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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis

Proofread by Katie

Tabitha whispers to Kay that Siren's tail is drying out and her tail has to be present while the spell is being used or it won't work! Fox gets ready to take his shot. "Quick," Tabitha whispers. "Go wet her tail! Do something." Kay can see the Siren's legs…

"Police work is so frustrating at times." Luis only knows that they don't know anything about Chris, and Sheridan is way too trusting, and so her judgment isn't always the best. "I am going to do a background check on Chris. Fancy hopes that Luis is wrong about Chris as Sheridan will be heartbroken. "I don't want Sheridan hooked up with some criminal…" Fancy hopes that one-day Luis will be as worried about her as he is about Sheridan. She looks sad as she sits before him.

Chris and Sheridan get ready to look over Chris's resume. Chris thinks to himself how he will have to start embezzling as soon as he gets this job at Crane. He has to do it, or Sheridan will find him out.

Chad and Jared play ball and catch up. Jared feels that he has met the woman that he can spend his life with. "Theresa Crane."

Theresa and Ethan are lip-locking, and she pushes him off her. "What are you doing?" she asks. Ethan is sorry… "I have been after you for years, and now you do this?"

Endora can see Siren's feet. Fox's costume is starting to itch…Tabitha tells Kay to hurry and do something, as soon whatever Fox does will be meaningless. She rushes over to Fox and kisses him. While Fox is looking the other way, they douse Siren's legs…Presto! Chango! The giant fin is back. Fox sees the water all over the floor and thinks that Kay is being disrespectful. He makes his shot, and it is a bullseye. Right in Siren's butt… The first phase of the spell is complete. Kay goes over to the fire. "Double, bubble …toil and trouble… No one is sure what is supposed to happen now…Behind the giant target, Siren smiles…

Luis teaches Fancy about guns and how to handle them. They don the protective glasses and take the standing position for firing a handgun at the shooting range in the station. Luis shoots twice and gets two bullseyes… Fancy is impressed. It is Fancy's turn now. " I feel like Dirty Harry!" she says. Luis doesn't want cops like Dirty Harry coming out of training. She shoots twice, but misses the target all together. "Oh…" Luis stands behind her and gets up close and personal. "Your gun has to become part of your arm… Hold your weapon…Concentrate on the target…Be one with it…" She laughs. "Okay Fancy… Now…That is your target right there… Now slowly pull the trigger…Gently…as a kiss…" She turns to Luis and kisses him full on thelips. She takes the shot anyway, without looking and hits the target!

Chris returns to the room in asuit, ready for an interview at Crane. Sheridan likes the way that he looks, and suddenly the idea of their both working at Crane is a wonderful idea to her. She can't wait. She runs off to get him a briefcase. Chris thinks about how he used Sheridan to get this job… His cellphone rings. Before he can answer it, Sheridan returns. Chris doesn't answer, saying that the call isn't important. Sheridan leaves the room. Chris answers his phone. "What are you calling me for?" Chris recognizes the voice on the line but doesn't want to hear it. "What? Luis is doing a background check on me?"

"Why did you do that?" Ethan confesses. "I have loved you for so long, and I get around you, and I can't help what I do…And…" He is walking closer to her as he speaks and finally he is right in front of her again. He moves to kiss her and she lets him.

Endora's spell on Siren is wearing off…Tabitha and Kay hide behind the couch while the explosion occurs and Siren is freed. She thinks that the spell isn't working but some magical displays prove the first part of the spell did work. Siren and Kay fight over the magic book of spells. Siren gets her hands on the book. "Endora! Do something…" ZAP!… Siren disappears, and the spell book innocently lays on the ground, safe and out of reach of Siren. Siren has been telelported out of the house and she tries to get in but can't. She bangs on the door and shouts, but no one will let her in. ZAP! The house is soundproofed. As long as they are in the house, they can't hear Siren's barking… Tabitha and Kay put their heads back in the book now…

Chad has questions of Jared and Theresa. Jared thinks that he and Theresa may be able to make a go of it. Chad finds it interesting that Jared has changed his total view on Theresa.

Theresa pushes Ethan off her again. He tells her that he was talking to her mother and that she has a belief that they should be together. He can't understand how things could be so confusing. Theresa knows that this has to do with the fact that her mother knows that Ethan is really the father of her son. Ethan is sorry for the way that he is acting, but he just can't help it.

"Let me in!" Siren shouts. "I am going to kill that Kay and that old witch…" Siren sees a window on the second floor and she starts climbing. Tabitha explains the next part of the spell. "Endora has to pretend that she is upset. Fox will want to entertain her…"They try to get Endora to pretend to be upset. At first she says 'no' but then she does a fine job. ZAP! Endora gets a plate of food and has it appear on the table. Fox comes down and asks what is going on. "Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa," Endora cries. Fox runs to her. Tabitha and Kay can see that things are moving along just fine…

Fancy has been daydreaming… She has been thinking that she has been kissing Luis instead of shooting. "You can open your eyes…You don't have to be afraid," he says. She opens her eyes and lets off two shots. They are perfect…

"Do you want to spend your life with me or not?" Ethan is at a loss for words. "You said that love isn't enough." Ethan admits that. "I have dreamed about a family with you. It is all that I could think about.." It wasn't a dream for her… She wanted to be with him. "Do you want to be a family with me and the children, Ethan? Cause if you do, you need to tell me right now…""Stop crying, sweetheart!" Fox begs. Kay suggests that he make funny faces at the toddler. It is working, but Tabitha and Kay wave at Endora over his shoulder… She keeps crying. Fox worries. He can't stop the crying. "Keep trying dear," Tabitha says. With Fox's back turned, Tabitha and Kay get his meal ready…Beep! Beep! Tabitha looks at her watch and sees that Siren is climbing in a window upstairs…

She tells Tabitha a rhyme… as she sings… "Close the upstairs window…Feel the mermaid wind…" ZAP! Endora locks the upstairs window…Tabitha sees that Siren has been stopped … Now it is time for the hopping part and Tabitha and Kay get hopping and soon convince Fox that he needs to do it too in order to appease Endora and stop that crying!. He hops away, not realizing the true meaning of his actions. Smoke comes out of the fireplace, and Endora keeps crying…Tabitha and Kay knows that they have to hurry now. They have to get Fox under the ladder now… He has to hop under it…Not once, but Two times … Tabitha and Kay grab an arm each and guide the man back and forth under the ladder. CRASH! Dust comes out of the fireplace now. Siren falls to the ground. She came in through the fireplace. "Is that cooked tuna I smell?" Fox asks.

Sheridan says that Chris can't have an interview, as they are busy at Crane. "It is okay, you have the job anyway. Look Chris I have to go down to the police station, but I will be right back." She walks out. Chris talks to his contact on the phone. "Sheridan is on her way to the police station now, and if the background check comes back bad, she will be the first to know. "

Luis and Fancy are at the station doing the background check on Chris. The reply comes back to them. Luis reads it. "Oh damn…" Fancy is standing behind him. "What is it?"

Fox keeps hopping in an attempt to stop Endora from crying but it still doesn't work and he keeps hopping. Tabitha gives Siren some fish food and gets her out of the way for a bit. Tabitha and Kay get Fox to hop under the ladder where he needs to be for the second stage of the spell. Ding! A bell has gone off. It worked! "No!" Siren shouts. Fox has had enough of this and goes off to check in with the office. "Yeah! It is working." Siren tells Kay that she hasn't completed the spell yet. "You will never get him, Kay. Fox is mine…"

Luis got a message that the bureau's database is down right now. Chris learns that his secrets are safe right now.

"It looks like your lucky day," Chad says to Jared. "You had a great day at work and you just beat me at basketball…" They head off now to shower…

"You kiss me and you kiss me… What do you want from me? You want to see me wallow around forever in your guilt? You need to let me go. You don't want to spend your life with me. Just get out! Now! Please! Go!" Ethan turns and leaves. Theresa cries. "Ethan! Damn you!"

"Do you know what you have to do for the third part of that spell to work?" Kay tells Siren that she isn't afraid to do anything. Tabitha tells Kay that the third part of the spell is going to make everything else look like child's play…

Chris has to make a plan. He has to make a plan so that no one will ever be able to take Sheridan from him.

Luis and Fancy discuss the steps they need to take. Sheridan enters the police station. "Okay Fancy… We will make a background check on Chris…" Luis says. "Who the hell do you think you are?" Sheridan asks.

Theresa is in her office feeling blue. She hears someone walking in. She says, "Just get away from me! Leave me alone…" It is Jared coming in. He goes to Theresa and sees that she needs some support. She had a rough day and he will be there for her. Chad enters the outer office and sees Jared and Theresa together. Things seem to be moving along. Ethan finds Chad outside the office and asks him if he has seen Theresa. Chad has. Ethan goes and peeks into the office and sees Jared and Theresa together. "There is something about that guy," Ethan says. Chad figures that the only thing that is wrong with that guy is that he is where Ethan wants to be…

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