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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Sheridan can't stop thinking about Luis and Fancy and the way they are now. The thought of them together brings tears to her eyes. She remembers them at the pool kissing. "I have to forget you, Luis. I have a family and you deserve one, too. It wouldn’t be fair. I have to let you take a chance with Fancy…"

Luis is at work. He looks at the regulation book for police officers and thinks about how he asked Fancy if she would quit training so they could date. "Dammit! Dammit all to hell!" Luis shouts.

Theresa is furious that Ethan is taking this case against her. She tells Jared to pull up everything that he can find on Stuart. "This is war," she says. "Set up interviews with everyone who knows this guy. We have to come up with something on this guy that we can use against him court. Ethan is low coming after me, but I will go even lower to protect myself, my son and our legacy…"

Ethan is up bright and early working on Stuart's case as planned. He promised that he would get a proper start, and that is what he is doing. Gwen is proud of her husband for taking this on, and she will be helping him with it. Ethan hates that Gwen is so gleeful about this case. People are going to get hurt. Gwen knows that protecting people from Crane is more important than what will happen to the workers. "This also has nothing to do with Theresa." In her head, Gwen knows that this has everything to do with Theresa… She knows that by the end of this case, Theresa will not ever speak to Ethan again. That makes her smile.

Fox is behind Miguel with the knife. Miguel thinks that he is alone in the kitchen, and he sits looking at a picture of Kay, picking his brain regarding what to do about her. "I have to find a way for us to be together…" That is when Fox thrusts the knife deep into the young man's back. The knife makes a horrible sound. Miguel arches his back, shouting out in pain, and then he falls forward. Kay enters the kitchen and runs to Miguel. "You killed him!" she shouts at Fox. Fox doesn't care. He looks haughtily at the bloody blade of his trusty knife… That was just a dream. Fox was just fantasizing… Fox moves closer to Miguel's back now. Miguel turns as Fox is nearing him and he jumps out of the way when he sees the knife. Kay enters the kitchen and her face changes when she sees Fox with the knife. "What's happening here?" Fox looks at his knife, in his hand and steps back from Miguel. He cuts some apple with the knife, and pops it into his mouth. "Nothing's happening…"

Ethan and Gwen take a break and decide to have some friends over. They will get some stuff to eat. Ethan gets on the phone and orders some dessert for himself and his wife. "Something chocolate. Maybe Chocolate Decadence, and some strawberries and cream…" Ethan goes to his wife when he gets off the phone, and they kiss for a spell. "I have not been this relaxed in such a long time, Ethan. I know for sure now that it is over with you and Theresa forever, and she is out of our lives for good."Ethan puts his head down.

Julian arrives at Theresa's office. She isn't in the mood. "Shouldn't you be drinking Martinis now?" He is there about the lawsuit that he heard about. "How did you let this happen, Theresa? You are CEO of Crane now and you should have anticipated this and stopped it before this point." She doesn't think that he could have handled this any better. "Besides you are making too much out of this disgruntled ex-employee who wants a big fat paycheck." Julian finds her confidence interesting, considering she is a novice. "Look, Julian," Theresa says. "You have nothing to worry about." Julian is worried since Ethan is the attorney working against her. "I am telling you, Julian, that I can stand up to Ethan. You don’t know everything about me. I will fight Ethan with everything that I have and more." Julian reminds her that she was smitten with the man and will not be able to stand against him. "I will not back down, Julian and, I promise you that when this is over, there will be one person standing and that will be me! Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald-Crane!"

Sheridan still thinks alone. Katherine arrives and sees her daughter is upset over Luis moving on. "I didn't know that it would hurt this much, Mother. Will my heart ever stop breaking?"

Luis is at work. He thinks about seeing Sheridan burning their keepsakes when he was walking by her house. "She didn't even want to remember how we loved each other once…" he thinks sadly. Luis also thinks about Fancy and talking with her in the pool about her quitting her job. She flatly refused. Luis has to give her credit for sticking to her guns and doing the job he thought she couldn't do. "Still, I feel so torn…"

Fox goes to Kay and kisses her hard before Miguel. Miguel seems uncomfortable and leaves the room. Fox stares at Kay strangely."You are beautiful… You really are." Kay tells Fox that being with him that night was amazing. "You seem nervous, Kay. Is anything bothering you?" She remembers the kissing in the shower with Miguel and how she is keeping the dirty secret. "No, Fox! Nothing is wrong." Fox thinks about seeing his love with Miguel through the crack in the door of their bedroom. "Okay, Fox. Something is wrong, actually. You look different to me. What happened?" Fox says, "I am fine, Kay. What is it? Sometimes people project their own feelings onto others. Is everything okay with you, Kay?" She tells him that she loves him. "I have been thinking about something… The truth is, Kay, that I have been doing a lot of sour-searching and I have had a change of heart about us and our future…"

Julian tells Theresa, "I am glad that you have overcome your addiction to Ethan, but that doesn't mean that you will win this case." She will not let anything ruin her son's legacy. "That is 'our' son's legacy," Julian reminds. "Where did you get this newfound backbone?" She tells that she got her backbone from him and Alistair. "I put on blinders and focus on a goal. I can't wait to take down Stuart Allen, and his staff, and that includes Ethan." Julian knows that time will tell…He leaves the office. Jared is entering the outer office as Julian is leaving Theresa's office. Julian asks to speak to the man for a moment. "I understand that you are very close to Mrs. Crane. How would you like to work for me? You can keep this job and work for me on the side. Theresa doesn't have to know and you will make a hell of a lot of money…" Theresa comes to the door when she hears mumbling, and she hears Julian trying to seduce her new beau and assistant with wads of money. "You tell me every move that Theresa is about to make, before she makes it… That is all that you have to do. You will be the wealthiest young man around here… You would be a fool not to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity." Theresa waits to see what Jared's answer will be. "I guess that I am a fool, then. I say no." Julian offers the man three times the salary that Theresa offers. "No! I will not go behind Theresa's back. You have your standards, and I have mine. You have the wrong guy!" Julian can't understand this. "This isn't about money, Julian," says Jared. "I care far too much about Theresa to go behind her back. You and Theresa have a child, and this is a pretty nasty way to treat the mother of your child. Let me lay it all out… As long as Theresa chooses to employ me, then I will work for her and if that means putting you in your place, then so be it." Julian warns Jared that Theresa will turn on him just like she turned on Ethan. Jared doesn't believe that. "I won't stab her in the back like Ethan did." He opens the door and lets Julian out. Theresa is at the door to her office when Jared enters. "You heard that?" She hugs him and rewards his loyalty with a kiss.

Katherine tells Sheridan, "Your whole life has been turned upside down, then you thought that Luis was dead and you married Chris. Honey you spent most of your life loving Luis, and now you love Chris. The love that you feel for Luis, though, is deeper and stronger." Sheridan admits to her mother that she hasn't felt for anyone like she felt for Luis. "He should have believed me about Beth stealing Marty. I knew in my heart and I told him that. If he had believed me, we would be together now. I should have made Luis listen." Katherine sees that Sheridan is blaming herself, when the blame lies with Alistair. "I love Chris and James and should be on my knees thanking God for their love." Katherine feels that maybe staying with Chris is only important to Sheridan because of James and his having already lost one mother.

Miguel comes to see his brother at the station. The two hug. Miguel tells his brother that he hasn't solved his problem of getting Kay yet. "Well what are you doing here, man? You better stake your claim before it is too late…"

Fox tells Kay that he has been thinking about the wedding and has a thought about the date. "I have something really drastic in mind, Kay." Kay pleads, "Please don't call off the wedding." Fox smiles and then laughs out loud. "I want the same thing that you do, Kay. I don't like the date that is all. I love the idea of the marriage. I would like to get married ASAP. Very soon. Let's forget these invitations and seating arrangements… Why don't you and I just get married tonight?"

Gwen feeds Ethan strawberries. He loves this time with her, but he has to get back to work. He is thinking that a settlement will save a lot of time. Gwen doesn't like that idea. He could drag Crane through the mud and make a great name for himself at the same time. Ethan doesn't want to hurt the good people that work for Crane. She is more interested in their lives and how they will change for the better. "If you don't do this, Theresa will once again get away with murder."

"I am grateful to you, Jared for putting Julian in his place," Theresa says. "For a minute, I thought that you would bite." He says there isn't enough money in the world to make him turn on her. "Wow! For the first time in my life, I have actually picked the right guy, and to show my appreciation, Jared, I am going to double your salary…" He asks if she is sure that she wants to do that. "Consider it a loyalty bonus. I am starting to see how important loyalty is. I need you, Jared. I need you more than anyone. Of course there is a personal overlap… I need your help against Ethan." He tells her to turn to him. "Now, here are the files about Stuart Allen. I haven't looked closely at the files, but if he even has a parking ticket, we'll be able to get a handle on the man."

"I bet that Kay doesn't even want to marry Fox," Luis says. Miguel isn't sure what to think. Sometimes she is really into him and at other times she isn't. "Level with her Miguel. If you don't tell Kay how you feel, you will regret it."

"It doesn't matter how I feel about Luis, Mother," Sheridan tells Katherine. I can't end things and get Luis back anyway. It is too late. He is with Fancy now." Katherine is sure that Luis still has love in his heart for Sheridan. "Fancy is a lovely girl, but Luis loves you, Sheridan. Just go to Luis. Go to him, and tell him how you feel before it is too late…" Katherine then asks, "Can you look me in the eye, Sheridan, and tell me that you have even spent one day not thinking about Luis?" Sheridan can't do that. "How can I leave Chris now?" Katherine just wants her to have a talk with Luis. "It isn't fair to Luis and it isn't fair to you. I know that you have to do this. You both deserve this." Sheridan hears the wisdom in her mother's voice. "Go right now." Sheridan gets up and leaves.

Miguel is glad that he has come to see his brother. He still can't believe that Luis has given up on Sheridan. "I had to. But you, you go and talk to Kay…"

"I, I can't wait to be your wife." Fox loves hearing this. "We will elope tonight then." Kay tells Fox that her father and his mother would be really upset if they missed the wedding. Fox understands that, then and suggests they just simply move up the date. Kay seems nervous and Fox notices. "I have no problem with that." Fox is truly happy to hear Kay say that.

"Don't try to make me put my personal feelings ahead of the case," Ethan warns. "We will make Crane accountable in the settlement so that they don't do this kind of thing again. She will pay a hefty payment to Stuart. All we need is one sympathetic juror who likes Theresa and she would win." Someone knocks. Theresa enters. "You asked for those, Ethan, and here they are. I could have had my messenger bring these but I wanted to bring them to you myself. You think that you can win, but you can't. The sooner that you realize that you can't beat Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald-Crane… the better off you will be…

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