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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Eve sneaks up to TC's window. "Why did you have this stroke? You need patience and you don't have any." She sees him trying to get around on his own. He falls. She goes rushing in to help him up but he wants to do it himself. "Why are you here?" he says. "I told you to leave!"

Jared loves that Theresa was a good sport about being a part of the fair and letting Gwen have a go at her.

Siren sits over a tub full of water, and a patron of the fair hits the target with a ball, sending Siren dropping into the vat of water where she is soaked. Kay jumps with glee over Siren getting drenched. Maybe the truth will come out. The smile on Miguel's face changes when he looks at Siren swimming around. "What is going on?" Miguel says staring at Siren through the see-through glass." Kay loves it. She knew this would happen. She is finally going to be found out!

Luis and Fancy arrive at the fair and they see that there is a dance contest. She wants Luis to enter it. They go and find the head of the booth for the dance contest, and tell that person that Luis wants to enter the contest to dance. "Great!" the woman says. "I have someone else who wanted to enter but who didn't have a partner." Luis signs up. "Miss!" the woman calls out over her shoulder. "Excuse me!" The woman who is being called turns around. Chris and Sheridan turn and find that the dance partner that the woman wants to put Sheridan with is Luis. "Well," Fancy says. "Isn't this funny?" Sheridan says that Chris would dance with her, but his leg is still hurting. Luis is surprised that Chris knows Latin dances…Actually he doesn't. All four say that Luis and Sheridan dancing together isn't a big deal. "Do you remember some of the moves?" Luis asks. Sheridan remembers…The woman running the contest tells the couple that it is time to take their places. Luis and Sheridan take their places. "The first dance is The Tango!" Luis and Sheridan start moving to the music.

"I told you! Siren is a mermaid!" No one sees anything of the sort. Suddenly smoke starts coming out of the vat. Kay says that she is doing mermaid tricks to fool them. Suddenly, Siren isn't there. She appears behind some other booth and she is mad as ever. "I am going to seduce Miguel tonight!" she says. "You really need to stop with this mermaid story," Fox says. Kay is upset now that no one believes her. "Miguel! You believe me don't you?" He looks at Kay, saying nothing.

Jared and Theresa are friends again. He sees now that he has overreacted and read her wrong. "Come on, let's go for a walk. It is a nice night."

"I am not a charity case!" says TC. Eve knows that. "Why don't you let me help you?" He feels that she pities him. "You think I am half a man?" She hears that his speech pattern is much better when he is angry. "Go Eve! Just get out!" She will go, but she wants to be there if he changes his mind. He is sure that he won't. She leaves. She peeks in the window after leaving and then walks off. "Eve…" TC says quietly.

"Dad! Didn't expect to see you here." Julian orders more drinks for himself and his son. Fox tells that Kay is in love with Miguel and it is over for he and she. "We had a date for our wedding, but we postponed it." Julian orders him to marry the girl now. "Do it tonight!"

Miguel did see something with fish scales but he can't be sure what he saw. "You saw a fishtail." Miguel knows that mermaids don't exist. "I have to get back to my booth, so we will deal with this later," he says. "Why doesn't anyone believe me?" Kay cries. Tabitha knows that it is very difficult for mortals to believe in fairy creatures. "I have to stop Siren, or she will ruin Miguel."

Jared tells funny stories of his life. Theresa is glad they are speaking again but he has to let her know that her money is something that will get in the way of their getting together. "I like you, but it is the whole money thing. I needed to lay that on the table and get that up front." Theresa is partly glad that he feels that way. Most men would be after her money. He can see how that could be tough for her to sift through people when she meets them. "I haven't had any experience with fortune-hunters myself. I am rich, and I am not talking a little bit rich, I am really rich. I could spend a fortune a day and it wouldn’t matter. You know Jared… I don't care about it. I never had it growing up and my mother always taught me that money wasn't important. I could walk away from it…"

"I thought that everything was perfect with Eve and now she is with TC around the clock. They shared an entire life, Fox. Now he is helpless and hurt, and Eve feels sorry for him. Miguel could do the same, and you must stop him. You are a Crane.You must stop. Do whatever you have to do!" Fox looks at his father strangely.

"Never mind Miguel. What about Fox? Remember him?" Kay stops Tabitha from saying that she is in love with Miguel. "I am in love with Fox and not Miguel." Endora thinks how Kay flip-flops everyday.

Luis and Sheridan dance… Chris and Fancy can't help noticing, as the crowd around them does, that these two certainly have chemistry when it comes to dancing. Luis and Sheridan dance and stare into each other's eyes. She remembers a move that he taught her long ago. The dance is over, now, and the crowd cheers. Luis and Sheridan move closer as if they are about to kiss. Chris watches them carefully.

"I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't forget where I came from," Theresa explains. "We were so poor that we had to send my sister away to live elsewhere. My mother always had one other job on the side to make sure that we ate. She sacrificed for us. That is the greatest thing about this money. I can give back to my mother. My home burned down and I was able to rebuild it for my mother. Now we try to turn the company around and make it a force for good. I have built parks and playgrounds for children and that is just the beginning. My mother taught us what is most important in live and it wasn't money. Money isn't everything…People are. Family and the other people that you love are important."

Fox tells his father that he hasn't lost everything. "I hated your grandfather, Fox," Julian says. "Your grandfather was right though. If you want something, you should take it." Fox thinks that his father is drunk and doesn't mean a thing that he says. "I was nice to Theresa and she takes my son from me. But Eve and TC… I stood by her. She felt that he needed her to recover. I am competing with a high school coach and I am losing. This time I take control…" Eve has come up behind the men and she hears Julian talking."This time I am going to start acting like a Crane!"

Luis and Sheridan have won the dance contest. The crowd claps. Chris rushes to Sheridan and congratulates her. They kiss. Luis watches Chris and Sheridan together. Fancy watches them all now. "He still loves her…"

"Being a good man has cost me everything that I have ever wanted! To hell with being a doormat! Eve comes forward. "You don't mean that, Julian!" Fox starts leaving now. "I mean it, Fox!" continues Julian. "You get what you want!" "I haven't heard you speak like that in years!" Eve says.

"There has to be another way to stop her!" Kay says of Siren. ZAP! The spell book appears. Endora has found it! "The book is totally saturated!" ZAP! Endora dries it and the pages stop sticking together. Tabitha and Kay open the book up to see how to stop Siren from wreaking more havoc. Miguel walks around the fair wondering why Kay keeps thinking that Siren is a mermaid. Siren peeks out of a tent and sees Miguel. She decides that she needs to use her Siren's Song and seduce both Miguel and Fox at the same time.

She starts singing and heads back into the tent. Miguel returns. "Where is that sweet music coming from?" he asks. Siren goes over to the cushions in the middle of the tent and drapes herself over the pillows in an alluring, seductive manner. Miguel stands outside the tent. He turns, as if mechanical and walks into the tent. The Siren's Song plays on.

"I know that you are falling for him, and he is dragging you back!" Eve says that she is simply trying to be helpful. "You are drunk and so wrong. TC just kicked me out of the house, and now I find you and I am not sure that I want to be with you. TC isn't manipulative like you think. I thought that these bad traits are not gone. Maybe the old Julian is still alive and well."

"Spell of great people to get rid of the mer-people." Tabitha and Kay read and are horrified at what they have to do in order to stop the curse. Kay is sure that she can do this. "I am going to help Fox and break this curse. He needs to be free to make love to me." Kay whispers as the toddler is about. Endora hates that she is being left out, and she knows that whispering is rude.

"That song is from heaven!" says Miguel. Siren offers to take him to heaven. He kneels to Siren. "Make love to me Miguel… Make love to your doom…" He falls on her, ready for love.

Luis taught Sheridan how to Tango years ago. Fancy offers to be his next student Luis turns to Sheridan and Chris and sees them still kissing. "Maybe you can be my new partner," he tells Fancy. "We can have our first lesson right now." Chris and Sheridan stand on the sidelines and watch. The music starts, and Fancy and Luis start dancing. Sheridan finds it difficult to watch…

"I shouldn't have prejudged," Jared says. 'I am glad we have a second chance." The money still bothers him though… A policeman comes to the couple. "Mrs. Crane, there has been a break-in at the mansion. Little Ethan is fine but the culprit ran off. Someone was shot. It was your mother. When I took the call, they said she didn't make it. She has been killed!"

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