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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"Miguel is a dead man," Tabitha says knowingly. "In my vast experience in life, when a man stalks off without a word after catching his woman with another man, that is bad and someone's going to get hurt." Kay says that Fox isn't that type of person. Fox handles the hair dryer as he watches Miguel in the shower. "Get ready for the shock of your life…" he says.

Fancy waits awhile, but then figures that Luis isn't returning to see her again that night. Luis returns and tells Fancy that he has been thinking about what she told him and he would like to give her an honest response. Fancy turns to him, waiting to hear the very worst.

Theresa learns that Ethan is going to head the campaign to sue her company. Stuart tells her how Ethan is going to make sure that he is vindicated for what has happened to him. "If you destroy my company, Ethan, you will destroy me," says Theresa.

Kay isn't even sure that Fox saw her with Miguel. Tabitha knows that he must have, as the curse was broken on Miguel, and that would mean the curse would be broken for Fox as well. Tabitha asks for Kay to loosen her bonds a bit as she is uncomfortable being tied down this tightly. Kay lightens the load that tries to hold Tabitha to the ground at the same time. She starts floating but doesn't rise to the ceiling as she is tied down still. "Oh no! I knew that I had to leave town to be cured but I have to get to Saturn to do it. Can you watch Endora for me?" Kay will do that but begs Tabitha to help make Miguel forget what happened that night. Kay is off to make love to Fox now. "Your troubles are only beginning Kay…" Tabitha says.

Miguel showers with his eyes closed. Fox comes over to the shower stall and stands behind Miguel. Miguel has no idea what is about to happen to him. Miguel turns to Fox. "What the hell?" he says. Fox tells him, "You should have stayed away from my girlfriend, Miguel…" Miguel looks down at the hair dryer. Fox turns the dryer on and drops it in the shower. Sparks fly up as Miguel is electrocuted. He grimaces and then falls to the floor of the shower. Kay enters the shower and sees that Miguel is hurt. He lays as if dead in the shower. "What is going on here?"

Fancy feels that Luis is going to say something that she isn't going to like, but he surprises her by telling her that she is right to ask him for an answer about what he feels for her.

Stuart is sure that he will win in court. "You and all the other mucky-mucks are going down." Ethan tells Stuart to leave and that he will take care of things from here. Stuart goes. "What on earth possessed you to take that case to destroy my company?" Theresa asks. Gwen finds her laughable. "The only reason that this is your company is because of someone's twisted sense of humor." Ethan tells Gwen to stop this. She won't. She remembers how Theresa slept with the father and the son to get where she is. Jared orders Gwen to shut up, as he finds her very bitter. "I wasn't going to take the case at first but then I realized that Stuart had a legitimate reason for wanting to sue. I remember you blackballing me when you wanted to control me. Now I have a chance to practice again and maybe even make partner at my firm." She still can't understand him going after her, of all people, to make a point. "That is low! That is really low!" Gwen finds that interesting coming from someone who's lived half of her life in the gutter.

"You killed him!" Fox had to do it. He couldn't let the man who was with the woman that he loved live. Fox was only dreaming of killing Miguel. Now he walks forward with the hair dryer to open the stall. "Fox?" Fox hears Kay coming and knows that he can't take care of Miguel now like he wants to. He leaves. Kay enters the shower, and Miguel coaxes her into getting in the shower stall with him. She knows that’s she shouldn't, but she gets in the shower anyway and they start kissing.

"I just wanted to tell you, Fancy, that you deserve better than you got from me." She is sure still that this is a rejection. "I am not finished," Luis says. "I thought about what you asked me before, and I realize that I do have feelings for you. More than I would for a friend. I don't want some ghost to come between us. I want what we have to be genuine and real…" A smile comes to her face. "I am sure, Fancy. I like you and I want us to be together…" They kiss now.

"This isn't like you, Ethan," Theresa says. She didn't think that he would do something like this. Gwen tells that Theresa has deserved this for years and shouldn't be surprised. Jared finds Gwen to be really over the top. Gwen tells him that he has no idea what Theresa is really all about. He has only just come to town. "She has grown up and is over Ethan. Get over it, Gwen. She is with me now." Ethan thinks about the time that he spent with Theresa in bed a few minutes ago. That is proof that they are not over each other. "Let's go," Ethan says. "We shouldn't be in the same room." Gwen is proud of her husband for doing the right thing. "When did you decide to take this case? Was it before or after you saw Jared and me making love right?" Gwen's face changes and she turns to her husband. "Is that true?"

"Hocus Pocus, keep the focus…" Tabitha tries to function. She goes over to the big blue pot and looks in. She sees Fox in the room alone, looking at pictures of Miguel and Kay. "I guess the joke is on me, eh, Kay?" Tabitha sees that she has to work to make Miguel forget all that has happened this night. She wishes that she could make Fox forget, too. Kay is in the shower with Miguel and he is all over her. He kisses her and hugs her, and she lets him. Kay thinks to herself that Tabitha has to hurry and make Miguel forget about being with her over the last few hours. "Make the memories gone!" Smoke appears in the shower…"What are you doing in her with all your clothes on?" Kay sees that things have worked. Miguel kicks her out of there. Kay is happy the spell worked. "Thank you, Tabitha," she says.Tabitha has done her job, and now it is time to tend to herself. "I have to get to my room…" Kay finds Fox in the bedroom. He asks where she has been. "You are soaking wet." She tells that him she was in the kitchen with Tabitha and things got crazy. I was filling the ice trays and things got out of control. I need some dry clothes." Fox thinks to himself that she was with Miguel in the shower and got in with him. He can see that she is a really bad liar. She hugs him. "All I think about is you and how much your love me," he says snarling.

"You really like me?" asks Fancy. Luis does. She finds that great. She runs off to the pool and jumps in to show how happy she is. Luis walks over to the edge of the pool. "What are you doing?" She tells that she is celebrating with him and she pulls him into the pool, uniform and all. They kiss, but he pushes her away. "We can't do this. We can't break the rules. Harmony PD, section eight, paragraph eleven. No officers can socialize. I'm sorry. We can't do this, Fancy. We can't date."

"Answer me, Ethan," says Theresa. "Was it before or after you saw us making love?" Gwen says that Ethan didn’t tell her anything about this. Ethan says that he did make his decision after seeing her with Jared, but that it didn't have a big effect on his decision. "I knew it! You are going after my company because you are jealous."

Miguel dries off. His mind goes to thoughts of kissing and hugging Kay. He wonders where those thoughts came from. "I wish that I had the nerve to tell Kay how I really feel. Kay thinks to herself that she has to check that Siren's curse has been broken. She goes to Fox. "Make love to me. Fox, I am the happiest girl in the world."

Luis explains, "I got caught up in the rule book. We are police officers." Fancy says to hell with the rules. "We can be discreet and never go out." Luis knows that is not the type of relationship that they should have. He really hates breaking the rules. She can see that he really likes her. "That has to be the dumbest rule that I have ever heard of." He reminds her that civilians are not bound by these rules. "Are you willing to give up the academy program to go out with me?"

Gwen tells Theresa, "You are really something else, Theresa. Do you think that everything surrounds you, Theresa? You can't get it through your thick head that there isn't anything left between you and my husband." Stuart returns knowing, that they are talking about him. "I have a right to be there. Ethan tells him that he is right. "You are to think of me solely as your opposing counsel from this point forward." Theresa starts crying. "How could you Ethan? After… " Gwen and Jared are curious now. "After what?" Gwen asks. Theresa ignores her. "How could you, Ethan?" she repeats.

Tabitha gets to her, room hoping that no one will see her. Miguel knocks on the door. He asks, "Do you need any help? I heard banging like pots and pans." Tabitha says that she is fine and she also tells that she will be going away for a while. "Take care, Miguel." Tabitha hopes that Kay will be okay in her absence. Kay has made love to Fox, and she confirms that the curse has been lifted. "That was wonderful, Fox," Kay says. Fox agrees. He thinks to himself that Miguel will never be with Kay again. That is a threat and a promise.

"That idea is very tempting," Fancy says. "…But, no. I will not quit the academy. It is the most fulfilling thing that I had ever done in my life. I am into it." She admits that she joined to spend time with him, but she will not quit now. "That settles it then. No dating until you are a full-fledged cop." She has a question though. "Can a cadet kiss her training officer? What about a friend kissing a friend." Luis thinks that would be alright. They kiss. "Wow!" Luis says, after kissing Fancy. "I can't wait to see how you kiss when we are not kissing as friends anymore. Are you sure that you won't drop out now?" She won't. She gets out of the pool now.

Kay enters Tabitha's bedroom and sees that the woman is in bad shape. She has the beehive suit on, still, but lays still on the bed, on her back. "Fox is better now. We made love and he was fine." Tabitha knows that Fox has to have seen Kay with Miguel and is holding it in. Kay doesn't believe that. "Let's hope for your sake that you are right." Miguel says, "I want to be a family with you Kay…" He is sitting in the kitchen. Fox enters and sees the back of Miguel. He looks at the knife on the table and picks it up. He holds it up and walks quietly to Miguel.

"If Ethan betrays me like this, Jared, then he deserves what he gets now. I will do anything to win." Ethan tells Stuart that he will get a game plan together and let the man know about it later. Stuart leaves. "I am very proud of you, Ethan," Gwen says. "I think that Theresa is finally over you now." Gwen feels that she and Ethan finally have Theresa out of their lives for good.

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