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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Eve walks into an office at Crane. She finds Julian in the throes of passion with none other than …Valerie! "Julian!" He and the young woman stop cavorting. They are making it on his desk.

Luis isn't getting used to the fact that he and Sheridan are over. He will not talk about Sheridan with his mother or sister anymore.

"How dare my niece lecture me the way that she did." Katherine and Sheridan are licking their wounds over the way that Fancy bashed them. Katherine comes in with tea and pours. They can't believe how Fancy acted just now. "I might have deserved what she said," Katherine thinks. "I didn't make a good example for either of you girls. I certainly could have controlled what happened with me and Martin. Fancy didn't mean it, Sheridan." Fancy is in the doorway. She says, "I meant every word, and I have come back to make sure that you two understand that."

Jared has Theresa in bed and he takes care of her due to her scare in the steam room. "I will go and get you a washcloth." He enters the bathroom. Theresa rests comfortably. Chad and Whitney come bursting in the room. "We heard what happened!" Whitney blurts out. "Does Jared know that you slept with Ethan?" Theresa rises from the bed and turns to the door. Jared enters staring from face to face.

Valerie tells Eve that this isn't what she thinks. "Julian told me that he gave you back the engagement ring. This hasn't happened before." Eve turns and leaves. Julian follows her out into the hall. "What you saw just now Eve…That was your fault, not mine."

"She only married Chris cause she thought that I was dead." Pilar knows that Sheridan will not leave Chris now for her son, not after that child has gotten used to her and thinks of her as his mother. Paloma is really frustrated. "What can I say?" Luis says. "My heart is with Sheridan and not Fancy!"

"You are my aunt and you are my grandmother. I love you both dearly. I have the utmost respect and affection for you. You have both had terrible experiences with men and are not the best judges." Sheridan hates how she is being spoken to. Fancy brings up how Katherine has been hurting Pilar. "And you, Sheridan! Do you want to follow in your mother's footsteps? As long as Luis thinks that there is a glimmer of hope for you, he will not move on. You keep saying that Chris is the man for you. If you truly love Chris and James, start acting that way."

Jared hasn't heard anything. Theresa smiles, relieved. Jared gives Theresa a cold compress. "Now if you get tired of practicing law, you could always try Nursing." Jared has questions for Chad about work and they leave the room. "I'm sorry Theresa. I didn’t know that Jared was in here. Things must be going well." Theresa says they are going great. "Why was she talking about Ethan when I was coming out of the bathroom? Is there something that I should know about?" Chad pauses uncomfortably.

"I am to blame for you having sex?" he grabs her hand to make her talk with him in his office. She will not go near him. He drags her roughly into the room. Valerie says, "I am so sorry, Dr. Russell!" Eve wants to hear nothing from Valerie. She is already seeing someone and wasn't trying to make trouble.. "You are excused!" Valerie nods at her boss and starts leaving. "No!" Eve calls out stopping the girl. "I am very disappointed in your. I considered you a role model for my daughters and every other woman in the area. You did some remarkable things and now I know how you did it. I saw you in action with my own eyes. You are nothing but trash!" Julian tells Eve to leave the girl alone. "Don't you be noble! What is it with you and black girls anyway?" Eve thought that Valerie was after Fox, then it was Chad and now she seems to be after Valerie himself. "Sad, Valerie! Sad! You are insulting every hardworking, god-fearing woman who is trying to do things right." Valerie finds this rich. "When Julian met you, you were nothing but a drug-addicted whore!" Eve bares her teeth! "You little bitch!" Eve flies across the room and the women are at it as Julian watches.

"She is miserable with Chris, and she still loves me. I don't know how long it is going to take, but Sheridan is coming back to me. And you, Paloma! Don't you have somewhere to be right now?" She should be at the station. She will go, but she will have this talk with him again.

"I think that the reason that you keep Luis dangling is because you love having a man like Luis hanging all over you." Sheridan didn't mean to do that. "Let him go! Please, Sheridan!" Fancy starts leaving, but Katherine tells her to stop," Sheridan wants her to go, as she has made her point. "She is right. I can't keep Luis on a string." Katherine sits with her daughter. "You love him. Do you honestly think that you can live your live without Luis?"

Eve is like a she-devil. Julian has to intervene. "You are a disgrace!" eve shouts at the girl. Julian stays put until Valerie is safely out of the room. "you pretended to be a decent person." He says that he pretended nothing. "I loved you Eve, but you felt that it was more important to be with TC. You made me the man that I am today!"

"We just want what is best for you, Luis." He knows that. "I hate to see you this way. It is going to be hard to see Sheridan with another man." Luis admits that. "I should have listened when she said that Beth had our son. I shouldn't have doubted the one that I love." Pilar has often asked God why these things happen. He has no idea, but does know that he will never stop loving Sheridan, and she will never stop loving him.

Katherine knows that Sheridan can't say that she is going to just stop loving Luis. "I know that you are supposed to be with Luis and not Fancy." It really doesn’t matter what her mother believes. "I am with Chris, and Fancy has every right to want to be with him. It is so hard." Katherine reminds Sheridan that the reason that Luis might be interested in Fancy is because the girls are similar. "I can't do this anymore. I tried to tell Luis to move on, but I sense that he knows that I don't mean it. I am scared. I don't want to live my life without Luis. I want his face on the pillow next to mine." Katherine isn't surprised to hear this. "That tells me that deep down you need to be with Luis. Turn off that laundry list of reasons why you shouldn't be with Luis. Listen to your heart."

"When he found me, I called out Ethan's name, and Jared is great and he looks after me. This whole thing in the steam room made things very clear for me. I don't have a future with Ethan but I have a future with Jared. I have to convince Jared that he is the only one in my heart and bed. He can never find out that I just slept with Ethan."

In the hall, Jared asks, "So what did I miss, Chad?" Chad will tell him but he wishes that Jared would think about being careful about what he wishes for.

Fancy lets the punching bag have it. Paloma comes by and sees that the girl is frustrated. "I just came back from seeing my grandmother and Sheridan. My grandmother has it in her head that Sheridan should be with Luis. I let Katherine have it." Paloma respects Katherine who has been like a mother to her. "I had to say what I had to!"

"Whitney and I have known Ethan for a long time. He isn't a bad guy. Whitney was just warning Theresa about Ethan screwing up his marriage…" Jared accepts that info and leaves. Chad looks after the man and thinks about his secret. He meets his secret friend and he is a cheater too… Chad returns to the room. His phone rings. "Chad, it's Valerie! I need to talk to you right away…" Whitney looks up at Chad as he listens to his call.

"I wouldn't have felt the need to seek solace if you hadn't dumped me!" Eve tries to leave, but Julian physically holds her roughly in the room. "I loved you with my whole heart and soul, and you trampled on my heart. You brought out my worst fears." She will not let him put his twisted behavior on her. "You are the same callous person you always were." Julian blames her for all that has happened. "You are using TC's illness to run from me to return to what? A high school gym coach?" Eve remembers TC being a devoted husband. "He forgave me my mistakes, and I still chose you!" Julian reminds her how he treated Simone for being gay. "He is over that," Eve says. Julian thought that they have something special…something deep and unbreakable. "Remind me to have a stroke the next time that I want the woman that I love." Eve finds Julian rotten for suggesting that TC planned this. "Stop making excuses for the man!" She came there today to give Julian another chance and this is what she gets. "I thought about things and I wanted to come back and apologize to you, to ask if we could get back together and start again where we used to be, but it is a good thing that I found out about you. It would have been my mistake!"

Chad leaves to take his call outside. Whitney wonders what is wrong with Chad. "I guess that it seems like he is really tense tonight." Jared and Whitney bond over having Cranes as significant others. Jared leaves the room. Whitney wonders what is up with Chad. Jared enters the corridor and hears Chad on the phone. "No," Chad says. "I can't see you tonight…"

Pilar talks a little longer with Luis and then she leaves to help the homeless at the shelter. "I know that you are going to come back to me, Sheridan…" Someone knocks. Luis rushes to answer the door. "Sheridan? I knew that you would come!"

"You wanted to get back together?" Eve says that she thought they had real love, and it should be too precious to throw away. "Then what do I find? You and Valerie on the desk. I was a fool to think that you had changed. You are the same dark Crane that you always were. Thank God that I found out the truth. I am such a fool!" Julian says they can put this behind them and work it out. She says no. "Eve! Don't throw this away!" He makes her look at him and then they kiss.

"If Chad is working too much, Whitney, then I can give him less." Whitney says that it isn't that. "I feel like he has a secret that he is keeping from me." Chad tells Valerie that he will see her later. "Someone has a secret!" Jared says behind him slamming the door loudly.

"I am not going to stand for what Sheridan is doing to Luis." Paloma wonders what Fancy would do if Sheridan decided to go back to Luis. At the house, Luis drags Sheridan into the house. "I had to see you," Sheridan says. He has her in the living room now, and he hugs her tightly, glad to see her.

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