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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Chad and Whitney hold each other. "We really are together now." Chad is glad it is true. He says, "I prayed that one day we would be a real family with Miles. I am so sorry for what you went through Whitney. You lived in that convent and tortured yourself." Whitney was worried about Miles and how he would grow up. Alistair is dead now and that is all they need to know. "Nothing will tear us apart."

Are you sure that I can't talk you into eloping tonight?" asks Fox. Kay wants their families to see them get married and so they both agree to move the wedding date up. "Is there a reason why you want to move up the date, Fox?" Fox thinks back to seeing his love with Miguel making love in the bedroom. "I told you," he says. "I love you and want the whole world to know that you are mine. I have another surprise for you, Kay. Come with me." He holds her hand, and she follows him.

Theresa returns to the office and gives Jared an update on how Ethan was shocked when she delivered the papers to him about Stuart Allen, announcing that he man doesn't have a leg to stand on as far as a lawsuit is concerned.

Chris is working at his new job."Hey, how's it going?" Spike has just walked into Chris's new office. "What are you doing here?" Spike has been looking at yachts and wants his money quick to buy one. "I want to go to the Greek Islands," Spike announces. "You think that our association is almost over, don't you?" That is exactly what Chris thinks. "Let me tell you something, Chris. I will keep you around for as long as I want."

Sheridan is on her way to talk to Luis, but she now tells herself that what she is about to do is wrong. "I shouldn't have come here. What was I thinking?" Sheridan hears someone coming. She hides behind a tree. Luis and Miguel exit the police station. Luis is giving Miguel advice about love, telling him that love is the only thing. Luis says, "Kay is engaged to Fox, but not married to him. If there is a slight chance that you could be with Kay, you owe it to the both of you to find out. Nothing should keep you apart. Nothing." Sheridan hears everything and she agrees with Luis. "You are right," she says quietly. "You are right."

Theresa can't wait to get to court and beat Ethan. She says, "Stuart gave us the right to use his patent, and so Stuart has no case. I think that Ethan can't stand the fact that I am over him and that I have you in my life Jared. Thanks again for not taking Julian's offer to spy on me. I trust you." He sees that she trusts him with her business and most of all, her heart. "You mean a lot to me," Jared says, "and I am going to trust you with a secret. I am falling in love with you." They kiss.

"What is this binder on the desk? Code Book? Codes for what?" Chris tells Spike that the book has codes to Alistair's bank accounts. Chris has been working on how he is going to embezzle the money. Spike doesn't plan on getting caught, as the second that the money is found missing, he will be long gone.

"Love can overcome any obstacle in its way," Luis tells Miguel. Miguel will accept that, but can't see how Luis lost Sheridan, then. "If I had believed Sheridan when I should have, I would still have Sheridan," Luis says. "I don't want to see the same happen to you." Miguel leaves. Luis returns to the station to get back to work. He has no idea that Sheridan is out there. Sheridan agrees with all that Luis has said to his brother. "I will never stop loving you, Luis. Not ever."

Chad and Whitney spend quiet time before the TV. "I love this. Just sitting alone at home as a family." Chad never thought that he would have a life like this. A normal life and a real family. He only came to Harmony to find his real parents. "Now I find that Alistair is my real father, and he is dead now," Chad says. Whitney curls up in his arms and they put their heads close. The phone rings just as they start kissing. Chad goes to the phone and looks at the display, while his back is turned to Whitney. "I am going to take it outside. It is kind of important. I'll be right back." Whitney smiles at him. He leaves. "Yeah? See you tonight?" Chad says into the phone. "I missed you too…"

Fox has his hand over Kay's eyes so that she will not see the surprise too soon. "You know how much I love you, right, Kay? We came into each other's lives right after you lost Miguel and I lost Whitney. We had both given up on love…" Kay agrees with all that Fox is saying. "We helped each other survive the night of the storm, and we talked about the importance of trust, and how if that trust was broken, we wouldn't be the same." Kay is starting to feel a little weird. "Do you trust me, Kay? Would you betray my trust?" Kay thinks to herself that Fox is talking really strange, and she is starting to believe that maybe he did in fact see her with Miguel earlier. "It is because of our trust for each other that I have put together this surprise for you," Fox says oh so creepily. He removes his hand from Kay's mouth, and her mouth falls open at what she sees before her. She is stunned to silence.

"I am almost done here, so give me thirty minutes or so and we can hook up…" Chad talks quietly, frequently looking at the door behind him. He goes to the window smiling and waving at the building nearby. "Yeah, I can see you. I have to go now." He returns to Whitney in the other room. "Is everything fine?" she asks. "Yeah! Everything is great!" Chad says.

"This is the most beautiful thing that I have ever seen," says Kay. Fox has a table laid out for them to eat and drink. "I have something else for you." He hands Kay a velvet box and she opens it. The most beautiful locket is inside. "No one has ever done anything like this for me before." He assures her that things can be like this every night for her. Miguel is at the front of the house with flowers for Kay. He takes a deep breath. "It is now or never…" He goes to the window and sees Fox and Kay having a romantic dinner. "Oh no," Miguel says.

Theresa phones Little Ethan to tell him that she has to work late, but that they will do something fun the next day. Jared comes in and tells Theresa that he has found some champagne in the back of the fridge in the lunchroom. "Shall I open it for us?" She will have one glass, but refuses to get distracted. "You have to listen to me when I tell you that you worked enough today," Jared says. He pours and orders her to drink. He pours for himself now. "I am worried about Ethan. He might find something that will sway the jury." Jared isn't worried about Ethan. "He isn't that bright. He was a fool to let you go." She can see that he really means what he says. "I don't play games…"

Chris has found several accounts with his activity and he will use those accounts to do his embezzling. "I will use a remote computer to do this so that nothing comes back to me." Spike finds that Chris is nervous about this and doesn't understand why. Chris says that he doesn't want to get caught. "I am only doing this because you are blackmailing me. I can't let Sheridan find out." Spike tells Chris that he used to do some chicks who said they had a spiritual thing like Luis and Sheridan did. "I won't let any woman get to me like that. They take your heart, and they throw it to the ground." Chris knows that things are not that way with him and Sheridan. "She loves me."

Sheridan has gotten the nerve and she walks into the station. Luis has his back to her and doesn't know that she is there. She fantasizes of having the room decorated beautifully for them at the cottage. She would have lit candles, and flowers everywhere. He would come home and tell her how beautiful she is, and they would kiss. They would be a couple again. "I should tell him," Sheridan says to herself now. "But I am committed to Chris. This is wrong and I shouldn't be here." She goes to the door. When she closes it, Luis hears the noise. "Who is there?" he calls out. No one answers. He gets up out of his chair and runs out the door. "I said, who is there?" THUMP! Luis tackles the culprit and he and Sheridan fall facedown on the pavement. At first, Luis doesn't realize who is there. "Sheridan?" She looks guiltily up into his face.

"That should be me in there with Kay," Miguel says looking in the window. Fox woos his girl…Miguel can see that Fox has gone all out with the romantic dinner… "I can't fight that…" He remembers Luis telling him that he has to fight for his love. "Luis is right. I am going to fight for you, Kay, no matter what it takes…"

Jared and Theresa kiss, and he jokes that she has to cut this out. "You started it!" she accuses. He tells her that they will put the champagne away and he will take half the work, while she takes half, and they will separate and get to work. She kisses him some more, and he knows that he had better get out of there right now or they will be in trouble. He tells her to meet him in thirty minutes at his office. Theresa wonders if she really could be falling for this man…

"What are you doing here, Sheridan?" Luis asks. She only says that she has to go now. "No Sheridan. You came her for a reason. Now what is it? Really…"

"Wow!" Whitney says at the end of the movie. "The guy was cheating on her the whole time and I just didn't expect it." Chad tells Whitney that the scene in the flower shop gave that away. Whitney thinks, and then realizes that he is right. "I would make a lousy detective." Chad says that he has to go to work, as he is working on a special project. "Can't you do it tomorrow?" Chad says that he has to do some of the work now, as it is pretty important. "Don't wait up. I am going to be pretty late…"

"What is going on, Sheridan?" Luis asks again. She tells him nothing is going on. She tells him that Chris is at work when asked. "You can tell me anything, Sheridan. It is okay. Just talk to me." She turns to him then. "I…I was talking to my mother and I realized that I needed to see you but then I realized that I shouldn't be here and so I think that I should go." Luis still wants to know what Sheridan is there for. "I can't talk about it, as this is wrong. I am married to Chris, and you are dating Fancy." Luis clears something up right there. "The only reason that I am with Fancy is because I am not with you. I love you, Sheridan."

Spike taunts Chris about Sheridan still loving Luis. Chris orders him out of the office. In fact, he is leaving too. He walks Spike out. Moments later, the door to the office opens and Spike enters. He digs into Chris's drawers and pulls out the binder. "Now let's take a look at this binder…"

Chad knocks on a door, and then enters. He hears the shower going. "Just what I need…" he says, starting to undress as he smiles.

"I shouldn't have ever left Harmony. Now I am back. Maybe it is fate. We are meant to be together, Kay. We are meant to be a family." Miguel continues to watch Fox and Kay through the window. Fox and Kay dance. "I just want to make you happy, Kay. I want to show you how much I love you." She feels like the luckiest girl in the world. "You belong to me, Kay… Body and soul… If that is what you want." She says that she does want that. "I am all yours…" In his mind, Fox says that Kay is his and that she belongs to him. "I have to make my move tonight," Miguel says. "Fox has gone all out."

"You know that I will always love you, Sheridan." Sheridan tells him to stop. "I can't do this. I have to go." He stops her. "You came here for a reason. We belong together, and you can't turn your back on our love anymore than I can. Go ahead, then, Sheridan. Tell me that I am not the love of your life." She can't do that. "You are the love of my life." He smiles and they now kiss.

Outside, Chris comes up to the police station. Spike is still in Chris's office reading his files. He hears footsteps…Theresa enters, and sees that the door to Chris's office is open. She finds the book of codes open, and she locks it up again securely. "Can’t leave that hanging around." She goes to the other side of the desk now. A hand touches her shoulder and she jumps out of her skin.

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