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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Ivy is happy that Kay is about to get caught in the act with Miguel. Fox is confused. The sales lady has no idea where Kay has disappeared to.

Miguel and Kay rush out the back way, carrying their clothes to avoid getting caught being together. Kay doesn't want to run off like this, but Miguel tells her that they have to be together and they will figure out a way to tell Fox the marriage is off.

Pilar and Paloma try to tell Luis that he has to give Sheridan up. She is married and will stay that way. She is a woman of her word and Pilar knows that. Paloma knows that Fancy is the person who her brother should be showing interest in, and not Sheridan.

"I mean it Aunt Sheridan, leave Luis alone! Luis could be happy with me if you just leave him alone!" Fancy's voice is loud and commanding… "Fancy, stop it!" Fancy and Sheridan turn to find Katherine in the doorway, about to walk in.

Ethan is alone thinking. He thinks about Theresa and how she wants to be with him and was coaxing him to be with her. "It's like we have to breathe or die…" Ethan knows that this is not right. He keeps trying to see and be with Theresa… "I have to let her go, but there is just something wrong with that Jared guy. I can't put my finger on it!" Jared finds Ethan in the gym area and asks what he is doing there as he arranged for private time with Theresa. Ethan tells Jared that he'd better be good to Theresa. Jared tells him that what happens with him and Theresa isn't Ethan's business. Theresa is alone in the steam room of the building, waiting for Jared to return to her. Spike sees her through the mirror in the door of the steam room as she rests. Theresa closes her eyes, telling herself that she has to get Ethan out of her life. Spike goes to the controls for the steam room, and turns the steam up, as high as it will go in his attempt to kill Theresa. He even breaks the handle on the controls. "As soon as Theresa is out of the way, I will be able to get millions with Chris's help." Theresa lays inside the steam room, unaware that she is in danger. At this point, the steam room is soothing. Jared doesn't like Ethan telling him how to handle Tess. "Her name is Theresa!" Ethan shouts at the man. "Why are you wearing a towel? Were you in the steam room?" Jared asks. Ethan thinks about how he was in the steam room and making out with Theresa on the floor… Theresa is in the steam room resting with her eyes closed now. She looks like she might be asleep. Spike is outside the door and sees she is trapped. He puts a crowbar in the door so that she can't get out. "I am going to get what I want, when I want…"

Miguel and Kay are out in the alley kissing. Ivy wonders why there hasn't been any fireworks yet. The saleslady tells Fox that there is a back way out of the building. Ivy comes running in and sees that Miguel and Kay are nowhere to be found. Fox runs off in the direction that the saleslady has directed him to. Miguel and Kay are still in the alley kissing. Ivy tries her best to follow Fox who, without thinking, is still carrying the wedding dress in his arms. He is too fast for Ivy, and she lags behind. "Damn!" she hears Fox shout. "Finally!" Ivy says. She knows now that Kay has been caught with Miguel for sure… What actually has happened is that Fox has fallen over some trashcans. "Where is she? She knew that I was coming to see her." Ivy finds some of Kay's clothes. "She is running around undressed, Fox." Fox doesn't understand this. Miguel leads Kay through the streets in their underwear. " I have to go back! Fox doesn't deserve this!" Miguel tells her that she can't go back. "I won't just run out on him like this. He deserves an explanation." Miguel wants to tell Fox with her. She knows that Fox will kill Miguel if he is present when Kay dumps him. Miguel manages to convince her to come with him and she walks off.

Luis tells Paloma that he can't date Fancy, as she is a cadet, and he is an officer. Paloma knows that Fancy will graduate and that will be the time when her brother can date her. Pilar thinks that this Fancy is probably good for her son. "is it that she reminds you of Sheridan? Is that why you avoid her?"

Katherine enters the Bed & Breakfast. "I didn't mean to interfere…I gather that you want to be with Luis? Fancy, you will be letting yourself in for heartache. The only woman that Luis will ever love is Sheridan… Take my advice." Fancy will not take advice from a woman who ran off and lived it up with her lover in Mexico. "I heard the whole story." Sheridan and Katherine remind Fancy that her grampy was a horrible man. Fancy might not know all the details of what happened with Katherine and Martin, but they don't have a right to tell her that she can't love Luis. "You are very young, Fancy and you have many years to find the right man. Luis will never be yours. Luis belongs to Sheridan." Fancy reminds them that Sheridan is married. She ran off and married someone else, so she has no right to hold on to Luis. "No right at all!"

"You got a beautiful wife at home, Ethan. Do you want Theresa on the side as well?" Ethan says that he shares a daughter with Theresa and that is why he is concerned about he. Jared knows that Ethan has broken Theresa's heart over and over. "You listen to me! You had your chance with Theresa and your blew it! You stay away from her, you understand?" An alarm is going off, but no one is around to hear it. Spike watches through the window of the door. Theresa wakes and sees that something is wrong. Spike can hardly see her now because of all the steam in the room. "I wish that I could see Theresa's smoking little body before she shrivels up and dies…" In the room, Theresa manages to sit up. She can hardly breathe. "I have to get out of here…"

Ivy and Fox try to figure out what is going on. "Maybe she had another appointment," Ivy suggests. "Who would be more important than getting her wedding arranged?" Fox vows to find out what this is all about. He walks off. Ivy is sorry that Fox is hurt but she needs him to know about Kay. "Why did you do this to me today? You had this chance years ago…" Miguel still thinks that stopping her in time before the wedding is still a good thing. "I used to dream about being with you…" A man looking for buried treasure combs the beach with a metal detector. He apologizes for interrupting the kids. He is only looking for riches that are rumored to be buried there. Miguel tells the man that he is in the wrong spot. Miguel used to look for treasure there as a kid. They remember the past and their history together.

"That little hot tamale should be about cooked by now…" says Spike. In the steam room, Theresa can barely walk to the door. She tries the knob but can't get out. "Help! Somebody! Uh!" She clings to the door, trying to stand up. Theresa pounds on the door screaming for help.

Spike gets on the floor so that Theresa can't see him at the window. He can't believe that she is screaming. He turns another knob on the machine and runs off from there. "Help!" Theresa calls out. "That was Theresa!" Jared and Ethan run to Theresa's voice. She is getting weaker but screams as loud as she can. She moves from the door now. "Help!"

Jared and Ethan get to the door of the steam room and they try to pry it open but they can't. They pound on it with their fists, but nothing happens. Inside the steam room, Theresa is out cold… She lays silent and peaceful looking on the tile floor.

"You and Fancy could make beautiful babies, Luis!" He tells his sister to be quiet. Pilar knows that Paloma is right. With him having a family, they could have family outings and activities. "All I want is for you to find happiness, and if that means grandchildren to spoil, then so be it!"

"That is enough. My father abused my mother and the only way that she could stay alive was to run away…" Fancy looks at the other side. Martin left his family for Katherine. "I didn't mean to hurt Pilar!" Fancy can't see how she justifies running off with someone's husband. "What you did was adultery." Katherine calls Alistair evil. and that is when Fancy smirks that the nut doesn't fall far from the tree. "It is pretty clear that you still want Luis. You are married to Chris, and you are cruel to keep Luis on the hook. Maybe you will run off with Luis like your mother ran off with Martin. And you, you could have run off from Alistair at any time. How did you and Martin live all those years anyway? Off the money that my grandfather gave you?" Sheridan steps closer to Fancy. "That's enough!"

Ivy shouts to Fox to wait up and stop running. They find the man who was on the beach and he tells that he did see the girl they are looking for. "I got the feeling that they wanted to be alone. She is with a guy…Young guy, dark hair…" Fox tells his mother that he will kill Miguel if this is what he thinks. Miguel and Kay are kissing on the beach now. She can't believe what she is doing. "Theresa calls it fate," Miguel says. He removes the shirt that the gave her to cover herself now and the passion flows. She has fears about this, but Miguel kisses them all away. "Don't do that?" she says, not really meaning it when he kisses her ears… And now they lay in the sand… Fox says, "I'm gonna kill them!" Ivy says that he shouldn't act rash. She suggests that the couple could be someone else. "She wouldn't betray you like that, Fox." Fox thinks about seeing his girl kissing that man. "She wouldn't do that a week before the wedding, Fox." Fox heads to the beach. "Go home, Mother…" Ivy wouldn't miss this for the world. Miguel and Kay are making love at the beach. It is so wrong, but it feels so right.

Theresa and Jared do their best and finally are able to burst into the room.

Theresa lays limp on the floor, her eyes closed. Ethan watches as Jared goes to her and tries to revive her. "Theresa!" She doesn't move.

Jared carries Theresa out and they get her some water. Ethan wants to be the main caretaker, but Jared won't let him near her. Theresa moves. "Thank God!"

She looks up and Jared is staring into her eyes. It looks like Jared is before her but suddenly he face morphs into Ethan's… "Theresa?" Jared calls out. "Oh, Ethan.." she responds.

Pilar and Paloma try their best to make Luis see that Sheridan has moved on and that he needs to as well.

Sheridan demands that Fancy apologize to her grandmother. Fancy will not. Katherine tells Sheridan that although she is married, she and Luis have the love of a lifetime. Fancy points out that in all the lifetimes, she and Luis were lovers, but they never ended up together. Sheridan has to agree. Katherine doesn't want her daughter to give up hope. "Let him go, Aunt Sheridan. Please, leave Luis alone, and let him find happiness with me."

Miguel and Kay are behind a canoe making love. Fox and his mother arrive and they try to find the couple. Fox runs off ahead. Ivy knows that there is going to be hell to pay when Fox finds the kids. Miguel could get killed. "Oh well! As long as it gets rid of that slut Kay, who cares?"

Fox heads out to where the canoe is laying in the sand.  He looks down and his face changes. "OH MY GOD!"

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