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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Eve is on the phone, and she is upset. Julian walks up behind her and hears her on the phone sounding angry at what she has learned. She tells Julian how a construction company has come over to the hospital, and she hasn't anywhere to work now because her office is involved. Julian knows about it. He arranged it all.

Ethan is at the coffeehouse. Noah enters the coffeehouse, and they talk about the lawsuit that Ethan is working on. Noah looks at the tabloid magazine on the table nearby and sees that Ethan has more problems that the lawsuit. He shows it to Ethan, who almost chokes on his coffee at the sight of it. They have pictures of himself and Jared on either sides of Theresa in the tabloid. It is as if there is some competition for Theresa going on.

Theresa is at work looking at the tabloid, but her magazine has the images of Jared and Ethan talking to her. The images try to force her to pick between the men. Both of them babble at her from the page. "Okay! Okay! I pick Jared!" she says. The phone rings. Jared is on the third floor and he tells Theresa to come down and see him. She wants to know why, but he won't tell. She wonders what could wrong next.

Fancy has Luis pinned to the floor, and he is at her mercy. She will not let him free until he calls out "uncle." He finally does it. She gets off of him, boasting to the other recruits about overpowering the instructor…Luis gets off the floor and does a move that throws her to the mat on her face. "Let that be a lesson to you. Don't let your guard down or you could be in trouble." Fancy now is the one who is pinned to the mat, on her face. She isn't showing off anymore. Luis holds her a couple of seconds more before letting her free… Fancy rubs her aching arms. Paloma grins from ear to ear at the both of them. "If they don't kill each other, they will have beautiful babies together…"

Kay is in the bedroom with Miguel, trying to get him out of her bed. He has mistakenly taken a sleeping aid, it seems, and he now lays in Kay's bed. Kay wants him to get up. Fox is downstairs ready to head out for work, but he has forgotten his belt and heads back upstairs. Kay hears Fox returning to the bedroom and, she panics, as she is laying in bed with Miguel and about to get caught. The door opens and Fox steps in. "Kay… Is this what happens when I leave you for a minute?" Kay is laying on her face, on the carpet beside the bed. Fox picks her up off the floor and she says that she just fell on her face, but is okay. She helps him find his belt quickly. Miguel moves around under the blanket while Kay is at the door with Fox, but luckily Fox doesn't see… Kay hurries him out of there. She goes back to the bed to get Miguel awake and out of there before something else goes terribly wrong. He wakes and turns amorous again.

Noah finds that Ethan is in a bit of a bind. Ethan tells Noah that he has no idea what he is going to do about this situation that he finds himself in with Jared and Theresa.

Theresa comes stomping downstairs to see Jared on the third floor as he has asked her to. He pops out at her. "What is it, Jared?" Theresa asks, and Jared takes her into a room. Jared explains, "It is a relaxation room. There is a yoga outfit in the other room. Go put it on. I will help you unwind." He kisses her.

"How could you make such a huge decision that affects my life the way that it has?" demands Eve. Julian has more to tell her. "I bought a yacht, and I would like you to come said the world with me…" She has to wonder just what he is thinking. "I knew that you wouldn’t take time off on your own, so I have arranged to have your office redone. Just the two of us, Eve. It will be unbelievable." She doesn't think that this is wonderful news at all.

The recruits return from their run. They ran seven miles. "You want a medal?" Luis asks Fancy. "Suck it up! I wanted you to run because you have to know what it is like to chase a real suspect." One of the men in the team wonders if all their criminals are going to be track stars. Luis shouts at him to be quiet. "Okay, we are going to be doing simulations. Here is a vest! If you get shot doing this virtual reality test, you will know as it will be a little unpleasant. There has been a robbery, and the suspect has killed the clerk at the store. You have received the tip to chase the suspect, and he is going to be around civilians. You have to try to find the suspect, arrest him, and protect the public. Now who wants to go first?" Luis smiles. Fancy stands quietly. She looks around at the other cadets. Luis says, "Somebody has to be first to do this simulation…Who will go first? No volunteers? Paloma! You go first." She didn't really want to go first, but she dons the vest and virtual helmet. Luis turns on the monitor and Paloma darts around the room slowly waiting to see what clues she will get to do this test. Suddenly a hand touches her shoulder and Paloma freezes… The others in the room watch the monitor and they see the hand on Paloma's shoulder. What will she do next?

Miguel is awake now, and he sits up in Kay's bed. He has missed the fishing boats because he woke up too late. He tells Kay that he had a headache and took a pill. Kay knows. She knows that he was stupid taking the pill after drinking all night. "After what I said to you last night, you shouldn't have been out in the first place," says Kay

"You, Gwen and Theresa have been the talk of the town, Ethan," says Noah. "It has been like that since I returned to town. Let me put it like this. I love Fancy and she wants nothing to do with me. You have two women and can't even pick one." Ethan can't think about anything but Theresa. "I love her…I love Theresa. Up until yesterday I haven't been able to stop the voices in my head." Ivy comes into the coffeehouse and hears Ethan talking about losing Gwen. "What is going on?" she asks. Then Ivy sees the tabloid. "I might have known. Theresa! Well what has that little bitch done now?"

Jared and Theresa are practicing yoga position… He touches her all over and she likes it. "Do you feel the heat?" Jared asks Theresa does. "You have to concentrate on that." They sit cross-legged now. "Yoga," he tells her…"It affects all the senses. They put their palms together. "Feel the love coursing through your body… Just feel that…That's great, Theresa. Soon you will be ready for the clouds and the rain…" She jumps into his arms and they kiss.

Eve says, "Do you have any idea what you have done? I am livid, Julian! I have patients, and I am a doctor. Do you think that I would abandon them?" Julian has arranged to have Eve replaced. "Do you think that I am that easily replaced? You have gone behind my back, and you have taken control of my practice. I have a personal relationship with my patients." Julian wonders if he is entitled to have a personal relationship with her too.

"You poured your heart out to me and said that you loved me, Miguel," says Kay. "You said you made the biggest mistake of your life by leaving me to chase Charity. 'I know that we should be together now'. How could you hang all over that slut last night? I am done! I have a wedding to plan. A wedding to a man who respects me and loves me completely!"

Paloma turns and aims at the man behind her. "Sorry, I just wanted to help you. That man that you are looking for went around the building." Paloma thanks the man and he starts walking off. She looks at him as he leaves her. "Freeze!" She cuffs the man and places him under arrest. "The man had a ski mask, and it is summer," Paloma explains. She saw it when the man was walking away from her. "Good job!" Luis says. "Okay Fancy you are next." She moves forward. "On second thought, you go around the block five times and then do the simulation." Fancy runs out of the building. "Why are you being mean to her?" asks Paloma. Luis tells his sister that he isn't being mean to Fancy at all. "It's for her own good," Luis says. "Why else would I be treating her badly?" Paloma isn't really sure about that. "Unless…" Paloma thinks that her brother is frustrated sexually and that is why he is so rough on Fancy. The other recruits step out of the area when they hear Paloma. She wants Luis to give up Sheridan, and if he can't, to stop sending Fancy signals…Fancy enters the building again. "You took a long time," Luis says. He suits her up. "Now, with your test, Fancy…A giant fog has rolled up into the area…" Luis starts the test. Fancy can't see anything and people walk by her in the fog, making her confused about who may really be the criminal. "I can't see!"

Ivy tells her son to stay away from Theresa. "You don't have to worry about Theresa anymore, Mom. Theresa has moved on with Jared Casey." Ivy is glad to hear that. Ivy gets a call. She is late for an appointment, she says. Outside, she realizes that it is time to turn her sights on Fox and Kay now and stop that wedding. Ethan thinks about how he loves Theresa but can't betray his vows again.

Jared and Theresa lay naked under towels, staring at the ceiling. She was really tense but is doing much better now. "Thanks! That was just what I needed." He isn't finished with her yet. He would like to get her in the steam bath and maybe have a massage. He loves the job of pampering her and would like to continue doing it. They kiss.

"Fox!" says Kay into the telephone. "I am at the bridal salon picking out a dress…" Fox tells her from the office that he has almost finished booking their honeymoon. "It is going to be just about perfect." She is so glad that he is in her life. "Miss Bennett!" Kay says goodbye to Fox and gets off the phone. The saleslady shows Kay a hideous dress! "What the…" Kay hates that dress. "Who would wear that?" Ivy enters and says that she arranged this little surprise for Kay…

"The old Julian is alive and well I see," Eve says. "My work is important, Julian! If you knew that you would know that my patients need me. I am not angry because you arranged a trip for me, I am angry that you didn't consult me! You left me no options and treated me like a puppet. I know how your brain works and how much thought you put into this. I have changed, though. I am not the young, stupid girl who took those drugs that you fed me. Julian! I have changed and have made the mistake thinking that you have changed like I have, but that isn't true. The old Julian is still there. I see it more and more every day. You are that cool man that swallowed everything that Alistair told you like the gospel. It is very sad as I don't like that man. I don't like that younger one who broke my heart. I thought that other man was dead and buried." She gives him his ring. "I can't do this again, Julian! Never again!" She walks out. He calls out to her, but she is gone! "No one walks away from me. I won't let you go Eve, You can count on that."

"I don't want to lose Gwen, but I don't want to keep anything from Gwen." Noah can see that Ethan is keeping a lot to himself. Noah feels that Ethan owes it to himself to make a decision and pick Theresa!

Fancy tries to make her way in the fog. She sees someone who seems suspicious. "Freeze!" She hesitates just one second too long…ZAP! Bang! Fancy drops to the ground. "Fancy!" Paloma shouts when she sees the girl fall hard. Luis stops the game. "Officer down!" he shouts to the voice command feature of the game. "She's been shot."

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