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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Miguel and Siren dance while Fox smiles. "I couldn't have planned this better myself." He smiles as Miguel being interested in someone else is great for him. He goes to get Kay…"You have to see this…" Kay looks disapprovingly at Miguel and Siren…They gyrate to the beat while onlookers stare. Fox knows that soon those two will be bumping and grinding it out. He feels they may even need a hotel. A girl gives Noah her number and directions to her place so that he can meet her after his shift… Sam didn't realize how popular his son is… They both look over to Miguel and Siren on the dance floor when they see the crowd.

Fancy enters the Seascape and pauses. She thinks about how Luis admitted that he cares for Sheridan still… He reeked of her perfume. "He isn't my problem anymore, and I can have any man that I want." Luis feels bad for screwing things up with Fancy… He reenters the station and Roberto and Paloma are in there. She wants to look into the case of the dead johns. She wants to make sure that Jessica isn't found to be the killer.

Ethan and Theresa argue in whispers. He finds that Jared is just a substitute for him. He will face the music when Gwen and Jared come in. Theresa doesn't want to lose Jared…Gwen and Jared open the door and enter the office. "Oh my God!" Gwen says looking in. Theresa is on the ledge outside the window. "Don't you tell them," she prays. "Don't you tell them Ethan…" Ethan stands by Chris's desk and faces Jared and Gwen. The seems undisturbed by its earlier activities…Theresa holds her body as close to the building as she can, and she stays very quiet…Theresa can't lose Jared over this. Jared demands to know what Ethan is doing in the room. Theresa closes her eyes and prays aloud for Ethan to keep their secret. Gwen is getting curious now as well. "I asked you a question, Ethan!" Jared steps closer. Ethan says that he came to drop off documents. "We heard voices in here." He can't give up Theresa this way. It has to be her decision to tell what went on in the office with him. Theresa hopes that Ethan lies for their sakes. He does. "There were voices. I was talking on the speakerphone about the Stuart Allen case." Ethan looks over Gwen's shoulder and sees Theresa peeking in. "Why are you looking at the window?" Gwen asks. She goes over there, and Ethan rushes over to stop her from looking out.

Luis realizes that Paloma is sharing information with Roberto about cases and in the files, and he orders Roberto out. "No!" Paloma says. "he isn't leaving!"

The whole club watches Miguel and Siren light up the floor… Kay is confused. She can't understands how Miguel could declare his love for her and then act the way that he does now with Siren. Fox is happy to have Kay witness the heat between Miguel and Siren… Sam is concerned about his son and the way his life has been going. Noah says that he is fine and that he will let his father know if he needs to talk. Sam walks off. Noah stoops to get supplies from a lower shelf behind the counter and while doing this, he is unseen. Fancy comes in and takes a seat at the bar. She orders a drink. Noah stands. "Oh, it's you," Fancy says, suddenly saddened. Miguel is all over Siren. "He is such a jerk," Kay thinks. Miguel and Siren think that no one else is around…Fox sees that Kay is angry, and he vows to make Miguel and his so-called love pay… He leads Kay back to the table now. Ivy smiles. She sees that everything is working her way.

Noah didn't think that Fancy's greeting was very nice. "I hate men! Men hurt me!" Fancy says. She downs her drink. "Another Martini please." Noah guesses that Luis must have done something. Suddenly she blurts it all out. "He led me on and he still loves Sheridan. He is a jerk!" She grabs the next drink. "To Luis! The jerk!" She waves at Noah to keep 'em coming.

Luis and Paloma argue over Roberto being privy to information that civilians are not to see. "You get out of here, Roberto! And you get back to work, Paloma…" Paloma smells something on Luis's shirt. He walks off. Roberto starts leaving, but Paloma orders him back to his seat and promises that Luis will apologize.

"I was just looking at the window as I thought that I saw some lightening out there." Gwen says that they should take a look then. She goes to the window and leans out. "Oh my God." Ethan nervously asks what it is that she sees. "It is lightening. Out by Castleton…" Ethan thinks quietly that Theresa should have been seen…So where is she? Ethan comes to the window and leans out as well. He sees that no one is out there… Not anywhere. Ethan starts getting frantic. He says that he thinks that someone might have been mugged downstairs. He thinks to himself that he has to find Theresa…Jared gets on the phone, asking the security to go looking for a mugger…"What are you doing, Jared? I will take care of that." The door opens and Theresa enters. "Theresa!" Ethan shouts when he sees her. "What are you two doing here?" Theresa asks Ethan and Gwen, pretending to be angry!

Luis is changing in the men's change room. He thinks about how he hurt Fancy that evening. He can't worry about that right now, though. Paloma storms in and can tell that her brother is probably mad about Fancy for some reason. He admits it.

Fancy is getting good and drunk. She wants more drinks. Noah will only give her one more. He gets to decide that. He asks if he can be back in Fancy's life again now that some time has passed. "You broke my heart, Noah! You broke my heart!" Even if that is true, she isn't sure that she can go from being hurt to being his friend. "Can you at least try, Fancy?"

Sam suggests that he and Ivy get married on the beach and have a clambake. Ivy ignores his suggestion and asks Sam if he notices that something is going on with the kids that night.

Fox and Kay dance, while Miguel and Siren slow dance nearby… Miguel nibbles on Siren's ear. She leaves to get a drink. Fox leaves to get drinks as well. Miguel and Kay talk while their partners are away. "The way that Siren was throwing herself at you? That was very trashy. How could you do that, Miguel, right after asking me to share a future with you? What was that? Was that a big lie? Why would you let Siren have her way with you?" Miguel thinks about the way that Siren blackmailed him at the house. He turns to Kay now. "I bared my soul to you, and you let Fox interrupt us." She feels that he is just making her jealous. "Are you jealous?" She feels that she really never understood him after all. "At least I understood when you ran after Charity. You loved her. But this makes no sense." Siren watches the two talk. She sits beside Fox and innocently gets her cellphone out. "You are not getting the whole picture, Kay…" Miguel pleads. Siren stares at her monitor. Fox asks, "Siren, what are you looking at?" Siren moves closer.

"What did she do?" Paloma asks. Luis tells her that Fancy did nothing. "I lied to her about Sheridan." Paloma doesn't understand this. "You and Sheridan are soul mates and always will be." Luis also tells Paloma that all the Lopez-Fitzgeralds are emotional cripples. "Maybe she is right! Look at you and Theresa!"

"I asked you a question. What are you doing here?" Gwen tells Theresa that she and Jared heard voices in the office, but the door was locked. Theresa turns to Ethan, making a surprised face. She remembers the hot monkey lovemaking on the desk. "Theresa, I told Jared and Gwen that I was dropping off papers here… It is very late. We should be leaving." Jared has a thought. "You were spying, Ethan, weren't you?" Gwen finds that ridiculous. Theresa jumps on that bandwagon. "You can't be sure what Ethan was doing in here, Gwen. I mean if he can betray me with this frivolous lawsuit, then he can betray you…" she points out. "I never thought that I would see the day that you would attack Ethan's character," Gwen says. Theresa thinks that she really doesn’t know her husband like she thinks. "Please leave, or I will have security throw you out." Jared is proud of Theresa, and he is sure that Ethan was spying. "Ethan will not be coming into Crane offices in the future." Jared tells Theresa how Gwen thought that Ethan and Theresa were alone in the office. Theresa thinks about that…"You don't think that, Jared, do you?" He says that he doesn’t. Gwen says, "You didn't come here to drop off papers, Ethan. I know that you came here to nail Theresa!" Ethan turns to his wife. "What?" Gwen is really proud of Ethan. She believes that he was there spying on the woman.

Paloma points out why what Fancy said about the Lopez-Fitzgeralds was true. Their mother suffered in love. Antonio suffered and then died. Their father returned, but with another man's life. Then there is Theresa… Luis finds that Theresa is moving on. Paloma has to wonder if Theresa is using Jared to make Ethan jealous. Then there is Miguel… He is watching Kay move on with another man. "Please, Luis. Don't hold out hope for a happy ending that will never come. You have to move on. Move on with Fancy…"

"I will try to be friends with you, Noah… Here is some advice. Now that Mya is dead, don't lie about what is in your heart and what is in your past…" Noah promises to be honest from now on. "I want to believe you, Noah but I am not sure that I can…"

Ivy wants to know what Miguel and Kay are talking about. Sam figures that it must be Maria they are talking about. "Wouldn't it be nice if Miguel and Kay got back together?" Sam worries about Fox, though. "I thought that I was getting a call," Siren lies but I wasn't…" Fox relaxes. "So were you lying to me before or what?" Siren hands Miguel a drink. She asks Miguel to dance with her and Miguel can't say no. Kay walks off, rolling her eyes.

She looks at the dancing pair. "I don't know what you are playing at Miguel," she says quietly, but I am calling your bluff…"

"I do want to be happy." Paloma finds that Luis should just give it a chance. "I can't. I can't convince her now that I am ready to move on." Paloma tells him to go to Fancy and be honest with her. He still has a problem with the police regulations. "Rules are rules, and you can't just pick the ones that you want to obey." Paloma says that love is for the best and rules mean nothing at that point.

"Honesty is always the best policy," Fancy tells Noah. Noah hopes that she, too, will be honest in her next relationship. She says that she will. He can tell that she isn't over Luis…

Kay can't stop staring at Miguel and Siren.< "Are you okay?" Fox asks. Kay says that she is fine and has an announcement to make. They go to their parents at the table and Kay announces that she and Fox will be getting married the following week. "Did you hear that, Miguel?" Siren repeats what Kay said about getting married the next week.

"I think that I am falling for you, Theresa…big time." She and Jared hug. Over his shoulder, Theresa's face changes to one of sadness. Gwen is thrilled. She is at a point in her life where she can finally believe that Theresa is finally over her husband. She and Ethan hug. Over Gwen's shoulder, Ethan's face changes to one of gloom…

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