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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Tabitha is in her beehive costume searching for a spell to fix a problem. Siren comes in smirking that Tabitha is wasting her time trying to find a spell to get rid of her. She knows what the old witch and Kay have been up to. Siren can't stand the sound of Tabitha's strange-sounding voice. "At least I don't float anymore…" She spoke too soon. She starts to rise to the ceiling. She asks for Siren to look at her face and see how it looks. Tabitha peeks at it under the beehive hood, and sees that Tabitha's face is hideous. Miguel peeks at Miguel and Kay through the crack of the hinged door and sees them in the throes of passion. "Oh Miguel …yes…"

Sheridan is home now, and she thinks about her time at the pool with Chris, Fancy and Luis. She remembers seeing Luis and Fancy kissing in the pool and how disturbing that was. "Oh Luis… Why can't I let you go?"

Fancy watches Luis dry off. "Did you kiss me, Luis, because you wanted to or because you wanted to make Sheridan jealous?"

Ethan has come to Gwen, now in the right room. "Where have you been?" she asks. He starts explaining how he was trying to get to the room and the lights went out… "AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!" a voice screams. "That sounded like Theresa!" Ethan says running back out of the room. Gwen throws her hands into the air. "Oh great!" Gwen says. "What is it now?" Ethan runs up the hall which is now lit due to the power returning. He finds Jared over Theresa, and he pulls the man to his feet by the collar. He turns him around and punches him dead in the face, knocking him out immediately. When Jared falls to the side, Ethan can see that he has made a mistake. Theresa runs to Ethan, worried…

Fox continues to look into the crack of the door and watch the love of his life kiss another man. Kay is inside wondering where Fox is. Fox is pushing his nails so deeply into his palms from making a fist that he draws blood. "Do you want to make love?" Miguel asks. "Yes," Kay coos. He carries her to the bed. Fox is left not knowing what to think.

Fancy says, "Was that kiss for me or are you using me to make a point with Sheridan? Luis, I have been hurt by men before and I don't want to be made a fool of…" Luis thinks about what Fancy has said.

"Why did you hit him?" Ethan says that he found the guy over Theresa and it seemed like the man was trying to hurt Theresa. Jared wakes and says that at the time that Ethan hit him, he had just gotten there and was helping her get up. "I was hit over the head and I must have been gone for a long time. I know that you were worried about me," Jared says. Theresa looks over at Ethan briefly. Gwen turns to Ethan suspiciously now. "Wait a minute, Ethan… You were gone from the room for a long time. Please tell me that you were not with Theresa…"

Fox finds his father outside and learns that he is taking a walk, as Eve has blown him off again. "I find it ridiculous for a Crane man to be treated this way." Fox tells his father how he found Miguel and Kay together. He held his anger, but now he wants to get back upstairs and kill Miguel. Upstairs, Kay says, "Stop!" Miguel gets off of Kay. "I am worried about Fox…" Miguel tells Kay that he loves her and that he knows that she loves him too. "I know that you want me and I want you too. I want to make a family with you," Miguel tells Kay. Kay can't do that. "What happened tonight was a mistake. I can't…It is wrong," she says.

"Can't you cure yourself, Tabitha?" Tabitha tells Siren that her illness requires her to leave for her return to good health… She will go soon but has to take care of some things first. Siren is curious, but Tabitha says no more. Kay comes to the room, doing up her clothes. "Where is Fox? Things are really bad, as Miguel thinks that I want him." Siren knows that Kay must have gotten the man hot and horny and now he has no one. She starts walking to the stairs, but Kay grabs her in a headlock and holds her.

"I got lost in the dark, and I was alone," Ethan says. Theresa backs up his story. "We need to find out who attacked Jared!" Theresa says. Jared feels that this is about Theresa and that he was just pushed out of the way for a while. "Who would want to hurt Theresa," they all wonder. Actually, Gwen knows a lot of people who would love to hurt Theresa. "Maybe it was someone like me!" says a voice. The four turn to find Stuart Allen standing behind them… "I despise all Cranes, and I'd like to destroy each and every one of them…Especially you, Theresa Crane…"

"You have to be more like your grandfather," Julian tells Fox. If you want to be with Kay, you must stay calm. Rage simply becomes cold." Fox vows that Miguel will never be with Kay and he will do anything to make sure that doesn't happen… Siren and Kay fight in the kitchen. "Girls!" Tabitha calls out. The girls ignore her. "Girls! I need help!" They turn to find Tabitha floating again. Kay let's go of Siren and heads over to help her friend."I gotta go and see Miguel upstairs," Siren says smiling coyly. She leaves. Kay tries her best to hold on to Tabitha who is up by the ceiling now.

Luis feels that it is too early to be talking about relationships. Fancy just needed to make him understand where she is coming from. He goes for a short walk to clear his head and absorb what she is saying. "Will he ever get over Sheridan?" Fancy wonders.

Sheridan looks at pictures of Luis. "I will never get over the memories that fill my head. I have to get rid of them." She puts the picture of Luis that she has in her hand into the fire. "I am moving on, Luis."

Jared lunges for Stuart to hurt him for telling Theresa that he dislikes her, but Ethan stops him. "I will make you and every last Crane pay, Theresa… whatever the cost…"

Kay tries her best and gets Tabitha down into a chair. She has some rope and she ties Tabitha to the chair. Tabitha is ever so grateful. She ties the other arm now. Finally it is done. Tabitha is happy. Kay has to go know and save Miguel from they mermaid. "It's not working!" Kay turns to find that Tabitha and the chair are starting to rise to the ceiling now. She can't go to Miguel's aid like she planned. Miguel is in the shower. Siren comes in and sees Miguel naked in the shower. She starts singing the Siren's Song. "That song…" Miguel says turning to the door of the bathroom. Siren sees that she has Miguel's attention. "Hold that thought!" she says to him. She quickly gets undressed and steps into the shower with Miguel. They start kissing.

Fox tells his father how he has this rage inside of him, and he is so jealous… When Fox says the word 'jealous'. It echoes throughout the yard. It is so loud that the repetitious whisper of the word 'jealous' can be heard in the house as well. Tabitha and Kay hear it and Tabitha explains that the third part of the spell has been completed. They've done it.

Fancy swims alone. She wonders about the kisses that she shared with Luis just now. She hopes that Luis will be able to get over Sheridan. Luis is out walking. He sees Sheridan through her cottage window. "What are you doing?" he asks quietly in the night, as he sees her putting pictures into the fireplace. Sheridan is getting rid of all the things that remind her of Luis. Luis is getting upset. He sees her with the card that he made her once. He knows that she is going to send the card the way of the other things before it. "No Sheridan… Not the card that I made you."

Fox and Julian hear the echo and find it bizarre. Fox isn't surprised. "Weird things happen at this house." Julian knows that to be the truth. Julian gets a call from Malaysia and he has to take the call. Before leaving, he tells his son to take what he wants for his future and to defend it.

When alone, Fox walks slowly around the house. "You betrayed me, Miguel. You stabbed me in the back. You just wait…You will get yours."

Kay has every heavy pot tied to Tabitha's body to hold her down. Kay looks into the big blue pot and sees that Siren has worked her magic yet again and is using her power to seduce Miguel. Miguel suddenly pushes Siren away from him. "What are you doing? How did you get in here?" Siren smiles. She knows how to fix this. She opens her mouth and lets out a few sultry tones from the Siren's Song. "What are you doing? You sound like Fluffy coughing up a hair ball." Siren sees that she can't win and she exits the shower with Miguel disapprovingly shaking his head at her. "Could it be?" Siren wonders. "Did they remove the curse?" Kay jumps with glee! She has been watching the scene and she reports to Tabitha that the spell has worked! Miguel is free of Siren.

Stuart tells Theresa that he will be taking her to court and all her nasty little secrets will be tumbling out. Theresa tells him that that he had better be ready for total, mass destruction. "I will not let anyone destroy this company," she vows. Ethan tries to interrupt the conversation when Stuart talks off the attorney that he has who will bring his case to a successful end. "Who is this attorney that you are talking about?" Theresa demands to know. Gwen smiles quietly while standing behind Theresa…

Siren comes down, upset that her curse has been broken. Kay has done what no one else has been able to. "Go back to the water, Siren. No one wants you here. Don't let the doorknob hit you on the way out!" Siren leaves for a swim. Kay wonders now how the spell worked if Fox never came up to the room. Tabitha is sure that the spell didn't work. They worry as the spell only worked because Fox was made jealous enough to kill. "When Fox returns, he will have murder on his mind." Miguel is in the shower. He wonders what the hell just happened with Siren. The door slowly opens. Fox quietly enters and grabs the hair dryer from a shelf. "Since Miguel gave me the shock of my life, it is time for me to return the favor." He walks slowly to the shower stall where Miguel showers with his back to Fox.

Fancy is at the side of the pool. Luis finishes swimming and comes to her. They kiss. Fancy has been dreaming. She realizes that she can't do this. She will not be with Luis under these circumstances. "I will be waiting though, for the day when you are finally over Sheridan…"

Luis is heartbroken, watching Sheridan with their keepsakes, watching her toss them one by one into the fire. Sheridan does this slowly, almost ceremoniously. The card that Luis has made for her also goes into the fire. Luis sees what she does and accepts that if Sheridan can do that, they must really be over. He walks off. "No! I can't do it!" Sheridan stoops and fishes the card out of the fire. She can't burn this. She wonders if she will ever be able to get over Luis now.

Theresa is standing before Stuart, demanding that he reveal all. He takes his time and that leads Theresa to think that he may be just blowing hot air. "Great! Then who is this great attorney that you have against me?" Ethan says that Stuart isn't blowing hot air. "I'm his lawyer, and I took the case." Theresa slowly turns and faces him in utter horror.

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