinks that Kay is not someone that he has to worry about. Julian leaves, warning that his son needs to be careful when it comes to Kay. Fox worries now… He calls Kay."Just checking in. I know that horrible gown that my mother picked for you was hideous, so why don't we hope in the jet and go to Paris to get you a really nice one?" Kay knows that she can get a perfectly good dress right there in town. When she gets off the phone, Miguel is standing there and he begs her not to do it. "Don't marry Fox."

Pilar wants Theresa to tell Ethan the news about his child right away. Theresa can't do that. She writes a letter instead that will tell Ethan the truth when she dies. Her mother throws up her hands and leaves. "If you are reading this, then I am dead…I had to put my son first…Should I say…'our son'. Yes. Little Ethan is our son. Julian isn't the father, you are. I never told you as I had the fear that I would lose Little Ethan. I couldn't lose him after I had lost you and Jane… I kept the secret for this reason… I hope you understand why I did what I did and why I didn't tell you that Little Ethan is my son. Please know that all I ever wanted was for you and our children to be a family. Oh well…Maybe next time, if there is a next time. It would be heaven for me to spend eternity with you and our loved ones. Please let him know how much I loved him. I will be watching over you both, and Jane…All my love, always, Theresa…" By the time that Theresa puts the pen down; her eyes are full of tears.

"Thank you, Buck! I will let you know that things are up and running again." Fox hangs up. "You are still here," Julian says walking in. "Yes father. I was writing you a note that the refineries are up and running again." Julian tells the boy to go home and see Kay. "Will you get off my back?" Julian just wants the boy to keep his eyes open. "I am leaving now, Father, to take Kay to a surprise lunch." Fox leaves. "I hope that you are not the one who gets the surprise, Fox…"

"I didn't make love to Siren! I only made out with her to protect you, Kay. I didn’t want Ivy and Fox to find me alone on the beach. They would have known that you were hiding somewhere." Kay softens towards him. Tabitha is eavesdropping and sees that Kay is back on the Miguel bandwagon again.

Paloma and Simone are laughing at their trick, but Jessica doesn't think that it is funny. Simone goes to get Jessica some towels but she will not remove her wet clothes. Paloma and Simone threaten to take Jessica's clothes off for her if she doesn't do it herself. She sees they are not joking and so she starts removing her clothes. "You look like you were used as a punching bag."

Valerie arrives as requested. "I want you to deliver this envelope to the Crane safe downstairs and this other envelope is to go to Ethan's office." Valerie leaves.

"I wish that you would just tell Ethan the truth, Theresa!" She can't do that, and her mother will just have to understand that.

Valerie is in the hall arranging her envelopes. She goes into Ethan's office with all the envelopes, and they fall out of her hands into a chair. She is picking the envelopes up when Jared enters, telling her that there is a crisis and she has to come with him to help fix it. "But I have these envelopes to deliver!" Jared tells her that she has to come now! It is very important. Valerie walks out with him, ignoring which envelopes are which.

Theresa tells her mother again why she can't have Ethan find out about Little Ethan. It will affect her children's lives and change things forever!

Ethan walks into his office and sees all the envelopes in the chair. "What's this all about?" Ethan grabs an envelope. It is the one that Theresa wanted put in the safe… He recognizes the name of the lawyer on the envelope. "I know this guy. What a shark." He starts opening the envelope.

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