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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Spike comes home with presents for Jessica. He even gives her an expensive piece of jewelry. She immediately thinks they can't afford it, but he tells her that there isn't anything too good for his wife.

Rae arrives to meet Simone, who is about to be off her shift and done for the night. They are going to hang out tonight and maybe go to Rae's place and be alone. Roberto and Paloma arrive, and Paloma wants them all to go out and have dinner. Simone says they have plans, and Rae says she wants to go out.

Kay is about to seduce Miguel. He freezes. Tabitha comes into the room and has frozen him…

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Ethan tells Gwen that he has changed his mind and will be going after Crane for Mr. Allen after all. She is thrilled! "What changed your mind?" asks Gwen. Ethan remembers seeing Theresa naked in that man's arms.

Jared and Theresa talk about Ethan catching them in a loving embrace on the table in their room. Jared feels that maybe this was a good thing, as now they can get on with their lives. "He was so hurt," Theresa says. He tells her to go and shower now and not to worry. "I'm sorry, Jared…" Theresa says. "That moment was spoiled between us." He tells her that the night isn't over unless she wants it to be.

Luis has come to the Crane house and finds Fancy face down in the pool. He jumps in, uniform and all, and carries her out. She isn't moving. He starts CPR on her right away!

Miguel and Kay are kissing now. Maria starts crying and Miguel goes to see what is up with her. "How am I ever going to finish this spell?" Kay wonders.

"Crane is using this man's patented product without paying for it," says Ethan. Gwen apologizes for thinking that this had something to do with Theresa.

Jared and Theresa are in robes now. They can't put their clothes on, as they need to be dry-cleaned. "We could stay the night?" suggests Jared. Theresa likes that idea. Jared will bring her home if she wants, though.

Luis does his CPR. When Luis isn't looking, Fancy opens an eye and peeks at him as he tries to save her life. She smiles now, and when he blows into her mouth again, she turns it into a deep French kiss. "Fancy!" Luis says standing back from her, and seeing her smile. "Are you okay?" She puts her arms around his neck. "I am more than okay. Let me show you…" She pulls him down to her again and they enjoy another passionate full kiss.

Jessica puts on a dress that Spike has bought for her. "No one has ever treated me so special…" He wants her to remember that. "I hated you when you forced me to marry you, and I only agreed to do that to protect my family. Still I hoped that you would have feelings for me…" says Jessica. Spike says that he does have feelings and he did back then. "You are my girl and you will always be that to me." She knows that now. He is even spending money on her when she thought that he was using her. "I love you, Spike," Jessica says. He has to get going now, but he will be back. She gets sad. "I am taking you out to dinner tonight. You are too beautiful." She finds him too good and she loves him so much…

Rae, Paloma and Roberto think that Simone is worried that people will find out that she is gay. Her friends love her and want her to be with them when they go out. Simone sees that it is going to be good. "We will have a great time," Rae says.

(Show interrupted for 5 minutes due to News Bulletin)

Jared is saying, "You were in love with Ethan for a long time, Theresa, and you were in love with him. The fact that you are upset now shows you are a caring person. You will move on but in the meantime, I can't see why we can't enjoy each other…" Theresa agrees. "Do I call for champagne or take you home?" She will stay. In her mind, Theresa tells herself that she will move on… "I have to."

Ethan and Gwen are out having a special dinner. She is looking forward to having Ethan to herself all night. Gwen sees Jessica with Spike and wonders what kind of hold he has on Jessica…Spike leaves Jessica to make a call. Simone, Paloma and their significant others arrive and see Jessica. Jessica shows her friends the things that Spike bought her. "I don't deserve him." Her friends agree. "Where is my money?" A man holds Spike tightly as he demands his funds. "I don't have it right now," Spike says. "Well you better get it!"

Fox and Kay are kissing when suddenly he leaves the room for a moment. Tabitha is floating near the ceiling and Kay sees her. Tabitha looks bad. "I have a virus and have to go away and get cured," says Tabitha. "This stuff with Fox and Miguel is making me sick…." Tabitha and Kay come up with an idea to make Fox forget about seeing Kay kissing Miguel. He walked in on them. Tabitha would like to help but isn't sure that her powers will allow her to get the spell right.

Miguel talks to his father about Pilar. Martin tries to explain his feelings where his mother and Katherine are concerned. "Why is love so hard?" Miguel asks. "First Kay is all over me, and then she is all over Fox."

Luis pushes Fancy away. "You faked drowning?" She did so that his coming there wouldn't be a date. She points to the table nearby. It has wine and food on it. He smiles sweetly. "You…come here," he beckons. He gets her in his arms and then he throws her into the pool. "Ah!" she shouts. He is still laughing when he pitches himself into the pool after her. They stand in the pool facing each other now, he in his police uniform, and she in her bikini. They kiss.

"Siren was right," Kay says. "I will never be able to fulfill that third part of the spell. I know the problem, but I can't fix it." Tabitha will help her, but the virus is causing Tabitha to lose her powers and now her hair is changing colors. "Oh no! More symptoms… I have to go Kay." Kay needs her to stay and help with this. Tabitha will try her best. "You get Fox to see you with Miguel, and I will find a spell to make Fox forget seeing you with Miguel."

"Do you think that Kay is aware of the signals that she is sending you?" asks Martin. Miguel says that he isn't sure. Martin sees that Kay is very confused, but now that Miguel is back, Kay's feelings have surfaced. "I have to find a way to get her to come to me." Martin feels that he should fight then."

"Miguel!" Tabitha shouts. "Kay wants to see you up in her room." Martin wonders where Fox is. Miguel shouts, asking Tabitha about that. "I don't know, dear… Don't come in the living room! I don't want you to catch what I have got!" Miguel says goodbye to his father and enters the house. Tabitha has to find the spell now that will make Fox forget about Kay kissing Miguel.

Luis and Fancy romp in the pool. They are free and easy with each other now and they hug and kiss as they splash around from corner to corner…Chris and Sheridan arrive at the mansion in their swimwear. They hear someone… "Someone is using the pool," Sheridan says. "I wonder who it is." She and Chris peek around the corner into the pool area and they see Luis and Fancy in the pool frolicking like young lovers. Sheridan's face changes to one of sadness.

Theresa is getting tipsy from all the champagne they are drinking. She asks Jared if he is sexually harassing her… They laugh. He drags her to her feet and they dance, kissing while they do so. Suddenly, the lights go off and the music stops. "It is a power failure." Jared leaves to find candles. Theresa is tired and realizes that she didn't need that last glass of champagne. She drops her clothes and gets into bed.

"I have a surprise for you, Ethan…" says Gwen. "I have booked us a room…" Gwen has Jane with the nanny… Ethan really wanted to get to work on Stuart's case, but ends up agreeing to Gwen's idea. "I am going ahead to room 538… You come up and see me in ten minutes." She leaves. Ethan gulps down the rest of his drink. He thinks about the horror of seeing Theresa with Jared making love on the table…He feels sad…

"So when do I get my money, Spike?" the handkerchief-headed thug asks. "Wait," Spike says. "I have an idea…" He points in the window. "See that girl in there?" The thug spies Jessica at her table alone. "You like her?" asks Spike. The man does. "How about you take her for the whole night?" The man could agree to a deal like that. "I also like the jewelry she has on…" Spike says that he can take that too. It's a deal!

Fox is feeding Endora…Tabitha comes in dressed in a beekeeper's suit. "I was just getting rid of a hornet's nest in the yard." Fox hears her voice is strange… "I am coming down with something…" Fox goes to the kitchen with Endora's empty plate. Tabitha gets out of her bee suit and gets down to work. Kay waits.

Miguel arrives as she has asked him to, and she starts kissing him… Endora sees, using the big blue pot, that things are on the way… Kay is kissing Miguel and that is good… Endora thinks that her mommy looks scary. Tabitha is not feeling well. "Oh no…What is going to happen to me next?"

Jessica worries about Spike and goes to see where he is. At the other table, Simone and her friends all have fun, even though the electricity is out. "I am so glad that I am here with you, Rae," says Simone. They kiss. Jessica goes looking for Spike outside. The thug grabs her. "I am going to give it to you nice and rough…" Spike is watching, but does nothing to help. He hopes that Jessica just lets this guy do whatever he wants. If she wants to keep getting presents, she will have to do this for the cash…

Chris and Sheridan watch Luis and Fancy for a few moments…They soon decide that the pair want to be alone and that they should leave undetected, and so they walk out.

In the inn, Jared walks the hall of inn on his quest for candles. Thwomp! Someone has bashed him in the back of the head with a hard object, and he falls heavily to the carpeted floor, unconscious…

Gwen sits on the bed of the room that she has reserved for herself and her husband. "What is taking him so long?" she wonders. Ethan is tired and can hardly keep his eyes open. He comes to a door in the near darkness. He enters the room. Theresa is sleeping… Ethan undresses and plops into bed. He is so tired, his eyes are already closed before he hits the bed…"Jared," Theresa mumbles turning to the other warm body in the bed. Ethan turns to her, too, and she kisses his neck… "Oh, that is nice," he tells her. Now they are kissing…under the covers…

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