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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"The moment that I saw this gown, Kay, I knew that it had to be yours," Ivy says. The gown that Ivy wants Kay to wear is hideous, and Kay will not accept it. "You are not going to make me avoid marrying your son no matter what you do, Ivy. There isn't anything that you can do about this."

Fox is at work thinking about how he can make the wedding even more perfect for himself and Kay. He looks down at a picture of Miguel and Siren. Fox thinks about his fiancée and Miguel making it the other day. The thought of them makes him angry. "I will not let him screw up things for us."

Fancy is doing her simulation. BANG! Fancy drops to the floor. "Fancy's shot!" Paloma shouts. "Officer down!" Luis says. Suddenly, Fancy jumps up and points her gun at a man who is pointing his weapon at her! She has just been very quick. She aims at her assailant now. Using her commands and determination, she soon has the culprit face down in the dirt while she cuffs him. The recruits all clap and cheer for their peer. Fancy removes her virtual reality helmet now, and she wears a smile from ear to ear.

Jared and Theresa continue their yoga and the sensuous motions end in them kissing.

"I can't put it into words, Noah," says Ethan. I never felt for a woman that way that I feel for Theresa. I love Gwen, too, though. I am married to her, and owe it to her." Noah advises that the words, 'owe' and 'love' shouldn't be in the same conversation. "How can you stay with Gwen when your heart is obviously somewhere else?" he asks. Ethan replies, "I have thought long and hard about leaving Gwen and going with Theresa, but I don't like the idea of losing Gwen." Noah knows that he loves Gwen but Ethan's whole expression changes when he talks about Theresa. Ethan looks at the family that he has now and doesn't want to screw that up. Noah reminds him that Jane is really his and Theresa's. "What you have with Theresa and Little Ethan is as much of a family as what you have with Jane and Gwen."

Jared has more surprises for Theresa. He walks her over to a table that is laden with exotic food and candles. "No one has ever treated me this way before. It is amazing. I could get used to this, Jared." He was going to take her to a nice place to eat, but then he figured that she could go out to lunch at anytime of the day or night. "You even have olives. That is my absolute favorite!" He went through some newspaper clippings about her and figured out about the olives.

"I really did good?" Fancy asks. Luis says that she did good, but not great. "If you were on the street, then your mistake could have cost you your life." She knows that she suspected the wrong guy at first. "It was after I had been shot that I realized that I had been after the wrong guy," she explains. Luis sees she does understand. "This was just a simulation, but if you were in the street just now, you would probably be belly up right now Fancy."

"I will not be put on hold. This is Julian Crane! Just cut off funding to the Harmony Hospital right now. I will confirm my orders in writing!" Fox hears the call that his father is on and asks about it. "Eve has left me." Fox finds his father to be extreme in his behavior. "Eve is about to see that she needs me a hell of a lot more than she realized."

Kay says, "You went out and found the most hideous dress for me? You realize, Ivy, that it is going to take a lot more than an ugly dress to make me leave your son." Ivy apologizes for her soon-to-be-daughter-in-law's behavior. She sends the saleslady to do the other little thing for her. "I really did try to find something that really showed the true you. Are you going to let me tell Fox that you won't wear the dress that I have picked out for you?" Kay takes the dress and reluctantly tries it on. The sales lady calls Miguel and tells him that Kay wants him to meet at the bridal salon right away. Miguel will be there. The sales lady confirms with Ivy that the young man has been called and will be there soon. "I should have been a Wedding Planner, or a Wedding Unplanner actually…" Ivy muses.

Jared and Theresa sit drinking champagne. "I think that I know one or two exercises that you may not be familiar with," Theresa teases. "Follow me!" He pulls her into his lap. "I would rather work out right here if you don't mind." They kiss.

"Cadet Crane! Can I have a word with you?" Paloma wishes Fancy luck. "I know that I made a mistake, and I am sorry about that," Fancy says, but Luis isn't going to scold her. "You nailed the suspect even after he shot you. I made the scenario more difficult for you. I made it foggy and then I made you run around the block a few times. There is a reason for that. The reason is that I want you to be prepared for the street. I wouldn't want anything to happen to you or my sister. I care about you, Fancy. A lot!"

Kay puts the hideous rag on her body. "why am I not excited about my wedding? This should be the most happy time in my life…I love Fox, but Miguel…" Kay looks in the mirror, and she rubs her eyes when she sees Miguel's image in the mirror standing behind her. "I have to be dreaming," says Kay. "Hey!" Miguel says. She turns around to face him, not believing her eyes.

"I can't let Eve go, son," Julian tells Fox. Fox understands that, but his strategy is lacking. "You have to learn, Fox. You are a Crane and have to do what you must to get the desired end. You get in trouble when you back away from your goals. I never believed my father until now. He never let his feelings get in the way. One must put their feelings behind them to get what they want." Fox feels that he doesn't have to do that after all. "Things have been better." Julian finds Fox naïve. "Dad, the situation with Kay is different. Eve and TC raised daughters and lived together." Julian reminds Fox that Miguel is still the father of Kay's child. "Kay could be drawn in like Eve has been by TC." Fox will not let that happen. "I will do whatever it takes. Even if I have to get rid of Miguel."

"You are so beautiful!" Miguel says. Kay feels he has to be joking. He isn't. He doesn't care what she is wearing. She doesn't want to make light of things. He is her friend, but he has broken her trust. "I can't trust you, and that is why I have to marry Fox." Miguel was with Siren, but he wanted to talk Kay the whole night. "I was protecting you that night…Kay, Siren was blackmailing you, and that was why I was acting the way that I was that night." Kay's face softens… Ivy feels that she has given the couple enough time alone and she runs to the sales lady. "I think that it is time to make that other call that we discussed!" she says. The woman runs off to the counter. "A mother must do what a mother must do!"

"Everything that you say makes sense, Noah, but I don't know if I can live with this decision." Noah wants Ethan to hear him out as he has a little perspective on this. "We didn't grow up the way that most brothers do. That doesn't mean that I don't think of you that way. I want you to be happy. So, if I seem like I am coming down on you, it is only my attempt at helping. I have learned that life is precious, and you can't afford to spend it with the wrong person." Ethan knows that, but he can't figure out what girl he wants. Noah understands but what Ethan is doing now is not good. "Gwen says that she isn't worried about Theresa anymore!" protests Ethan. Noah knows that Gwen will never be fine about Theresa. "You have to make a decision about which girl you want." Ethan knows that but has no idea who to choose.

Jared and Theresa sit in the steam bath. He rubs ice on Theresa's back, making her squeal. "Actually it feels good." She rubs ice on his shoulders. "It does feel good."

"Say something!" Fancy tells Luis to say what he just said to her again. "I care about you, okay? I know that sometimes I send you mixed messages. I am sorry." She apologizes for her part in their friendship going sour. He laughs. "I underestimated you, Fancy. You have great instincts, and that is the best thing about being a cop. You can't teach that in cadet training. I am impressed." He finds her using Sheridan to get his attention from pinning her to the mat to be ingenious. He knows that he has hurt both her and Sheridan, and the fact is that he cares about both of them. "Paloma totally called me out on how I was behaving, and she was right. So, Fancy…I am sorry. Accept my pology?"

"She loves me and not Miguel," Fox says. Julian just heard his son say that if he heard that Miguel was in the way he would do whatever he could to control him. The phone rings. It is the sales lady calling from the bridal salon. Ivy sits by and listens as the woman lies to Fox about Kay wanting him to be there to select the male garments for the wedding. The sales lady gets ready to show men's garments to Fox, but Ivy tells her that it will not be necessary. Ivy sees that everything is set for the perfect storm!

"I wasn't enjoying being with Siren. She took a picture of me and you kissing and Fox came after." Kay remembers the events of the night. Miguel fills her in on Siren threatening to show the picture to Fox. Kay is confused, as Miguel would get what he wants if the picture were shown. "I was tempted, Kay, but I couldn't do that to you. I couldn't let Fox take out his anger on me and maybe you. I would do anything to protect you. I love you, and I always will." They kiss.

Ivy happens to peek in the door, and she quickly ducks out again. Kay pushes Miguel off of her. "This is wrong!" Miguel disagrees and makes her kiss him some more.

Fancy tells Luis that things are not that straightforward, as he says that Sheridan doesn't know what she wants. "I don't think that Sheridan is being fair. She keeps putting herself in proximity to you, Luis. She is around too much for her showing up to be unintentional." Luis won't blame Sheridan. "Stop protecting her, Luis. She is always coming to the station, and that isn't right." Luis feels that he can handle all that. "I have to take a shower now. We'll talk later?" He leaves. "If he can't tell Sheridan to back off, then I will…" Fancy tells herself.

Jared and Theresa are having the time of their lives in the steam bath. He leaves to get them more champagne. "I haven't thought about Ethan for hours," Theresa says to herself. "Jared takes care of me in every way." Someone comes in, but Theresa doesn't see who. She has her head back and her eyes closed. "Well, that was fast," she says. No one answers. Theresa looks up and Ethan is there wearing nothing but a towel. He stands looking just as stunned seeing Theresa all of a sudden.

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