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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

"I have to get Miguel out of Kay's life…" Fox thinks to himself. Miguel is all over Kay on the couch. Kay begs him to stop, but he doesn't. Siren finds the pair and takes a picture of them kissing on the couch. She hears a noise and hides. Fox enters the house, and Siren hopes that Fox catches Miguel and Kay himself.

Fancy is in the cottage in the living room. Chris comes out and he wonders where Sheridan is. Fancy can see that he worries about Sheridan being with Luis. He can't help it. Everyone in the town thinks that Luis and Sheridan are the hottest couple ever. "I lost my first wife, and I can't lose my second one as well." Fancy tells Chris that Sheridan has told her many times that she is moving on and is over Luis…Sheridan rushes to get home. Luis follows her. "You can't run from something that is so deep inside you. Stop this and come hack to me where you belong…" She leans to him and they kiss.

Ethan and Theresa are still kissing. He removes the things from the top of a table, and he places Theresa atop it and starts kissing her again. Gwen arrives looking for Ethan, but only finds Jared. He is looking for Theresa as well. The two decide to go and look for the missing duo… "Ah…" They hear a noise from Chris's office. They can't understand who could be in there. Chris knocks on the door. "Chris? It's Jared Casey! Any chance you've seen Ethan and Theresa?" Inside the office, Ethan and Theresa are still kissing passionately. "Chris!" Ethan and Theresa hear Chris's voice now and stop kissing, facing the door where Chris is calling to them.

Fox calls out for Kay in the hall. Siren is around and waits for the fireworks. There are none. Miguel and Kay hear Fox coming and separate. When Fox finds Kay, she is just casually in the room, while Miguel is just sitting. "Gee, is she ever good at dodging bullets," Siren observes. She pulls out her cellphone and has another look at the picture that she took.

Fancy finds something in the fire. The items haven't totally burned to ashes. "It looks like Sheridan has been burning mementos of her and Luis…" Chris sees the evidence.

"What difference does it make? I am still married to Chris and I am a mother to James… We are a family now. We had our chance Luis and we lost it. Nothing can change that." Luis knows they could make it right. "I have a chance with Chris, and you have a chance with Fancy. She is crazy for you." Luis smiles. He likes Fancy, but he loves Sheridan. "We are never going to be! How many times have we tried and failed? How many tears do we have to cry? I am tired, Luis. As much as I love you, I am tired. I am lucky that I have found a man who cares about me. I love James as if he is my own. Now you have another chance with someone else. We have to walk away from each other or we may never find happiness again…"

Chris starts knocking but no one answers. Theresa says, "I think that we should just let them see us together…" Ethan can't do that. Theresa doesn't want to hear this. "You can't make love to me, and then go back to her. Stop cheating on her!" Ethan knows that will crush Gwen's heart. Theresa wonders why he never considers her heart. "Why do you keep doing this to me?" Jared thinks that he hears talking, but he isn't sure. The door is locked, but Jared may know the security code. He starts punching the buttons on the wall. "Oh my God!" Ethan says. Theresa says, "Well, it looks like you won't have to worry about telling Gwen about us after all. They will be here in a few seconds, Ethan.." "I know that you don't want to tell Gwen but it will be better this way, Ethan." Jared can't figure out the code. Jared gets a page. He can't tell who is calling. Gwen is upset and sure that Ethan and Theresa are together. Jared isn't worried. "I have seen the two of them go back and forth together for years." Jared tells Gwen to come with him to his office and maybe Theresa will be there. They walk off. "You are so hypocritical, Ethan. You make love to me, and then you want to lie to your wife about it. You really don't get it, do you? This is about you and how you feel, Ethan. You made a mistake when you married Gwen. It is the kind of mistake that is hard to fix. People get divorces, but that is sometimes the best solution. You can right the day you married her instead of me. It isn't right to stay married to a woman that you don'tlove."

Fox and Kay talk about the wedding day, but Kay says that she hasn't had a chance to think about that. Siren knows that Kay was too busy with Miguel to think about that. Fox understands. The point is that he will be marrying Kay soon enough. Miguel wishes the couple good luck, and Siren knows they are going to need it. Fox wants to whisk his bride-to-be up the stairs for a practice run at the honeymoon. Siren looks at her cellphone picture again. "What should I do?"

Chris wonders if Sheridan can't get over Luis… Fancy prefers to look at the glass as half full. Chris hasn't got a clue what he would do were Luis and Sheridan to get back together. Sheridan says, "She loves you, Luis. I have seen the way that she looks at you. She loves you." Luis likes Fancy, but he loves Sheridan and that will not change. "I can't leave Chris, and he is probably wondering where I am. I have to go. Luis…kissing you was a mistake, and you have to forget that it happened. If you really love me the way that you say that you do, help me. You have to let me go." She starts backing away from him. "Sheridan! Sheridan! Don't go! Please!" Sheridan is gone.

Kay worries when she sees Siren smiling. "What is she up to?" Fox picks Kay up and starts walking to the stairs. Kay's foot hits the phone as she is being picked up and it goes flying out of Siren's hand. Fox picks up the phone and looks at the screen.

Fancy and Chris continue talking about Luis and Sheridan. Sheridan enters the house. She is surprised to find her niece there. She and Chris hug. Luis watches the happy couple in the cottage as they hug. He wonders, as he looks in the window, if Chris is really what she wants.

Jared and Gwen have looked everywhere, and they still can't find Ethan and Theresa. "I can't, Theresa. I just can't leave Gwen." Theresa asks if this is the way that Ethan wants to spend the rest of his life. "Do you want to cheat on her?" Ethan doesn't, but she remembers many times before when he has said this to her. "I will never have enough of you. You will never have enough of me. You are not only cheating on your wife, but you are cheating on your heart. Why don't you just stop trying to do the impossible. Do you think that you can stop chasing me? You can't. It wasn't me all these years, it was you. In those last moments of the night and in the first moments of the morning, I know that I am in your dreams and you know what we are doing in your dreams." She comes close to him now. He tries to fight the feelings, but he can't. "Make love to me, Ethan. Make love to me, and never stop…" She has him cornered, and he stops fighting after all. She pushes him up against a table and she has her way with him.

'What is it, Fox?" Kay asks. He shows Kay the picture. It is of him and Kay kissing. Siren hopes that she hasn't accidentally erased the one that she wanted him to see. Fox takes Kay upstairs now. Miguel is sad. Siren offers to make him feel better and she throws herself on him, kissing him. Kay is upstairs with Fox now and she tells that she wants to know why Fox has suddenly changed his mind about them getting married. "It was Ethan and Theresa that changed my mind. I was thinking about them, and how Theresa goes on about Ethan never marrying her…" Kay feels this has to do with Miguel. Fox laughs that off. "I was only thinking how fleeting love is. Kay really feels that this is about Miguel. Fox feels that it would only be about Miguel if she had feelings for him. "I trust you, Kay. Honesty is the only way this relationship is going to thrive."

Luis still watches Sheridan using the window. "I love you Sheridan, and I know that you still love me." He walks off. Fancy is ready to go now. She hugs Sheridan. "What is that perfume you are wearing?" Sheridan tells her that a friend got it for her in Paris. Fancy hugs Chris, and then she is gone. "I want to ask you something, Sheridan. Those things that you were burning in the fireplace. Are you still thinking about Luis while married to me?" Sheridan thinks back to telling Luis that he is the love of her life and kissing him. "I need an answer, Sheridan. Are you still interested in Luis?"

'I know that I have been upfront about everything Kay, and I assume that you have been the same with me." She says that she has. "I love you, Fox." They hug. "It would be nice to have a glass of wine before bed." Kay leaves the room to get some. "Whoa!" Miguel says. "We are not that way anymore, Siren." He pushes her off him. "You can't treat me like yesterday's news." Miguel is sorry to hurt her. Siren opens her mouth, and the Siren's Song comes flowing out. Kay arrives downstairs and watches to see if the Siren's Song works. "Do you mind?" Miguel says to Siren. "If AMERICA'S GOT TALENT comes to town, I wouldn't audition if I were you…" Kay feels silly watching the pair. "I shouldn't really care what they do now." She runs off. Miguel gets the paper and sits on the couch reading it. Siren sits beside him nonchalantly. She suddenly lunges for him, pushing the paper aside. She kisses the man against his will as hard as she can. "May the luck that I have had capturing the woman of my dreams hold out forever and ever…" Kay isn't thrilled about him using the word 'capture' to describe their coming together. 'You are my angel, my love and my life, Kay. Now that I have found you, I will never let you go…" "Don't you understand the word, 'no'?" Siren didn't think that she was included in that group. Siren knows that this is about Kay. She shows Miguel the picture on her cellphone. She won't let him have it. "What do you want Siren?" She tells him that he knows what she wants. She could show the picture to Fox is that is what Miguel prefers… What Siren prefers is that Miguel make love to her.

Luis is out and about, still thinking about Sheridan. "Hey, Luis!" He turns to find Fancy there. Let's go and have coffee. He throws the regulation at her again, saying they can't be seen out together. "Get over that stupid rule and lets go and have coffee." She gets closer to him as they walk then she stops abruptly. "That is Sheridan's perfume… Dammit Luis!"

Chris waits for an answer. Sheridan turns to him, telling him that he has her entire heart and that Luis has nothing. Chris goes ahead to the bedroom to get ready to show her how much he loves her. Sheridan heads to the fireplace and pulls out part of a picture she had put in there. "I can't get rid of these things. I just can't."

Ethan and Theresa are hungry for each other. He is on top of her, now, setting the mood for the fireworks that are to come between them. Jared and Gwen return to the room they first met in that day. They have searched the entire building and haven't been able to find Ethan and Theresa anywhere. The locked office is the only place they haven't searched. Jared has every right to search the room as Theresa's assistant. He will get it open… Inside, Ethan and Theresa continue their lovemaking and seem unable to get enough of each other…

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