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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay tells Tabitha that she is going to seduce Miguel and make Fox jealous to fulfil the requirement of the third part of the spell. Tabitha worries that this kind of action can have terrible repercussions.

Julian hopes that Fox has taken his advice about doing whatever he can to make Kay his. Fox tells his father that he isn't worried about that anymore and will not be resorting to tactics.

Ethan shows up at the Inn to see Stuart Allen about his case. The man at the desk directs him to the room.

Jared and Theresa are kissing in the room, and she pushes him away, gently smiling. They really should be working. He knows that, but he puts the music on anyway.

At the station, Paloma and Fancy work. Fancy takes time out to think about her aunt saying that she really doesn't want Luis…"I hope that you are right about what you say, Aunt Sheridan…" Fancy says to herself.

"So here is what it is Chris. You do what I say, or I tell Sher-Sher what you have been up to," Spike threatens. Outside, Sheridan arrives home from the station. She gets her keys out and opens the front door. Her mouth drops at the sight before her. "I can explain…" Chris starts when he sees the look on her face. Sheridan walks over to the couch. "How could you be so careless? I have been taking care of this orchid," she says. "Orchid?" Spike says quietly from the closet. Sheridan remembers getting this orchid with Luis long ago, but she doesn't tell Chris about where she got it. Chris offers her another one, but she doesn't want another one. She wants that one.

At the station, Fancy and Paloma work under Luis's supervision, filing reports and arranging statements. Roberto arrives, and Paloma is glad to see him. She tells him all about her training. Luis gives them a few minutes to catch up. "You want to go and have lunch?" asks Fancy. Luis can't do that. He shouldn't really be fraternizing with the trainees. "Is this about us being naked in the showers?" Fancy asks. She remembers that incident of seeing Luis in his glory as God made him. Luis smiles. There is a regulation about this. He hands her the papers so that she can read it herself.

Theresa tries to concentrate on her job, but Jared makes it very hard. He starts hand-feeding her and she, him. Soon they are kissing again. They forget all about food and work, and he is pulling her shirt out of her skirt, and she is doing the same for him. He pulls the tablecloth out from under everything on the table, causing a resounding crash to the floor. Jared places Theresa gently on the table, while he climbs atop her. The air is thick with passion…

"Kay, Fox will be enraged that you have betrayed him, and he will be heartbroken. And what about Miguel? You are going to lead him on, and then toss him out of bed and say that you have made a mistake?" Miguel is at the bottom of the stairs and he calls out for Kay. Tabitha demands to have an answer. Kay can only see as far as the mermaid's curse. She can't worry about what will happen next. "I am up here, Miguel!" Kay shouts. Tabitha knows that this is going to turn out badly. Miguel makes his way up the stairs. Tabitha sees that she can't change Kay's mind, and so she leaves. Fox tells his father that things are great with him and Kay right now, and he will not resort to tricks and schemes. Kay gets the music going. "Kay?" says Miguel. "It is Miguel…" Kay says to herself. "Come in!" She runs to the bathroom. Miguel enters. Kay comes out of the bathroom in a towel. And nothing else. "I need to talk to you…" She pretends to accidentally drop her towel. "Oh!" she says. "Oh my goodness!" Miguel can't help looking but forces himself to look away as soon as he is able to.

Sheridan knows that the plant will not be the same again. Just like her relationship with Luis, she thinks to herself. "I was wondering why it took so long for you to sign the statement. You had to wait? Why didn't Luis ask me to come and sign with you?" Sheridan explains it all away, but then decides to come clean. "Luis is running a background check on you."

"There is a regulation that says that we can't hang out." Luis knows that, and confirms what Fancy is reading. "If you can't live up to the policy, Fancy, you can always drop out of recruitment…" She will not do that. They can't have lunch because of this rule, he tells her. "You might as well go home. You are all caught up." Fancy thinks of how she can see Luis sooner in spite of the regulation. She leaves now as ordered.

In the hotel room, Jared and Theresa and in the throes of passion, making love on the table where ate, and worked just minutes before…Ethan is in the hall… He has come to see Mr. Allen and goes looking for his room door. "This door is wide open. He must be expecting me." Ethan pushes the door open…He sees Theresa and Jared going at it on the table. They don't see him. He is so surprised that he can't move…Jared and Theresa are hungry for each other, and the passion fills the room as Ethan watches them…"Oh my God!" Ethan cries out. Theresa hears him. She looks at the door. "Ethan?" He shakes his head and leaves. "Ethan?" she calls out. Jared moves from her.

"That Kay is going to lose any chance of a future with Fox if she carries out this plan…" Tabitha sees Fox outside with his father. Endora remembers seeing her father in the yard earlier…Endora can't understand the look on Endora's face… "I miss my daddy," Endora says telepathically…Julian still tries to counsel Fox in the ways of love when you are a Crane. Kay gets the towel back around her and tells Miguel to wait for her to return. She leaves the room now. "Maybe this is a mistake…" Miguel calls Luis and says that he is with Kay and was thinking about telling her how he feels. "Go for it!" Luis says. "I will then," Miguel says. Kay comes down, dressed. She wants to set the mood first before doing the do with Miguel. Tabitha tells that Fox is outside. Kay runs off now to get things ready. "Oh Endora," says Tabitha. Kay is playing Double Jeopardy and not with Alex Trebek!"

Fox and Julian enter the house. Fox goes off looking for Kay now. "You have done a wonderful job raising Endora. She is beautiful," Julian says. "I would like to spend some time with Endora… She is my daughter…" Tabitha tells Julian that he is being ridiculous and Tabitha will not allow it. "I will be spending time with Little Ethan as well. I am going to win my custody fight against Theresa and I will create a fight with you, too, if you force me… I have lived to regret things. After what Timmy taught me, I don't want to miss out on any time with Little Ethan or Endora… Endora…My beautiful daughter…" Julian goes to his daughter now on his knees and smiles in her face. Tabitha relaxes a little bit and allows him to talk with her a while. "You are a precious angel," Julian says.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrowwwwwwwwwwwwlllllllllllllll! The boys in the basement are getting angry over Julian being there. "What was that?" Julian asks. "That was just my stomach." This will not do for Tabitha. "I will turn him into a rat and let Fluffy do the rest…" Tabitha says, "…Overgrown brat…Reduce him now into an ugly rat…" ZAP! Tabitha sends out her waves of magic…Endora sees the energy coming to her daddy and she …ZAPS! A firewall of energy to counteract her mummy's spell. Tabitha has to give up first and can't believe the power that Endora has in her little stubby fingers… "What the hell?" Julian turns to Tabitha disturbed by her statement. "What?"

Chris assures Sheridan that there isn't anything that will be found out about him with the background check.

Roberto and Paloma talk about the changes in her life, and he still hopes that she has been thinking about marrying him. He can see that Luis isn't happy that his sister to becoming a cop, but that isn't as important as her being a cop. "I know that my decision isn't something that you would want for me." He doesn't care. He will love her anyway. He wants to know more about what has happened since he's been away. She tells him that her family is still a mess.

Luis is on the phone but has to hang up as another call is coming in. "Officer Lopez-Fitzgerald… What? I am on my way…"

Spike enters the mansion. "I will have to hang out a while before heading back." Someone is coming. It is Fancy. She has changed into something that she can lounge in. She enters the room where Spike was just standing, and she pours herself a drink. She hears a noise. "Who is there?" No one answers. "I said, who is there?" Fancy waits a few minutes, looking at the doorway. "Oh my God," she says.

Theresa gets a towel and goes into the hall looking for Ethan. Jared follows her and explains that Ethan made his choice like she has in her life. "That is just the way that things are." She has to agree. "Let's move on with our lives…" Ethan is in the lobby of the hotel pacing. Mr. Allen finds Ethan, and it is discovered that Ethan was given the wrong room number and that is why he never showed up at the room. "I have been thinking about your case and I am going to take it," Ethan tells Mr. Allen.

Miguel sits on the edge of Kay's bed and waits. Kay makes sure that she is at her most beautiful, and then she enters the bedroom. "Kay, you look beautiful…" She enters the room and closes the door behind her.

"I will be back," Julian warns Tabitha. He walks off. Fox comes in. "My dad has left? That's okay. Let me go and see what Kay is doing…"Tabitha watches him go up the stairs knowing that this is going to be very bad indeed.

Sheridan is upset that Luis doubts her husband. She promises that she believes in Chris. They kiss.

"Roberto," says Paloma," no one in my family seems to be with the person that they really love." Roberto finds they are together and that is all that matters.

At the mansion, Luis shows up on the grounds. He sees an open door to the pool and he enters. He sees a body floating face down in the pool, unmoving. "Fancy!" Luis goes running to the pool…

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