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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

"I love you so much… I'll love you forever…." Ethan is making love. The woman's nails bite into his skin as they move together. Ethan hoists himself up and sees that Theresa is beneath him in the throes of passion. She smiles up at him lovingly. "Ah!" Ethan jumps up in bed. "What is the matter?" Gwen asks, sitting up. Ethan tells her that he had a pretty intense dream just now while he was just sleeping. Gwen guesses that the dream was about Theresa, and she is right. Gwen sees that Theresa has moved on, but has her husband? For once, Gwen realizes that she has to worry about Ethan and not Theresa.

Theresa does business over the phone. Jared enters the office and hears Theresa ending the call that she is currently on. She turns to greet him when she is finished. "I would like to offer you the position that you interviewed for before," she tells him. He hopes that she isn't offering him the job because they are friends. She says that he is perfect for the job and can have it if he wants.

Chris and Sheridan lay in each other's arms in bed. Sheridan thinks about the things that happened the night before and how strange it all was. "Sheridan, I am fine and Pilar will be fine too," says Chris. Sheridan just can't understand how a burglar could get in the mansion that easily. Chris thinks that her idea of the culprit being one of Rebecca's suitors makes perfect sense. That has to be the answer. They get up to start the day. They decide that they will go out for breakfast. Sheridan says, "Chris, I really want you to know that I am grateful to you for being in my life. You are the one man that will never disappoint me. All the other men in my life have let me down."

Fancy is making Sam's coffee when he arrives at work. She delivers it to him with a smile, saluting. "Cadet Crane! Here is your coffee Chief Bennett!" She gets an update on Pilar's condition. "I can't understand how someone got into the mansion with the private code." Luis hasn't arrived yet to work. Sam knows that Luis will not rest until this case is solved. "You're damn right," Luis says, walking in. "When I find who is responsible for doing this…I am going to deal with him alone, in my own way…"

"They were amazing to watch," Chris says of Luis and Fancy's dancing. Sheridan is quiet. "What should we do today?" Sheridan wants to have a purpose and do something outside of the home. "I want to get a job at Crane. Fancy left her job at Crane and I could take that over. I came back to Harmony and used to be in the fashion world. I can have James at the office with me sometimes." Chris loves this idea. Spike enters the coffee shop and sees Chris and Sheridan together at a table playing happy families. He gets closer to them without being seen. He sits and listens to Chris go on about his son and the family life. "The kid isn't even his kid," Spike smirks. Chris wants to get back into accounting and Sheridan suggests that he go and work for Crane. Spike listens to how smooth Chris is.

Sam warns Luis that he has to keep a cool head about this case and not screw it up. "I was going to talk to you about the case, but I read your report and I don't need to talk about it anymore." Luis hasn't written his report yet. Fancy is in the background and she presses her eyes closed, knowing that the jig is up now that Sam has mentioned the report. "I am going to go and get ready for class," Fancy says, but Luis grabs her arm so she can't leave the room. He looks at the report. "You wrote this report, didn't you?" he asks.

"This will be your starting salary, plus stock options and a benefit package… You didn't tell me that you graduated from law school," Theresa says. Jared tells her that you have to really know the law to corner the market. "I would like to have this package reviewed in six months." They strike a deal and Jared is hired. "Why don't you just sign your life away and I will go and make some notes. She goes behind the desk. He looks at the package and sees that Ethan's name is on it. "I offered Ethan the job before. He didn't take it for his own personal reasons." Jared puts the papers down. "You offer the job to Ethan and now you are involved with me and you offer the job to me. Are you trying to get me to fill Ethan's spot here in the workplace and out in the real world?"

Ethan comes to see Pilar, who is sleeping. She hears his voice and wakes. "Ethan… Please. I should have said something before now. I may not have much time. Let me say it. You said that I have always been like a second mother to you right?" Ethan loves this woman very much. "I love you, Ethan. I am going to give you the same advice that I gave Miguel. Leave Gwen… You belong with Theresa, Little Ethan, and Jane. They are your family. Leave Gwen…"

Sheridan and Chris talk about how perfect it would be for the both of them to be working at the same place with James downstairs in a daycare. Chris wants to work somewhere else and be his own independent man. Sheridan is impressed and respects Chris's decision. "What an idiot," Spike says of Chris being noble.

Gwen arrives and greets Chris and Sheridan. Chris's phone rings. The text message is clear. It reads: "Meet me at the bookcases…Now!" Chris looks up at the bookcases and sees Spike peeking at him from behind some books. The shaggy thug waves him over. Chris walks off to make a private call…Gwen tells Sheridan about Ethan's inability to let go of Theresa. Sheridan listens quietly to Gwen as she pours her heart out.

"Little Ethan is your son…" says Pilar. Ethan's brow wrinkles. "I mean that you are like Little Ethan's father…Theresa and you should be together. Ethan… Promise me that you will think about what I have said. You know in your heart. You belong to Theresa… Please… Please Ethan…" He kisses her hand and leaves. "Oh Holy Mother," Pilar prays. "I know that encouraging a married man to forsake his wife is a sin, but Ethan belongs with Theresa…"

"It is time for me to move on," Theresa says. "I am trying to start living a life that doesn't have any chaos in it. Starting to date again is part of me moving on. People are not replaceable. I couldn't replace you, Ethan or my mother if I tried. I am glad that you asked about Ethan, though. We have had enough drama Jared. I am not playing you for a second time." The phone rings. "Yes? Just give me a couple of minutes and then put the call through…" Theresa hangs up and turns to Jared. Theresa tells Jared to read some material. "I have to close this deal, and you are going to help me. Can you handle it?" she asks. He knows he will have no problem with this.

"I was trying to help you, Luis. That is why I wrote the report for you. I knew that you were worried about your mother and you were tired." He wants the report to be well-written and feels that there isn't any way that Fancy could have done that without training and practice. "Actually, Luis, the report was very good," Sam says. Luis turns to Fancy sheepishly. "Thank you, but don't do it again." She remembers that he told her to take the initiative. Sam likes that girl's thinking. "Fancy. You are not a cop and so you defer to me." She salutes and walks off. "Unbelievable," Sam remarks. "What?" Luis asks. "You just don't want to admit it about you two Luis is that it?" They drop the subject and talk now about the case before them. They have to find out who did this crime at the mansion. Luis is sure that Spike did it. "Chris was an alibi for him," Sam says. "It can't be him." Luis is sure that it is. "Luis what do you know about Sheridan's husband that the rest of us do not?"

Jared and Theresa do their conference call on speakerphone. Theresa fights for her deal and Jared back her up. "A 75% increase sounded ridiculous at first…" he says, and Theresa panics. "What is he doing?" she thinks. He is actually saving the day she soon learns when she sits back and lets him take the lead with the contact.

"If he wants to be with Theresa, then he should be with her and not me," says Gwen. "I don't know if he wants to be with me out of obligation." Sheridan listens to Gwen pour her heart out. She tells her how she wants to take over Fancy's job at Crane. "I offered to get Chris a job at Crane, but he wants to be his own man," explains Sheridan. He has no agenda and is exactly who he says he is."

"Business is over, so leave me alone. You almost killed Pilar," Chris says. Spike isn't worried about Pilar. "Mamasita didn't see my face, and I got the hell out of there. Besides, I won't be getting my hands dirty again anytime soon." Chris starts leaving, when Spike tells him that their business dealings are just starting.

Luis can't explain. He just has a vibe about Chris. Sam has to wonder about this vibe. "Would you be this suspicious if Chris weren't Sheridan's husband?" asks Sam.

"We look forward to a long and profitable relationship with Das Fitzen-Mueller…" "Yes!" Theresa shouts after hanging up. "I couldn't have done it without you. You even knew information that I didn't give you to memorize." They kiss. Ethan shows up in the office and sees the couple kissing.

"Every time that Ethan is away from Theresa, something draws them back together," comments Gwen. Sheridan wonders what that means for her best friend.

"You just got offered a job at Crane, and that could get you big bucks that you could deposit into the bank of Spike!" Chris refuses to do anything more with Spike. Spike knows that he will do everything that he is asked.

Sam and Luis talk about Paloma and Fancy and how they are doing. Fancy eavesdrops from around the corner. "I don't know if Fancy can make this job work for her." Sam says that it is really hard to work a job like this. Grace couldn't handle being married to him as a cop, and he feels that maybe that is part of the reason that Grace ran off. Fancy knows in her heart that she can do this job and she is going to prove it. "I don't think that you can be a cop and have a relationship," Luis says. Fancy brings the ballistics report for his mother's shooting. Luis reads and finds that the gun that was used to do the shooting was one that was used at a nightclub that Spike owned once. "The bullet matches the bullet that Chris was shot with. Something is going on here."

"You are going to embezzle a million dollars for me," Spike says. Chris will not do it. "I will just go have a chat with Sheridan about Chicago." Chris snaps to attention. "You know about that?" he asks. Spike looks out and sees that Gwen is leaving and that Sheridan is alone. "I should go and have my chat with her now," Spike says. Sheridan starts looking for Chris now. Spike smiles as he watches her walk toward them.

Ethan watches Jared and Theresa kiss for a few moments longer, and then he silently leaves. Jared stops the kissing, knowing that they shouldn't be doing that in the office. He leaves to get to work. Theresa calls Whitney and tells her that Jared is doing great. Ethan comes to the door behind Theresa and listens as she speaks to Whitney over the phone. "I offered him the job and he took it! You should have seen him, Whitney. He was amazing! I think that this is a great arrangement. I think that this is the guy that I could spend the rest of my life with!"

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