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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"I haven't thought about Ethan for hours. Jared has kept my mind off him," Theresa says. The door opens. Ethan and Theresa see that they are alone again, and this time it is in the steam room. She demands to know what he is doing there. Apparently, he comes there at this time, all the time… "It must be fate that we ended up here together," Ethan says, walking over to her and staring down at her.

Luis goes to see his mother who is out of the hospital now. She can't tell him anything about her shooter. He thinks that it was Spike who shot her, but she can't be sure. "What else is on your mind?" He tells her that it is his heart. "I am dying."

Spike comes to see Chris at the office and once again, Chris is not pleased to see the man. "Did you set up the money for the offshore accounts?" Chris can't do this too soon, or they will get caught. "You'd better start moving fast, or I will have to tell Sheridan what a violent no-good man she is married to."

Sheridan is in the house, when someone knocks. She hurries to door and opens.

"Fancy, what is the problem?" she asks. Fancy tells her aunt that she is the problem.

Miguel and Kay are kissing in the change room at the bridal salon. Ivy has seen them, and she sneaks out unseen. The stage has been set. Kay pushes Miguel off of her and tells him that she is marrying Fox and can't be doing this. "Tell me you don't love me, Kay, and I will leave," Miguel says. Ivy hopes that Fox will get there soon to catch Kay cheating. Fox says, "Hi, Mother, where is Kay?" Ivy tells Fox that she is in the change room… 'getting it on'! Kay tries to stay strong against Miguel's advances, but he is breaking her down. He wants her to tell him that he is the one that she loves. "Miguel… I do not…I …uh…I can't say what you've asked me to!" He isn't surprised. "That is because you love me and you can't deny it!" He pulls her to him now and kisses her, holding her tight!

Kay lets Miguel kiss her a few seconds more, and then she stops him. "I am getting married to Fox. I love him. Why are you doing this to me? Everything was settled." Miguel feels that she will be settling if she marries Fox. "We have known each other our whole lives. I am sorry that I left for Charity, but I swear that I will never leave you or Maria again." Fox tells the sales lady that he expects to be trying on clothes for the wedding. She is confused. The sales lady looks at Ivy, telling her that she thought that there wasn't going to be a wedding after all. Ivy laughs when Fox looks at her questioningly, just blowing off what the sales lady has said. Fox heads to the change room where he thinks that Kay is waiting. Ivy tells the sales lady that there is going to be trouble.

"Spike, I can't fly over the radar, or this won't work for sure. Theresa is trying to make the company a good one, so I have to be careful. If I am caught embezzling money, you will not get anything, so leave me alone and be cool." Spike thinks that if Theresa is the reason that things are taking so long, they should get rid of her.

"We shouldn't be alone together, especially after what happened in Chris's office," says Theresa. Ethan wants to talk since they are alone and no one will interrupt them. Theresa doesn't want to say something that will hurt him. He doesn't want to hurt her either but he has to get this off his chest. "I am conflicted over you and Gwen.." Theresa tells Ethan that she is there with Jared and that Ethan has to get out of there before Jared gets back. Ethan refuses to leave. Theresa says, "Jared went to get us champagne. Please leave. I don't want you two being together." Ethan asks if she heard about the fight that went on earlier. "Jared started it. "He barged into my office and refused to leave my office, so I punched him in the face. She knows that any fight with those two has to be about her.

Pilar panics, thinking that her son has a heart problem and is in fact really dying. He corrects what she is thinking. "It is Sheridan and what has happened." His mother knows that her son has suffered a great loss. "I want to be there for Sheridan, but I can't be. I can't let Sheridan go either…" Pilar knows that Luis can move on. Paloma enters the room where her mother and brother are talking. She has been telling her brother the same thing.

"Make up your mind, Aunt Sheridan. Don't say that you are going to be with your husband when you keep going to Luis and confusing him." Sheridan says that Harmony is a small town and that she is bound to see Luis from time to time. Fancy isn't buying this.

Fox is about to enter the change room where Kay is. He actually has his hand on the knob of the door. His phone rings. He turns around to answer his phone. "Fox? What are you doing?" Ivy asks. "Kay is waiting!" Fox has to take this call. It is an emergency. Miguel is saying, "I loved you, Kay but then Charity came along." Kay remembers that and, then he left her to raise her daughter all alone. "I worked and went to college and then I couldn't do it anymore. I was drowning from the Tsunami and Fox literally saved me. He helped me love myself so that I could love again, and now I do." Miguel knows that Kay couldn't possibly love Fox more than he. "Come on Kay. Admit it! You love me more than you love Fox!"

Chris will see Spike in hell before he lets the man hurt Theresa for his crimes. "Oh, what do you care about the little Taco. We should just get her out of the way." Chris tells Spike that if Theresa is pushed out of the way, then Julian will step in, and he is much more difficult to handle. "Messing with Theresa is not the way to handle this. You will get your money, but if you touch one hair on Theresa's head…"

"What about us?" Theresa asks Ethan to answer that. He thought that they were… "I love you, Theresa. Do you know what I felt like in Chris's office? I do!" She shouts at him that she loves making love to him. "This is interesting hearing me be the rational one for a change." He reminds her that he was going to tell Gwen the truth, and she was the one who stopped him. "I love Gwen, and I don't want to hurt her," says Ethan. Theresa sees that he will never leave Gwen. "I can't!" he tells her. "Exactly," she says.

"Things are complicated, Miguel. I am going to marry Fox because I love him." Miguel tells Kay that her dress is horrible. She agrees. She tells how Ivy picked the dress for her. "She doesn't want me to marry Fox." Miguel finds that even more reason to forget about Fox. "Ivy hates you, but Pilar loves you. You are all that she talks about. I love you Kay, and my family loves you. We can adopt more children if you want, or it can be the three of us. Just don't marry Fox. Marry me." They kiss, and soon they are laying down on the chaise lounge, passionately kissing, and this time she doesn't stop him… Miguel and Kay have their clothes off and they are in the throes of passion now, under a blanket. Fox is on the phone threatening an employee, and he even makes the man cry. Brad has screwed up and Fox wants things fixed! "Get off the phone, Fox! Kay is waiting." Fox can't go in there anyway. He isn't supposed to see the bride in her dress before the wedding.

Paloma and Pilar give Luis an earful as to why he should move on with his life. Paloma believes that Fancy is the answer for him.

Fancy finds all the cute little visits with Luis lately just excuses. "What you are suggesting isn't true, Fancy!" Fancy orders Sheridan to let go. "You gave me permission to go after Luis but you won't let Luis go!" Sheridan doesn't like Fancy's tone. "You left your perfume on Luis last night. He even dreamed about you last night and said in his sleep that he loves you forever"… Sheridan throws her arms up. "I can't help what Luis does. If you want to go after Luis then…then…then I can't stop that…"

"You always says that you love me, Ethan but you never change anything." Ethan suggests that they keep their partners and be together secretly. She gets angry with him for saying that. He remembers another time when she was up for something like that. "We should try." He comes to her and rubs his fingertips along her chest. "No," she says. "We are so good together, and no matter how hard we fight, it isn't love, it is passion…We have to reach out, Ethan…" They are rubbing noses now. "It is like we have to breathe or die." The towels drop and they are fiercely kissing, like they can't get close enough.

Spike decides that he is going to take care of Theresa himself without Chris. "That'll be a taco to go!"

Theresa is on top of Ethan in the steam room. "No!" She gets off of him. "You will not leave your wife to be with me, so I want you to leave Gwen, and then you will be in love with me. Go! Get out! Go be with Gwen and let me be with Jared!"

Miguel and Kay are deep into the lovemaking now and the clothes have long gone. He was on top, and now she is on top. Ivy tells Fox, "Kay probably doesn't have her wedding dress on right now Fox, so please go in and see her as she has asked you to." Fox finishes the call quickly and hangs up. "I better not see Kay in her wedding dress," Fox tells his mother. He walks off. Ivy knows that now Fox will see Kay for the slut that she knows the girl to truly be. Fox knocks on the change room door. "Kay! I'm coming in!" He opens the door and takes two steps inside.

He looks down, and the look on his face changes to one of shock! Ivy is delirious thinking of Fox catching Kay in the act. "Poor Fox…First Theresa, then Whitney's lies… He'll get over it. Crane men always do." Fox says, "What the hell? How disgusting can you get?" Fox picks up the garment from hell and looks closer at it. The sales lady comes in and has no idea where Kay could be.

Miguel and Kay run out the back way, carrying their clothes as they run. They are outside now. "I can't just leave," Kay says. Miguel tells her that she has to. "We love each other."

"You just have to accept the fact that the both of you are not meant to be together Luis!" Luis still has hope for Sheridan. He thinks that when Sheridan says that she isn't coming back to him, she may be lying. "What am I supposed to do? Plaster my marriage certificate all over Harmony? So Fancy, you want me to run and hide when I see Luis?" Fancy doesn't care what her aunt does or how she does it. "Just stay away from Luis!"

"Ethan, get out now!" He gets up and walks to the door and then out of there. In the corridor, he changes his mind about leaving and goes back to the door. She locks it from the other side. "Open this door Theresa!" says Ethan. She shouts at him to go back to his wife. Theresa tries to calm down so that Jared doesn't see her like this. Spike sees Theresa in the steam room resting with her eyes closed.

"Ooh! Chris is upstairs cooking the books, and the boss lady is having a steam. I could kill her right here." Spike goes over to the controls outside the room and he turns the heat up in the room…way too high… SNAP! The handle breaks off in his hand. "Oops!"

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