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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay drags Miguel, trying to get him into the closet before Fox enters and catches them together. Fox comes into the bedroom. "My god, Kay! What have you done?" Kay starts apologizing. "You have spilled coffee all over the room." She is so relieved that is all that he is upset about. But he really isn't upset. They kiss now. Miguel stirs under the blankets. Kay sees him over Fox's shoulder as she is kissing Fox.

Fancy cries on Gwen's shoulders, telling of how Luis has hurt her. "Go and find her, Luis, it is the only way that you are going to be happy!" Paloma says. Luis wonders if his sister is finished ordering him around now.

Whitney disagrees with the way that Theresa is handling things. "You should have seen Ethan. He wanted me, and he acted on it. I am so confused here." Whitney begs her friend to stop this game. "You can't keep Ethan and Jared. Let Ethan go, and take Jared. Do it before tragedy strikes your life again…'

Chad stoops over the immobile bodies of Jared and Ethan. "Oh my god!" Chad goes to the phone to call 911, but then Ethan stirs. Chad goes to the men. He slaps Jared to consciousness. Ethan and Jared start fighting again and Chad gets between them until they promise not to fight anymore. They promise.

"Can't you try to be a little optimistic for me?" Whitney can't do that. "I have been witness and accomplice to your tricks, but I really thought that finally you had stopped this obsession. You have a job and children, and the only thing that you care about is luring Ethan from his wife. I thought that you wised up. He is wonderful and great with your kids, but you will not let him in. You turn your back on a normal life. Tragedy is going to hit your life and the lives of everyone around you."

Fox wants to get in the bed and make love, but Kay reminds him that he will be late for work. Fox goes to the bureau and rummages around for socks.Kay jumps on the bed and hits Miguel to stop him from moving. "Where are my socks?" He has all his things, finally and starts leaving. Miguel is under the blankets and tickling Kay. She giggles and rolls around. Fox heads out. "I am just going to have a nap," Kay says sprawled out on the bed. A loud snort blares through the room. Fox returns. "What was that?"

Luis shaves in the back of the station. Paloma follows him back there and talks to him as he shaves. "After all that tragedy, Sheridan chose Chris and James, and you have to accept that. I know, Luis, that I haven't ever been in love like you have, but if you really love Sheridan, you will let her go and be happy. Then you will be happy with Fancy."

"Why am I talking to you about this, Gwen?" asks Fancy. "You are Sheridan's best friend!" Gwen knows about loving a man who doesn't love you back the same. "I have had my fair share of trouble with Theresa and Ethan, but look! It is all over now. I think that Sheridan is finding happiness with Chris and if you give it a little time…" That is just it. Fancy hasn't got time. "Everyone talks about Luis and Sheridan as if they were Romeo and Juliet…" Gwen used to think that is funny and she still does. "The graves in Bermuda…The both of them on the Titanic… Don't be a wuss, Fancy. If you play your cards right, he can be yours."

Chad has stopped the fighting, but the men still hate each other. "Now, get upstairs," Chad orders. "I am Co-CEO, now get upstairs…" Jared seems hurt. "I never thought that I would get this from you." Jared walks to the door. "Lucky you, huh? You get an excuse to get out of here before I finish you off." Jared starts walking back to Ethan. "Come on, let's go!" Chad hurries over and orders Jared out. "Do you believe that guy?" Chad is stern. "What I don't believe, Ethan, is you!"

Gwen gives Fancy new hope as Luis and Sheridan were lovers for many centuries but they never did find happiness… Fancy smiles. Paloma tells her brother, "I don’t know Chris that well, but he must be miserable with this as well. You have to let go of Sheridan. Stop haunting Sheridan. Let her go, Luis!" He has tried that and he can't let go of her.

"What was that noise?" Kay says that she was making that noise. "I might be coming down with something. Kay starts making snorting noises. Fox tells her to stay in bed and relax. He leaves… Kay runs to the other side of the bed and starts dragging Miguel out of the bed. "you have to get out of here."

"That bitch went on and on about fate, and now she is the one who has given up. I almost lost faith in my husband, and now I get to see that he is really mine forever. Fancy, hold on. Some day you will be with Luis." Fancy hopes that she is right. "He was laying in the back with these boxers and God! He is so gorgeous with that cute little butt. Still what if I am wasting my time?" Gwen tells her that all she has to do is go and get him if she wants him. "He is great and he doesn’t even care about your money." They hug and Gwen leaves. Fancy wonders now if Gwen is right…

"She is the woman that I love, Paloma. I can't let her go." Paloma wants her brother to try to get over Sheridan some more.

"He wanted to tell Gwen last night, and I was the one who wouldn't let him tell that we had sex…" Whitney asks if Theresa tempted the man into breaking his vows. Theresa's face tells that she did. "If Ethan loved you, he would have told Gwen years ago. Do you really think that you two will ever be a couple."

"He's an ass!" Ethan shouts. Chad hasn't ever see his friend this way before. "You can't stand Jared with Theresa? Get off your white horse. Jared is a great guy for Theresa. They might just work." Ethan laughs. "You too? What a joke? That guy wouldn't be going around talking like he is the next Mr. Crane if he knew that I had been sleeping with Theresa. I shouldn't have said that, but it is too late. I can't get Theresa of my mind. I know that you think that I am a pig, cause I know that you wouldn't ever cheat on Whitney." Chad's mind rushes to the last meeting with that special someone. He was talking while laying in bed…Chad turns to Ethan again. "Look, Ethan. You have to decide if it is Theresa that you want or Gwen…"

Luis has the recruits ready for class and he makes them get the mats out. Paloma is glad to see that Fancy is feeling better. She is. He is going to have to work for her though.

Gwen finds Jared in the hall. He is still angry with Ethan but doesn't take it out on Gwen. He walks off. "I have to talk to Ethan," Gwen says. Her phone rings.

"Maybe I will never lose my feelings for Ethan but I need to move on. I hope that I have the strength to stay away from him." Whitney tells her friend to be strong, and she will be able to handle the situation. "what situation?" Jared asks walking in.

Whitney whispers to her friend that she should really look at Jared and work things out. "Don't be stupid." Whitney leaves. "Is everything alright?" Jared asks Theresa. She tells him that things are just fine. He loves that they get to spend their work and private lives together.

"I have been losing control, Chad. I am going insane." Chad knows that the fact that Ethan is upset proves that he is a good guy. Chad knows that there are a lot of guys who have been in this same situation. He says that he has been in the same place as well. "You?" Ethan asks incredulously. "I know what it is to love a woman and have someone else on the side…" says Chad. "Chad?" Ethan and Chad turn to the door. Whitney has entered. "You are having an affair?"

"Fox can't find you in here!" Fox drags Miguel to the door and things go crashing off a table. She has Miguel at the door now. "I got your cold medicine!" Fox shouts. "Oh no!" Kay says. Fox is returning. Kay hightails it to the bed again and throws Miguel in. Fox enters and gives Kay her medicine. He wants to make love to her but she tells him that she will get him sick if he makes love to her. He can't help it. "How can I work when I will be thinking of you all day?" He leans to her over the bed and kisses her as she whimpers for him to stop.

Luis shows the recruits, using Fancy as his suspect. "Come at me like you want to kill me!" he says. Fancy rushes him screaming like a banshee…."AAAAAAAAAAAAA!" Luis easily tosses her to the mat and sits on her in a manner so that she can't move unless he lets her. Fancy says, "Look! There is Sheridan!" Luis's head snaps to the door, and Fancy overpowers him in that one second, tossing him to the mat and then holding his arm in a twisted manner that stops him from moving and getting the upper edge on her.

Chad goes to Whitney at the door and tells her that he was just having man talk with Ethan… "That isn't what it sounded like," she says. "Come on, Whitney…It was nothing… " Soon, Chad has her agreeing that there isn't anything to worry about. "And you," Whitney says, now turning to Ethan. "You know, don't you?" says Ethan. She certainly does. "You have to make sure that never happens again, Ethan…" Gwen enters the open door. "He has to make sure that what never happens again?"

Fox asks Kay to move over so that he can get on the bed, but she doesn't. His phone rings."What? Okay, tell them that I am on my way…" Fox has to go. It is an emergency… Miguel's foot is sticking out from the side of the bed, but Fox doesn't see it. Fox kisses Kay goodbye and leaves. Kay gets the blankets off of Miguel and starts dragging him off of the bed. "Kiss me," Miguel orders drowsily. She tells him no, but he overpowers her and drags her back in bed. Fox is downstairs, but soon realizes that he has forgotten his belt. He turns around.

Fancy will not let Luis up. All the recruits watch smiling. Fancy forces Luis to say uncle before freeing him. Paloma loves this treatment of her brother.

"Well, I was just telling Ethan that he needs to separate his business life from his personal life." Gwen accepts this explanation from Whitney. Chad and Whitney leave. "Poor Gwen. I am so glad that I don’t have to worry about the things that are going on behind my back when it comes to you…" She hugs her husband. Jared shows Theresa the tabloids. The press are having a field day with Ethan and Jared… They are comparing the men, debating who is right for Theresa. She knows. Jared leaves now. Theresa looks at the tabloid newspaper before her and the images of Jared and Ethan start talking to her. "Choose me…" "No Theresa… Choose me…" "Choose me…"

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