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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Siren isn't worried. She knows that the third part of the spell to free Fox is the hardest part. While they are working on the spell, Siren will be working on seducing Miguel. Miguel looks in the window at the women talking inside. Should he be with Kay or forget about her?

Spike arrives at Chris's place, and Chris is angry, as people are getting suspicious of them. "Give me one good reason why you are suspicious of Chris. Luis, this is about me isn't it? You are so transparent. You are checking on Chris because you are jealous of him."

Jared and Theresa are kissing in the office. She has no idea what she would do without him and all the support that he gives her. She just wants to be in his arms. They kiss some more. Ethan watches them sadly. "This guy is a little too good to be true…" he says to himself. "We have to stop meeting like this." Jared tells her that she is the boss. "Is there anything wrong?" he asks when she gets pensive. He guesses that she is thinking about her ex, but she denies that. He has to get something straight. "The law office that he works in is downstairs…Isn't that going to be awkward? I am sure that you will be running into Ethan from time to time." Theresa isn't worried about Ethan and doesn't care if she never sees him again.

Ethan is back to the office, and he decides that he will find out what is wrong with this Jared guy that bugs him so much. Stuart Allen comes to see Ethan and has a problem that he hopes this lawyer can solve for him. "I used to work at Crane, and I worked on an advanced security system. Crane is at the forefront of the field. Everyone is worried about security. I walked into work and was canned. I worked a lot of years and my firing had nothing to do with money." Ethan guesses the guy wants to bring about a wrongfully dismissed claim. It isn't that. "Crane is still using the technology that I developed for them without my permission. I applied for a patent before I went to grad school. I told my supervisor that I was getting this patent. I want to sue Crane Industries for every dollar that they made from my idea." Ethan understands what the man is saying, and he wishes that he could take the case but…"Why can't you take the case?" asks a voice. Ethan looks up and finds Gwen standing in the doorway, waiting for an answer. Mr. Allen turns to face her too.

Miguel stands outside thinking what he should do about Kay and his feelings for her… Kay and Siren talk about the spell and who is going to win this battle of freeing Fox from the curse, or losing him to it. "Enjoy your last hours out of water, Mackerel Mouth!" Kay says. "Kay is crazy," Siren says. For once, Tabitha agrees with the fish girl. Kay is going to have a hard time overturning this spell.

"I am worried about you," Luis says to Sheridan. "You are wasting your time and infuriating me with this nonsense." Fancy listens from across the room. "Maybe you should go home," Fancy says to her aunt, when she sees the woman getting hysterical with Luis. Sheridan feels that Fancy should be on her side in this, since they are related. Fancy can't do that. She agrees with Luis. "It is funny that Chris is the only one that saw Spike at the fair." Luis feels that Chris is protecting Spike. "Why would he do that?" Sheridan asks. "He wouldn't be friends with a slime ball like that."

"Get the hell out of my house!" Chris shouts at Spike. Spike sits and relaxes, ignoring Chris. He tells Chris to get him some coffee. "You must be crazy to come here after you shot a woman and me. You are lucky that Luis hasn't beaten you to a pulp." Spike says that he did see Luis at his old club. "He had the nerve to threaten my life." Chris likes hearing that. "That is one for the good guys." Spike doesn't think that is funny. "You know that cop is going to have to go bye-bye…And you are going to be the one to do it." Chris says, "I am not going to kill Luis." Spike tells that Chris will do as he has been doing for Alistair. "Forget it. I am done doing things that I am afraid of. I am not going to murder for you. If that is why you came here, you have wasted your time…"

"The only thing that Chris is guilty of is telling you that he has seen Spike at the fair. Drop all this nonsense, Luis." Luis can't do that. Sheridan says, "Luis, I know how you feel about your mother and I want to know who shot her just like you do." Luis has to wonder about that. "I wanted it to be Spike too, Luis. The guy is lower than low, but he didn't break into the mansion. If Chris says that Spike was at the fair, then he was at the fair. You are letting your personal feelings cloud your judgment." Luis is sorry that she feels that she can't trust him. Sheridan wonders if he really wants to bring trust into this conversation. He knows what she means. She wants to bring up the fact that he didn't trust her enough when she told him about Marty and what was really going on. "You have done everything to make me believe that you are not going to come back to me, and I have accepted that." Miguel arrives then and needs to talk to his brother right away. Luis feels that he is finished talking to Sheridan anyway. He turns to his brother now. Sheridan is ready to go but Fancy stops her. "There is something that we need to get straight," Fancy says.

Jared reads in the office. He says, "It is time for lunch. Let's go and eat." Theresa can't leave the office now. She is expecting an appointment. He thinks that going for a walk would be good for her. She decides to go with him, but runs out first to check on her child at the daycare. Jared makes a call. "Hey it is me…" he says into the phone.

Ethan goes to talk to his wife privately at the door. "You were just about to turn the case down," says Gwen. Ethan admits it. "This suit could hurt Crane…" he explains. Stuart comes to the couple and admits that he knows that Ethan was involved with Crane before and figured that could help them win the suit. Ethan says that he has a conflict and will not be able to take the case. "Can you excuse us for a minute?" Gwen asks Mr. Allen. He moves away. Gwen wonders what is really causing Ethan to refuse this case. "What is the real problem here? Do you really think that this could hurt Crane, or do you really think that this will hurt Theresa? It is the company, Ethan? Is it Theresa?" Ethan tells Gwen that this suit could cripple Crane and hurt a lot of people that they care about. Gwen doesn't understand what difference that makes. Stuart can see that Ethan isn't comfortable with this case. "I really want you to do it, but I will find someone else who will do it."

"I can't wait until Kay realizes that the third part of the spell is the hardest and almost impossible to do." Tabitha tells Siren that she underestimates Kay. "No, I don't. She isn't a match for me and my charms," Siren says. Kay reads the spell book. "It says, 'the subject of the mermaid's curse has to be insanely jealous and he has to be ready to kill…' How am I going to make sweet, gentle Fox ready to kill?"

"It is about me, Luis…" Luis guesses that this has to do with women. "It is about a woman, Luis. The woman that I love is with another guy, and I don't know what to do. It is Kay." Luis is shocked. "I thought that she was with Fox…" Miguel says that things are complicated. "Sometimes, I get the feeling that Kay feels the same about me as I do for her. She is with Fox, and I get the feeling that she isn't going to leave him. Mom said that I should go and get Kay and be a family with her. Should I fight for Kay or let her go?"

Fancy says, "The night that Chris was shot, and I came by the cottage to tell you how I feel about Luis, you gave me your blessings to date Luis that day. It isn't alright for me to be with Luis, is it? You still love Luis, Aunt Sheridan, and you want him for yourself…" Sheridan is silent… Fancy continues. "Aunt Sheridan, I love you and you are my favorite relative in the world. If you want me to leave Luis alone, I will. I will quit the force and leave him alone. Please tell me, before I lose my heart to him completely…"

Luis tells his brother, "I feel for you, Miguel. Do you really love Kay like you say that you do?" Miguel loves her with all his heart. Then it is decided. "If that is the case, then I am with Mama. Go for it!"

Chris says, "You aren't getting any coffee, Spike. Sheridan could be home at any minute. I am not a cold-blooded killer, and I will not kill Luis." Spike tells Chris that this is good for him, too. "I will not do this! I will not add to the mistakes that you have made already." Spike says then that if Luis will not be killed, then he will just have to get the money from Crane that Chris is going to get and he will have to get out of town. Chris has been thinking, and he can't do that either.

"I need some time to think about your case, Mr. Allen." Ethan and Stuart shake hands. Stuart will be staying at the Seascape Inn and will be waiting for Ethan's call about whether he will take the case or not. Gwen tells Ethan that this is a huge and high profile case, and Ethan needs to do it after being away from the law for so long. "You could make a lot of money and that could put you in line for partner, Ethan. Please. Please take this case…"

Theresa gets ready to go to lunch. Jared brings her to a dark room. Theresa says, "I thought that we were going to lunch…" Jared turns on the lights and there is a table with food and drink for them. It is a hotel room with a bed in it as well. "You are amazing. Every time that I turn around, you are surprising me. I can't imagine what this all costs…" He jokes that he is expensing it. "No, I am paying for this," says Theresa. It is a great way for us to get away from everything else that is going on. She looks at the bed. "You did all this so that we could work over lunch, right?" He smiles. "Why, did you have something else in mind?" he asks.

"Nothing has changed," Sheridan assures Fancy. "Chris and I have grown closer everyday." Fancy wonders who her aunt thinks about when she is all alone. "What if you want to be with Luis in the future?" Sheridan says that nothing will change her feelings for Chris.

Chris tells Spike, "I will not steal from my wife's business. It is called embezzling, Spike, and people get caught doing it all the time." Spike knows that with his job, Chris will be in the perfect position to make things happen. "You will do it, unless you want me to tell your wife about your sordid background."

Kay thinks about how she can make Fox jealous. She turns and sees the pictures of Miguel with Maria on the table. "Of course! I am sorry, Fox, but I have to do this…" Tabitha comes to see what Kay is going to do now. "I know the third part of the spell is really hard, and I have to make him jealous. I have to use Miguel to do this."

Chris fears that Sheridan will leave him if she finds out about what Spike wants him to do. "If you get me caught, Chris, I will kill you. What is it going to be Chris? It is your call."

Luis thinks about Chris and what is wrong with the man…

"You may believe what you are saying, but I can see that Luis still feels for you." Sheridan can only tell her niece that she can go after Luis if she wants, but that doesn't mean that she will be happily ever after. "Good luck. I will not stand in your way." Sheridan goes to the door and looks over at Luis for one moment before leaving.

Ethan feels that the Stuart is just another disgruntled ex-employee. Gwen has resources in the office that she works in, and she feels that she can get information on the case and the details. If this case is any good, then who knows, the other Cranes might just throw her out on her little fanny.

Jared suggests that he and Theresa have some champagne and a bite to eat before working. He pours. "I will even let you pick the dessert," he tells Theresa.

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