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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Kay comes to see Tabitha and Endora with the spell book. They have to get rid of Siren, and they have the spell to do it. Endora is thrilled to thing that Siren will be stopped finally. ZAP! Endora starts the fire for the cauldron to heat up. The ladies read the book now. Fox and Siren come into the room, asking what is going on in there. Tabitha and Kay hide the book…

Fancy learns about ballistics while at the station with Luis. Luis thinks about the gun and Spike, and even Chris. Luis doesn't believe in coincidences, and he will question the men again. "If they were involved in the shooting, then they are going to be sorry," he says. Fancy wants to go with Luis, but he leaves her at station. "Sorry Luis," Fancy says to herself. "A good cop always sticks with her partner, and if I play my cards right, we will be partners for life."

Spike laughs. Sheridan is on her way to the back of the Book Café. "Chris?" she calls out. Chris orders Spike to keep quiet about him to Sheridan. "Chris?" Sheridan repeats. Sheridan finds Chris, finally, and she isn't pleased.

Theresa is on the phone talking to Whitney about her day with Jared. "He is great to work with and if I don't watch it, he will take over the place for sure!" Ethan listens from the doorway at Theresa's excited voice. "I really think that I am over Ethan for good!" she says. Ethan looks down at the ground when he hears this.

"You ruined it all," Tabitha says hiding the book. ZAP! She conjures up a horn and pulls it from behind her back. "We were going to have a surprise birthday party for the both of you since they are so close together." Fox asks Siren when her birthday is. Kay jumps in and sends Fox on an errand. He leaves. Siren looks under the cover on the table and finds the spell book that she threw into the ocean. "There is no spell to stop me now. I don't have my tail… Fox isn't here either and he has to be around for the spell to work. Tabitha and Kay whisper about the sunroom, and Siren rushes in there to see what the ladies are hiding. Tabitha and Kay follow Siren into the sunroom and throw water on her. Siren's fin immediately appears. They prop her up on a barstool and leave her gagged and tied up in the sunroom. Tabitha and Kay head back to the living room where Fox is entering. He heard Siren scream and is told that she is fine but had something to do, and has run out. Fox leaves now. "This had better work," Tabitha says. "Fox's love life will be doomed."

Theresa wraps up her call…Ethan enters the office now. Theresa is on him in a flash. "How can you turn against me and take the case for Julian!" He finds that a funny thing for her to say. "Actually, you are the one that has been teaming up lately and doing whatever you want." Theresa has no idea what he is talking about.

Spike walks through the rubble that was once his club. He plans on building the club up again, and when he does, he will have the drugs flowing freely through it just like he used to. "Ahhhhhhh!" Luis has come from out of nowhere and he holds Spike in a headlock. Fancy arrives and finds Luis pounding Spike with his fists and she orders him to stop! "What are you doing here?" Luis asks. Fancy tells Luis that she followed him even though he ordered her not to. He confides that he is trying to beat a confession out of Spike. Fancy knows that is totally wrong.

Tabitha and Kay lean over the fireplace and use the ingredients to do their spell. "Now we have to get Fox into the mix. Once he is in the costume, Fox will have to shoot the arrow. The arrow has to hit Siren." Endora worries that Siren will get hurt…They hear Siren moaning and fighting to get free. Her legs are returning. Kay gets some water and douses her again. The fins immediately return. Tabitha and Kay go to the living room and try to get ready for the next part of their plan. Fox returns. He is hungry and wants to order Chinese. Kay ignores that. "Can you put this costume on? It is a costume and you can be February in a calendar…" Fox refuses to put the thing on. Tabitha knows that this has to work or Fox's love life is doomed…

Spike laughs in Luis's face when the cops get close to him again. "Come on! If you guys had anything on my, you would have arrested me a long time ago. Hey how is that sweet little mama of yours anyway?" Luis lunges for the man and starts pummeling him again. "No! Luis!" Fancy shouts.

Ethan is sure that Julian will be a good father to his son. Theresa is sure that Julian will backslide and break Little Ethan's heart. "You won't hurt my son right?" Ethan confirms that he will be there for Little Ethan if need be. "It is the other man in your life that you need to be worried about. Single parents bring people in and out of their lives. I don't think that Jared is good for you or Little Ethan, and I think that you need to get rid of that guy right now."

Fox doesn't want to put on the cupid outfit. "No! Pictures of me dressed like this would be on the internet in two minutes." Kay offers to airbrush his head out of the picture. Fox says that they should just get someone else to take the picture then. There is a guy that Fox hates and Kay promises to put that guy's head in the picture over Fox's. Fox agrees to the deal then. He runs off to change. Siren is groaning now in the sunroom. Kay goes to her and sees her legs are coming back again. SPLASH! She douses Siren again. Her legs immediately disappear and the fin comes back in place.

Chris tells Sheridan that he has been thinking that the jobs at Crane for the both of them would be the best thing. Sheridan seems disappointed, and wants to think about this a bit.

Spike has pulled his knife on Luis, and they fight. Luis is clearly the better fighter, and Spike is down easily. "I think that you broke a rib… I have you now, Luis. And I have a witness… Right, babe?" Fancy covers her eyes and says that she can't see anything. She finds a bottle of Scotch and smashes it. Maybe her story will be that he was drunk and slipped on the broken glass… Luis and Fancy start walking out. "Maybe I should have just let you two get eaten by the lions," Spike says. "You know about that?" Luis asks.

"There is something about Jared that I just don't like," Ethan says. "He isn't the right guy for you." Theresa asks if there is something that he knows about Jared that she needs to know, but Ethan hasn't got that much to say on the subject. "Oh, I get it," Theresa says. "It isn't that Jared is up to something, it is that you don't like that he is in my life…" "Ready or not! Here it comes!" Kay lights the fire, and a tiny explosion happens. Tabitha and Kay are happy as clams. Smoke comes out of the fireplace…Kay goes to Endora, who does the honors. ZAP! Endora creates a target and attaches it to Siren's butt in the sunroom. Kay goes over to the gagged Siren and tells her that a target has been stuck to her butt, and that Fox is going to shoot her in it! "I'm not doing this! I look crazy!" Fox protests, as he comes down in his cupid outfit. Kay shows him the target and gives him the bow and arrow. "Now shoot!" Siren cowers from behind the target. "Wait," Fox says. "Where is the camera? The camera to take the picture where is it?" Siren smiles. Tabitha and Kay think quickly.

Chris tries his best to get Sheridan to agree to get him a job at Crane. She thinks about this…"I have evidence," Luis says to Spike. "I am going to get you." He and Fancy leave. "You have nothing on me!" Spike shouts. "Nothing you hear?" He takes a step and slips on the ground.

"There will never be a guy for me that you will approve of is there?" says Theresa. "What do you want from me, Ethan? You want me to end up alone pining for you? Is that what you want?" Ethan looks to the floor.

"Tell me that you don't have me out here half-naked for nothing." ZAP! Endora puts a camera on the couch. Tabitha grabs it, and they fake taking pictures while Fox takes shots, trying to hit the target's Bullseye. Tabitha whispers that Siren's legs are returning. "Feet, don't fail me now," Siren thinks.

The door to the police station flies open and a very angry Luis enters the station. Fancy comes in behind him. They talk about Spike and how they can prove that he is guilty. "I am going to make Spike and his accomplice pay for what they have done to my mother."

Sheridan decides that it is a good idea to have Chris working at Crane after all. She goes now to set up an interview with Theresa. Chris calls Spike. "She is helping me to get a job at Crane." Spike tells Chris that Luis is all over him and so they are going to have to step things up a notch…Chris is sorry that he has to do this to Sheridan.

"I want to be happy, Ethan, and we have established that I will never be happy with you. Is that right? " He nods his head 'yes'. "Then let me go," Theresa urges. "Let me make my own mistakes, Ethan…" He rushes over to her and pulls her into a long, passionate kiss…

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