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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Luis is arresting Spike. Spike denies that he did anything wrong. Jessica isn't his alibi. Spike is accused of having an accomplice. Luis knows that someone helped Spike break into the mansion. Spike says that there isn't anything from the robbery that ties him to the crime. Luis sees that Spike is looking over at a trunk. Luis is sure that is where the loot is.

Jared tells Theresa that her mother is going to be alright and that she needn't worry about her anymore. He kisses her. Ethan and Gwen see the couple kissing and Gwen can see that Ethan can't handle seeing Theresa kissing someone else. "It isn't normal for you to keep rescuing Theresa while you are married to me, Ethan. I am serious about this. Get help for this or we are getting a divorce. I am through with this. Theresa has Jared now and she doesn't need you to rescue her anymore. You need to make up your mind. Do you want to be with me? Do you want to be with Theresa?" Gwen continues, "I need an answer, Ethan. This is just great… This is a hard decision for you. The fact that you would even consider being with Theresa after all the horrible things she has done to us is just crazy. You need to decide right now, or I will decide for you. I will file in the morning if you don't answer me right now." Ethan says nothing still. Gwen start walking off but Ethan stops her.

"I shouldn't have kissed you just now Jared. I was too presumptuous." Theresa looks down and sad. He tells her that everything is great and that he is glad to get back together with her when she needs him so much. She smiles now. "I will walk you home when you are ready, Theresa." Theresa will let the nurse know that she is going home now.

Luis rifles through the trunk looking for evidence. Sheridan hopes that Luis finds the evidence that he needs to put Spike away. She is sure that he is trouble. "He is a menace," Chris says. Luis finds nothing in the trunk. Spike demands to be uncuffed but Luis will not do it. He feels that he has enough to go on to seriously look into this some more and find that Spike is a guilty party to what happened that night. Spike tells him that Jessica wasn't the one who was his alibi. "Chris was. He was the one who saw me at the fair, not Jessica." Luis asks, "Did you see Spike at the fair?" Chris says that he did. Luis is skeptical. "I forgot," Chris says. "with the dance contest and all, it just slipped my mind. We talked and had a hot dog." Jessica says that Spike has been keeping his word to her father. "Spike didn't do this," she says. Luis asks how long ago it was that Chris was at the fair. "Two or three hours ago." Luis knows that there is a way to figure this out, but he has no idea what that way is. Spike finds this ludicrous. "Are you sure about this?" Luis asks again. Chris is sure. Spike feels like the victim in all this, just like Pilar.

"This is it," Theresa says bringing Jared to the mansion for the first time. "The Cranes think that bigger is better. You could fit a helicopter here. We actually do have a space outside for one to land. This place is a cross between a mausoleum and a museum. Little Ethan spends a lot of time at my mother's house and he understands that not everyone lives like this. It isn't easy finding the right balance. Little Ethan will be inheriting all this but I don’t want him over-obsessing about it." Jared feels like an idiot. He says, "I thought that you were not a nice person, but you are still real." She just wanted him to like her for her and not her possessions. That is the choice he has. He could kiss the priceless vase on the table or her. "How about me?" she asks. Julian enters the room and sees the two kissing. "Why don't you get a room, Theresa," he says. "There is a young child in the house." Theresa will not let him get to her, especially when he and Rebecca used the house for their sexual escapades. Theresa excuses Julian's behavior, telling Jared that Julian has had too much to drink. He warns her about going upstairs and getting her fingerprints on things now that her mother has been hurt. "Do you need to be reminded that I am in charge?" Theresa asks. Julian tells her that there are files that are missing, and he wants them back. Theresa wonders if the files are from Crane, but Julian says that the files are of another nature besides business. "Oh by the way, Theresa, I will be taking Little Ethan out tomorrow." Theresa will not allow that. "We shall see about that," Julian says.

"I made my decision about you a long time ago," Ethan says. Gwen can't believe that. "Why do I have to keep asking you about this, Ethan? You know that Theresa and I have been battling for you for eight years and I can't do this anymore. You need to stop this but you can't. Maybe she is moving on, but there is always some little emergency. She always calls. You can't deny that." Ethan's phone rings. "Gee, Ethan," says Gwen. "I wonder who that is." Ethan looks at his display and then back at Gwen. No words need to be spoken. "Answer it," Gwen tells him. "I can't wait to see what Theresa has to say. Go on…" "Hello?" It is Julian. "What is wrong?" Julian tells Ethan that there is a problem with Little Ethan and he needs to come over. Gwen and Ethan will be there.

Julian tells Theresa that he has a right to see his son. Theresa says that as long as Julian is drinking that brandy, he will not get their son. Jared does find the man a little drunk. "Who the hell are you?" Julian threatens to see that Theresa loses Little Ethan all together. "Never!" Theresa says.

Fancy takes the key and against Luis's wishes, she frees Spike. Luis will let Spike leave now, but if he makes one mistake, Luis will be on him. He will prove that Spike shot his mother and committed other crimes. "What about all the johns that were killed over the last year?" Spike laughs. "I wouldn’t do that." Luis suspects that Spike did the killings for money. "Don't leave town anytime soon." Spike threatens Luis with harassment. "we should get going," Fancy says. Luis tells her that he is in charge and that he will decide when they should leave. Fancy tells him that there isn't anything else that they can do there. Luis agrees and he and Fancy leave, as do Chris and Sheridan.

"Can you believe that flat foot?" Spike asks Jessica. He wants to make love now, but Jessica has a question. "I haven't seen you all night, so if you were at the fair, how did you know that I was attacked at the Lobster Shack?" Spike tries to get Jessica to bed but she will not stop asking questions. "Chris told me about the Lobster Shack." Jessica finds it funny that he went to the mansion to thank Fancy before checking to see if she was okay. "I just love you so much, let's go upstairs and make love."

Luis checks on his mother by phone. He then tells Fancy that he is sure that Spike did this, and he would have Spike in custody if she hadn't butted in. She knows that she did the right thing. "Start over fresh tomorrow and you can try to get evidence on Spike some other way," she says. Luis will leave Fancy now. He wants to go and see his mother but Fancy tells Luis to let his mother rest. He can't stop working right now. "I just want to get Spike. I don't know if I believe Chris. I get a bad vibe from this guy." Fancy feels that Luis is just jealous, as Chris is with Sheridan now. "Why would he lie?" she asks.

"I call the shots," Theresa says. Julian insists that he will get time with his son. Ethan and Gwen enter the house and Julian tells them that Theresa is being unreasonable. "Julian has been drinking and I will not let him take my son to Boston," argues Thersa. Julian promises that he will be fine by the next day. Julian says that he never drinks with Little Ethan. Ethan tells Theresa that Julian should be able to have his visit with the boy. Gwen likes hearing Ethan go against Theresa. "You are so unreasonable," Julian tells Theresa. Ethan agrees. "Julian has no rights," Theresa says. "What do you mean by that?" Ethan asks. "Julian is Little Ethan's father and he has every right to see Little Ethan." Theresa stands her ground, saying, "I forbid Julian taking my son out of town." Ethan can't understand why. "I will file a custody suit against you," Julian says. "Go ahead and file," Theresa says. She will have her son reported kidnapped if Julian takes him. "I will play the Mrs. Crane card if I have to." Theresa walks out. Jared follows her. Do you see what I have to put up with?" Julian asks. Ethan feels that there is something that Theresa isn't telling them.

"Chris wouldn’t give a drug-dealing pimp an alibi." Luis has to agree with Fancy. Luis rubs his neck and Fancy sees he is tense. "I know how to make you feel better. Strip and follow me," Fancy says, dropping a towel and a robe on the chair before Luis. Sheridan says that Rebecca might have given the code out to one of the men she knows. She knows that Chris hasn't got it. "Oh my god," Sheridan says. "Maybe Luis is right about the person who shot you being the same person who shot Pilar. That would make sense, but who would do such a thing?"

Jessica tries to figure things out, but Spike confuses the issue. He sends Jessica for a beer in the kitchen. When she is gone, Spike goes to the trunk and takes out the wads and wads of cash that he had hidden in the bottom. "There is more where that came from. I am going to be one very rich man."

"Damn Theresa. Little Ethan is my son. Theresa's new little sidekick Jimmy didn't need to stick his nose in my business. When is he leaving?" Ethan tells that Jared isn't leaving anytime soon. Gwen thinks to herself how thankful she is to Theresa. Jared and Theresa talk outside the house. Theresa isn't sure what will happen but the bottom line is that if Ethan gets in her way, she will crush him along with Julian.

Jessica brings Spike his beer and he can see that something is wrong. "I was just thinking about the killings and how I can't even remember them." Spike vows to keep her out of trouble. "Your loving husband has his ways."

"We should remember to pray for Pilar," Sheridan says. "Pilar was having fun at the fair and now she is fighting for her life." Chris brings up Luis and Fancy and how natural they were together. Sheridan remembers them dancing. "It is true," she says. They were quite a couple …

Luis and Fancy are in the steam room with towels around them. Fancy rubs his shoulders and he moans in pleasure. She makes him lean back towards her while she rubs him. "Mmm" she tells him to keep his eyes closed and to take a deep breath in. He does as he is told. Their faces are close and soon they are passionately kissing.

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