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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Jessica is violently attacked by Tony who Spike said could have her.

Chris and Sheridan watch Luis and Fancy kissing in the pool. They decide to leave. The door slams loudly behind them as they go out. This catches Luis and Fancy's attention and they turn from each other to the door. "Who is that?" asks Luis. Fancy has no idea… Luis reaches for his gun, but doesn't take his eyes off the door. Fancy walks up closer to him…

Tabitha's voice is in bad shape and has changed… She floats in the air. She is wearing a beekeeper's suit to hide her hideous symptoms… Siren comes in the room, and learns that Tabitha is ill. Tabitha says that all the stress in the house is making her sick. Siren only cares that the third part of the spell isn't going to happen. Tabitha tells her that Kay is in the middle of seducing Miguel, and when Fox sees that, they will be well on their way to curing Fox of Siren's spell. "And then you will never be able to seduce another human like that again!" Without meaning to, Tabitha starts rising to the ceiling… Floating out of control "Ooh… Ooh…" she cries.

Ethan is in the hall trying to find his way to Gwen in the room that she has booked for them. There is no electricity, and so he has to make his way carefully. When he feels that he has reached the door, he opens it. Theresa is in bed sleeping…in the dark. Ethan removes his clothes and slides into bed beside Theresa, thinking that he is with his wife…He is so tired…"Jared…" Theresa says it ever so softly and Ethan doesn't hear. His eyes are closed when they start kissing, and hers are too.Ethan and Theresa get increasingly passionate as they start kissing. "You are so beautiful," Ethan says.

"Come down!" Siren says, but Tabitha can't do it while ill. She will go and get well after she has assisted Kay with her problem. She will be the first witch to break the mermaid's curse in the history of the world. Siren goes over to Endora, dropping a word in her ear about Fox and how sad this third part of the spell is going to be for him. Tabitha wants the curse removed in spite of how it is going to make Fox feel when he sees his girl in the arms of another. In the big blue pot, they see Kay kissing Miguel. Fox enters the bedroom and sees the two. "At last," Tabitha says with glee. "The curse is broken!" She knows that the shocked look on Fox's face has to mean that.

Luis and Fancy walk quietly to the door to see what is going on out there. They can't be too careful after all that has gone on with Pilar and Chris being shot. They get outside and Luis shouts at some trees not far off. "Come out!" Chris and Sheridan come out from behind the trees with their hands up. "Don't shoot," Sheridan says, without any fear and very little enthusiasm.

Julian and Eve dance, and he apologizes for the way that he has been acting. Eve doesn't need that. She knows the man that she loves. "I have been so worried about TC…" Julian understands and he will put up with it for her if she needs him to.

Tony has Jessica up against the wall. "Leave me alone! I don't do this anymore," says Jessica. "Let her go!" Paloma shouts when she comes up on the thug and Jessica. Tony orders her to get lost, but she advances and uses her police training to get control of him for a moment, long enough to get Jessica free. "You are going to pay for that," Tony says walking towards the two girls again. Paloma stands before her friend, defending her.

Julian and Eve have a romantic dinner and talk. Her phone rings. "No! No, Nurse. Don't listen to him! You stay there!" Eve says into the phone. Eve tells Julian that TC threw his nurse out of the house. "He is hurt as he can't take care of himself. I am sorry that this has interrupted our evening…" Julian is fine with that. Her phone rings again. "Nurse! I know that my ex-husband is a difficult patient…Julian, can I take this call in private?" He waves her off. She leaves the table. Julian drinks his drink and then Eve's.

Tony charges at both the girls. Jessica gets away, but Paloma is caught and tossed into a wall. Tony advances on her again. He is almost on her when… Roberto arrives and hits the man in the back with a garbage can. This is too much, and Tony escapes. "Call 911," Paloma says. "No! Everyone will know about me, and how I am a hooker. Maybe that is all that I will ever be…A whore…"

"I will hurry to help Kay so that I can be on my way to get rid of this virus." Siren smiles. "Fox hasn't seen anything," she says. They both look into the big blue pot. They see that Fox hasn't seen Miguel and Kay yet, and what he did do was fall down a big hole… He walks into the living room now.

Siren smiles at Endora… "Mermaid…. Mermaid…." Endora says…

Chris and Sheridan tell Luis and Fancy how they were about to have a swim but then decided against it. "Well we were just about to go back to the pool then," Fancy says. "Do you want to stay?" Luis asks the married couple. Chris feels that they should go, but Luis insists. They have food and drink. Sheridan accepts their invitation. Sheridan says to Fancy, "I see that you are getting along with Luis… Does he feel the same about you?" Fancy tells Sheridan that there is a rule that prevents officers from dating… "Still, I know that he is starting to like me more and more…" Sheridan really doesn't think that she should push things with him. "I heard about the background check that you are doing on me," says Chris. Luis admits it. "I am a cop. I have to see if you could be involved in all that has been going on around here."

Ethan and Theresa are still passionately kissing, feeling the heat. Suddenly they open their eyes and see that a terrible mistake has happened. "Oh no!" Theresa says. "Oh no!" Ethan is stunned. "Theresa?"

"You must have fallen down the laundry chute." Fox never knew they had a laundry chute. He remembers the gaping hole as a tunnel. He is confused by the way that Tabitha is dressed and she explains it all away again. Fox goes to clean up. "You used my daughter!" Tabitha says. "Endora! How could you?" Siren knows now that Kay will not have a chance to finish the third part of the spell. "Endora," mummy says. "We have to help Kay and Fox will be free forever… It will not hurt Fox much to see Kay with Miguel…" Siren tells Tabitha to give it up. She will start with Miguel and Fox and then she will sing her Siren's Song to the whole world!

Roberto and Paloma tell Jessica that she is all messed up and that it is all Spike's fault. Jessica will not listen to anything bad about Spike. "Yes, he has done some bad things but he loves me… He really loves me. He has changed. Spike is in love with me. He needs me and I need him…"

Sheridan has a question, but it might not be any of her business. Fancy knows what she is going to ask and she answers without the question being asked. "I am in love with Luis and he isn't in love with me yet. I will try and then one day…" Sheridan tells her not to rush things. "I don’t even have the security codes to the mansion. I don't need them." Luis laughs. He finds that Chris getting hurt right before his mother getting shot is peaking his interest… Chris leaves to ask Sheridan to swim with him. "I smell a rat," Luis says. "A six foot rat."

Ethan and Theresa lay side by side. She clutches the sheet up under her chin. "What are you doing here?" She tells him that this is her room. "No it isn't. It is 538." She gets angry. "No! It is 438!" He had too much to drink and he just walked in the room without being able to see in the darkness. "How will I ever move on?" Ethan says that it might have been fate. "Fate might have put us here, cause we belong here. There may be no denying it!"

Eve spends most of the night on her cellphone. Julian calls to the waiter, who serves him. "Now leave me alone and leave!" Julian tells the waiter. Eve sees Julian upset and she gets off the phone. "You took off that man's head for nothing," Eve tells him. Julian tells Eve that she knows why he is so upset…

Endora has a problem, now, letting Fox get hurt. Siren can see that she is safe for now. Endora will have her back. Siren leaves the room. "Oh no! Kay is up there with Miguel for no good reason." Kay and Miguel are kissing, and she can't understand why Fox isn't walking in on them. Tabitha is very upset. "Oh!" She starts rising to the ceiling…"Not again!" Miguel can't hold back anymore and he clears all that is on the bureau with one sweep of his hand. He places Kay on the bureau and she is howling with pleasure. "Where is Fox?" she wonders.

"We should go to bed," Chris says. Sheridan agrees. Chris walks ahead. Sheridan stops and turns to watch Luis and Fancy. They get into the pool and frolic. She can see they are close. "Are you coming?" Chris asks, returning. Sheridan leaves with him.

"I am trying to move on!" Theresa says. "I want to move on. You are an addiction and I am trying to get over it. I am falling in love with Jared." Ethan smirks. "What is wrong with Jared?" Theresa realizes that Jared could be back at any moment. "Ethan, you have to go! Jared can't find out about this. Just go!"

"This damn business with TC… You can't stop checking on the man, Eve…" She hasn't any idea what he wants her to do. "I have paid the nurses to take care of him…" Eve says that TC doesn't want the nurses and that doesn't help her stop worrying about him. "All I wanted was a pleasant, romantic evening, but you can't stop talking on the damn phone to your damn ex-husband." She decides that she is leaving. "Go ahead…Get out!" She leaves. "Dammit!" Julian says.

"You hated him in Rome, Jessica…" She knows that, but now she finds that Spike has changed. "You are out of your mind," says Paloma. She might be, but she feels that is what love must be like. She notices that her bracelet is gone. "Spike is going to be so angry…" Jessica leaves. "She believes that Spike loves her when he is the biggest liar in North America." Jessica is Paloma's friend and she has to try to help her.

Fox is going to get some ice cream but Tabitha pushes him to the stairs instead to go and see Kay….Tabitha is thrilled that she has gotten him up the stairs. Kay can't hold out much longer. "Where is Fox?" she thinks. Fox gets to the door of the bedroom and hears moans and groans… He peeks through the crack where the hinge of the door is. He sees Miguel and Kay kissing inside. He looks away and thinks, and then he looks back again.

"Oh I have forgotten the picnic basket." Sheridan runs back to get it. She enters the pool area and sees… Luis and Fancy are in the pool standing close and kissing. Sheridan hurries out of there without being seen. She goes to Chris who sees that she didn't get the picnic basket as she planned to. "I will get it later," she says. They walk home. Back in the pool, Luis and Fancy are still kissing and getting to know each other better.

Theresa has Ethan out of her bed and dressed. He is dragging his feet and taking his time. He doesn't find that this incident was as tragic as Theresa is making it out to be. She peeks into the hall to make sure that no one is there. When she feels it is safe, she waves for Ethan to come out into the hall. He does, and soon he is gone. She sees him around the corner and then she turns to go back to her room. She walks alone in the hall. Unbeknownst to her, someone is in the hall… Someone dressed in black. As Theresa nears her room to reenter, a hand is clamped over her mouth from behind, and the other arm goes across her body to hold her still while she fights like the devil…

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