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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Sam is in a tizzy. He wants Tabitha's stew. "Remember the last time that I ate it, Ivy?" She remembers him making love to her over and over and over… "Oh course I remember that. What makes you think that Tabitha's stew made you like that?" He didn't become police chief for nothing. They both hurry over to Tabitha's to raid her cupboards.

Miguel tells Siren to go ahead and show Fox the picture of him and Kay making out. Siren didn't expect this reaction from him. She wanted to be able to blackmail him into making love with her. "As soon as Kay sees the picture, the engagement will be over, and Kay will be free to be with me." Miguel finds this perfect.

Fox and Kay are finished making love, and they lay in bed and talk. "I don't know what I would do if I ever lost you, Kay." She tells him not to think about that. "We are getting married in the next couple of weeks, and we will spend our lives together." Fox thinks back to Kay and Miguel making out when they thought he wasn't around. "Something is wrong, Fox?" He says there is. "There is something that we need to talk about."

"You were with my aunt tonight, weren't you?" Fancy can smell Sheridan's perfume all over Luis. Luis thinks about kissing Sheridan. "Yes, I was with her." Fancy wonders if he is going to try to break up Sheridan's marriage now.

Ethan and Theresa are in Chris's office making love and kissing while laying entangled on the desk. Jared and Gwen are back to the door with the right key code to open the door to Chris's office. Inside, Ethan and Theresa have no idea that they are going to be discovered in the throes of passions by their significant others. BEEP! "That should do it," Chris says moving his hand to the doorknob of the door now.

"What if Fox beats you up?" Miguel isn't afraid of Fox. "Show the picture. Kay needs to be free to be with me." Siren warns that this will cause a big explosion. "Bring it on!" Siren runs inside the house. Miguel knows that Kay will be free after this. "Wait! Fox will be mad at Kay, too." He runs into the house. "Siren! Wait a minute!" "I want to move up the date some more." Kay is getting suspicious of Fox's behavior. "We have already invited all our friends and family. My dad is excited about walking me down the aisle, and it is everything that we dreamed of." Fox wants to elope that very night. "That would spoilt it Fox" He says they could have the ceremony again for the family but Kay doesn't want that. "Are you having second thoughts about us?" Kay thinks about Miguel trying to convince her that she needs to be with him and how that might be an option to marrying Fox! He was so insistent that being with him would be the right thing. Kay tells Fox that she just wants everything done right for their wedding. Fox relaxes now, but still worries what he would do if someone tried to take her away from him.

"Did you and Sheridan make love, Luis? Her perfume is all over you." Luis tells Fancy that Sheridan is married to Chris and she is going to stay that way. He admits they were kissing but that was before she told him that she was staying with kiss. "You are not ready to move on, are you?" All he can tell her is that he is trying. "You are just as much in love with Sheridan as ever." Luis denies that. "Do you love her or not? It seems pretty obvious that you still love her. So what have you been doing with me?"

Ethan and Theresa are getting down and dirty in the office… They haven't a care in the world… Jared has the wrong code. The door doesn’t open. He goes to his office to get the right one. Gwen moves to the door and puts her ear to it. "Oh Theresa! You had better not be in there with my husband." Theresa is in there with Ethan, and right now the building could crumble. They wouldn't care.

Miguel drags Siren out of the house again, explaining that he doesn't want Kay to get in trouble with Fox. Siren smiles. "So you want me to keep this picture a secret? Make love to me then." He can't. "I love Kay." She doesn't care about love. "What's love got to do with it? I am talking about sex. Come on, Miguel. Have sex with me?" She throws him to the floor of the porch and climbs on top of him.

Sam and Ivy search Tabitha's kitchen, but they find no signs of the stew. Sam is horny anyway and hoists Ivy up on the counter, starting to kiss her. Fox and Kay enter the kitchen in their robes. They are surprised to find their parents in the house. "We were just looking for some fish stew…" Kay has no idea what they are talking about. "Mom, we are going to move up the wedding." Sam hugs his daughter to congratulate her. "I wanted to get married sooner but Kay wants to wait." Ivy is happy that she will have time to stop the wedding since Kay isn't agreeing to eloping and doing it sooner. Fox and Kay get the bubbly out of the fridge and Fox gets glasses. Fox and Kay are ready to head back upstairs. "Let's go out!" Ivy says. "Let's get all dressed up and go out to the Blue Note! We will celebrate the wedding!" Kay rolls her eyes, knowing that this has to be some sort of trick on Ivy's part. She knows that Ivy wants nothing to do with them getting married.

"I can't do this, Siren! I love Kay." Siren gives up. "Okay, if you will not make love to me, then take me dancing to work off the frustration…"

"Don't you want to spend a little bit of time with your mother?" asks Ivy. "And you, Sam, you want to spend time with your daughter…" Kay has to find a sitter if this is going to happen, and Ivy offers to help her with a nanny. Sam and Fox leave the room. "You still don't want me with Fox, do you, Ivy? If you do anything to mess things up for me and Fox, then I will tell how you broke up my parents' marriage and you will be out on your ear. You will keep your little mouth shut about Fox and me from now on. You hear me? I am going to get dressed now." "Miguel is the key," Ivy tells herself.

"When you were kissing me, were you thinking about Sheridan all this time?" Luis says that he really likes Fancy but she will hear nothing more about that… She knows that she can't compete with Sheridan. "I don't want to be a pale substitute for another woman." He knows that there are other men out there who would love to be with her. She knows that, but she chooses to be with Luis. "We can't date anyway! We are in training, and we are cops!" She finds that might be a good thing after all.

Jared returns to Gwen who is at the door. "I know that I heard voices in there…" Jared and Gwen start knocking and shouting out. At first, Ethan and Theresa hear nothing and continue their lovemaking as if there were no one else in the world who mattered. Then they realize they are about to be found out and that Jared and Gwen are back at the door, trying to get in. They jump to a sitting position and stare frightened at the door, as if it could open at any moment.

"I need another Sex On The Beach," Siren says referring to her drink. Miguel worries that she may get drunk, but she doesn't care. They can always take a cab home. Miguel agrees. He goes to get more drinks. Siren plans to get him intoxicated so that he can't resist her. Miguel goes to Noah at the bar and orders drinks.

"Who is that? Isn't that the model you were working with? Is she with you?" Miguel says 'no'. Noah knows then that to leave a girl like that alone means that he is in love with someone else. Fox and Kay enter the club now.

Fancy thinks about Noah now and how things went horribly wrong there as well. She was with Noah, but she isn't really with Luis. "Did Sheridan tell you something different to make you want her again?" Luis denies that she did. "Maybe this runs in your family. Look at the way that your sister was hung up on Ethan? I guess that this is goodbye. I will not be with a married man and in your heart, you are in love with Sheridan."

"Ethan, are you in there?" Ethan and Theresa are under the desk and they can't believe that they are about to be caught. "Theresa told me that she is over Ethan!" says Jared. Gwen tells Jared that she has been dealing with this for years. Jared isn't sure that they want to see what is going on. Gwen really wants to see it. Inside the room, Ethan and Theresa struggle to get their clothes on. Ethan suddenly stops and stops obsessing over getting dressed and looking normal. Jared and Gwen are on the other side of the door and they are coming in. "I am sick of hiding. I am going to tell Gwen the truth. I think that it is time that she knew everything…tonight." Theresa needs to be clear about this. "You are going to leave Gwen to be with me, right?"

Fox and Kay take a table. "So who is the woman that you are in love with?" Miguel will not tell Noah who the woman is. "Is she in love with someone else?" Noah soon guesses that they are talking about Kay. "If you love Kay, you have to fight for her. I don't like my sister being engaged to a Crane." Miguel heard that Fancy and Noah broke up. "It was for the best," Noah says. Miguel gets his drink and leaves. Noah looks at the garbage and sees the tabloids in there. "Yoo hoo gorgeous…Can I get a drink?" Noah turns and gets back to work.

Fox and Kay talk about the wedding and the plans for it. Ivy sees them kissing and wants to throw up.

"You wanted to dance, so let's dance!" Miguel says. She says that she doesn't know how to dance. He is surprised to see that his drink is full again. "You just drink up, Miguel… Tonight you are mine."

Ethan has been misunderstood again. "I am going to take responsibility for this, but I am not going to leave her." Theresa doesn't want that. "I will not let you do this. What about Jared? I need him in my life." Ethan knows that if Jared really cares about Theresa, he will understand about this. "Hide!" she orders. He will not hide. "I won't do that…okay?" Gwen stands by, waiting while Jared keys the right code into the electronic pad at the side of the door.

Sam goes to see his son. He hasn't seen him in days. "I am going back to the hotel. I will leave the light on," a patron says to Noah before leaving. Sam smiles. "Busy, eh?"

Ivy watches as Fox and Kay kiss. Fox can't wait to marry. Kay assures him that the time will fly and they will be married soon. They hear salsa music. Fox goes to see the commotion. Miguel and Siren are burning up the dance floor. Fox smiles. "Perfect!" He goes to get Kay. "You have to see this." She follows him to the dance floor and they watch like the others as Miguel and Siren tears it up to the sultry beats! Fox peeks out of the side of his eye at Kay. She tries to hide her discomfort at watching Miguel and Siren dancing so seductively.

"You led me to believe that you were ready to move on." Luis really thought that he was ready to move on. "Then Sheridan told me that you could go ahead and fall in love with me, but now I see that she didn't mean it. I went to her and asked her if it were alright to date you, and she said that it was fine with her. She said that she was happy with Chris and that you were free to do what you wanted, but it isn't true is it, Luis? I don’t think that it is true for Sheridan, either. I kinda got the feeling that she wasn't ready to move on…no matter what she told you." Fancy sees the hope in Luis's eyes. "I can see that you wanted to hear that. Anyway, here is my bottom line. I will not be involved with a man who loves another woman. I want a man who loves me and only me. I don't want to be second choice for any man. I wish you the best, Luis. Goodbye, Luis…" She is crying now. She pulls her hand out of his and walks off. She turns to look at him just one more time. "Goodbye…"

"I almost got it!" Gwen is getting impatient with Jared now. Theresa tries to set up the desk like it was when they entered. "Does Jared know that you are using him as a substitute for me?" Theresa denies that. She thinks to herself that she will not lose Jared. "That should do it! It should be unlocked…" Jared and Gwen enter the office now. Both their mouths open in horror. "Oh my God!"

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