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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay comes into the bedroom. She wakes Miguel. "I want to spend the rest of my life loving you and only you," she tells him. She removes her clothes and orders him to make love to her. She climbs into the bed with him, and they kiss…

Fox tosses and turns in his bed. He realizes that Kay isn't in the bed with him. He remembers seeing her with Miguel, making love when they thought they were alone. "She couldn't be with Miguel now, when we are getting married next week. Maybe she changed her mind…"

Paloma is at the station. Fancy arrives, and they talk about Luis and how he led Fancy on. "It is over!" Fancy says.

Luis sleeps and thrashes around as he dreams. The sheets are barely on his body as he moves around. He dreams of Sheridan coming to see him. "We are not together, and it is killing me," says Sheridan. It is killing him too. She tells him in the dream that she can't live without him and that Chris is boring and that James is getting on her nerves. "I love you forever," Luis says…in the dream… Luis is not thrashing around on his bed anymore. He sleeps content, even though the dream continues.

"Whitney loves me so much, and I love her, but still we are hooking up every chance that we get. This would kill her." Chad lays in his underwear on the bed, talking to his 'friend', who isn't in the room but nearby. Someone knocks. Chad thinks that it is room service coming to the door. "I didn’t order anything…Did you?" He opens the door. "Whitney!" She pushes the door open. "Where is she Chad? Where is that slut that you have been cheating on me with?"

Ethan looks down at Theresa who is beneath him. "Make love to me Theresa… Make love to me…" Ethan is dreaming, and he turns to the warm body beside him, now amorous as ever. "Well you sure know how to start the day," Gwen says, waking. They start making love.

Theresa is already at work. Her mind goes back to Ethan and the earth-shattering sex the day before…right down the hall. Theresa brings herself back to the present. "Well! That was an amazing night with the man that I love…" she says. Jared's voice answers her: "You can say that again, Theresa…" Theresa looks up and sees that Jared has entered the office and is smiling at her with a big bouquet of flowers.

Fox is going to find Kay. "If Kay is making it with Miguel, I will kill them both!" Fox promises. The door flies open and Kay comes in with breakfast for her fiancé. He is so happy. "You really love me, don't you?" She tells him that he is the man that she loves and he shouldn’t' doubt it. "I would hate what I become if you didn't love me." Fox thinks about Kay sneaking around on him Miguel and actually kissing the man in secret. He tells Kay that now, when he looks in her eyes, he has no doubts about their love. They kiss. When Kay looks up into Fox's face…She sees Miguel and Fox. That makes her jump! Fox asks, "What is it?" and she tells him that she was thinking that she might have left the coffeemaker on.

Luis still dreams. In the dream, Sheridan suddenly jumps away from Luis, saying that she can't do this like she thought she could. "You have to accept this, Luis." He tries to make the dream end the way that he wants, but she won't let it happen. She disappears right before his eyes. "Sheridan!"

Chad starts telling Whitney about how things started with this other person, but she doesn't want to hear it! Chad is dreaming. Whitney is shaking him, trying to get him to wake up for work. He is in a deep sleep. He tells her that he was having a bad dream just now and was sleeping deeply. "You know Whitney, you and our son mean the world to me…" She knows that. Chad tells himself that they can be happy as long as his secret stays a secret.

Jared gives Theresa the most beautiful flowers he could find that morning. He presents them to her at her desk. Theresa could really enjoy this moment had she not slept with Ethan the night before. He gives her the flowers now because of the way that she handled Ethan the night before. He can tell that something is wrong with her. "I heard you talking about the man that you love when I entered the office just now. You were talking about me and not Ethan…right?" Theresa sees that because of your deceit, she has to keep lying to Jared. "I think that we should just get back to work," she says. Jared has some meetings, but he will meet her later. They kiss. He looks at her strangely. He leaves. "Jared is something else…Then there is Ethan. What a mess!" She dials a number. "Whitney, it's me! Come down here with Chad. I need to talk to you." Eve has Miles for the day and so Whitney will be free to see her friend. "I am trying to figure out what to do. Whether I should be with Jared or with Ethan." Whitney can't understand how Theresa got herself into this pickle. She hangs up, wondering what is going on with Theresa now.

"I don't want you wishing for something that I am not giving you, Kay." She has a flashback to the hot, steamy kisses from Miguel…"I have to get ready for work." Fox gets up and leaves the room. "Miguel…" Kay says under her breath. Miguel wakes and sees that he has been dreaming about Kay. "I have to see her…" Kay lies alone in bed. She can hear the shower running. Miguel comes into the bedroom and climbs into bed with Kay. She has her back to him and she thinks that it is Fox there. She turns around. "Miguel!" He kisses her before she can protest.

"Luis knows that he messed up big time with you the night before…" Fancy is surprised that Paloma talked to her brother about her. "Can't you just give Luis time to get over Sheridan? Luis is the kind of man that is worth waiting for." Fancy has to get to work now. Paloma tells her that the forms are out in back, under the bunk… Fancy walks off. "Sheridan…" Luis is murmuring in his sleep. The door opens and Fancy enters. She is quiet when she sees that Luis is there sleeping. She can't go under the bunk. He is sleeping there. She will come back later. Luis turns his back to her, and she figures that she can get the forms without waking him. Luis dreams some more. Sheridan comes back to him. He has something to tell her…Fancy looks at that beautiful naked upper torso of his. "Imagine waking up to that every morning." She leans on the bed and looks under, and while doing so, Luis leans back and Fancy's arm gets pinned under his body. His back is still to her though. She can't move. In the dream, Sheridan asks Luis what it is that he wants to talk to her about. Fancy is quiet when she hears Luis say, "There is something that I have to say to you…" Behind him, Fancy smiles as she listens…

Fox is on the phone, telling his father the good news about getting married the following week. "Of course she loves me. Miguel isn't an issue anymore…I am Kay's future…Not Miguel…" "We can't do this!" Still, Kay can't let go of the man… "God help me…"

"What is it?" Fancy asks Luis who has his back to her still. "I love you," Luis tells Sheridan in his dream and unknowingly, Fancy too. "I love you…" "Oh Luis," Fancy says softly. I don't want to lose you either… I love you…" She puts her head on his chest, and he reaches an arm around to hug her while he still sleeps.

Chad and Whitney arrive at the office and Whitney runs off to see Theresa. "Chad. It seems that Theresa and I are really hitting it off…" Chad isn't sure that he thinks that is a good idea. "Think about it Chad. You and Whitney…Me and Theresa…" Theresa says, "We did it, Whitney… We made love. We did yesterday…" Whitney isn't happy to hear this. She wants her to tell Ethan that this is a mistake and that it will not happen again. Theresa wants to wait and see what happens with Ethan first. "Until I am sure that Ethan wants me, I will just see Jared. I can't control what Ethan does with Gwen, but I can continue to see Jared until what Ethan did to me comes out…" The door opens in the middle of her last sentence. Whitney and Theresa turn to see Jared coming in with Chad. "What did Ethan do to you Theresa?" Chad waits for an answer. "I was telling Whitney how youcaught Ethan spying here, and that could have repercussions…" Chad finds Ethan spying hard to believe. Jared tells him that he came across some documents for the Allen case and he goes to get them. Chad leaves as well. Whitney hates this. "He threw himself at me!" Theresa shouts.

"I will be back in time for lunch," Gwen tells Ethan. He has work to do anyway. She leaves… Ethan shakes his head, thinking of the cheating that he did. Jared and Chad arrive with the papers that Ethan needs for the case. Jared still thinks that Ethan was breaking into the office of Crane. Jared wants a signature from Ethan saying that he has received the documents. Jared has also got a gag order from a judge to control his behavior. Chad is surprised about this. Ethan doesn't mind. He doesn't need the press to win this case anyway. "I bet that it is just eating you alive that I have taken your place with Tess." Ethan gets up. "If you don't shut up, I will shut you up!"

Kay shouts at Miguel to stop kissing her. She looks at him and sees that he is asleep. She remembers that she left a sleeping pill in the bathroom. Miguel must have taken it. She hears that the shower has stopped running and knows that Fox is going to be in the room any second.

Paloma talks with the other recruits while they wait for class to start. Fancy is still with Luis. She talks to him, understanding now that Paloma was right and that it really does take time to get over a past love. Luis is snoring now. He has fallen into a deeper sleep. "I love you…Sheridan…" he says. Fancy looks at him in horror. She pulls herself away from his embrace…and slaps him hand with the palms of her hands several times as she dog paddles backwards, away from him and to her feet. Luis wakes from the slapping. "Damn you, Luis! Damn you for leading me on again!"

Kay tries to get Miguel's deadweight off the bed and out of there. "Kay, can you pick out a shirt for me?" Fox asks. "Sure, honey!" Kay replies. She gets back to work, trying to get Miguel the hell out of there.

"I must have been dreaming," Luis says. "Yeah?" Fancy says. "Well, dream on, Luis. 'Cause this is the last time that you will hurt me!"

Theresa tells Whitney that being with Ethan was what she has always wanted, and she feels that Ethan might leave Gwen this time. Whitney wonders what Ethan might do if he gets crazy enough over this situation. Jared and Ethan argue. Ethan was cooperative before, but now he refuses to be, and he comes from around the desk to talk to Jared nose to nose, man to man… Ethan wants Jared out of his office. "I told you that I am not leaving until you sign that form…" Ethan picks up the form, and crumples it in his fist, pitching it to the wall. "You can go to hell!" Jared shouts. "Oh yeah?" Ethan takes his fist and drives it home to Jared's jaw. The man drops like a sack of potatoes. Jared suddenly rushes up, and the two start wrestling like toddlers.

"She is married to another man!" Fancy shouts. "I am so sick of this!" Fancy runs out. "So, how is your day going?" Paloma stands in the doorway. Fancy comes out to the main room of the station crying. "Fancy?" She goes to her friend crying. "It's Luis. It's not fair Gwen. It's not fair."

Kay gets Miguel to his feet and drags him across the room. The door opens and Fox enters wrinkling his brow. "Kay?" Kay stands before him, silent as ever.

Whitney sees a lot of danger in the way that Ethan is acting. "He hasn't been this way before. Sleeping with you like this makes him crazy." Theresa feels that this is more like Ethan is coming to his senses. Whitney disagrees and thinks that this is something to be worried about. In Ethan's office, Chad watches as Jared and Ethan go at it. They are in an awkward embrace, one trying to get a leg up on the other. Suddenly, the weight of both men makes them veer to the center of the room where the heavy wooden desk is. They both plow, head to head, and at the same time, into the desk. Both men fall to the carpet with a resounding thud! "Jared! Ethan!" Chad runs to the two men. Neither move. "Oh my God! They have killed each other!"

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