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Written By Glynis
Pictures by Glynis
Proofread by Katie

Theresa comes to Jared at the fair while he is talking to Chad and Whitney. "We need to talk," Theresa says. Jared asks what she wants from him. Chad and Whitney offer to leave, but Jared wants them to stay. Theresa says, "I wanted to say that you have every right to be angry with me and I should have been up front. I was just enjoying being someone else than Alistair's widow. It was nice being with someone who didn't want to be around my money." He thinks that if she really hated her life and her money that much she would have walked away from that life. "Can you give me another chance?" Gwen can't take her eyes off of Theresa, and Ethan notices her avid attention. Gwen tells him that this is good, as Theresa can obsess over someone else.

Siren has volunteered to work on a booth. No one knows where she is right now though. Fox has to go now, and so he and Miguel get back to work. A hand touches Kay's shoulder and makes her jump. Siren turns her around roughly. Siren is before her, angry as ever. "I thought that you were with Carl," Kay says. "You thought that you got rid of me Kay? I am going to turn you into hamburger," says Siren.

Fancy is excited. Luis is doing his report, and he puts Fancy's name in the report. Fancy is thrilled. "I actually did something good tonight. I thought that I wanted to be a cop, but now, after tonight… I want to be a cop more than anything.

Spike shows up to meet with Chris at his house as planned. "You are late." Spike tells Chris how he is going to rob the mansion. Chris is helping him, but he hates the whole idea. Chris will keep Spike from Sheridan so that she never learns what he is doing. Spike warns Chris to keep Sheridan from the mansion that night, as there is going to be action up there. "I love this act you put up for Sheridan. I read your file Chris… I know what a cold-blooded guy you really are. I wonder what she would think about you if she knew…" Spike suddenly calls out loudly. "Sheridan! Oh Sheridan!" Chris gets angry but Spike just laughs. Sheridan is in the house and she comes to the door thinking that Chris is calling her. "Is that you Chris?" she asks.

Tabitha tries some games at the fair, but she is bad at them. Tabitha turns to Endora and tells her that she is useless at this particular game. Tabitha decides to have one more go at it. She buys three more tries. ZAP! Endora makes the stuffed animals come to her by floating them to her stroller using toddler magic! Her mummy and the booth attendant are none the wiser. Tabitha keeps trying to win!

"Once Miguel is under my spell, you will never get him either, Kay," Siren says. Kay knows that she can get Miguel to believe her tales about Siren. She will bet on it.

"I was talking to one of the security guards," Chris says of the noise that Sheridan heard just now outside. She goes back into the house. "'What the hell are you doing?" Chris asks Spike when he returns to the front of the house. He could have been caught just now. Spike doesn't care what Chris thinks about the way that he acts. He gets instructions on where the kids are going to be in the house. Spike only wants the silver and the jewelry in the house. "'Go and do whatever you have to do and don't take any chances." Spike assures Chris that he will not cause any trouble. He knows everything, even when the security guards are going to be doing their routine checks. "What the hell can go wrong?" he says.

"I can't give you another chance," Jared says to Theresa. "I am a regular guy and you live in a world of mansions and limousines. Those worlds don't mix. You can't have all that money and power and be a regular person like I am. You have no idea who you really are. So 'no'… Sorry." Chad and Whitney feel bad for their friend. Chad offers to go and talk to Jared, but Theresa doesn't want that. Chad and Whitney leave to get soda. Gwen sees that Jared walks off and she wonders what Theresa said to turn the man off. She sadly walks off too. Ethan can see that Theresa and Jared are not going to get together after all. He doesn't seem necessarily sad about that. Pilar comes to see her daughter, who stands alone now. Theresa gives her an update about Jared and how he rejected her all the way around.

Pilar knows that had her daughter told the truth when she had the chance, she might still be dating Jared. Theresa knows where this is leading. Pilar wants Ethan to know about his son. "you want him to live under that dark cloud? There is nothing that I can do." Pilar has a gift for Little Ethan that she won at the ring toss booth. It is a miniature boat. Theresa knows that the boy will love the gift. "If Jared is the right man for you Theresa, he will see it," says Pilar. "Still, don't give up on Ethan. He knows that you are wonderful."

Kay begs Claire to have Siren help out in a particular booth. Claire decides then that if Siren really wants the job, she can have it. Kay smiles, cackling to herself. "You are finished Siren!" she says. "You are so finished." Miguel comes to Kay and she tells that he is about to see that Siren isn't who she pretends to be. Miguel doesn't want to hear this again. He is tired of the stories about mermaids. Fox comes to get Kay so they can be alone for a while. He can stop working now.

Luis tells Fancy that they are done here and that she can go if she wants. She wants to stay a while. He suggests they go get something to eat. He takes the printed report and heads out to file it. "Dinner with Luis!" Fancy smiles. "This night couldn't get any better."

Tabitha spits on the next ball and throws. She misses again. "It is time for me to take a break, lady. I have to go now, as I will be as old as you if I wait for you to win…" Tabitha turns and finds a colorful array of stuffed animals on Endora's stroller. "Someone's robbed me!" the man behind the counter shouts. Tabitha runs off. "Hey! Thief!"

Fox and Kay walk off like lovers at the fair. Miguel watches them sadly. Whitney says that she needs help with a booth and Theresa rushes off to assist her. "Hey Chad!" Ethan says. "What is going on with Theresa and Jared?" Chad smiles and can see that Theresa moving on is killing her. "I admit it, Chad. I do still love her and I miss having her near me."

Chris and Sheridan are out at dinner. "You are so beautiful, Sheridan, and I love you so much. I hope that I never disappoint you or let you down." Sheridan looks over Chris's shoulder and sees when Luis and Fancy enter the restaurant. Luis and Fancy sit at a table. "You order anything that you like Fancy. You earned it." She makes him feel her muscles. "I am going to be ripped when I finish boot camp. I am ready. Didn't I show you that I was cop material? You are going to be giving me high-fives when you see how I do." He laughs. Sheridan peeks over at Luis and Fancy from time to time.

Spike plugs in the code and that is just the first step. "No one is ever going to know that this was me…" Spike enters the house. Inside, Pilar is walking through the house purposefully with her purse over her shoulder.

Fox and Kay go on a ride at the fair. The electricity goes out, and they get stuck in the ride. They kiss. Miguel waits outside the tunnel of love ride but Fox and Kay don't come out. Siren comes over to Miguel, suggesting that they go and eat. He walks off after looking back at the tunnel of love. Inside the ride, Fox knows that they could make love and no one would know. "Let's do it!" They start, but then Fox freezes as if in a trance and he moves no more. Kay is very disappointed.

Tabitha tells Endora that she can't do magic in public. She orders Endora to put the toys back where they came from but Endora simply ignores her. "There you are," the attendant says loudly. "Come back!" Endora jumps to her feet and pushes the stroller out of there.

Chad tells Ethan that he has to lighten up or he will lose Theresa forever…Theresa and Whitney have fun at the fair. Theresa is doing her part. She sticks her face in a cutout. Gwen comes rushing up and can't stop throwing pies at Theresa. Theresa shouts to the crowd, "Come throw a pie at Mrs. Alistair Crane." Jared returns and sees Theresa whooping it up with the crowd.

Spike heads to the stairs of the mansion. Pilar is in the house and hears a noise. She thinks that she is just imagining things and keeps walking in the house. Spike moves quickly in the dark.

Fox sits staring straight and not moving. Kay slaps him in the back of the head and he snaps out of it. "What happened?" he asks her. She thinks to herself that she has to fix things so that he will be just fine. Miguel tells Siren about her volunteer job. When she learns that she will be dunked she panics. "What is the big deal?" Kay asks, coming over. "Nothing is the matter," Siren says. "I'll just get wet!"

Tabitha has a headache from all this running about. ZAP! Endora brings about a fresh Martini, as she knows that her mummy loves those. "Hey!" someone shouts at her. "No alcoholic beverages outside the designated area!" Tabitha is off and running again.

Fancy watches a girl at the next table. She gets the man to break her lobster shells for her. Fancy pulls the same prank on Luis, and it works like a charm. Sheridan sees Fancy's cute little trick. Sheridan gets up from her table, as does Fancy and they both meet in the middle of the room when their eyes lock. Sheridan finds Fancy manipulative, making Luis break her lobster shells for her. "I think that I am falling for him," Fancy says.

Spike is trying to start his burglary. His phone rings. "What is it?" It is Chris asking if Spike has finished his robbery yet. "No!" Pilar is still in the house getting ready to go. She decides to return and leave some taffy for Theresa. "She loves this stuff," she says to herself. Spike enters a room. Just as he does, Pilar appears in the same hallway. They have just missed each other by seconds.

Ethan can't help but laugh at Gwen venting on Theresa with the pies. Gwen sees that Jared is still around and she finds that a good thing. "I can have hope again that Theresa may be gone for good!" Jared walks up to the table. "Theresa dares him to try it." He pays his money, and then he picks up the pie, hitting himself in the face with it as he smiles.

Siren is sitting over the tank of water now. A man comes over and asks if he can be the first to try this booth. The man is Gabriel Whitney who Tabitha has actually met before. He takes one shot, and Siren is in the water. Tabitha and Kay jump with glee. They know what this will mean since Siren gets wet…

Sheridan wonders about Fancy and her relationship with Noah. She thought that she was in love with Noah, and now this. Fancy can't understand how Sheridan could ever fall out of love with Luis. Fancy leaves. "I never fell out of love with Luis," Sheridan says. Chris prays silently that nothing goes wrong with robbery.

In the house, Spike is moving from room to room looking for goodies to steal. Pilar is on her way out when she hears a noise. "Oh no! someone is in the house. Hello!" she calls out. Spike hears her shouting out. He pulls his gun and walks in the direction of the voice. Pilar panics and grabs the phone to call the police. Spike has found her, and he comes up behind her silently with his gun pointing at the back of Pilar's head as she tries to make her call. "Hello Police?" CLICK! Pilar turns, and when she does, she is looking down the barrel of Spike's gun. She doesn't even get time to speak.

BANG! Pilar is hit and she falls to the ground…

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